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Change of Heart by Saxon Bennett


Mergers and Acquisitions

A.E. Radley - 2017
    One day, her top client asks her to work on a lucrative project with the notoriously fastidious Georgina Masters, of the American agency Mastery. The temporary merger causes a fiery clash of cultures and personalities. Especially when Georgina sets her romantic sights on Kate’s young intern, Sophie.

Welcome to Ruby's

K.C. Luck - 2018
    The bar is where they all go to commiserate over drinks about crappy jobs, wrecked relationships, and life in general. Everyone is family and everyone comes to Ruby’s. Even though her job sucks, Allie’s life appears to be taking an especially good turn when a gorgeous dark-haired stranger comes walking into Ruby’s and sweeps her off her feet. As much as she wants to deny how she feels, the chemistry between them is an eleven on a scale of one to ten. Struggling through a nasty divorce, Vivian Wade is not looking for any more complications in her already crazy life, but when she goes north to Portland to check on business, she sees a blonde woman who takes her breath away. Although a relationship is the last thing she wants, she cannot deny what her body is telling her. When their worlds collide, all starts perfectly, until Allie learns Ruby’s has been sold to an investor. A woman from Los Angeles, named Vivian, who plans to change everything.

Separate Like Stars

Diana Kane - 2018
    With numerous bestsellers under her belt, a number of blockbuster movie adaptations to her credit, and a high profile relationship with one of Hollywood’s most prominent stars, what more could she possibly ask for? Maybe for Olivia Bradley, the only woman to ever break her heart, to exit her life as quickly as she’d re-entered it. When an ongoing case of writer’s block triggers a series of unforeseeable events, Jordan is forced to face the tragedies of her past and reevaluate the life she has been contentedly coasting through. As she reaches a crossroads, she must decide if she’ll be able to forgive her former best friend, and just how much is she willing to sacrifice in the name of happiness. 137,000 words

Invisible, as Music

Caren J. Werlinger - 2019
    Her braces and crutches restrict her, define her, but they also give her independence. Almost. She hates that she has become increasingly reliant on a series of live-in companions to help her. For some reason, the companions never seem to want to stay very long. So Henrietta retreats further and further into her art, where her physical limitations don’t matter.Into her life sails Meryn Fleming: out, outspoken, and fiercely political. She’s young, enthusiastically diving into her first job as a history professor at the local college. When she falls, almost literally, into Henrietta’s path, she seems like a godsend.Little does Henrietta know that this young woman is about to upend her carefully structured existence. Ryn challenges everything, barging right through the walls Henrietta has built to keep others at a distance.To Ryn, Henrietta is an enigma: prickly and easily insulted at the slightest suggestion that she can’t do things for herself; a brilliant artist capable of producing the most beautiful paintings; and sometimes, when Henrietta doesn’t realize she’s letting her guard down, a tender and sensitive woman.With Meryn’s youthful optimism pitted against Henrietta’s jaded acceptance of the world as it is, life will never be the same for either of them.Words: 114,100

Not Since You

Fiona Riley - 2019
    Boarding her honeymoon cruise alone and decidedly unmarried wasn’t her intention. Neither was running into her high school love on board. Lexi looks so confident, and so hot, and so irresistible... How could she have let this woman get away?Lexi Bronson hasn’t had a permanent address in almost a decade and couldn’t be happier. Life is good bartending for a luxury cruise line—open seas, warm beaches, beautiful women, and no unnecessary anchors—until the woman who broke her heart shows up on her ship, and all those dreams of forever come rushing back.When passion flares, will the storm that rages shipwreck them both?

The Rainbow Cedar

Gerri Hill - 2008
    As their paths cross,both professionally and personally, a friendship develops, one they each try to maintain despite the obvious attraction between them. But still, Jay is not willing to throw away an eight-year relationship, even when it becomes painfully obvious the end is near.The Rainbow Cedar is the journey of one woman struggling with the loss of love and commitment from one, and the possibility of finding it all again with someone new.

Finding Her

Marian Snowe - 2019
    She made a lot of bad decisions, and her most recent one was renting a sailboat with a storm on the horizon. On the brink of death, Nan gets rescued by a strong, gorgeous woman. Maybe her luck is finally starting to change? Cass Finnegan lives in a lighthouse with her young daughter Annalee, just trying to get by as a single mother while dodging the judgments of her neighbors. One day, a beautiful woman washes up on the beach. Annalee thinks she's a mermaid, but Cass wonders if there isn't something even more special about her. An immediate, red-hot passion ignites between Nan and Cass, in spite of the secrets both of them are fighting to keep hidden. But for two scarred women, can love ever win? Neither of them can hide from their pasts for long. When it all comes crashing down, Annalee is caught in the middle...and the result is far more dangerous than any of them feared. Finding Her is part of the Cape Summer Romances, a collection of stand-alone romances that take place in the same town.

