Behind the Marquess's Mask

Kristen McLean - 2016
    However, when she is brutally attacked and left for dead, it becomes clear he is the only one with the skills to keep her alive. All it will take are a few lies to keep her breathing long enough to capture the villain. Then he can send her on her way. If she would only behave herself, he might be able to complete his mission before she turns his contentedly miserable life into a chaotic mess.Marriage is not an option … until it is. Lady Kathryn Bryant, the adventure-seeking socialite, has no plans to behave. Kathryn would much rather spend her time in subterfuge, nabbing villains and finding clues. However, when her memory is lost in an attack, she has little choice but to trust the handsome Marquess. Though she is almost certain he is hiding something, she is helpless against his disarming smile and warm touch. Eventually, his lies will come to the surface, leaving only one question: Is England’s deadliest spy equipped to save a broken heart?

Marrying Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Juliana Abbott - 2019
     Rather than see her sister marry her cousin, a horribly dry man she doesn’t love, Elizabeth Bennet hatches a plan that will see her sister marry a wealthy man and send their boring cousin packing. Moments before the ceremony, Elizabeth’s plans go awry, and she is inexplicably cast into her sister’s role as a blushing bride. Despite her best intentions, Elizabeth suddenly faces the risk of scandal and public ruin… and a marriage she never planned on. Married to the much-revered Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth struggles to understand the stirrings in her heart. When an afternoon by the lake goes awry, Fitzwilliam Darcy finds himself giving his consent to marry a woman he’s never met. He never imagined his return to Pemberley would result in a new bride, a growing scandal, and an inexplicable connection to the beautiful and tenacious Elizabeth. As he settles into his unexpected role, a threat emerges, promising to sever their relationship and possibly ruin Elizabeth’s good name. With controversy stirring from all angles, can Elizabeth convince Fitzwilliam that he is the man she’s come to care for more than anyone in the world? **** Marrying Mr. Darcy is a sensual romance featuring Our Dear Couple in this Pride & Prejudice Variation, and it's over 40,000 words long.. ****

The Transformation of the Bashful Lady

Fanny Finch - 2020
    Neglected by her mother after her father’s death, she lacks the knowledge of social etiquette and proper appearances. But her life will change when she receives proper tutelage from a strange lady.Andrew Clayton, the Marquess of Somerset, is a sworn bachelor, as he had his heart broken once already. But when he witnesses the transformation of a timid girl into a dazzling woman, his views on marriage will fly out of the window.But Sarah is not the only one trying to win Andrew’s heart and her rival will use everything in her arsenal to eliminate the competition…*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Transformation of the Bashful Lady”!

The Last Waltz: . . . another pride and prejudice journey of love

Pat Santarsiero - 2015
    Darcy. But the result of one Fateful night changes everything. Can she ever overcome her insecurities enough to allow herself to be loved? Experience has taught Fitzwilliam Darcy that love is fleeting at best, an impractical emotion that is hardly worth the effort. Will he ever find the courage to finally offer his heart to someone? The Last Waltz may be their last chance for happiness.

Darcy Unmasked: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Jane Grix - 2015
    But a Masquerade Ball changes everything. Darcy Unmasked is a Pride and Prejudice Variation. It is approximately 38,000 words, which is a long novella or short novel.

The Gamester's Daughter

Dorothy Mack - 1998
     Can Claudia place her trust in Lord Pelham? 1816, Paris As a frequent hostess of her father’s Parisian gaming house, young Claudia Herbert is one of the most sought-after belles in the city. But when her father is murdered, she is forced to disguise herself and flee to England for her safety — and to carry out the dangerous task that he left her. However, a twist of fate draws Claudia into the chaotic home of the Brewster children, where she agrees to help out until their uncle — Lord Miles Pelham — returns from his travels. To Claudia’s dismay, Miles instantly recognises her from her old life in Paris. And now she must decide whether to enlist his help or go on the run once again… The Gamester’s Daughter by Dorothy Mack is a classic Regency Romance with a strong and daring heroine.

Wait For Me

Barb A. Hart - 2016
    She prefers breeches to dresses, and spends her time riding horses, fishing, and climbing trees. When Emily is fourteen, she meets Cameron, the Duke of Templeton’s grandson. Their friendship deepens over the years, until Cameron is called to fight against Napoleon. They express their devotion to each other and make love for the first time before Cameron heads off to war. When Emily’s father discovers she’s pregnant, he’s livid. He had no idea his tomboy daughter has fallen in love, and her predicament threatens to destroy their family’s honor. He sends Emily to live with Cameron's eccentric great aunt, and, to avoid shame, insists that she claims she is married. Upon return from the battlefield, Cameron hears that Emily has wed and was pregnant. She writes him to explain the situation, but the letters never arrive, and the misunderstanding sends Cameron into a spiral of rage and despair. Their paths will cross again, but will their love be enough to overcome the fates at work to keep them apart?

