Book picks similar to
Darkstone by D. Jordan Redhawk



Erik Schubach - 2015
     Steph Ryder is a lycan shifter, but she is under-powered, what is known as a stringer. She can't shift into her full werewolf form, but can manage to take the form of a fox. Steph must find out who framed her best friend, Penny, for a theft at the high school that got her expelled just days before graduation. Can a clumsy, shy, fox shifter overcome her own fears and insecurities and save the day?

To Be Unbroken

Stein Willard - 2015
    But wealth and esteem came second only to the passionate, albeit illicit, love she felt for Princess Anima. Their secret liaison came to an abrupt end when Anima’s duty to her father and the Kingdom tore them apart; triggering an ancient curse. Heartbroken and cast in stone, Maxima was left yearning for her paramour. Finding Anima’s soul was the only way to break the curse and reclaim her lover. Rich and beautiful, Sara Laramie grew up as one of the most sought after socialites in Boston’s elite circles. A failed relationship caused her to retreat from the social scene and instead focus all her attention on starting a private gallery. Finally, with a purpose in life, she thought she had enough to keep her busy. That was until she received an unexpected request to showcase the statue of a formidable ancient Greek female warrior in her gallery. The arrival of the statue coincided with the appearance of a gorgeous flint-eye stranger who with a single kiss spun Sara’s life out of control.

You Can Go Home

Mia Archer - 2020
    She swore she'd never return when she left the place in her rear-view mirror a decade back. Then a public offering left her wealthy and without a purpose in life. So she returned to the only other home she'd ever known in search of a new purpose in life. What she found was Christine. Christine had built a good life in that town Laura never wanted to come back to. She did good business selling overpriced renovations to rich people with more money than time, and she was content with the quiet life she’d built for herself in the small town. Until she drove past Laura’s house one morning and saw that the big city had come to pay a visit, bringing back painful memories she’d thought dead and buried a decade back. To say Laura and Christine have a complicated past would be an understatement, but it’s a past they’ll have to untangle as sparks fly between them all over again!

Strollers and Swings

Erica Lee - 2020
    She expected there would always be ups and downs, but what she didn't expect was for marriage to be THIS hard.In this heart-wrenching sequel to the best selling lesbian romance, Sunsets and Shades, Kinsley and Grace Harper-Scott are met with a whole new set of challenges as they embark on the journey to parenthood. Grace can't figure out why Kinsley won't take the process seriously, while Kinsley wonders if her wife will ever be happy again.Life isn't easy as attempt after attempt fails, but their love can survive anything, right?

The Hired Hand

Delilah Devlin - 2015
    A Dominant cowgirl proves to her sexy femme employer that she's not missing a thing... Note: This original 5100-word short story may be short in length, but it's not short in passion!

The Bridge ~ Inner City: Gargoyles

Victoria Cobretti - 2015
    O’Flanagan’s has become the hub of fae activity in the area under the watchful eye of Troll Evangeline Kane. But other sentinels of the city also frequent the bar, including Gargoyle Kalila Storm. When a string of robberies threatens mortals and fae alike, Kalila and her partner, Declan, must track down those responsible. But just when they think they’ve uncovered the truth, they find that the web of deceit stretches even further than they could ever have imagined. And as if that wasn’t enough, Kalila is at war with herself over her inexplicable new attraction to a mortal woman. This book is set in the same universe as The Bridge series by Erik Schubach.

Big, Bad Wolf

Bridget Essex - 2014
    She’s lonely, but she’s content, more or less—that is, when she isn’t being haunted by wolves. She sees their hulking shadows in blizzards, and their shapes stalk her dreams. Even worse, it’s a family affliction: her beloved grandmother, whose sanity seems to be slowly slipping away, raves about seeing phantom wolves, too. When a twist of fate brings the beautiful, enigmatic, hungry-eyed Kara into Megan’s life, Megan’s wolf sightings intensify, even as her attraction to Kara grows. Soon, despite the wintry weather, love begins to warm Megan’s heart. But sharp-toothed danger lurks everywhere. One dark, snowy night at her grandmother’s isolated cabin in the mountains, Megan will have to confront the wolves—and the truth about her family, Kara, and herself—face to face.

Away From the Dawn

Kate Sweeney - 2007
    Her quest - to find a way to live among the mortals. The search seemed futile, until she meets the brilliant, Dr. Alex Taylor. Sebastian reluctantly joins forces with this woman, this mortal who could be her savior. Sebastian's quest now causes an upheaval in the hierarchy, and the vampire community is in jeopardy for the first time in over a thousand years. Ancient ways are challenged, and the battle for supremacy among the hierarchy begins. Enter Leigh, Sebastian's lover and companion through the centuries. Will she be Sebastian's comrade or nemesis? Will Leigh aide Sebastian in her quest, or hold Sebastian away from the dawn.

