Daddy Knows Best: A Raw, Uncut True Story

Matt Gable - 2011
    Thereafter, he was his worst enemy. A tough-as-nails father who firmly enforces his old-fashioned ways, a mother who has little or no say, and a son with a penchant for getting into misadventures. The boy tries to convince his parents that something is wrong with him, and he is really physically ill. He suffers three years of humiliation, agony, and punishment from the school and his father. The school principal, gave him swats, detention and isolation, where he spent all day locked up in an empty storage room. His emotionally unstable father spanked him ferociously. The boy was also whipped shirtless with his shorts on leaving him with welts all over his body from head to toe. He suffered other cruel punishments as well. The school and his parents misjudge him almost costing him his life. The parents get a divorce. The mother and brothers moved back to Wisconsin from Texas. They found themselves in an all-black housing project, being the only whites there for almost four years. He grows up quick and learns that life isn't as simple as black and white. When he turns 18, he decides to move back to Texas to seek vengeance from his father in a small country town with his father and his new mother. He hasn't seen or talked to his father in almost four years. Things fall apart fast. The young man and his younger brother end up out on the streets being homeless for two months and encounters unpredictable adventures. A raw, uncut true story.

Trust and Issues

Danielle Marcus - 2013
    But, even with all the beauty and material possessions tey still come up short when it comes to the men in their lives. When unexpected drama unfolds, their relationsips, friendships, and loyalty are put to the ultimate test.

A Lone Palm Stands

H.A. Olsen - 2009
    With the help of an eccentric aunt, Angela begins a new life, and embarks on a remarkable journey of self-discovery that takes her from the rural South to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But her promising future as a pop star is threatened by the jealously and betrayal of her friends-and the shocking secret that is about to be revealed by the ghost of a mysterious little girl. Haunting and thought-provoking, A Lone Palm Stands is more than just the story of one life: it's a unique commentary on love, family, and our spiritual nature It's also a testimony to the resiliency of the people of South Carolina and their proven ability to survive 'come hell or highwater.'

When the Stars Conspire

Shalu Thakur Dhillon - 2019
    The stars may collude to bring you down. But God has a plan, always the best one for you. You need to trust it, live it and enjoy it.Amrit, an accomplished doctor with a fetching personality, blames himself for his wife Niharika’s death. He is stuck in his past.Arpita, a simple girl, fighting many complexes, cheated in her marriage, is not ready to trust anyone in life.The Stars, ever conspiring, bring them together. But can they be together for a lifetime? Is it facile for Amrit to let go off past? Is it possible for Arpita to trust someone again? Will Arpita ever be able to see herself through Amrit’s eyes? How do the stars conspire bring Niharika into their lives?Does the destiny unite them finally or push them away forever?

Remember When

Preethi Venugopala - 2019
    A home of her own, a handsome husband, a doting son and a promising career as an author. But inside, she is a wreck. Her marriage is a sham and she hasn't succeeded in forgetting her one true love, Manu. The man she had wronged. The man she had almost married. Manu, now the senior editor with a science portal, believes that he has left Tara where she belonged: firmly in his past. But in reality, he hasn't forgotten anything. Not the love nor the hurt.Their past and present collide when they accidentally meet in Chennai. The city has come to a standstill after facing the worst flood in a century. While nature is unleashing its fury on humans, they must make peace with their past. Will they have the courage to do that? Can they fight the attraction that still burns bright?Or will the bunch of people they are with, teach them new life lessons? What is the secret that is eating Meera from within?

Age was..…just a number

Shaheen Kazi - 2020
    Doing anything first time always remains special in your memories and secret in your hearts. We all must have gone through in our teenage life, for some it must have been an infatuation phase and for some seriously falling in love. Sometimes it is better to let the infatuation die a natural death and give birth to true love when it’s time. We all have love stories in our lives to tell but due to the absence of perfect listeners, many stories remain untold...

