Powerful Focus: A 7-Day Plan to Develop Mental Clarity and Build Strong Focus (Productivity Series Book 3)

Thibaut Meurisse - 2021

The Long Shadow

B.M. Bower - 2011
    You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Lessons from Armed America

Mark Walters - 2009
    Read it the way Kathy and Mark wrote it, that is, don't just look at it, but study it for its lessons! -Massad Ayoob Founder, Lethal Force Institute Author of "In the Gravest Extreme- These are serious words from Massad, the Master of self defense! Don't rely on others to protect yourself and your loved ones. "Lessons from Armed America" is the essential primer for self defense. Kathy and Mark are the experts that answer all your questions on stalking, real-life firefights, prevention and awareness, as well as carjacking and use of nonlethal force. They tell it like it is with candor and compassion, speaking through both experience and well-thought-out-research. If you're serious about protecting your family, this is the one book you MUST read!

Embracing Hope at Christmas

Catharine Dobbs - 2021
    The kindly Doctor Goodard proposes a unique way of life.When misfortune strikes again, however, young Sara has little choice but to accept the help of a woman no one has a kindly word for. In the home of Miss Thrip, Sara finds only misery, her mother confined to the hospital and hope in short supply.After Sara finds a companion in the likable Henry Fisher, she soon learns that life can still have its joys, particularly when the lighting of a Christmas tree grants her the wish of her dreams. It is not only Sara who finds hope at Christmas when other surprises unfold.Embracing Hope at Christmas and all Catharine Dobbs' novellas are wholesome Victorian Romances.

Bear Justice MC Complete Series: Bear Shifter Romance Series Box Set

Ruby Knoxx - 2021
    And they’re all yours…They’re the Bear Justice MC. They’re like paid vigilantes, on the hush-hush end of things, making sure that justice is served in this world. But underneath that leather jacket… underneath that rough exterior is something magnetic… They will draw you in, drive you insane, and make you want to do nothing but climb on their bikes and do very bad things…Sold to the BeastShe’s been bought by a monster. Her pack has sold her to science, but I will break her out of here. Let them try to stop me. I’ll tear their throats out. I’ll fight to the end. ‘Cause she belongs to me.Mated to the BeastI was never one for the innocent type. Until I met her. I’ll tear them to pieces for touching her. I’ll rip off their faces for looking at her. I don’t care about the consequences. Nobody touches my mate.Broken Out by the BeastShe’s a good girl. I’m a bad guy. It’s the worst of combinations. It can only end in disaster. Too bad it’s the only thing that can satisfy my Bear…Claimed by the BeastI kissed a biker, and I liked it. But it was also the stupidest idea I’ve ever had. I don’t need someone like him in my life. I hope he’s not going to kiss me again, because I don’t know that I can resist...Rescued by the BeastI knew I loved her the moment I met her. In my dreams, her deliciously curved body is aching for my touch. In reality, she’s gone, and there’s nothing I can do to get her back. Until we meet again…Kidnapped by the BeastIt’s been years since my hands were on her hips, but I’ve never forgotten. I don’t know what she wants. But I know what I want. I know I’m crossing lines, but it’s been so long. And I can’t stop…Tamed by the BeastI stopped by the roadside to be her knight on a bike. The effect of her almost knocked me off my feet.But she isn’t someone to claim, however much I want to. I’ve got to play this right to earn her…Secret Baby of the BeastShe had me hooked since I laid eyes on her. And now, here on her doorstep, I am smitten all over again. She tells me that she has a baby, that the baby has disappeared. And I’ll protect my family if it kills me…Rocked by the BeastI have a job to do, but I can’t help myself around her. Any sense I have goes straight out of the window. Her body sends too many thoughts through my head, none of them professional…Protected by the BeastI’ve hired him to help with a humongous problem. I’m not going to admit that I want to drink him in like ice tea. Not that I want to be animals in the wilderness with him. Because I never break the rules…WARNING: Intended for 18+ readers.

