Heaven Is a Breath Away: An Unexpected Journey to Heaven and Back: An Unexpected Journey to Heaven and Back

Valerie Paters - 2014
    Once extracted from the mangled metal, and suffering from massive injuries, Valerie was hospitalized and placed on life support while doctors waited to harvest her organs. But Valerie was more alive than she had ever been. As she stood in the radiant presence of Jesus, He wrapped her into Himself, assuring her of His love and of the promise that heaven is only a breath away. Heaven Is a Breath Away is a thrilling firsthand account of the home that awaits Christians when they draw their last breath here on earth. With open arms, Christ welcomes to heaven those who belong to Him. Rarely has this vision been told in such exquisite detail. It will undoubtedly comfort those who have lost loved ones or are near death themselves. Heaven Is a Breath Away gives hope and encourages faith by sharing the heaven Jesus promised-a real place, magnificent in scope and beauty, permeated with iridescence, and alive with divine energy and love.

God Still Speaks: Are We Listening?

A.W. Tozer - 2014
    W. Tozer was a man who knew the voice of God. He shared this experience with every true child of God. With all those who are called by the grace of God to share in the mystical union that is possible with Him through His Son Jesus. Tozer fought against much dryness and formality in his day. Considered a mighty man of God by most Evangelicals today, he was unconventional in his approach to spirituality and had no qualms about consulting everyone from Catholic Saints to German Protestant mystics for inspiration on how to experience God more fully. Here are two writings by Tozer that touch on the heart of this goal. Revelation is Not Enough and The Speaking Voice. Also included is a bonus chapter The Menace of the Religious Movie. This is meat to sink your spiritual teeth into. Tozer's writings will show you the way to satisfy your spiritual hunger.

Buddhism: Buddhism for Beginners: The Complete Introduction to Buddhism: Meditation Techniques, Acceptance, & Spiritual Practice (Buddhist, Meditation, ... Mindfulness, Zen, Inner Peace, Dalai Lama)

Brit W. Anders - 2015
     ★☆BONUS MATERIAL AVAILABLE INSIDE★☆ Looking to Increase Your Quality of Life? Want to Gain Resilience to Life Circumstance? Want to Bring More Joy into the World? Interested In Buddhism? Want to Understand it In Simple Terms? Look no further, "Buddhism for Beginners", is Your Guide. The purpose of this guide is to inform you of exactly what you need to know to get started living a life of inner peace & happiness with Buddhism. Inside the book, I cover the life of Buddha. You'll find out what Buddha's exact teachings were; in this way you can understand the origin of Buddhism. You'll learn about the Eightfold Path. I'll take you through the various schools of Buddhism. I'll get you started with understanding meditation and the primary types of meditation. As a Buddhist myself; I provide you with a variety of reliable resources, and much more... "Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional" - Haruki Murakami Lets get Started...Secure Your Copy Today..By Scrolling to The Top & Selecting Buy Now w/ 1 Click

Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar

NOT A BOOK - 2013
    Honor your personal connection to the Earth and the gods and goddesses with magical spells, correspondences, planting and harvesting dates, invocations, and an abundance of folkloric wisdom.Original art by Kathleen Edwards and enchanting essays, spells, and rituals by your favorite authors capture the essence of each month of the year. Additionally, the calendar features a lunar gardening table, a wealth of resources for syncing life choices with moon signs, and correspondence tables for working magic with favorable outcomes.

Fast Like Daniel: 21 Days That Will Change Your Life

Scott Williams - 2017
    This devotional is your definitive guide to… • Unpacking the Daniel Fast • A Closer Connection with God • The Four Keys to Powerful Prayer • How Fasting and Prayer Produces Breakthrough The book you’re holding walks you through Pastor Scott Williams’ own discovery of the Daniel Fast and the amazing life change, breakthrough, and success that followed. Since then, he’s done it on an annual basis for over a decade and has taught others to do the same. The results have been staggering! All 21 days come power packed daily dose of... • Scripture • Devotionals • Journal Ideas • Prayers • Fasting Tips Start a journey toward more intimacy with God as you learn to Fast Like Daniel.