Royal Rising (The Lost Clan Chronicles #2)

Janelle Peel - 2019
    Unfortunately, fate twists upon itself once more. New friends emerge. Betrayal looms. Rafe finds himself struggling to come to grips with his Mate’s destiny. Tamsin is his, and his alone. Alas, nothing could have prepared him for what was to come. A new Goddess lurks in the shadows. Watching. Waiting. Biding Her time until the rising Royal accepts the truth of her path. Artemis has dabbled in the mortal plane for far too long and has tipped the balance. Only Tamsin can end Her kin’s suffering. The battle has only just begun, but the war is far from over. *This series changes POV's. More from Janelle Peel- The Clutch Mistress Series Vampire Mage Allied Mage Chosen Mage Alpha Mage The Sundering Demon's Rage The Clutch Mistress spin-off Series- Tabula Rasa Tidal Magic Blood Origin Rune Gate

True Colours (The Beatrice Stubbs Series Book 13)

JJ Marsh - 2021

An Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy Collection - GHI

Diana Xarissa - 2018
     Guests and Guilt Fenella Woods is less than excited when her brother James announces that he’s coming to visit her. She’s starting to feel truly settled in her new home on the Isle of Man, but James made it clear when she inherited their Aunt Mona’s fortune that he didn’t think it was fair. She can only hope that he’s just coming for a visit and not for a fight about the estate.
 When he arrives with a girlfriend Fenella knew nothing about in tow, she’s even less excited about the three-week visit. But James’s girlfriend, Stephanie, grew up on the island and she has her own reasons for wanting to be there. 
 When Stephanie turns up dead, is it just an unfortunate accident or was someone unhappy to see the woman back on the island? Police Inspector Mark Hammersmith is on the case, and he’s quick to consider James as a suspect.
When James recounts a story from Stephanie’s past that sounds impossible, Mark seems inclined to discount it as fiction. When someone tries to kill James, though, Fenella is convinced that it’s true.
 Can she persuade Mark to see things her way? And can she keep her big brother safe from a killer who might just try again?
 Hop-tu-Naa and Homicide It’s Hop-tu-Naa time on the Isle of Man and Fenella Woods is excited to learn more about this uniquely Manx celebration. When a day of fun at Cregneash village ends with Fenella finding a dead body, though, she finds herself tangled up in another murder investigation.
 When the inspector in charge of the case calls on Daniel Robinson to help with the investigation, Fenella finds an uncomfortable distance has grown between herself and handsome Inspector Robinson. The distance is only reinforced by the ubiquitous presence of Tiffany Perkins, a pretty young police inspector who’d been on the same course as Daniel. 
No one seems to have had a motive for killing young Phillip Pierce. He’d only been on the island for a short while. He was newly married and his beautiful widow seems suitably devastated. 
Can Fenella work out why the man was killed? Will Daniel seek her help with this investigation or is he determined to keep her at arm’s length? And if he is keeping his distance, is Tiffany the reason or is there something else going on?
 Invitations and Investigations Fenella Woods is pleased when police inspector Daniel Robinson asks for her help with another cold case. It isn’t the first time he’s asked her to share her thoughts on an old case, but things have been difficult between the pair since Daniel returned from a lengthy course in the UK.
 Ronald Sherman disappeared nearly seven years ago. It seems everyone who knew the man has a different idea as to why. Fenella and her friend, Shelly Quirk, find themselves talking to a number of different people about the missing man. 
As if helping Daniel isn’t enough to keep Fenella busy, she’s planning a banquet for her first Thanksgiving on the island. Sending invitations and sharing recipes with the chef at the restaurant she’s chosen seems to take up a lot of her time.
 Can Fenella and Shelly work out what actually happened to Ronald? Is Daniel hoping to rekindle his romance with Fenella over witness statements? Will Fenella’s Thanksgiving feast be a success or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

