Christopher Pike's Tales of Terror: Volume 2

Christopher Pike - 1997
    Their assailant promises them pain and death. He says he has his reasons.The Burning Witch: Marvin Summer, world-famous horror writer, is asked by an old high school friend to help her extricate herself from a strange cult. The only problem is . . . this cult is run by real witches.The Tomb of Time: Is everything destined? Are love and pain inevitable? Or are the cards of life constantly being reshuffled at the bottom of an eternal tomb?Plus other strange tales from the master of horror.

Some Fun

Antonya Nelson - 2006
    With her newest collection, Nelson once again proves herself worthy of her stellar reputation, delivering seven taut, striking stories and a brilliant novella, all exploring the tensions of troubled family relations.Nelson is an extraordinary chronicler of the fraught relationships between parents and children and husbands and wives. With her particular understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities of wild adolescence, as well as the complicated, persistent love that often lies dormant beneath the drama of rebellion, she illuminates the hidden corners of her characters' lives.The shy, shoplifting sixteen-year-old protagonist in the title novella is trying to understand how to become an adult while going through a year of family disaster. We watch as she dabbles in the same adult behaviors that so repulse her about her parents (binge drinking, sex) while maintaining so much of her adolescent insecurity and confusion. "Dick" is a moving story about a mother who, having lost her daughter to the vicissitudes of adolescence, has a compulsion to protect her innocent, preadolescent son from the aggressive and encroaching post-9/11 adult world. The homeless teen at the heart of "Eminent Domain" is a pampered Houston rich girl who has, for her own reasons, taken to the streets.Radiating an emotional intensity that unifies the entire collection, each of Nelson's stories both captivates and unnerves. As her characters run the gauntlet of often bewildering family tensions and trauma, she alternates hope and despair, resentment and love, in perfectly recognizable proportions.Weaving wonderful observation with quick wit and striking insight, "Some Fun" is a timely and provocative inventory of the state of family in America -- and proof of why Nelson is one of the most important writers at work today.

Me and the Terrible Two

Ellen Conford - 1974
    Will Dorrie ever be able to become friends with the pesky brothers?

Cornered: 14 Stories of Bullying and Defiance

Rhoda BellezaJaime Adoff - 2012
    This fourteen-story YA fiction anthology delves into the experience of being bullied—socially, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and sexually. The school hallways, walks home, and house walls are no longer the boundaries for intimidation and harassment. With the rapid-fire response time of social media and smartphones, bullying has lost all limits, and the lines among truth, lies, and real accountability have become blurred. Featuring some of the hottest voices in YA literature, both bestselling and on the rise, Cornered includes works from Kirsten Miller (New York Times bestseller The Eternal Ones), Jennifer Brown (Hate List), Elizabeth Miles (Fury), Jaime Adoff (The Death of Jayson Porter), Lish McBride (Morris Award finalist Hold Me Closer, Necromancer), Matthue Roth (Losers), Sheba Karim (Skunk Girl), Kate Ellison (Butterfly Clues), Zeta Elliot (A Wish After Midnight), Josh Berk (The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin), and James Lecesne (Absolute Brightness and founder of the Trevor Project).Contents:Nemesis by Kirsten MillerOn Your Own Level by Sheba KarimThe Shift Sticks by Josh BerkEveryone's Nice by David YooDefense Mechanisms by Elizabeth MilesSweet Sixteen by Zetta ElliotLike Kicking a Fence by Kate EllisonHow Auto-tune Saved My Life by Brendan HalpinThe Ambush by Matthue RothInside the Inside by Mayra Lazara DoleBut Not Forgotten by Jennifer BrownThe Truest Story There Is by Jaime AdoffStill Not Dead by James LecesneWe Should Get Jerseys 'Cause We Make a Good Team by Lish McBride

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Stories About Falling Out of Love by Four Incredible Authors

Niki Burnham - 2008
    How does anyone survive? Read on and find out. Each story showcases the writer’s signature style: Niki Burnham keeps it smart and sassy; Terri Clark brings a touch of fantasy; Ellen Hopkins tells her story in verse; and no one does funny like Lynda Sandoval. For teens looking for something to get them through the pain, this is just the prescription!

