The Rigger: Operating With The SAS

Jack Williams - 2001
    The British effort in Northern Ireland made unprecedented use of electronic surveillance. The Special Air Service and other British elite assault units were highly dependent on information provided by a network of towers and other devices. Construction and maintenance of the towers was the job of the British Army's Royal Corps of Signals.The author and his fellow troopers of the "R. Sigs" had to climb and work on the electronic towers in full view of an often hostile population and occasionally even under fire. Jack Williams' account adds a previously little-known dimension to the campaign in Northern Ireland and provides a first-hand account of previously unknown operations and techniques.

Hit List

Nick Harlow - 2016
    And only organized crime can do it. When a gambler tries to pay a bookie with food stamps, the Mafia realizes the liberal entitlement society has gone too far. With half the country on some sort of government assistance, disposable income is disappearing. And without disposable income, the Mob will soon be out of business. Enough. Three New Jersey Mafia families decide to band together to take control of the country. To do so they must get 12 flaming liberals who are destroying the country with a progressive agenda “out of the way.” A “hit list” that will lead to the ultimate target, the President. But this is the new Mob, using brains and technology instead of bullets. And they have a not-so-secret weapon: a United States Senator who happens to be a blood relative. And blood is thicker than politics.

Maple Syrup Mysteries Boxed Set, #1-3

Emily James - 2017
    She couldn’t have been more wrong… A STICKY INHERITANCE – BOOK 1 Sometimes the truth can be a sticky thing… Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes feels like the only failure amid a family of high achievers. Her boyfriend turned out to be married, and her career as a defense attorney is in tatters. When she inherits her uncle’s maple syrup farm, she thinks it’s time for a change—one that keeps her far away from bad guys. For half a day at least. Her uncle’s suicide wasn’t a suicide at all. And as Nicole closes in on his killer, she not only risks becoming the murderer’s next victim, but also starts to wonder if knowing the truth is ever worse than believing the lie… BUSHWHACKED – BOOK 2 Sometimes the most beautiful places hide the darkest secrets… What former lawyer Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes wants is to peacefully run her maple syrup farm. What she gets is a body run over by her car. It turns out to be the manager of the local animal shelter, and his death wasn't the accident it at first seems. With a little finagling, Nicole convinces the interim police chief to allow her to help with the case, even though she’s also busy trying to settle in to her new role as owner of Sugarwood and figure out her unusual friendship with the county medical examiner. As Nicole closes in on being able to put the killer behind bars, will she manage to find the evidence she needs before the murderer puts her in a cage—or a body bag—instead? ALMOST SLEIGHED – BOOK 3 The truth always comes with a price… Former lawyer Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes has finally settled in to her new home in Fair Haven, and her first maple syrup season is upon them. It’s not going as smoothly as she’d hoped. Their sap lines keep springing leaks, and as if that wasn’t enough, Nicole finds their groom-mechanic, Noah, apparently trampled in one of the horse stalls. Fair Haven’s interim police chief is ready to declare it an accident, but Nicole believes otherwise. With Noah in a coma, she’s determined to figure out who wanted to kill him before the perpetrator can return and finish the job. But whoever attempted to kill Noah has other ideas and is willing to do whatever it takes to stop Nicole from discovering the truth—even destroy Sugarwood and the man Nicole loves. These books are "clean" reads and contain no swearing, gore, or steamy bedroom scenes. While the series is best enjoyed in order, each book is a complete mystery on its own.

Return to New York

Kristina Adams - 2018
    Fayth is about to finally get a taste of the independence she never knew she wanted.She'll live in New York with her celebrity boyfriend, study photography, and start to build a life away from what's left of her close-knit family.But is she ready for everything that involves?And when the ghosts of her past begin to haunt her, can she fight them, or will they finally win?

Legends of Dimmingwood Series: Books 4-6

C. Greenwood - 2015
    But when Ilan, Terrac, and the Fists in their command enter Skeltai territory through a magic portal, they find themselves in more danger than they bargained for. Their only hope of returning home alive may lie in sacrificing the thing Ilan values most -- her enchanted bow. * * * * *Book 5: Journey of Thieves -- Upon leaving Dimmingwood, Ilan thinks she has finally escaped the influence of her old enemy, the Praetor. But the secrets of her past catch up to her when she and her friends are trailed across the provinces by a mysterious assassin with a haunting connection to her childhood. * * * * *Book 6: Rule of Thieves -- Returning home, Ilan finds nothing is as she left it. After a year of peace, Skeltai raiders are once again threatening the province, even as the Dimmingwood thieves find themselves betrayed by the praetor. From within the castle in Selbius Ilan must guard against an unknown enemy plotting her assassination, while uncovering a mage's secret that could help her protect the province. When old friends turn against her, will a new alliance prove powerful enough to defend against the dark magic of the enemy? Or will the coming battle be Ilan's last? --- Books 1, 2, and 3 sold separately --

Songbird Cottage Beginnings

Sylvia Price - 2020
    Sam MacAuley and his wife Annalize are total opposites. When Sam wants to leave city life in Halifax to get a plot of land on Cape Breton Island, where he grew up, his wife wants nothing to do with his plans and opts to move herself and their three boys back to her home country of South Africa. As Sam settles into a new life on his own, his friend Lachlan encourages him to get back into the dating scene. Although he meets plenty of women, he longs to find the one with whom he wants to share the rest of his life. Will Sam ever meet “the one”?Get to know Sam and discover the origins of the Songbird Cottage. This is the prequel to the rest of the Pleasant Bay series.

