Mr Make Believe

Beezy Marsh - 2017
     Hard-hitting newspaper journalist turned stay-at-home mum and part-time failing food columnist, Marnie is wondering when her life went so wrong. While her husband Matt’s career takes off, she’s left with the impossible task of pairing socks and locating Lego. His late nights at the office are turning into late nights who knows where else and they haven’t had a proper conversation in weeks, sex in months, or a full night’s sleep in years. On the brink of losing everything when a fantasy about movie star Maddox Wolfe leads to a missed deadline and a disastrous case of food poisoning, Marnie becomes Mrs Make Believe: anonymous blogger, secret spiller, and voice of imperfect mums everywhere. However, Marnie Martin could never have imagined that her movie star daydream would walk off the screen and into her reality, turning her already muddled world totally on its head. Will Marnie find happiness in the arms of the (literal) man of her dreams? Or will she find that true love is just make believe?

While You Were Dreaming

Lola Jaye - 2009
    She needs to pull herself together and get a job but is constantly distracted by the string of men in her life...Cara runs a successful bar with her adoring boyfriend Ade.He can′t wait to start a family but Cara isn′t ready. Will she ever be?But when Lena is involved in an accident her sisters forget their own issues and rush to her side.As they desperately try to wake Lena from her deep sleep, they begin to learn things they never knew about themselves and discover their much-loved sister had a few secrets in her closet...A funny and heartwarming tale about family, love and living for the moment.

The Secret Billionaire's Nanny

Kate Hunt - 2019
    But the hardest part of this job is keeping my eyes off him. I never thought I would take a job as a nanny. And I never, ever thought I would find myself aching for my employer. But when Lucas hires me, that’s exactly what happens. He’s a hot single dad who works hard and loves even harder. And when the opportunity arises, we can’t resist. Problem is, our relationship sets off alarm bells with the locals. And Lucas is hiding something from me that he refuses to open up about. I want so badly to keep seeing him. And I love looking after his sweet daughter. But we have to end this…unless one of us can figure something out. THE SECRET BILLIONAIRE’S NANNY is a fun, quick romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!

More From Life

S.J. Crabb - 2018
    Me - I live in denial.Somehow, I've got to the stage in life where my teenagers obviously hate me, my mother abandons me for exciting adventures and my ex-husband is getting re-married.I am left gazing lustfully at just about any fit guy in an HRT induced belief that they would be attracted to me.Is this really what I've become?Have I reached the point in life where I should give up and accept my fate?The trouble is, I always wanted more from life and now it appears to be on fast-forward.So, it's decision time. Do I just accept my lot with resignation and gratitude? Or do I take control and embrace the unknown?What would you do?Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Follow Amanda's path to re-discover the girl she once was before the woman she became took over.

Love is an Art: A Hilarious, Clean Romantic Comedy

Summer Dowell - 2019
    Spilling paint all over a stranger’s car was not part of her plans that morning. Luckily, things begin looking up when her best friend drags her to an art class taught by the unmistakably gorgeous Travis Hunter. Travis is your average, easygoing art teacher. His day is off to a bumpy start when he finds his parked car covered in grey paint. However, when a stunning brunette walks into his class later that afternoon, things don’t seem so bad. A hilarious love/hate situation forms as Erin and Travis unknowingly battle over the paint accident while simultaneously pursuing their budding relationship.

The Reluctant Landlady

Bernadette Strachan - 2004
    Except it comes with a proviso: she may not evict the existing tenants under any circumstances. There's Bernard, a recluse, who doesn't know how to boil an egg; unforthcoming single-mum Caroline; and the mysterious A P Warne of whom there is no sight. And try as she might to focus on reviving her acting career and her love life (without falling for the charms of her leading man), Evie simply can't resist getting involved in the lives of her new family...

A Breath of Fresh Air

Erica James - 1996
    It means moving into Ivy Cottage, pretty if overgrown, and suffering the attentions of her interfering sister Hilary. Most of all, it means Alex, Ivy Cottage’s drop-dead gorgeous tenant.

