Be a Star, Wonder Woman!

Michael Dahl - 2017
    As a new day dawns, a young girl faces the ultimate challenge: school! Follow along as she demonstrates her greatest superpower (sharing), overcomes her worst fear (the playground), and conquers her archenemy (the spelling test).With courage, kindness, and other heroic traits of DC Comics' Wonder Woman, she'll turn a difficult school day into an AMAZING ADVENTURE! Along with Omar Lozano's bright, bold illustrations, bestselling author Michael Dahl (Bedtime for Batman and Good Morning, Superman) delivers an imaginative read-aloud for your littlest super heroes

The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man

Michael Chabon - 2011
    . . . Can you guess what it is?

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

Deb Pilutti - 2014
    But everyone understands.In this handy guide, Captain Magma and his trusty sidekick, Lava Boy, take young readers on an adventure to learn all ten rules of being a good superhero.


Thao Lam - 2018
    It tells the story of a young girl whose family moves into a new house. Outside, she can hear other kids playing, but she’s too shy to say hello. So she picks at the old wallpaper in her room―revealing an entryway to a fantastic imaginary adventure world behind the walls.

Mighty Truck

Chris Barton - 2016
    Foomp, his tires pumped up, and vroom, his engine revved, andKa-Boom!muddy old Clarence transformed into the mighty-fast, mighty-strong, mighty-awesome Mighty Truck! With his laser-bright headlights and turbo speed, Mighty Truck can take on any challenge.Mighty Truck is an all-wheel-drive adventure illustrated by Troy Cummings and written by award-winning, bestselling author Chris Barton.


Jules Feiffer - 1997
    Not once but five times. “It's not fair!” Raymond thinks. Then he thinks: “What if I had my own MEANWHILE...?” Comic books always use MEANWHILE... to change the scene. So Raymond tries writing it on the wall behind his bed.To his astonishment, Raymond discovers that he can MEANWHILE...from one perilous adventure to another'from pirates on the high seas, to Martians in outer space, to a posse and a mountain lion out West. Then, at the worst possible moment, Raymond's MEANWHILE... fails him, leaving him in a spot that spells certain doom! Unless . . .

Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian

Jacob Sager Weinstein - 2018
    Glockenspiel threatens all the books in the world, only one person can stop him—a book-wielding, super-secret operative called Lyric McKerrigan.

The Perfect Pillow

Eric Pinder - 2018
    His parents can't help him fall asleep, so he has no choice to go out and search for a better bed. Is it a squirrel's nest? A cloud? A rowboat on a pond? No, the moon is too bright, and the croaking frogs are too loud, so there's nothing for it but to go back home and jump into his big new bed, where a friendly dragon makes a perfect pillow.Young readers will enjoy floating along with Brody and Horst in this friendly nocturnal adventure with all the makings of a bedtime classic.

Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey

Mini Grey - 2011
    But there are adventures in store for our intrepid hero as he faces the thrills of Operation Picnic, the tribulation of being buried in sand and - worst of all - being washed away by a giant wave...Join the daring duo as they meet new challenges ... and new friends.

Stop That Yawn!

Caron Levis - 2018
    And whatever you do…DON’T YAWN!Gabby Wild has had enough of bedtime. Yawn, curl, snuggle, snore—what a bore!So instead of tucking in, she jets out—with poor Granny in tow—to a place where beds are for bouncing, hushes are shushed, and it’s never too late for ice cream. But sometimes, even when you grit your teeth and seal your lips, it’s impossible to stop that…YAWN!There’s a yawn on the loose! Can Gabby stop that yawn from spreading the snooze, or will it be lights out for Never Sleeping City?

Sea of Dreams

Dennis Nolan - 2011
    As night falls the girl heads for home. Waves move ever closer to the castle, threatening its survival. Suddenly, in one of its windows, a light comes on . . .Sea of Dreams is a Publishers Weekly Best Children's Picture Books title for 2011.

Kings of the Castle

Victoria Turnbull - 2016
    He wanted to build a sandcastle that would turn any monster green-eyed with envy. But when George meets the strangest creature he has ever seen, the night takes an unexpected turn.

The Adventures of Sparrowboy

Brian Pinkney - 1997
    Then Henry runs across a sparrow with the same ability and suddenly takes off! Suddenly airborne, he delivers papers from above then realizes a bully is threatening his neighbors. This super-boy knows it’s up to him to take the neighborhood under his wing!

The Princess and the Pony

Kate Beaton - 2015
    A BIG horse. A STRONG horse. A horse fit for a WARRIOR PRINCESS! But when the day arrives, she doesn't quite get the horse of her dreams...From the artist behind the comic phenomenon Hark! A Vagrant, The Princess and the Pony is a laugh-out-loud story of brave warriors, big surprises, and falling in love with one unforgettable little pony.

Max the Brave

Ed Vere - 2014
    Max the Brave, Max the Fearless, Max the Mouse-catcher...But, in order to be a Mouse-catcher, Max needs to know what a mouse is, so off he goes to find out.