Passion & Purpose: Believing the Church Can Still Change the World

Jimmy Seibert - 2014
    Now, in the book PASSION & PURPOSE: Believing the Church Can Still Change the World (Clear Day Publishing), Jimmy Seibert, Senior Pastor of Antioch Community Church and Founder & President of Antioch Ministries International, tells the firsthand account of a church that is cultivating a global impact. With an intentional focus on intimacy with Jesus, discipleship, church planting and evangelism, Antioch Ministries International has become one of the fastest growing evangelical movements in the country as well as a common case study among students of church planting and mission work. Based out of the Antioch Community Church of Waco, TX, the Antioch Ministries International movement is spearheaded by Seibert. After deciding to follow Jesus at any cost, Seibert started Antioch Community Church in one of poorest, most crime-ridden and drug-infested part of Waco. Along with a small group of likeminded believers, Seibert embarked on a journey to simply say "yes" to the next thing God was doing. The result has been an astounding adventure of walking with the Holy Spirit, building intimate community, and living with radical intentionality. "God has called us to be a people who passionately pursue Him with all our hearts and are deeply committed to His purposes. Nothing more. Nothing less. Now after 26 years, we feel like we can tell our story with integrity," explains Seibert, when asked about the timing of this book about Antioch and his personal journey. Seibert speaks with humility. A leader who has purposefully avoided the spotlight, Seibert prefers the role of teacher who seeks to encourage and motivate the church. "We have a heart for the body of Christ to believe in the church again, and to know that Jesus is enough." The once small gathering has turned into a network of 78 churches around the world in 24 nations, with 30 churches in the United Stated alone. At the original Waco, Texas home base, more than 3,000 people now attend regularly, with 170 Lifegroups meeting in members' homes across the city. Since its infancy, the church has focused on growing in relational and spiritual depth at home, and sending the message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The movement has inspired hundreds of Antioch members to leave their lives of comfort to proclaim the Gospel around the world, often in remote and even hostile environments. Currently, Antioch has more than 200 long-term missionaries who are active around the globe. In 2001, two of Antioch's missionaries who were in Afghanistan, Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry, were arrested and held prisoner by the Taliban. The captivity-and the missionaries' miraculous rescue-became a major international news story after the 9/11 attacks, bringing Antioch's evangelical intentionality into the international conversation. PASSION & PURPOSE: Believing the Church Can Still Change the World chronicles the movement's humble beginnings, shares testimonies of powerful encounters with God along the way, and inspires with its rock-solid belief that the local church is God's "Plan A" for reaching the corners of the earth with the good news of Jesus Christ. The book explains Antioch's vision to be a people with "a passion for Jesus and His purposes in the earth." Early responses to PASSION & PURPOSE have begun pouring in. The book foreword is written by Max Lucado who has been acquainted with Seibert and the vision for Antioch Community Church for many years., In the foreword, Lucado states, "To visit Antioch Community Church is to visit the book of Acts; To hear their passion is to hear the heart of God; To listen to their stories of global impact makes you realize...it can happen today!"

100 Bible Facts About Jesus: The Exciting way to Learn

Dr. Baum - 2019
    Goodreads reviews for 100 Bible Facts About Jesus Reviews from Goodreads.com

Afterlife Adventures: Life After Death Stories | What Happens when We Die | Is there Proof?

William Fergus Martin - 2017
    Afterlife Adventures lets you compare different people's experiences from the Afterlife. Is there life after death? Is there proof? What is it like to die? What really happens in Heaven? In this book you can compare different people's accounts of what it was like for them to 'die', what happened to them next, and what happened after that... The Afterlife stories include people who passed over from a heart attack, from an accident, from a long illness, in a battle zone and so on.Afterlife Adventures includes a whole chapter, When a Child 'Dies', dedicated to the heart-rending issue of what happens when a child passes over. This includes poignant messages from children who have been able to come back and tell their parents about their experience. You will discover why parents of children who 'die' before they were born are in for a big surprise when they pass over (hint: life starts at conception and the child continues to mature in the Afterlife).Get tips on being prepared for the move over there in the chapter: How to Have a Good Afterlife. Get to know about the 'nitty gritty' of the practical realities of the Afterlife. Understand why some people find it hard at first to believe that they have actually 'died' - as passing over was so easy. One man was so busy chatting away to his gardener that he did not even notice that he had 'died' till he saw that the gardener was panicking about something. He looked down and was bemused to see his own body lying on the ground. He started to wonder, "Am I dead?" and then saw his long-missed mother there to welcome him with open arms.Be reassured as to why the average person has a far better experience in the Afterlife than on Earth. Learn how the religious idea of a 'Judgment Day' is really a metaphor for the Law of Attraction as it works out in the Afterlife realms. You will also discover why there is no such thing as 'eternal punishment' and that the path of progress and evolution is open to everyone.Explore ideas about what people actually 'do' in the Afterlife and why you don't have to float around on a cloud and get bored. We also look at big questions such as how Afterlifers (people in the Afterlife) experience God, the role of important religious figures in the Afterlife and issues such as what causes some people to become Earth Bound and how to help them.The chapter on Reincarnation and Rebirth offers thought-provoking ideas that give a very different slant on this fascinating topic. We explore how connecting with a Group Soul allows us to fully experience an 'incarnation' without having to actually incarnate.Afterlife Adventures only asks you to have an open mind and explore what people have to say about their own passing over. Why not replace superstition with facts; replace ignorance with practical information; replace grief with hope and comfort; and replace fear and dread with love and wonder? You can get your copy now and be reading it within minutes.