The Widow of Wakeford

Lynette Rees - 2021
    The fate of her beloved family home, Marshfield Manor, is tossed to the wind as she discovers upon his death that he has flittered all the family fortune away. She must now summon up the strength to hold everything together; after all, she has a young daughter and an aged aunt to care for. The only thing that is now legally hers is the little cottage in Wakeford where she and the Lord once conducted a passionate affair whilst his first wife lay sick on her death bed. As a consequence, some of the villagers have never forgiven her and nor have most of the staff at the manor house. Cassandra's appearance in Wakeford will have a far reaching effect on certain people living in the village as she encroaches on their lives, even those who despise her.Outcast and unwelcome in Wakeford, Cassandra fights for survival and before the chiming of Christmas bells, she realises she has a very important decision to make...

Projector for Sale

Steven Decker - 2021
    While searching for a job, her lifelong interest in cinema is sparked by an ad about a projector for sale, and something happens that mysteriously changes everything.Emily not only starts remembering her dreams, she finds herself transforming them into reality, and her life inexplicably begins to blossom. She travels around the world searching for answers, encountering people and experiencing life-changing events that she's dreamed about before, forming relationships that could last a lifetime.But new, powerful dreams compel her to abandon the path she'd hoped to follow, and Emily must now face a final, frightening question. Can she determine her own destiny or will it be written by processes she simply cannot control?

TOEFL iBT: The Official ETS Study Guide (McGraw-Hill's TOEFL iBT)

Educational Testing Service - 2005
    Edited by ETS, the people who make the test! Find out all about the new TOEFL Internet-based test; Get over 500 real TOEFL questiond and essay topics

Valkyrie: The North American Xb-70: The Usa's Ill-Fated Supersonic Heavy Bomber

Graham M. Simons - 2011
    . . [with] new information, photographs and first-hand accounts." --FlypastDuring the 1950s, plans were being drawn at North American Aviation in Southern California for an incredible Mach-3 strategic bomber. The concept was born as a result of General Curtis LeMay's desire for a heavy bomber with the weapon load and range of the subsonic B-52 and a top speed in excess of the supersonic medium bomber, the B-58 Hustler. However, in April 1961, Defense Secretary McNamara stopped the production go-ahead for the B-70 because of rapid cost escalation and the USSR's newfound ability to destroy aircraft at extremely high altitude using either missiles or the new Mig-25 fighter. Nevertheless, in 1963 plans for the production of three high-speed research aircraft were approved and construction proceeded. In September 1964 the first Valkyrie, now re-coded A/V-1, took to the air for the first time and in October went supersonic.This book is the most detailed description of the design, engineering and research that went into this astounding aircraft. It is full of unpublished details, photographs and firsthand accounts from those closely associated with the project. Although never put into full production, this giant six-engined aircraft became famous for its breakthrough technology, and the spectacular images captured on a fatal air-to-air photo shoot when an observing Starfighter collided with Valkyrie A/V-2 which crashed into the Mojave Desert."Well-illustrated with numerous diagrams and black and white photographs, the book provides an interesting insight into one of the so-called 'white elephant' projects of the 1960s." --Jets Monthly