Hilarious, Heartwarming Heroines: Four Novels: Can You Keep a Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me?, Twenties Girl

Sophie Kinsella - 2013
    In these four stand-alone novels, Kinsella’s charming heroines juggle work life, love life—and sometimes, even the afterlife—to heartwarming and hilarious effect. This must-have eBook bundle includes:CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET?“Move over, Bridget [Jones]! . . . Kinsella’s witty take on mundane office and family life will really make you laugh out loud.”—Evening Chronicle (UK)Emma Corrigan has a huge heart, an irrepressible spirit, and a few little secrets. Secrets from her boyfriend, secrets from her mother . . . secrets she wouldn’t share with anyone in the world. Until she spills them all to a handsome stranger on a plane, who, she later discovers, just so happens to be Jack Harper, her company’s elusive CEO—a man who now knows every humiliating detail about her.THE UNDOMESTIC GODDESS“Another charming winner from the delightful Kinsella.”—BooklistSamantha Sweeting, a workaholic attorney at a London law firm, has just made a huge, unthinkable mistake, wrecking her chance of becoming partner. Going into utter meltdown, she walks out of her office, boards a train, and ends up in the middle of nowhere. Asking for directions at a big, beautiful house, she’s mistaken for an interviewee and is offered a job as their housekeeper. And as she figures out how to turn on the oven and how to open the #@%# ironing board, she finds that this new life may be exactly what she is looking for.REMEMBER ME?“A delicious page-turner.”—USA TodayWhen twenty-eight-year-old Lexi Smart wakes up in a London hospital, she’s in for a big surprise. Having survived a car accident, Lexi has lost a big chunk of her memory—three years to be exact—and somehow she’s gone from being a twenty-five-year-old working girl to being a corporate big shot with a sleek loft, a personal assistant, and a gorgeous husband. Will she ever remember how this all came to be? And what will happen when she does?TWENTIES GIRL“Kinsella [is] a master of comic pacing and feminine wit.”—Publishers WeeklyLara Lington’s imagination seems to be in overdrive. Normal twenty-something young women don’t get visited by ghosts. Or do they? When the spirit of Lara’s great-aunt Sadie mysteriously appears, she has one request: Lara must find a missing necklace that was in Sadie’s possession for more than seventy-five years. And in their mission, these very different “twenties” girls learn some surprising truths from and about each other.BONUS: This eBook bundle also includes an excerpt from Sophie Kinsella's Wedding Night.

This Family Life

Jon Rance - 2014
    Perfect for fans of Mike Gayle, Matt Dunn and David Nicholls. SYNOPSIS Things that might happen during your first year of parenthood: 1. You’ll get covered in a ‘nuclear’ poo. 2. You’ll be convinced your son is talking with a Japanese accent. 3. You’ll worry that when your son waves, it looks like a Nazi salute. Of course, this might just be Harry Spencer. Taking up where 'This Thirtysomething Life' left off, Harry Spencer and is wife Emily are back and trying to survive their first year of parenthood. It has its ups and downs (and a few bits in the middle), but along the way they begin to understand the true meaning of family and what it takes to be a parent. Featuring a hilarious cast of extras including Harry’s father-in-law Derek, who has a unique problem with Scotch, Steve and Fiona, the parents from children’s entertainment hell, and a yoga instructor with a prominent camel-toe, 'This Family Life' is the ultimate comedy for anyone who is a parent, has a parent, or is thinking about becoming one.

Mom's Perfect Boyfriend

Crystal Hemmingway - 2019
    For 25 years, it wasn't a problem. But when one small mistake leaves Crystal jilted, homeless, and unemployed, she has to move back in with the person who caused it all: her mother.Soon Crystal is sucked into her mother's vortex, partying with boomers and hawking homemade marshmallows. Desperate for some independence, she hatches a foolproof plan: get an experimental android to play her mom's "perfect" boyfriend. It's only a matter of time before her mom finds out, and Crystal will never live down the hilarious and disastrous consequences.A story told through emails, texts, and journal entries, Mom's Perfect Boyfriend is a humorous yet deeply honest portrayal of the complicated friendship between mothers and daughters. Sometimes the people we want to rely upon the least are those who can help us the most. Find out why critics are calling it "hilarious...I couldn’t put it down" (Reader's Favorite) and "a modern must-read" (San Francisco Book Review). Scroll up to buy Mom's Perfect Boyfriend and read it first!

No Deadline for Love

Manasi Vaidya - 2011
    She is a perplexed botch, who never thinks before she talks. Megha realises that she fancies the creative course of action involved in making ad films, rather than her current job of creating marketing strategies for products. Her ornery boss is not electrified with the idea of brand managers turning into ad conceptualizing officers, though.Megha then meets the creative head of the company, Yudhistir Joshi. Yudi seems to bring out Megha’s atrocious side. Although he’s an exceptionally good looking man, Megha and Yudi publicly fight and argue. He hates her guts and she vice-versa. Yudi apprises her to quit from the creative team every single time, however, Megha, who’s finally in a blissful atmosphere, refuses to abandon her ecstatic ship. Little does she know that their friction will give way to sparks!Concurrently, ‘Vile’ Varun, Megha’s boss, puts her down in front of his bosses at every opportunity. He claims that she is inadequate for her profile.On the other hand, there is a crowd of eligible NRI bachelors on her list of problems, as Megha’s mother decides to put her up on the marriage market.No Deadline For Love is a first person narrative by the protagonist, Megha. The book reads almost like a journal entry, and is full of icy observations. The occasional hilarious quotes lighten up the reader’s mood, and the elementary pinch in the storyline, apart from her spontaneous description of the events, are the comical nicknames given to characters.