Manifest As You Read: Through Instant Manifestation Protocols

Richard Dotts - 2021

The Twelve Powers

Charles Fillmore - 1999
    All books in the Unity Classic Library series feature hardcover binding with gold engraving, colorful endpapers, library nameplate page, author photograph, and biography. The series makes a beautiful display on a library shelf, and each book is a respected addition to any metaphysical collection.This book offers two Unity favorites in one volume: Charles Fillmore's The Twelve Powers of Man is a metaphysical look at twelve expressions of the divine inherent in each of us. Expressions such as love, faith, strength, zeal, imagination, and others are discussed. In Christ Enthroned in Man, Cora Fillmore helps the reader put the twelve powers to practical use by outlining exercises to develop faith and willpower, recognize and use intuition, and let go of unwanted conditions in the body and in life situations.

Live Before You Die: Wake Up to God's Will for Your Life

Daniel Kolenda - 2012
    Here at last is a straightforward approach to being able to recognize God's will in your life, to know with more certainty the good things He has for you, what he wants you to do and how you can live your life with more purpose, joy, significance and blessing.Daniel Kolenda has been actively serving the Lord since he was a teen. God has given him keen insights through Scripture and his own experiences that will help you discover and follow God's will. You'll discover practical truths that will enable you hear His voice with more clarity and be able to make important decisions with more confidence and assurance. Start living in a way that lines up with God's favor. He WANTS TO BLESS YOU! With advice that is both practical and inspiring Daniel reveals:- Five secrets to discovering God's will - How to start moving in the right direction - What to do when God says wait - How to stay in the will of GodHe also answers the following questions:- How do I recognize God's will? - What if God calls me to do something I don't want to do? - What if I've already missed the will of God? - If I encounter resistance, does that mean I'm out of God's will? - How do I get from where I am now to where God wants me to be? - What should I do now while seeking God's will? - What if I've been waiting for a long time? - How do I stay in the will of God?Whether your journey takes you to the mission field or medical school...whether you become a construction worker, stay-at-home mom, businessman, teacher, chef, or pastor...YOU can experience the wonder of God's will for your life and live His adventure for you. It's time to go for it!

The Way of Blessing: Stepping into the Mission and Presence of God

Roy Godwin - 2016
    Within that small, praying community known as Ffald-y-Brenin, the deaf hear, the blind see, and the broken receive healing. Roy Godwin reveals how God has given believers the authority to bless others. As the executive director of the Wales retreat center, he shares how this ministry began, stories of miraculous healings, and ways you can usher God’s presence into your community. It begins when we stop chasing blessings and become God’s conduit for blessing others.

How to Find, Follow, Fulfill God's Will

Andrew Wommack - 2013
    First of all, you have to find the unique purpose that He created you for. In his new book, Andrew Wommack teaches you how to do just that. Once you find the will of God for your life, then you will have the assurance and joy that comes from knowing exactly where God wants you to be. As you follow the will of God for your life, it allows you to set goals and purposely seek after what God has created you to do. Andrew teaches you that the number one way that we learn to follow God's will is to simply put God first. When you put Him first then the desire of your heart changes to match up with His. Lastly, Andrew teaches how to fulfill the will of God in your life. It's one thing to find God's will and start moving in the right direction, but it's something else to stay at it over the long haul. Anybody can start, but it's the people who finish that really make a difference. Finishing is more important than starting, and it is only through faith and patience that you inherit God's promises.

An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages

William Marrion Branham - 1965
    What happened to the Christian church over the 2000 years since the Day Of Pentecost? Why are there so many denominations? How did it happen? This book, written in easy to read literary style contains a detailed study of the Seven Church Ages.


Sylvia Browne - 2002
    In each case, the words were "infused" into her by her spirit guide Francine, and of course, by God. Granted, these words are a passive mode of prayer, yet the goal is to recharge your spiritual battery so that you'll be able to go out into the world and do God's work. "Over many years of public work, people have often asked me how to pray. My answer is simple, 'Just talk to God, and make your life a living prayer." "These prayers will lift your soul and let you magnify the Lord. They have done so for me and thousands of others. Many miracles have occurred by the power of prayer, and now I want to share these commanding words with you."