Book picks similar to
Finding Finlay by Ruby Moone


Bossman Undone

Sarah Zolton Arthur - 2017
    He called me his. I want none of it.EliseNow it's so much worse. I've been kidnapped by a sexy, bearded biker harboring a whole lot of dark secrets. I can't leave because I'm being stalked by a serial killer and the safest place is in Bossman's bed.BossElise is all I've ever wanted. She got away from me once, I won't let her go again. With the threat of a madman ever present, I can't keep her close and keep her protected.

High (The Reyes Cartel #1)

Ki Brightly - 2020
    His first call to action is to save his captive friend, Manny, from his own father. Rescuing Manny will not only start a full-blown war with Antonio Méndez, but it will put the Reyes family at risk.Thiago would do anything for Manny.Rescued But HurtManny Méndez-Beltrán, hidden by his father from potential enemies, was imprisoned for over four years in his bedroom. He lost hope that Thiago would rescue him, and when he finally does, Manny is furious. Thiago had abandoned him with his father for a long time, and the fear that the love of his life has found someone else weighs on his mind. The world has gone on without him, leaving Manny inexperienced and feeling out of place.No Path, Except Through the FlamesReunited, Thiago and Manny must learn to be with each other again. As their relationship grows to what it should have been years ago, the fallout rages on around them. Manny either must learn to fight at Thiago’s side or risk being seen as too weak to be the jefe’s future husband. If he can’t toughen up, someone will kill him, and the bullet might come from either side.


Michelle Frost - 2020
    Pax knows this all too well. He doesn’t want to need a hero, but the green-eyed biker that keeps rescuing him anyway has him sliding into dangerous territory—namely, Mace’s bed.Mace is the Sergeant-at-Arms of the St. Louis Iron Heretics MC—treading through volatile situations is all in a days work. At the end of the day, he knows better than to let his heart rule out over his head, but Pax is an anomaly he can’t shake loose.When a threat returns, taking aim at Pax and disrupting the balance they’ve reached, Mace has to recalibrate his sights, bringing what he truly wants into focus. Unfortunately for them, danger doesn’t always stay dead.Disrupt is the first book in the Iron Heretics MC series. It can be read as a stand-alone and features no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a HEA.


Ethan Stone - 2013
    Not the best job to be out. Gun shy from a past relationship, he wants to fall in love again but doesn't expect it to happen anytime soon. Working with Zane Davis turns Kash's life upside down. They go from colleagues to friends to being in a relationship but it's anything but perfect. While dealing with his relationship issues, Kash also becomes friends with an inmate named Cody Ivy. Becoming personally involved with prisoner is against the rules, but Kash believes in the young man's innocence and soon becomes personally involved in proving it. Even if it puts his own life in jeopardy. Uniformity, Book One . Second Edition.

Screwing The Mob

Kristen Luciani - 2018
    He never would. He was always on the take, but this time he took too much. I betrayed my family tonight. I lost my virginity tonight. I was ready to give up this whole life tonight. I loved him, and he treated me like I was no better than the dirt on the bottom of his shoe. One thought makes me smile through the hot tears streaming down my face. I could have him killed. NicoJust plain sex. I tried to convince myself that’s all it was. Except there was nothing plain about what we did that night. I lied to myself about how I feel, and I lied to her when I told her I wanted her to leave. Now I’m dodging calls from her crazy brother, who, if he found out I’d so much as seen her naked, would wrap his hands around my throat and squeeze until my eyeballs popped out of the sockets. And yeah, I’ve seen my best friend do just that for a hell of a lot less.


Clancy Nacht - 2014
    Fleeing his unfaithful boyfriend, Cass returns to Houston after years away only to be drawn into danger before he's out of the airport. When Paul dies under suspicious circumstances, Cass must rely on one of Paul's clients, Kilo, a mercenary willing to protect Cass in exchange for sex. Together they have a chance to bring justice to the corrupt heart of Texas's political power structure, but Kilo's mysterious past may tear him from Cass when he needs him most. Even if they outlive their untouchable adversaries, how does a polite academic find lasting love with a soldier of fortune? This book is republished.

Silver Bullets

Patricia Logan - 2012
    His boyfriend has dumped him, stolen all his money and his career as a super model has come to a screeching halt. Tyler Winston, macho Texas lawman, has lost the only love he’s ever had and the shocking memories of his long buried past have come back to haunt him. Set on a collision course, can these two broken men find common ground and begin to heal each other or will a ruthless killer part them forever?


Nyla K. - 2021
    And trust me, you’ll wish you were. We’re the stain on society. The freaks, the creeps, your favorite Netflix documentaries come to life. They lock us up and throw away the key, because we deserve it. But not me. I’m just a lowly bank robber. I don’t belong here, surrounded by psychopaths and killers with no remorse… At least, I don’t think I do.Getting by unscathed is my top priority. Unfortunately for me and my fellow prisoners, those in charge are more dangerous than we are. You see, the guards run the show, and I seem to have caught the attention of the most twisted one. He has a name, but it might as well be Officer. We move around one another like a sun and a moon, revolving in an axis of confused lust and torment until the truth is distorted, and the thing I once feared becomes that which I crave; my vile addiction, somehow so exquisite. Reality warps in the dungeon, and I’m left wondering which prison is worse… the one holding my body, or my mind. *DO NOT READ OR POST SPOILERS! I am begging you to think of your fellow readers, in your reviews, your posts… everywhere. Revealing plot twists is a dick move. And I promise, it’ll be fun to go in blind. **Distorted is the first book in the Alabaster Penitentiary series. It is a full M/M romance, with HEA. Each book in this series is technically a standalone, though they are interconnected, so it will be recommended to read in order, as references to this story will be made in future books. Distorted is intended for mature audiences and open-minded readers ONLY! If you prefer the same old story, this book won’t be for you. This story is dark, probably darker for some than others, so please proceed with caution, and if you’re easily triggered, steer clear. You’ve been warned.