Rough Around The Edges

Crystal Chard - 2020
    The characters leap off the page and swear at you until you love them while the sweet romance quietly captures your heart." CLARE ASHTON.Roxanne Mackenzie is not exactly living her best life. After moving to London to follow her dream of becoming a writer, she thought things would be different – better. Instead, they’re a whole lot worse.Meeting Josie Calhoun – the woman who has everything together, including the top button of her shirt – makes Roxy question how she’s been living her life.Josie can’t bear lies and values trust above all else, so what will she make of Roxy’s scandalous truth?Crystal Chard’s debut romance takes us on a crazy ride of laughs and tears with many mojitos along the way.

Melt My Heart

Anna Cove - 2020
    Hoping people will forget, Laura takes leave from her soap opera role and escapes to the small Catskill Mountain town of Love Falls. The public needs a break from her, and she needs a safe place to have her baby.She just didn't expect that "safe place" to be on the side of a deserted mountain road.Dylan Wilson exists only to help others.Three years ago, a car accident stole Dylan's wife and her joy. Her job as a 9-1-1 operator is the only thing that drags her out of bed in the morning. When she meets Laura, she feels a spark of something she hasn't in years. And later, when she responds to Laura's emergency call, that spark fans into a flame she can't resist reaching for.Dylan knows all too well the pain of loss. Falling for Laura, someone who doesn't belong in her small-town world or her small-town life, could be a sure path to heartache. But despite her misgivings, she flutters to Laura's luminescence, unable to turn away.Has Dylan found the one who will burn her to cinders or the one who can finally melt the ice around her heart?Don't miss the sexy, sensual, joyous first novel in the Catskill Crew lesbian romance series, complete with a progressive and artistic small town, fun side characters, and a deep romance that will tick all your boxes.

Come and Get Me

Julie Cannon - 2007
    Laura Collier doesn't fit the mold and Elliot knows she should walk away. Instead she finds herself in the unusual position of pursuing another woman.

Never Too Late

Julie Blair - 2014
    Jamie Hammond thinks she’s put that night far behind her. She’s a successful chiropractor and is about to celebrate a ten-year anniversary with her partner. But instead of reaping the benefits of responsibility and hard work, she finds herself fighting to save her business and relationship as doubt, betrayal, and disappointment tear at the fabric of her life.Carla Grant is looking for a new challenge after settling her daughter at college. She never imagines that applying for an office manager position will change her life.As Jamie and Carla work to save Jamie’s business, they will have to examine everything they thought they knew about love, responsibility, and family. Can two women dare to believe that it’s never too late for happily ever after?

Playing With Fuego

K.G. MacGregor - 2012
    Three years later, the girl and her dreams long gone, Daphne is eking out a living as a coordinator for a nonprofit home builder. Heaven help the next woman who dangles empty promises.Maribel Tirado León’s “anger issues” have earned her community service on Daphne’s jobsite, and their mutual misery makes them unlikely friends. Daphne can’t help her fascination with the exotic Mari, who moves in the powerful circles of the white-hot Latin side of Miami.Yachts on Biscayne Bay, glitzy clubs in South Beach…Mari’s access to money seems endless. But just when answers might save her wary heart questions are the last thing on Daphne’s mind.

Fake It Till You Make It

M. Ullrich - 2017
    The listing seems ideal when Genevieve scans it, but a big surprise comes at her interview: Out Shore Magazine is an LGBT publication. She’s willing to work around this detail with an innocent lie, one she’ll keep from her longtime boyfriend as well as her new boss, Harper Davies. Out Shore has been Harper’s main focus since her heart was broken years ago, but Genevieve may be the one to change that with her fresh perspective and charm. While both women enjoy what they learn about each other, Genevieve is most surprised by what she learns about herself. Pretending to be a lesbian has never felt more honest.

Forget Me Not

Kris Bryant - 2017
    Her career with the most prestigious advertising firm in Dallas has her busy six days a week, and she doesn’t have time to step away from her life to handle her aunt’s estate. She plans a quick trip to sign papers and save family heirlooms, hoping to return home before the end of the week. She meets real estate agent Kerry Mulligan who was consigned to the property quite by accident. Their relationship starts off rocky, and as much as Grace wants to get to know the red-haired Irish beauty in the short time she is there, Kerry is nothing but business. Can Grace break through Kerry’s icy disposition and open her up to a quick affair? Even if Grace manages to seduce Kerry, can she return unscathed to the life she left in Dallas?

Thursday Afternoons

Tracey Richardson - 2019
    Thursday afternoons sizzle with no-strings sex for the two women, who meet each week in a hotel room to forget their past—and their present.The arrangement works perfectly for Amy, a busy surgeon who’s still smarting from a failed relationship. For Ellis, Thursday afternoons act as a pressure valve from her cutthroat job and the mistakes in her personal life she’s trying to rectify.But soon the pair discover that their outside worlds are on a collision course with the carefully constructed world they’ve created on Thursday afternoons. What will happen when they discover the truth about each other? Will their weekly assignations come to a screeching halt, or will they turn into something much, much more…Genre: RomanceEditor: Medora MacDougallCover Designer: Sandy Knowles