The Genius You: Unleash your Potential and Perform at Peak

Manoj Chhablani - 2020

Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 2

Twyla T. - 2017
    has revved up the chaos in her second installment of Pretty Lips That Thugs Love series. Twyla T. intensely catapults the audience into the lives of Ashanti and Kentay as love, drama, and secrets unfold in droves. Kentay Mill adamantly claims Ashanti McNeal as his woman in more ways than one. However, his philandering ways always find its way to Ashanti’s front door—literally when his baby is dropped off at the front door. Kentay has been the man in Ashanti’s life for years, but his constant disrespect and unfaithfulness are pushing her into the arms of another man. And, the kicker is that it’s just not any man, but his very own blood. Regardless of the situation, Kentay vows to keep Ashanti as his by any means necessary. He hates to lose and declares that he will win no matter what. Not trying to entertain the thought, he decides to take matters into his own hands and takes desperate measures to ensure that she will always be his. Ashanti is not feeling the love for Kentay that she used to feel. She knows that she is a good woman and has grown tired of his ill treatment of her. When she wasn’t looking, Ashanti finds love in an unexpected place when it literally bumps into her by the name of Ahmad Jones. Their budding friendship develops into something more that neither of them could deny any longer. After watching Ahmad and his team win the NCAA Championship for his college Mississippi State University, Ahmad and Ashanti celebrate with a hot and passionate kiss on live TV that the world sees and she knows that there is no turning back. Ahmad and Ashanti enter new relationship territory and can’t wait to explore their new found love. They are ready to deal and to tackle the fallout with Kentay in order to start their lives together, but they know it won’t be easy. Just as things are looking up for the new couple, tragedy strikes that sends all of their lives in a tumultuous domino. Secrets will no longer remain secrets. No one will go unscathed as lives are turned upside and inside out. Lives will be changed. Relationships will be tried and tested. Pain is inevitable. Love still rules in the end. As darkness descends over the lives of Ashanti, Kentay, and Ahmad, will any of them find light at the end of the tunnel? Whose love will endure the torrent of disasters? Discover who will survive all of the hazy drama that is unrelenting and unlimited in the second installment of this urban fiction love story in Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 2

The Corner II

Alex Richardson - 2009
    He rules with an iron fist, but when someone from his past steps back in his life, he realizes that he must protect that person from the streets.Lisa—the fast life is no longer something she has a passion for. Her time away gave her plenty of time to think of how her love of money caused her to lose the one the truly loved. She gets a second chance at love, but will deceit creep into this relationship causing it to fail?LaTanza—is a beautiful sister with a haunting past. When she met Carlos Fuentes, the son of Chicago’s leading Latin drug dealer, at the young age of sixteen she immediately fell in love. Now older and married to Carlos she is rich, safe and wants for nothing. But when she eavesdrops on a conversation between Carlos and his father, she hears that the senior Fuentes doesn’t like his son being married to a black woman and wants him to father an all Latin son to carry the family tradition. This sends the unstable LaTanza over the edge. Fearing that she and her daughter will be left out in the cold she carries out a deadly plan—a plan to become ‘The Queenpin’.Rivalries explode. Love is found while it is also lost. Betrayal causes people to hurt the ones they love—all for the love of money. Who will come out on top—or even alive?BioA former undercover narcotics detective, Alex Richardson’s familiarity with the seamy side of the streets adds a steamy kind of street cred and realism to his gritty page turning novels. He spends his time between Chicago and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Never Too Late (The O'Connors Book 3)

Jax Burrows - 2020

Eisenhower's Spy

Noel Hynd - 2020
     “(Hynd is)…a few notches above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world." - Booklist. 'Eisenhower’s Spy' is Noel Hynd’s tough hard-hitting sequel to 'Truman’s Spy'. It is a major new work of action and espionage from the author of 'Flowers From Berlin' and 'Return to Berlin.' It is the summer of 1958. President Dwight D. Eisenhower personally enlists F.B.I. Special Agent Thomas Buchanan (the central character of Hynd’s 'Truman’s Spy') for a top secret assignment independent of the FBI and CIA. The President asks Buchanan to oversee the investigation of a perplexing murder in broad daylight in Manhattan. The best detectives in New York City cannot pull the case together. Or maybe they don’t want to. Was the homicide a random slaying, a gangland ‘hit,’ a drug deal gone wrong or a political assassination? And the further question: why is this homicide, which might otherwise be a state or city investigation, the focus of such close White House attention? Within days of starting his investigation, Buchanan finds himself, his life, his career and the woman he loves in jeopardy. He navigates a lethal web of Russian spies, local hoodlums, political provocateurs from the left and the right, the CIA, rival agents in the FBI, surly New York cops and Caribbean revolutionaries. The case is a nightmare, as are its ramifications. Equally perilous are the gritty gang-controlled urban streets where Buchanan must go to seek answers. Buchanan soon finds himself working with an unpredictable New York City police lieutenant named Paul Maguire. A beautiful but suspicious young woman named Laura Brookfield filters in and out of the case. Day to day, Laura either aids them or sabotages them. And yet, she may be the key to Buchanan's investigation. The story twists and turns from New York to Washington to Havana and back again. The case comes in and out of focus like a mirage on a broiling summer afternoon. Buchanan moves from the drug dens of upper Manhattan to the mob nightclubs of midtown to the edgy coffee houses of Greenwich Village. He visits the hot jazz joints of the West Fifties and the corrupt police precincts of the pre-Serpico era. Questions are many. Answers are few. Buchanan must make his own good luck. Meanwhile, the President is waiting for a report. To some, America of the 1950’s was a bright, optimistic and prosperous place. But in 'Eisenhower’s Spy' a deeper reality smolders beneath the surface. The decade had begun with two wars: a bloody conflict in Korea that stalemated in 1953 and a global cold war that would intensify through the decade. Berlin, Budapest and Taiwan were flashpoints of conflict and potential sparks for another world war. Americans passed the decade in fear of Soviet subversion from within or a sudden Soviet nuclear attack from afar. Worse, revolutionary ferment was as close as ninety miles south of Florida as Fidel Castro’s revolutionary army crept increasingly closer to mobbed-up Havana. 'Eisenhower’s Spy' is a spy story that buzzes with the energy of numerous intrigues, love affairs, memorable characters, remorseless criminality and quirks of fate set across a dark set of years in the middle of the Twentieth Century. 'Eisenhower’s Spy' will underscore the critics’ lofty assessment of Noel Hynd’s unique way with a tough hard-hitting spy novel: a full cast of memorable people, romance, uncompromising historical accuracy and heart pounding suspense. The millions of readers of Noel Hynd’s previous novels will not be disappointed.