Dual Destruction

Kate Hawthorne - 2021
    But distracted by memories of a hedonistic weekend he wishes he could forget, his next assignment brings him face to face with the one man he cannot--the mysterious and sadistic Sage Rosetti.Never a hero, and not quite the villain.Sage Rosetti is no stranger to the shady side of the world. Throughout his life, he’s searched out the deepest corners of the darkest places in the pursuit of his business and his pleasure. When a wink from a stranger leaves him bleeding out in an alley, Sage doesn’t know where to go. He ends up in last place he should be, the arms of the very man who wants him dead, Foster Golden.You’re mine to own, mine to end.Against his better judgement, Foster nurses Sage back to health, the two of them rekindling feelings better left buried in the past. Sage and Foster could be unstoppable, but after shots are fired and plans are put into motion, Sage becomes a man obsessed with a desire so powerful it threatens to destroy not just their future, but their lives.

Family Jewels

M.J. O'Shea - 2015
    His father was. His grandfather was. His mother is still one of the most renowned thieves. Corbin likes his high-profile heists, priceless paintings from private collections, artifacts from museums, but his favorite? Jewels. Sparkly, beautiful jewels. If they’re famous, better yet. Interpol agent Luke Eldridge has one goal and one goal only: to catch the Nightwatchman. Luke’s been after him for months, but getting the slip time and again is getting embarrassing. Luke has never even laid eyes on the bastard, but he’d happily strangle him. And then arrest him. When Luke meets Corbin, the man of his dreams, he falls hard and fast… only to catch Corbin red-handed with his hand in a jewelry case at the scene of the highest-profile murder that’s rocked the international world in years.

Mister Bodyguard

Ivy Oliver - 2018
     Stuck in the desert with a crazy stuntman, insane script, and cheap sets, I'm the star in the world's worst movie. On top of that, I have a sexy-as-sin bodyguard watching my every move, hired to protect me -and the production- from myself. He's always there, and I can't get him out of my head. Lucas Baxter, a six foot slab of stud with a rock hard bod, arrogant swagger, and take-no-prisoners attitude. Suddenly I'm up at the crack of dawn when I'm used to the crack of noon. His job is to keep me safe, but his role is to keep me in line... and I'm loving every minute of it. I can't think when he's around, not with his rippling muscles sweating in the desert heat. As soon as I laid eyes on him my long-suppressed attraction to men came roaring back. Forget the script, the only lines I want to learn are the cut shape of his muscular body, and the only thing I want to know is the haunting longing behind his eyes. One look from him and my mask slips, and I'm shaken to the core. I'm ready to take the plunge. I know if I run he'll catch me, and our game of cat and mouse will end with him taking me, heart and soul... but I might lose it all.

Better Red

Tara Lain - 2020
    One problem. Red’s gorgeous. Amazing looking. Totally unique. And no one who sees him – especially his grandmother, who’s his biggest promoter -- believes he won’t end up on the cover of a magazine. Gran’s dreams come true when famous New York agency owner, Brock Wolfe, shows up in Ever After and sets his sights on Red.Red doesn’t want to leave Mark, but Gran has given everything to raise him, and the money he could make would give her a happy, easy life. Then, the news gets worse – Gran could lose her house -- so Red breaks down and goes to New York where the Wolfe shows just how bad he can be. Faced with a fate worse than death, Red needs a hero or needs to be one. Is there any chance to live happily in Ever After?

Bye Baby

Louise Collins - 2020
    He needs one more hit, one more chance to prove himself, to reclaim some dignity.Enter Elliot Austin, the blue-eyed, blond.An easy kill, or he should’ve been.Donnie botches the hit and wakes up tied to a chair with a knife pressed to his jugular. He waits for Elliot to finish him off, but his young mark does something unexpected.He kisses Donnie, then speaks over his shoulder as he leaves.“Bye Baby.”Humiliated, Donnie vows to end Elliot, but killing him is anything but easy.He’s gifted at getting away, and is always one step ahead.He teases, and humiliates, and drives Donnie crazy.It’s an addicting game of cat and mouse that forces Donnie to climb out of the gutter, and get himself into shape.Donnie wants Elliot dead, but he might just want him alive that little bit more...

Kate Unmasked

Cindy M. Hogan - 2015
    After years of every lead drying up and every hope turning false, Kate finally lucks onto a promising lead.Determined to find the truth once and for all, Kate travels to the gritty New Jersey shore. But what she finds is worse than she ever could have imagined. She can't hide from who she is, and now she must face the awful consequences of finding the very people she should have been hiding from.Some secrets should stay dead and buried.

Rush: An X and Dima Novella

Avril Ashton - 2019
    It is strongly advised that you read that first, before starting RUSH. It’s been almost six years since Dima Zhirkov first fell in love with Xavier Storm. Now married, the couple has found a tentative balance between their relationship and Dima’s role as the head of Brooklyn’s underworld… Or at least, they thought they had. A threat from an unknown enemy proves just how vulnerable they are. And shows Dima exactly how much he stands to lose. Warning: Includes strong BDSM elements. Oh, and Butch.