China Clipper: The Secret Pre-War Story of Pan American's Flying Boats

Ronald Jackson - 2017
     China Clipper is filled with fact but reads like a spy novel. In the 1930s the political stability of the U.S. was collapsing. The U.S. was dangerously vulnerable. Through a popular policy of isolationism and international treaty the U.S. had only the most rudimentary and feeble defenses for an inevitable war with Japan. Japan, on the other hand, was ruthlessly storming through Manchuria, Korea and China slaughtering millions. The U.S. was stymied but Pan American Airways' proposed commercial seaplane bases at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Wake, Guam and Manila (all attacked on December 7 and 8 1941) offered the perfect ruse to begin fortifying the Pacific in 1934. You'll discover how the government worked covertly with Pan American to build Pacific island defenses, how Pan American became a monopoly and powerhouse airline. While China Clipper can be read as an exciting war story based on true events, its major power lies in the unique recreation of people and events heretofore previously unknown. Tautly written, filled with vivid characterizations, China Clipper is a compelling and a frightening examination of the forces that eventually caused Pearl Harbor to explode - and - the world go to war. China Clipper also follows the day-by-day flight of American citizen and Chinese patriot, Wah Sun Choy, in July 1938 on the Hawaii Clipper bound for China. A successful New Jersey businessman, Wah Sun Choy had raised over $3 million to help bolster China's war with Japan. But his purpose - to deliver the money to the Chinese Nationalists - clashed with the avowed aims of Japan. Between Guam and Manila, the elegant flying boat completely disappeared. Why the 26-ton flying boat vanished and how is explored in depth - for the first time - in China Clipper. China Clipper breaks new ground and garnered stellar reviews - “… new theory on the mystery of the Hawaii Clipper…” New York Times --- “...compelling, even romantic…” San Francisco Chronicle --- “...this is exciting reading…” San Diego Union --- “…good tale for spy , aviation and WWII buffs…” Nashville Banner

One Last Great Thing: A Story of a Father and a Son, a Story of a Life and a Legacy

John Burke - 2012
    With his friend Bevil Hogg, he founded the Trek Bicycle Corporation in 1976 and then went on to establish the company as one of the leading bicycle companies in the world. He was a man who called his son, John, his best friend. Indeed, they did many great things together: ran the Boston Marathon, followed the Tour de France throughout France, and later ran Trek together. In March 2008, he passed away after complications of heart surgery. The Big Guy touched people’s lives in countless ways, and his passing was deeply emotional for many. Now John (current president of Trek Bicycle) has written a powerful tribute to the incredible life his father led and the ways in which he was an inspiring businessman, leader, and person. Taking readers deep into the history of Trek, John shares how his father taught, trained, and instilled in him the confidence and desire to be a leader. A portrait of a great man, the book culminates with John telling his father on his deathbed of their twenty greatest moments together. This is an intimate portrayal of a father-son relationship filled with poignant experiences and lessons on how to get the most out of life. *** My father was an amazing man and he taught me many of life’s lessons. This book takes you through a great relationship between a father and a son. It takes you through the building of Trek Bicycle, and most importantly it tells the story of how my father and how our family dealt with his fight for life, and ultimately how my father and how our family dealt with his death. Death is a destination that we all share and yet there is so little written about it and so many people are unprepared to deal with it. My father amazed me throughout his life, but he saved his best act for last. The way he dealt with his death is a story that should be of some help to any family facing this most difficult time. —from the preface

