Peter David - 2008
    Only Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of Excalibur have a hope in finding him before the ship, intended purely for scientific exploration, is used to disrupt the space-time continuum!

Doctor Who: The Iron Legion

Pat Mills - 1980
    From the pages of Doctor Who Magazine!Enter a dimension where the robot centurions of the mighty Roman Empire travel from planet to planet, crushing all in their path...Explore a world where feelings are a crime, where love is punishable by death, and where the nervous, the brave and the half daft must unite in a desperate fight for freedom...Visit an ordinary street in an ordinary town, but one where aliens lurk in the coal shed and the cabbage patch, where good and evil travel in disguise...Travel to a future where the colonists of New Earth are under attack by the vicious Werelocks - but the ferocity of these beasts is as nothing besides their masters...Discover a realm where a crazed criminal can reshape creation to her will, where the laws of time and space mean nothing...

Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day 2016

Robbie MorrisonMariano Laclaustra - 2016
    Jump on board the TARDIS with FOUR all-new short tales of the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors! Whether you're a whizz with a Sonic Screwdriver or completely new to Who, this is the perfect Free Comic Book Day adventure for SF fans of all ages! Written and illustrated by the creative teams of the regular comics, this is the ideal place to start reading!

Stranger Things Ashcan

Jody Houser - 2018
    Follow Will Byers into a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down. Written by award-winning comics veteran Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black, Mother Panic). Based on Will's unseen journey during season 1 of hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

Star Trek: Mission's End

Ty Templeton - 2009
    What prompts Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy to retire from Starfleet? What earns Kirk his promotion to Admiral? And what is the mystery of Archenar-IV that threatens to tear the Federation itself apart? All will be revealed in this collection of the five-issue mini-series, with appearances by fan-favorite characters.

Doctor Who: Sisters of the Flame

Nicholas Briggs - 2008
    An obscure mystical sect has been revived after centuries of neglect. A new race of aliens are hunting for prey. Why?As the Doctor and Lucie attempt to discover the answer, it becomes clear that someone is attempting to resurrect the past - and they need a Time Lord to help them achieve it.

Doctor Who: The Beast of Orlok

Barnaby Edwards - 2009
    With brimstone breath and eyes aglow, he'll eat your soul — to Hell you'll go!Germany, 1827. The town of Orlok is under a curse, haunted by the memory of a spate of grisly murders that shattered the community twenty years before. At the time, townsfolk blamed the legendary Beast of Orlok, a nightmarish creature from medieval folklore.And now, it seems, the Beast has returned. As the killings begin again, the people of Orlok are understandably suspicious of two strangers newly arrived in their midst. The Doctor and Lucie must face their darkest fears as they find themselves plunged into a decidedly grim fairytale.

Doctor Who: Domain of the Voord

Andrew Smith - 2014
    But his ships are being picked off one by one, vessels and crews dragged underwater by an unseen foe.The time travellers find themselves pitched into battle against the Voord, the ruthless enemy they last encountered on the planet Marinus. As they take the fight to the very heart of the territory now controlled by the Voord the stakes get higher. First they lose the TARDIS... then they lose that which they hold most dear. And that's only the start of their troubles.In the capital, Predora City, they will learn the truth of what it means to be a Voord. And that truth is horrifying.


Diane Carey - 2001
    Voyager™ has explored the Delta Quadrant, encountering strange alien civilizations and bizarre space-time anomalies as it steadfastly made its way back toward the safety of Federation space. Captain Kathryn Janeway and her heroic crew have faced all manner of harrowing danger and hostile life-forms -- including the Kazons, the Borg, and the Q -- while never losing sight of their ultimate goal: home. Now, at last, Voyager's epic trek may be nearing its end... After so many perilous and astounding adventures, will Captain Janeway finally bring her wayward starship back to the Alpha Quadrant? And what will become of her diverse yet tightly knit crew? Will Chakotay, B'Elanna Torres, and the other former Maquis freedom fighters face long-delayed justice for their crimes against the Federation? And is there any place in Starfleet for the uniquely independent Borg known as Seven of Nine? As the ultimate destiny of Voyager is revealed, all that is certain is that nothing will ever be the same!

Star Trek: The Badlands, Book Two

Susan Wright - 1999
    Many starships have been lost amidst its violent plasma storms, but the true danger may only be beginning!Before she began her historic sojourn in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Kathryn Janeway led the USS Voyager into the Badlands in pursuit of a renegade Maquis vessel. There she encountered the same threatening and inexplicable phenomena that had previously endangered both Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard. Now, detoured from her mission by an urgent Cardassian distress call, Janeway finally uncovers the origin of the hidden menace!Armed with Janeway's hard-won knowledge, Captain Benjamin Sisko must deal with the exposed threat once and for all. But first the USS Defiant must battle both the Dominion and the Romulan Empire for control of an unleashed power source that could devastate the entire Alpha Quadrant!

Doctor Who: Cuddlesome (Audio CD)

Nigel Fairs - 2008
    For so long now the Cuddlesomes have been forgotten, lying in attics and junk shops. But now they're waking up. And they want to give a whole generation a long, slow, deadly cuddle.

Star Trek, Volume 9: The Q Gambit

Mike Johnson - 2012
    Kirk on a quest that will see the Enterprise joining forces with familiar faces from Star Trek lore. Collects issues #35–40.

Red Dwarf Space Corps Survival Manual

Paul Alexander - 1996

Destiny: The Complete Saga: Gods of Night, Mere Mortals, and Lost Souls

David Mack - 2012
    Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Doctor Who: Forever Fallen

Joshua Wanisko - 2016
    This special release is a Seventh Doctor and Ace story, and is offered as a free download via the Paul Spragg Short Trips Memorial Opportunity in 2016.Until now, an offered chance from the Doctor has never stopped the villain's schemes.Until now, the android armies, the powerful space stations, the mind-control rays, have gone unchecked to disastrous effect.Until now......But then what happens?Producer Ian AtkinsScript Editor Ian AtkinsExecutive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas BriggsWritten By: Joshua WaniskoDirected By: Neil GardnerCastNicholas Briggs (Narrator)