When You Run with Wolves

Robb T. White - 2015
    But it all comes crashing down when his cheating wife leaves him and the brother he hasn’t seen in years shows up at his doorstep. The meeting between long-lost siblings is hardly a warm family reunion because, along with his ex-con brother, comes Randall Calderone, a hulking, psychopathic Aryan Brotherhood member with vicious skills honed in the Mexican cartel drug trade. The two ex-cellmates have a “favor” to ask Jack: they want him to help them rob the local bank by kidnapping the bank manager and holding her family hostage. Before Jack knows what to do, he’s in possession of almost a million dollars in stolen cash with a relentless FBI Agent hounding him, his brother’s psycho partner threatening mayhem (and his brother’s life) unless he hands over the cash, and an attractive girl playing him for the small-town loser he seems to be. Can Jack tap into the skills learned in a bizarre upbringing save his and his brother’s life? The hours are ticking down on Jack as he walks a tightrope with everyone watching his every move; will he survive or will the forces of darkness and justice closing in fast take him down like a house of cards under strobe lighting?

American Ghost Stories

S.K. Dines - 2012
    Subtle horror unexpected is many times more chilling and terrifying than horror that smacks you in the face.

See You in September

Joanne Teague - 2013
    Three kids. One trip of a lifetime. Meet Jo Teague, a woman fighting against the odds. See You in September is a hilarious and uplifting true life adventure across Europe. With visions of a second honeymoon snatched away by circumstance, the Teague family find themselves faced by riots and strikes, robbers on the beach, tantrums and taxi drivers, snakes and spiders, and other strange happenings. This book will resonate with every parent who’s ever travelled on holiday with their kids. Unlike most family trips this one is tinged with sadness. Just a few months before setting off Jo was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos – a rare and still incurable, life-threatening condition. The fun and adventure was tinged with a sense of fragility of happiness and, indeed of life itself. A great holiday read and a fantastic travel book full of the ups and downs of parenthood. Will appeal to fans of Karen Wheeler, Bill Bryson and Alec le Sueur. Now with an updated epilogue.

Bleed Through

Heather Atkinson - 2012
    Beth Moorhouse flatlines after a devastating car crash in the north of England. Simultaneously in Afghanistan Liam MacIntyre is almost killed when his army truck hits a landmine, the blast stopping his heart. Both are brought back after crossing over. Recovering from debilitating injuries, lost in fevers and delirium they experience vivid dreams that bleed through into their reality, making them yearn for a past lost to them. From the sixteenth century massacre of Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland through eighteenth century Venice and finally to Flanders in World War One they both dream of the lives they shared together, each one cut short by Beth’s young and violent death. In each incarnation Liam‘s death shortly follows her own when he finds himself unable to go on without her, but not before avenging himself on the one who took her life. Resolved to discover the meaning behind these dreams Beth visits a gifted psychic who reveals that her murderer in each dream is a dark entity who has latched onto Beth and her soulmate with the sole purpose of destroying their happiness. She must find her love in this life and break this fatal pattern if she is to avoid another brutal death. Liam and Beth set out, determined to find one another by retracing the steps of their shared pasts. But their reunion is like a flare, drawing the dark soul to them and the race against time itself begins to save Beth from her inevitable fate. Bleed Through is a tale of love enduring centuries, sweeping through some of the most memorable events in European history and is the age old battle between good and evil.

Hard Place

Douglas Stewart - 1981
    Inspired by the facts of a true crime, Hard Place is set against the background of the war in Afghanistan from where the drugs are coming. Ratso must place his career on the line by pursuing a high-risk strategy against the drug-baron who has used corruption to gain protection. He enters a political minefield involving Scotland Yard and the Ministry of Defence in London and the Pentagon and State Department in Washington DC. The trail leads to the USA and the Bahamas where Ratso is helped by Kirsty-Ann Webber, a svelte Florida detective. Ratso races against the clock from country to country towards a series of dramatic confrontations.

A Time of Peace

Beryl Matthews - 2004
     A TIME OF PEACE tells the story of Kate Freeman, daughter of the inimitable Rose Webster, as she goes to London in 1960 to follow her dream of becoming a photographer. But Kate has a long journey to take before she realises her dreams and a lot of growing up to do. For Kate, her family and friends, the era that was dubbed 'A time of peace' proves to be anything but, as they cope with tragedy, upheaval and the tears and laughter of family life ...

A Certain Threat

Roger Burnage - 2012
    Grahame in this work. Merriman is plunged headlong into the world of espionage and when Grahame is seriously wounded it falls to Merriman to carry on the investigation.Young James Merriman must keep all his wits about him to foil these plans especially when his adversary is revealed to be an exceptional French agent Henri Moreau who hopes that by helping the Irish to throw off the English yoke, France will be able to use Irish ports from which to attack England.

The Dark Road: The Beginning

R. Lawson Gamble - 2019
    Everything he has known from a middle class upbringing in Maryland has gone with it. He career begins now in Navajo Nation as liaison between the FBI and the Navajo Nation Police - and no one from the Academy is here to hold his hand!

Wanted: Another Round of Whiskey

S. Moose - 2017
    At first taste. I never thought Whiskey would become my addiction. We melted together as one. He was my world. I was his everything. Our love was consuming. Every time we touched, we ignited. One dream. One choice. Seven years later, I’m back home and the beautiful man standing before me still has the power to set my body on fire. The desire is overpowering. But the pain of the past keeps him away. When he leaves me standing in the middle of the bar, I sit on his stool and come up with some sort of plan. Anything that’ll bring back the piece of my heart I left behind. So, when the bartender asks what I’m having, I let him know.. Another round of Whiskey.