Diary of a Drowned Trilogy: Books 1-3 (3-Book Box Set): Diary of a Drowned Box Sets 1 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids)

Mark Mulle - 2020

Up Sticks: Book One:France

Tim Thomas - 2014
    Having spontaneously sold their house along with everything they owned they embarked on the road trip of a lifetime around Western Europe. Living in a camper van on a shoestring budget and accompanied by their two dogs, we follow them on the first leg of their epic journey through the beautiful French countryside on a simple quest for some warm Mediterranean sunshine. This is a light hearted and easy to read account of their often hilarious adventures.

Half Past Noon In Cuba: a Novel

Maximiliano Febles - 2015
    Febles has written a gripping tale that presents the tragic impact that the Castro Regime had on all aspects of life, for so many families – both then and now. Highly recommended!" The Columbia Review.

Travels of an Ordinary Man Australia

Paul Elliott - 2013
    Heading to Australia after selling everything that he owns, apart from the contents of his rucksack, the story follows Paul Elliott’s four month journey around the continent.It chronicles his adventures and the myriad of people that he encounters in a humourous and entertaining way. Not only does he begin to find a direction for his life, he also begins to find his true self in an ultimately uplifting adventure.

Top 20 Most Lovable Animals On The Planet: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Early Reading (Books For Kids Series)

Speedy Publishing - 2014
    There is nothing that kids love more than cute animals, so a picture book full of all of the most lovable animals on Earth is sure to be a big hit with children of all ages.

Silly Riddles for Silly Kids: Children's Riddle Book Ages 5-12

Silly Willy - 2015
     The illustrations provide a visual aid to all who may become quickly tired of simply reading line after line. Kids will be laughing and sharing silly riddles with everyone in no time! Great for early readers! Be warned, some of these riddles are really, really, really silly. So silly, in fact, it is hard not to laugh!

Riddles and Trick Questions For Kids and Family! (Riddles For Kids - Short Brain Teasers - Family Fun)

Puzzleland - 2016
    It’s perfect for families, parties or even youth group events! These brain teasers will challenge the wits of children of different age groups and we promise that adults will enjoy them as much as their kids will! A friendly warning for the parents to keep in mind; don’t be surprised if your kids outsmart you! With this book you will keep your kids and their friends busy and entertained for hours! >>>>100% kid appropriate material<<<< This book offers an experience that you and your family will absolutely enjoy: ★All riddles can be solved with logical thinking. There are NO silly jokes or stupid brain teasers in this book★ ★150 easy short riddles and trick questions (brain teasers), appropriate for children ages 7+ and young teens.★ ★Adults will enjoy the challenge as much as their kids will!★ ★Interactive format! Very easy to navigate between questions and answers, simply with a click!★ ★Read this book with your Kindle, PC, Laptop or Tablet. You can even do this with your smart phone! ★ ★Perfect to keep your kids and their friends entertained for hours!★ ★Ideal for family fun!★ ★Great for getting fun conversation started at the dinner table!★ ★Teach your kids lateral thinking and thinking “outside of the box”!★ ★100% kid appropriate content!★ How can you place a pencil on the floor of a room so that no one can jump over it? What 4-letter hour of the day is spelled the same forwards and backwards? You draw a line on a paper. Using your pencil, but without touching that line again, can you make the line longer? Where can you find an ocean with no water and towns without people? You have three sticks. Can you make four out of them without breaking any? How can you throw a ball 10 meters, and have it come back to you without hitting anything? What is higher without a head than with it and you can find it in your room? How do you fit nine pigs in eight boxes when each box only holds one? [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] GET THIS BOOK TODAY AND GET THE FUN STARTED! Tags: logic riddles, Riddles for Kids, Brain teasers for kids, Trick Questions, brainteasers for kids, riddles for children, riddles for kids, family fun, family activities, logic riddles,riddles for kids

Dream Cottage: Four Seasons in Devon by the Sea on the Southwest Coast of England: Part One – Christmas

Karen Wheeler - 2018
    But the author takes on more than she bargained for when she buys a dream cottage near Budleigh Salterton on East Devon's Jurassic Coast. The problems begin before she has even moved in. Wheeler is left reeling when Plum Tree Cottage reveals a very unwelcome surprise. She then receives the shocking news that her mother – from whom she has been estranged for most of her life – has been sectioned. Against her will she returns to her hometown in ‘The North’ and is drawn back into a malfunctioning mother-daughter relationship. Living the dream by the seaside rapidly descends into a living hell as each day brings a new onslaught of domestic and mother-related disasters, in this powerful, tragicomic tale of relocation – and a maternal relationship – gone wrong.

On Wet Foundations

Mary Cassells - 2011
    The amusingly told story of how and why a British couple escaped from noise, traffic and junk mail and built their home and their dream on water. An embarrassingly mouthy parrot, a cat that wants to walk on water and an antique toilet that swallows buttocks are just a few of the ingredients in what becomes a far from normal life.