Warriors of the Way

Orlando A. Sanchez - 2016
    After participating in the special promotion, Dante finds himself thrust into the hidden world of the Spiritual Warriors, a group of men and women, fighters with special abilities who are trained and dedicated to keeping this plane of existence safe from evil. He discovers that a war has been raging between the Warriors, those sworn to protect this plane of existence from destruction and the Shadows, those who would see it enslaved under the rule of evil. The Ascendants-Book 2 Ascendants are being killed and the barrier between worlds is failing. Dante, along with a group of Warriors and Guardians must confront the Harbinger. An undying servant of Lucius, a killer who can’t die. His purpose is to destroy the barriers and recapture Maelstrom-a sentient weapon of evil created by his master and wielded by Dante. Can Dante learn how to control Maelstrom before the evil corrupts and kills him? Can the Warriors of the Way stop the Harbinger, and prevent the fall of the barriers before it's too late? Or will Lucius escape and kill them all? The Fallen Warrior-Book 3 In a nearly fatal ritual, the shadow of Lucius has seared Dante, stripping him of Maelstrom and cutting him off from his chi. Dante, now a fallen warrior must find a way to undo the searing using only his skill and training to face those who want him dead. There are rumors of another weapon. A weapon powerful enough to stand against Maelstrom and Lucius.To find this weapon, Sylk will have to follow the trail of the Mikai back to the Warriors of the Way. Someone is forcing them to kidnap and eliminate the Rah Ven. Someone powerful enough to strike fear in the hearts of the Mikai and control the Black Lotus, who have designated Meja rogue and a traitor, a crime punishable by death. Can Dante undo the searing in time to face Lucius and Maelstrom? Will Sylk find the path to the weapon, discovering who controls the Mikai and the Black Lotus? Will Meja prove her innocence, or fail and be killed? The Warrior Ascendant-Book 4 The Wheel has unleashed the Kriyas. Creatures of fearsome power that devour life-force. They have been set on a path to destroy anyone who stands in the way of recovering the three foci, weapons of immense power. Dante, having undone the searing must now locate the third foci, Shadowstrike, the only weapon powerful enough to stand against Maelstrom and Lucius. From his prison in the forgotten plane, Lucius now with the power of Maelstrom has been patiently restoring the connection to the Nexus. One more weapon will complete the bridge. Once restored every plane will be in danger of destruction. Dante, together with Sylk and Meja, return to the Akashic Records. There they will seek to uncover the identity of The Wheel. Will they find Shadowstrike, stop the Kriyas, and prevent Lucius from escaping? The Master Warrior-Book 5 Dante has bonded to Shadowstrike. There is only one problem, the weapon is slowly killing him. The Wheel reveals his plan for dominion and destruction of the planes. In order to face this threat, Dante faces his hardest decision as a warrior. Will he sacrifice his life so that others may live or will he fight for survival? The Warriors of the Way is an action filled mix of martial arts, magic and mayhem.