U.S. History, Volume II: 1865-Present

Boundless - 2013
    History textbook is a college-level, introductory textbook that covers the exciting subject of U.S. History. Volume II covers 1865 through the present day. Boundless works with subject matter experts to select the best open educational resources available on the web, review the content for quality, and create introductory, college-level textbooks designed to meet the study needs of university students.This textbook covers:Reconstruction: 1865-1877 -- The End of the War, The Aftermath of the War, The Battle over Reconstruction, Reconstruction in the South, The Reconstructed South, The Grant PresidencyThe Gilded Age: 1870-1900 -- The Gilded Age, The Second Industrial Revolution, The Rise of the City, The Rise of Big Business, The Rise of Immigration, Work in Industrial America, The Transformation of the West, Conquest in the West, The Transformation of the South, Politics in the Gilded Age, Urban Reform, Corruption and Reform, The Agrarian and Populist Movements, The Silver SolutionRace, Empire, and Culture in the Gilded Age: 1870-1900 -- Culture in the Gilded Age, Popular Culture, Cheap Amusements, Education, The Rise of Realism, Labor and Domestic Tensions, The Labor Wars, War, Empire, and an Emerging American World PowerThe Progressive Era: 1890-1917 -- The Progressive Era, Labor, Local, and Political Reform, The Politics of Progressivism, Grassroots Progressivism, Progressivism: Theory and Practice, Changing Ideas of Freedom, Roosevelt's Progressivism, Roosevelt's Second Term, From Roosevelt to Taft, Woodrow Wilson and Progressivism, The Limits of ProgressivismWorld War I: 1914-1919 -- The Wilson Administration, American Neutrality, America's Entry into the War, America and WWI, The War at Home, The "American", The Fight for Peace, Diplomacy & Negotiations at the War's End, The Transition to Peace: 1919-21From the New Era to the Great Depression: 1920-1933 -- The New Era, The Roaring Twenties, The Culture of Change, Resistance to Change, Wall Street Crash of 1929, The Great DepressionThe New Deal: 1933-1940 -- Franklin D. Roosevelt and the First New Deal, The New Deal, Critical Interpretations of the New Deal, The Social Cost of the Depression, Toward a Welfare State, Roosevelt's Second Term, Culture in the Thirties, The Second New Deal, The Legacy of the New DealFrom Isolation to World War II: 1930-1943 -- Non-Interventionism, The Beginning of the War, Conflict in Europe, Conflict in the Pacific, America's Early Involvement, Mobilization in the U.S., Social Effects of the War, The War in Germany, The War in the Pacific, The End of WWIIThe Cold War: 1947-1991 -- Origins of the Cold War, The Cold War, Truman and the Fair Deal, The Cold War and KoreaThe Politics and Culture of Abundance: 1943-1960 -- The Politics of Abundance, The Culture of Abundance, The Eisenhower Administration, The Policy of Containment, The Emergence of the Civil Rights MovementThe Sixties: 1960-1969 -- The Election of 1960, The Expansion of the Civil Rights Movement, Counterculture, The John F. Kennedy Administration, The Lyndon B. Johnson AdministrationThe Conservative Turn of America: 1968-1989 -- The Nixon Administration, Watergate, The Ford Administration, The Carter Administration, The Reagan AdministrationThe Challenges of Globalization and the Coming Century: After 1989 -- The George H.W. Bush Administration, America's Emerging Culture, The Clinton Administration, Globalization and the U.S.

Wrath in Burma (Illustrated)

Fred Eldridge - 2020

Seven Bridges: a suspense thriller

Ciana Stone - 2020
    Ciana Stone writes about a victim in a way that makes you wonder if she understands this level of fear. And the monster who haunts the lives of the characters is shockingly real. A brilliant tale you won't want to put down, but definitely not for the faint of heard." - Candid Book Reviews She was seven when the monster came and when he left that night, he took with him Isabelle's happiness, sense of security and belief in a God who would protect little children. He left her with a promise, one that she could never forget and one that filled her with terror."We're not done, you and I. You're my special girl, Isabelle. I'll be back for you."For twenty-five years, she's feared that promise and his whispers in her mind. She's run from it, tried to deny it, looked for ways to forget or overcome it, and now she's ready to admit that there's only one way to reclaim her life.Destroy the monster. Or die trying.*** Reader Advisory. This book contains scenes of physical torture and murder.

The Haunting of Joanna Storm (Morgan's Rock Book 1)

M.L. Bullock - 2018
    Megan finds a beautiful dress in an armoire, and when she tries it on, she opens a doorway to the past--to 1932. Stepping back in time as someone else, she experiences life as Joanna Storm, the legendary actress and heiress. But the experience comes with a price. Can Megan rewrite Joanna’s tragic history? More importantly, can she get back to her own time? As Megan digs into the history of Morgan's Rock, she learns the truth about the place and the reason for the intense hauntings. Will she be able to solve the paranormal mysteries hidden, or will she too join the ranks of the undead at Morgan's Rock?  Morgan's Rock Series The Haunting of Joanna Storm Hall of Shadows The Ghost of Joanna Storm Read more of M.L. Bullock's ghostly work including: Seven Sisters, Gulf Coast Paranormal, Sugar Hill and the Idlewood series.