In My Heart

Melody Thomas - 2004
    An annulment followed, and though Alexandra waited with packed bags, Christopher never returned for her. She has tried desperately to forget the only love she's ever known and now devotes herself to the British Museum...until she discovers that someone has pilfered a fortune in jewels.His scandalous marriage to Alex had hardened Sir Christopher Donally against the aristocracy that labeled a man's worth by the titles he carried rather than by his deeds. Now with a new bride in his future and a sister who is about to enter Society, Christopher is determined to put the past behind him. But when Alex asks for his help in finding a thief, he agrees, in exchange for her support in launching his sister. Though running into Alex was not planned, nor his emotional reaction welcomed, he can't help but be undone by one single, soul-stirring kiss.

Secret Ways

Kat Martin - 2003
    Vermillion Lee Durant is well versed in the art of seduction and determined to remain loyal to the destiny she was born to fulfill. But to Captain Caleb Tanner, a British officer hunting a spy who has been leaking information to the French, she may be more than the flirtatious young woman she seems. Assigned to uncover the truth about Vermillion and her aunt, Caleb poses as a groom at the Durant racing stables -- and fights an attraction to Vermillion that may cloud his judgment and threaten his heart.Both captivated and annoyed by the handsome, arrogant groom, Vermillion vows to resist him -- knowing she must choose allegiance to her family over the desires Caleb has awakened. But passion and truth cannot always be denied, even for two lovers who are masters at keeping secrets.

An Earl for the desperate bride

Regina Darcy - 2016
    Never wanting for anything, her privileged life is shattered when she is forced into an arranged marriage with Lord Sevile. A most loathsome man who uses and abuses those around him. Desperate and alone, Eliza’s only comfort is the stable groom Stephen Ravencroft and the feelings she has for him. With only a common man’s promise that he will save her before she has to marry Lord Sevile. Eliza is left clinging on to her small sliver of hope as the day of her wedding nears. Can she really place her future in a poor man’s hands? Have faith in someone so far beneath her on the social ladder. But Stephen Ravencroft might just be more than he seems. Buy it now to find out how it all ends. An Earl for the desperate bride is a Clean Short Read Regency Historical Romance. It is part of the Regency Tales Series. Each story can be read as a standalone but if you wish to read about the other stories these are available for just $0.99 or FREE On Kindle Unlimited. Regina Darcy writes clean, short, regency romance stories that always have a good old fashioned happy ending. REGENCY LORDS SERIES 1: Mesmerising a Duke 2: Bewitching the Viscount 3: Winning the Viscount Heart 4: The Duke's Secret Desire REGENCY TALES SERIES 1: An Earl for the desperate bride 2: The Earl and the girl from the Abbey 3: A Governess for the faithless Duke 4: A Duke’s son to the rescue 5: Captivated by the Earl

The Stolen Diadem of a Castaway Lady

Hanna Hamilton - 2020
     When her father’s men steal from the wrong nobleman, Beatrix finds herself negotiating her freedom with the most unusual Marquess. And she’s the bargaining chip. Callum Ahern, Marquess of Bellton, is burdened with precious cargo: his late mother’s wedding diadem. Assaulted by a band of thieves, his only hope of reclaiming it comes in the form of an unexpected hostage: the beautiful daughter of the outlaw that ambushed him. Trapped between social rules and their burgeoning feelings for each other, Beatrix and Callum must overcome not only a brush with death but also their past. The red thread of fate connects them all, and when Beatrix’s father comes out of hiding to save her, he holds the spinning wheel: a twenty-year-old secret, from the night Beatrix was born…

Missing Montana Groom and the Merchant's Bride: Series Starter 2-in-1 Special (The Elusive Groom)

Terri Grace - 2017
    On arrival in Glendive, Montana, as a mail order bride, she is shocked to discover that Titus, her intended, has disappeared without explanation. Honara’s determined journey to find him takes her on a roller coaster ride of romance, where she finds herself embroiled in more than one love story along the way, before finally completing her own! Each book in the series is a wonderful standalone story, but be warned, once you read one you won’t be able to resist reading all of them! BOOK 1: Missing Montana Groom Honora Carson has found the man of her dreams, and is traveling heart in hand to Glendive, Montana, to his welcoming arms. When she arrives he is gone! No one knows where, but suspicions run high. Despite being told to forget him, that her husband-to-be is an unreliable, irresponsible man, Honora can’t shake the feeling that something is not quite as it seems. So begins a fervent search for clues to his whereabouts. The elusive husband. Will this courageous, trusting bride ever find her beau? Or will Honora’s greatest fear come to pass and her innocent heart crushed and broken by a liar and a scoundrel? BOOK 2: The Merchant's Bride Selina Fuller decides to accept her best friend’s invitation to visit in Glendive, where she expects to find her already married and settled down. Instead she discovers that her friend’s fiancé is missing. Staying to help, her own heart gets torn apart when she falls in love with Malcolm Burns, but he seems to only have eyes for Honora Carson, her best friend. Does Selena dare reveal her true feelings? And will Malcolm recognize her love before it is too late? All the while, the search for Titus Ridge continues. The Elusive Groom series follows the incredible journey of Bride-to-be, Honora Carson, in her search for her missing groom. On arrival in Glendive, Montana, as a mail order bride, she is shocked to discover that Titus, her intended, has disappeared without explanation. Honara’s determined journey to find him takes her on a roller coaster ride of romance, where she finds herself embroiled in more than one love story along the way, before finally completing her own! Each book in the series is a wonderful standalone story, but be warned, once you read one you won’t be able to resist reading all of them!