Waterproof Travel Map Of Costa Rica

Ray Krueger Koplin - 2013
    Hundreds of improvements and updates for the new tenth anniversary edition from CostaRicaGuide.com and Toucan Maps.2 sided, 39 in. x 26.25 in. (4.875 in. x 9 in. folded)Roads are clearly differentiated by color and line width for classes from limited access divided highways down to 4WD seasonal tracks - improved and even easier to see the main route to your destination at a glance.Locations and easy to read indexes are included for cities and towns, National Parks and other natural areas, beaches, rivers, peaks, volcanoes, waterfalls and the best hotels, lodges, resorts, restaurants and activities.Exclusiveso The only street level map in print for the entire Central Valley from the International Airport to San Jose.o Detailed maps of Arenal Volcano/Fortuna, Alajuela, Escazu, Heredia, Manuel Antonio/Quepos, Monteverde/Santa Elena, Playa Jaco, Playa Tamarindo/Langosta, Puerto Jimenez & Tenorio/Celeste.o Proprietary symbols for distinctively Costa Rican attractions like zip-line and hanging bridge canopy tours, butterfly gardens, waterfall rappelling, rain forest horseback rides, SCUBA, deep sea fishing, golf, white water rafting, trails and many more. See at a glance what to do where.o Driving distance table and mini map for calculating trip distances and estimating drive times.o Printed on high tech synthetic "paper" it s lightweight, durable & totally waterproof - works great as an emergency umbrella!o A few dozen useful English to Spanish phrase and word translations are provided in an inset. You will appreciate having 'What is the best way to get there?' and 'Can you please show me on the map?' at your fingertips if you need to ask directions.

Turn Left at Istanbul: ESCAPING SHIRLEY - The ultimate, mad, sixties road trip

Richard Savin - 2019
    In the London office my new boss Victor tells me I shall be working in a regional office - and he wants me to drive there. I am to deliver Victor's shiny Jaguar: his pride and joy. The office is in Calcutta. This all sounds like fun to me. A month long holiday. How bad can that be I think and decide to invite my friend Douglas to come along for the ride. This will be a road trip to die for I tell him. Victor's P.A. Shirley is the all seeing eye. Nothing gets past here. I have to report in on my progress at key points on the route. Shirley is going to be watching me. 'If you so much as scratch it you're dead.' I laugh, what could possibly go wrong....? well just about everything. We were OK up till Trieste; then a goat got in the car - after that it was downhill all the way to Calcutta.

Diary of a Minecraft Kitten

Diary Wimpy - 2015
    What kind of mischief will he get into? Will he claim his birthright as King of the Ocelots and will he find what he is looking for? This diary book is a great read or gift for a Minecraft lover of any age!

French Dreams, Dogs and a Dodgy Motor: Discovering our little home in Haute Provence and all that came next.

Jane Smyth - 2020
    Hard work, study and a determination to fulfil a long-held dream eventually became a reality when a computer search led to the discovery and purchase of their much loved mountain property. Follow Jane and Rob on their journey through a mosaic of early memories, anecdotes, observations and funny stories. As they travelled back and forth from their home in the UK to the Alpes de Haute Provence, their journeys over the years have provided a rich source of material, from a weird encounter with strangers on a ferry to the trouble dogs can get you into. Jane brings to life these and other experiences, introduces residents and neighbours and peppers her tale with facts and vivid descriptions of the area, making you want to pack your bags and see it for yourself!

Reflections of Sunflowers (The Sunflowers Trilogy Series)

Ruth Silvestre - 2004
    In 1976 their dream of owning a peaceful summer retreat came true when they stumbled across this derelict farmhouse surrounded by fields and orchards, and saw what it could become. Over the years there has been the inevitable sadness, but also the joys of new grandchildren, anniversaries, village fetes, and splendid meals taken with their neighbours. And whilst the family has seen many changes in its time, the warm and welcoming atmosphere they first fell in love with has remained the same. Now they face their own personal tragedy, but through all their sorrows Bel-Air continues to be a place of hope and happiness, as well as extraordinary beauty.

Diary of a Minecraft Noob: Book 4 [An Unofficial Minecraft Book] (Minecraft Tales 65)

Crafty Nichole - 2016
    In this group he meets some weird characters, a crazy haired person and a talkative one. But things end up not going too well for our noob as usual. It's not easy being a noob and gullible at the same time. Find out what happens in the Diary of a Minecraft Noob 4! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Tags: minecraft stories, minecraft fanfiction, minecraft books, minecraft diaries, minecraft tales, minecraft short stories, minecraft short story, minecraft story, minecraft creepypasta, minecraft diary of a wimpy, game fanfiction, kids books, minecraft free, minecraft books for kids, minecraft games, minecraft xbox, minecraft tips, minecraft game, minecraft comics, minecraft story book, minecraft journal book, herobrine, villager. minecraftales, game fiction, game stories, game books, game story books, minecraft story mode, minecraft gift.