Lady Pilot

Nicolette Dane - 2019
    Captain Elaine Cole is an accomplished and popular commercial airline pilot. She’s spent her entire career bouncing from one airport to the next, and one lover to the next as well. Being a pilot has made it hard for Lanie to settle down and find love, and now that she’s in her forties it’s really starting to wear on her. When Carrie Haden is assigned as a flight attendant on her route, Lanie feels herself falling for the beautiful younger woman. But Carrie is different than the flight attendants Lanie has been with in the past. There’s something else there—a brighter spark, a deeper affection—and Lanie can’t help but feel that this is her opportunity to finally find the love she seeks. Building trust and committing to a relationship is difficult for a pilot like Lanie. Could Carrie be the one who finally inspires Lanie to change her ways?

The Clinic

Cate Culpepper - 2001
    That her new duties include monitoring the health of tortured political prisoners shouldn't faze Brenna -- such humanistic concerns have long been dismissed by an oppressive City Government. But Brenna finds herself deeply conflicted by her first patient, Jesstin, a wild and rebellious warrior reputed to be descended from ancient Amazons. As Caster's interrogations grow increasingly more brutal, Brenna fears for Jess's survival and struggles with her own deepening bond with her patient. Through Jess, she learns of another way of life in the Amazon village of Tristaine, where freedom and passion are prized more highly than political power. Before long, Brenna's heart leads her into a fight for her life.

Psyche Moon

Chrissie Buhr - 2013
    She swore long ago she would never again use her abilities to control or exploit another being. She doesn’t know why she has power over the mind, but those who discover her abilities flee from her. People fear what they don’t understand, so she hides her powers.Billie can hear a conversation two blocks away and smell the neighbor's gardenias on your shoes. She notices everything in her surroundings and has physical strength and speed far surpassing any human’s. Beta of the local Wolf Pack and the second most powerful Wolf in the Pacific Northwest, she approaches life with confidence and pride.Upon meeting, they discover a passionate and unusual connection between them that defies explanation. As their relationship quickly develops, they discover neither is an ordinary woman. Still they conceal those deeper truths about themselves, hiding their full nature from each other. Sadie lies for fear of rejection. Billie conceals the truth to keep a promise. In the dead of night, in fear for their lives, they must expose their secrets or die.What could be more disturbing than discovering your girlfriend is a werewolf? Finding out you're even more fearsome ... and her Pack's sworn enemy. “Mages cannot be trusted.”

Playing With Fuego

K.G. MacGregor - 2012
    Three years later, the girl and her dreams long gone, Daphne is eking out a living as a coordinator for a nonprofit home builder. Heaven help the next woman who dangles empty promises.Maribel Tirado León’s “anger issues” have earned her community service on Daphne’s jobsite, and their mutual misery makes them unlikely friends. Daphne can’t help her fascination with the exotic Mari, who moves in the powerful circles of the white-hot Latin side of Miami.Yachts on Biscayne Bay, glitzy clubs in South Beach…Mari’s access to money seems endless. But just when answers might save her wary heart questions are the last thing on Daphne’s mind.


Kim Pritekel - 2006
    She lives well and is happy with her partner, Rebecca. All of that changes with a simple phone call from her brother. Beth Sayers was Emily's best friend from the time they were children until the day Beth left Emily stunned, confused, and alone in a college dorm room ten years later. Emily must delve back into her past and into a friendship that had fallen apart, taking her love and trust with it.

Comfortable Distance

Kenna White - 2009
    Used to working out her problems in her work, the successful syndicated cartoonist plans a solo summer vacation on a houseboat, hopeful that the separation will resolve her doubts about her future with Shannon. But Shannon's frequent calls demanding some resolution only heighten her turmoil. Marine biologist Dr. Jamie Hughes sees Puget Sound in ways few other people do. The hours she spends diving its depths and running her laboratory absorb all of her focus and time. When Jamie meets the obviously distressed Dana at a friend's, she offers her scientific detachment to help Dana sort through her problems. Worrying about Dana's present is easier than examining her own past. It seems like an ideal way to help Dana sort out her future, but as the summer heats up, the distance between Dana and Jamie is anything but comfortable. Kenna White (Romancing the Zone, Braggin' Rights) explores unexpected passion, unexplored possibilities and unforeseen complications in this novel of summer on Puget Sound.

Half to Death

Robin Alexander - 2011
    It wasn't until then she realized that she'd only lived half a life in more ways than one. She now accepts that to truly live life to its fullest she must bring down the walls she had built to protect herself. Sloan is ready to let go and love, but finds herself behind a new wall not of her own making. Corrine Verner (Jade) has also lived her life behind an emotional fortress, but as she gets to know Sloan Hawkins, Jade begins to hope that she might be different from the others. In her wildest dreams she never could have imagined just how different...