Earl of Basingstoke

Aileen Fish - 2018
    The hero in all of her tales is one Nathan Carruthers, Earl of Basingstoke. The rumors surrounding his wicked assignations are beyond anything she could dream of, and once enhanced by her wild imaginings, she’s created a lover no man could live up to. Basingstoke has ignored the rumors about his romantic scandals for the most part, accepting them as part of being a single gentleman with a title. In one way, it’s kept the marriage-minded mothers from thrusting their daughters into his reach. Although a staunch member of the Wicked Earls’ Club and enjoying his carefree ways, he admits he’s reached an age when he would like to marry. Luckily, those supposed scandals aren’t keeping away the woman he’s grown to love--Lady Phoebe. When Basingstoke discovers Lady Phoebe’s diary, he blames her for creating the rumors. Hurt to the bone, he wants nothing more to do with her. Heartbroken, she goes in search of the real rumormonger. Can she prove her innocence and regain Basingstoke’s love?

The Blind Duke

Emma Brady - 2018
    One bad decision leads to an accident that leaves him blind and strips him of his place in society. Desperate to gain back his status, Thomas devises a plan to win the hand of the season’s more desirable woman but finds it more difficult than he expected and forces him to find help. Eloisa Noble has returned to London to help her beautiful cousin navigate the season in hopes of finding a husband. Memories from her own failed season years before haunt her and make her desperate to leave the city for good, but only obtaining the funds for independence will allow her that. An offer from the devilishly handsome Duke could be the answer to her problem, but she finds it difficult to keep it just business between them. As they work towards creating a couple that Society would approve of, the two of them might discover that love doesn’t care about appearances alone. They will look past the expectations of others and find that real beauty can be a surprise.

The Waverly Women Series

Marion Chesney - 2014
    Beaton—including The First Rebellion, Silken Bonds, and The Love Match. The First Rebellion (Book 1): The Earl of Tredair had had his fill of silly misses, and he despaired of finding anyone extraordinary—that is, until he met Miss Fanny Waverley. She and her two sisters had been raised to encourage poor females to stand up against the iniquities of the male sex! The beautiful and farouche Miss Fanny, however, found it hard to think of all men as cruel and lustful beasts—how could she, when now she found herself longing to kiss one of the most hated of his breed! Silken Bonds (Book 2): Frederica chafed at her restricted life as Mrs. Waverly’s adopted daughter, though she did agree with Mrs. Waverly’s philosophy. She knew that until men stopped preferring lisping dimwits over intellectual equals, Frederica would be better off without them. Still, the recent elopement of her sister sparked a fire in Frederica’s well-educated head. So it was that she was ripe for Lord Harry Danger’s charms, and he in turn was smitten from the moment he rescued her from a pack of drunken thugs. Now if he would only treat her as his equal—and stop his incessant flirting! The Love Match (Book 3): By day Felicity championed women’s rights, but by night she dreamed of romance. She was the secret author of a scandalous new novel—the tale of a lady “rake” and her passionate exploits. Yet one titled gentleman grew more and more intrigued with this headstrong young woman, and Felicity would soon learn that real life could be infinitely more interesting (and stranger) than fiction. About the Author M.C. Beaton is the pen name of bestselling novelist Marion Chesney. She is a prolific writer of historical romances and small village mysteries. Born in Scotland, the author began her writing career as a fiction buyer for a Glasgow bookstore and has worked as a theater critic, newspaper reporter, and editor. The author has written under various names, most notably as M.C. Beaton for her Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin series. She has also written under the names Sarah Chester, Helen Crampton, Ann Fairfax, Marion Gibbons, Jennie Tremaine, and Charlotte Ward. The author lived in the United States, but now splits her time between the Cotswolds, England, and Paris, France. About the Series Waverly women pursue their aspirations no matter what the obstacle. They may marry if the cause seems to suit the purpose, or they may flirt until their heart is content—or perhaps until the gentleman who has until then proven to be the most elusive of all is clearly within reach. No matter what the obstacle, none is too big for a Waverly woman. These are books of dreams, lessons, fanciful thoughts, and most of all, tales of girls grown now to women who won’t settle for anything less than their full dreams, impossible as they may seem at the outset.