Billionaire Ever After: The Wulf and Rae Epilogues: Short Stories and Novellas (Billionaires in Disguise: Rae Book 2)

Blair Babylon - 2018
    . . ever . . . after.” Readers: “And then what happened?” Author: “But, at the end of Billionaires in Disguise: Rae, Wulf and Rae are engaged, and they’re going to be married the next morning, and if you notice, she’s pregnant. That’s the end of the story.” Readers: “And then what happened?” Author: “Well, okay, you can kind of see where their story goes in these other short stories and subplots in these other books, so if you just follow me—” Readers: “AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED?” Author: “Um, okay? Here it is all in one book? Are we good now?” Readers: “Better.” Finally, due to readers’ demand, here are all the epilogues, short stories, and interval scenes involving Wulf and Rae that come after Billionaires in Disguise: Rae. Consider it Wulf and Rae: Volume Two. While this is an anthology of short stories and novellas, it is as long as an average novel. The epilogues and stories, put together, are 55,000 words, which is about 340 pages in paperback. Happy reading! Includes: Introduction from the Author Epilogue I (short story) Epilogue II (short story) In Paris (Interval Scenes) (short story) Skiing in June (A Rae and Wulf Story) (novella) Kidnapped (A Rae and Wulf Story) (novella) Rae and Wulf: At the Hospital (Interval Scenes) (short story) Montreux (A Rae and Wulf Story) (novella) Keep Dreaming (short story)

The Best Is Yet To Come

Judith Gould - 2002
    But with success comes the envy of New York society lady Payton Fitzsimmons. When her husband dies and the cracks begin to show in Carolina's world, the one constant is loyal customer, Seth.

The Law of Attraction

Roxie Cooper - 2017
    "Well that depends on your definition of conventional and who wants to be average anyway?"Northern girl Amanda Bentley isn’t your average lawyer.She spent her teenage years in the Working Men’s club and hanging out in the park to avoid going home. Fresh out of law school she lands pupillage at a top set of Chambers and is catapulted into a world completely alien to her own, fighting prejudice and snobbery at every turn.Piling on the pressure, this year it is announced two candidates have been accepted but there’s only one job at the end of it. And her competition? Marty, her smarmy law school nemesis.Throw into the mix an ill-advised romance with the staggeringly sexy Sid Ryder and Amanda quickly realises winning pupillage isn’t just about how good a lawyer you are.But even if she does come out on top, all of it could be for nothing if her colleagues ever discover who she really is and one very dark secret.

The Real You

Elizabeth Myles - 2017
    Since moving away from her small hometown nearly a decade ago, she’s had to stay in touch with him online, where the pair has grown closer than ever sharing everything from their favorite sci-fi shows to cute photos of baby animals, to crises that have cropped up in each of their personal lives as they’ve grown up. Now Rourke is suddenly back in town, and while she’s thrilled to be reunited with the boy who has become her dearest friend, she realizes it won’t be easy seeing him in person again every day. Because over the years, Rourke has fallen deeply in love with Dallas…but Dallas isn’t the sort of guy who falls in love. As the high school’s resident drama heartthrob, Dallas is known for his passionate starring performances. Unfortunately his Romeo act isn’t only confined to the boards. Off-stage he’s so popular with the opposite sex that other guys come to him for advice on how to succeed with girls. Although Rourke knows there’s a lot more to him than the charismatic playboy everyone else sees, she still doubts Dallas could ever be satisfied with only one girl, especially not one as bookish and old-fashioned as herself. She knows the smart thing to do would be to get over Dallas and fall for someone more suitable, or else resign herself to only finding happily-ever-after within the pages of her favorite romance novels. But if it was hard enough for Rourke to keep from fixating on her charming pal when he was hundreds of miles away, now that she’s living right down the street from him again it seems downright impossible. Especially with Dallas sending her so many strangely mixed messages concerning his own feelings about her… MORE ABOUT THE BOOK: • The Real You is a complete novel of approximately 80,000 words. There is no cliff-hanger ending. • It is a light-hearted, contemporary YA romance written in third person, alternating between Rourke’s and Dallas’s points of view. ASSOCIATED TITLES • While The Real You may be enjoyed on its own as a stand-alone novel, it shares a setting with, and features some characters from, Elizabeth’s previous novels, Fear and Laundry and Fear and Laundry 2, also available now from Amazon.