2041: Twelve Short Stories About the Future by Top Science Fiction Writers

Jane Yolen - 1990
    McKillip and Connie Willis.Much Ado about (Censored) - Connie WillisWho's Gonna Rock Us Home? - Nancy SpringerLose Now, Pay Later - Carol Farley A Quiet One - Anne McCaffreyMoby James - Patricia A. McKillip If I Had the Wings of an Angel - Joe Haldeman You Want it When? - Kara Dalkey Ear - Jane Yolen The Last Out - Resa Nelson and David Alexander Smith Free Day - Peg KerrBeggarman - Susan ShwartzOld Glory - Bruce Coville

The Best American Short Stories 2005

Michael Chabon - 2005
    Each volume's series editor selects notable works from hundreds of periodicals. A special guest editor, a leading writer in the field, then chooses the very best twenty or so pieces to publish. This unique system has made the Best American series the most respected -- and most popular -- of its kind.The Best American Short Stories 2005 includesDennis Lehane • Tom Perrotta • Alice Munro • Edward P. Jones • Joy Williams • Joyce Carol Oates • Thomas McGuane • Kelly Link • Charles D'Ambrosio • Cory Doctorow • George Saunders • and othersMichael Chabon, guest editor, is the best-selling author of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Wonder Boys, A Model World, and, most recently, The Final Solution. His novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay won the Pulitzer Prize in 2000.

This Is Push: New Stories from the Edge

David LevithanKevin Brooks - 2007
    An anthology of new writing from the authors published over the first five years of PUSH, timed for the fifth anniversary in February 2007.contributing authors:Patricia McCormick, Kevin Brooks, Chris Wooding, Markus Zusak, Brian James, Kristen Kemp,Eireann Corrigan, Christopher Krovatin, Billy Merrell, Matthue Roth, Kevin Waltman, Samantha Schutz, Coe Booth

Truth and Dare: 20 Tales of Heartbreak and Happiness

Liz MilesHeidi R. Kling - 2011
    These edgy short stories are told from the point of view of the quirky, cool, but not necessarily popular teens, who are dealing with all the pressures of growing up--school, friends, music, relationships, parents, and just plain fitting in.This collection features some of the hottest writers in the teen genre, including: Jennifer Boylan, Sarah Rees Brennan, Cecil Castellucci, Emma Donoghue, Courtney Gillette, A.M. Homes, Jennifer Hubbard, Heidi R. Kling, Jennifer Knight, Michael Lowenthal, Liz Miles, Saundra Mitchell, Luisa Plaja, Matthue Roth, Sherry Shahan, Gary Soto, Shelley Stoehr, Sara Wilkinson, Ellen Wittlinger, and Jill Wolfson.


Glenn Rolfe - 2014
    A sweet romance ends in a shallow grave to be revisited again and again. A girl's field hockey team exacts revenge on their coach and her dreaded 'whistle of the damned'. Parker Stephens discovers that some paths are not safe to walk after sunset.In these twelve dark and powerful tales, Glenn Rolfe, author of The Haunted Halls and Boom Town, welcomes you to the dark side. Take his hand and slip into the shadows...Edited by Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi Cover Art by Jason Lynch, Cover design by Glenn Rolfe

Life, Love, and Texting

Kai Michaels - 2011
    Kai Michaels, in her romantic comedy debut novel, creates a hilarious story of friendship and first love aimed at the hearts of today's texting generation.

Scary Out There

Jonathan Maberry - 2016
    L. Stine, Neal and Brendan Shusterman, and Ellen Hopkins—all members of the Horror Writers Association—about what they fear most. The stories include mermaids, ghosts, and personal demons, and are edited by Jonathan Maberry, multiple Bram Stoker award winner and author of the Rot & Ruin series.

Friendship for Dummies

Leigh Ansell - 2017
    Finding out that said best friend is now a complete jerk who’s determined to make your life hell? Not so much.”Georgie and Connor were once inseparable. Best friends from birth, they did everything together – well, that was until Connor’s dad got a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity and the family was forced to relocate to New York. At age sixteen, Georgie’s life is totally different – her main goal being to keep her head down and escape the brutalities of high school with as little emotional scarring as possible. Balancing school, work and her dwindling social life is enough of a challenge, but it’s about to get a bit more complicated when her conceited ex-best friend gets thrown into the mix. Maybe friendship should come with an instruction booklet.

The Mission

Jason Myers - 2009
    All Kaden has left of Kenny is a letter, urging him to break away from his sheltered life and to go to San Francisco to visit his cousin, James. Kaden is blown away, as James introduces him to a life filled with drugs, sex, and apathy. He goes from extreme high to extreme low, having no idea what to expect. And when Kaden uncovers secrets about his family that have been kept from him for years, his entire world comes crashing down. This may not be the trip his brother had envisioned for him, but it's one Kaden will never forget.


Hailey Abbott - 2006
    The handsome blond ski instructor. The sparkle on a cashmere skirt. Hot cocoa and kisses in front of a crackling fire.