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To Blind a Sniper by India Kells


A Howl In The Night

Jerry Brandon - 2011
    When a woman is murdered on his street, this Black Labrador suddenly faces the loss of everything he's struggled a lifetime to gain. Taser must find the killer or return to the harsh world of the county dog pound. He's aided by his buddy, Meatloaf, and a colorful pack of neighborhood dogs. They struggle with their limited human vocabulary and a fractured knowledge of the world. Other obstacles include new alpha dog rivals, old deadly enemies, and a menacing coyote population from the adjacent Arizona desert. In the end, Taser must decide how much he can risk to save his world.This is a fun mystery narrated by the dogs, written for adults with a humorous tone and a love of animals and their quirks.

The Status Debt

Edie Baylis - 2019
    This includes blackmail and the hand of marriage of her own daughter... Tori’s father would have stopped his daughter’s misery. He’d have stopped it in a heartbeat, but he couldn’t because he was dead. He’d been dead for years. Murdered, in fact. Tori thought her life couldn’t get much worse, but when her fiancé attempts to further his high-profile career, she finds herself mixed up with Ash Hunter and his crew - the sort of people she has always despised and blames for her father’s death. She hates Ash Hunter and the feeling is mutual, but life moves in mysterious ways and things unexpectedly change. Someone is not being honest and secrets have the power to rip everyone to shreds. Especially when life is built on lies... **Contains sexual scenes and some violence.**

The Cotton Malone Series

Steve Berry - 2012
    With the smart and sexy Cassiopeia Vitt by his side, Malone faces down the world’s deadliest terrorists, assassins, and con men—and unravels some of history’s most legendary and iconic mysteries along the way.Now in one exclusive eBook bundle are the first seven novels of Steve Berry’s extraordinary series:The Templar LegacyThe Alexandria LinkThe Venetian BetrayalThe Charlemagne PursuitThe Paris VendettaThe Emperor's TombThe Jefferson Key

The Silencer

Ditter Kellen - 2019
    Especially when it's personal. Former FBI profiler, Oliver Quick, has spent the past six years obsessed with catching a serial killer known as the Silencer. But the trail’s gone cold. Until the FBI asks for his help on a case involving a mutilated woman found beneath the pier of a local tourist attraction. The chase is on, with Oliver hunting not one but two serial killers. The Silencer is back, and he’s toying with Quick. Oliver finds himself trapped in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with one of the most notorious serial killers to ever live. Will he finally catch the Silencer and put his demons to rest, or is the Hunter about to become the Hunted…

The Fireraisers

Malcolm Archibald - 2019
    After the mill of businessman Matthew Beaumont burns to the ground, Detective Sergeant George Watters is sent to investigate.Soon, George discovers that this is not the first property that has been targeted. When a man is found dead in the hold of a trade ship, George discovers a shocking connection between Beaumont and foreign powers threatening the very country.George tries to get to the bottom of the mystery, but clues are few and far between. What connects the enigmatic Beaumont to the murder and strange events taking place in the Dundee shipyard?

Lost Sister

Ben Cheetham - 2018
    A trip to the cinema turns into a nightmare for Anna and her little sister Jessica, when two men throw thirteen-year-old Jessica into the back of a van and speed away.The years tick by... Tick, tick... The police fail to find Jessica and her name fades from the public consciousness... Tick, tick... But every time Anna closes her eyes she’s back in that terrible moment, lurching towards Jessica, grabbing for her. So close. So agonizingly close.... Tick, tick... Now in her thirties, Anna has no career, no relationship, no children. She’s consumed by one purpose – finding Jessica, dead or alive.Detective Jim Monahan has a little black book with forty-two names in it. Jim’s determined to put every one of those names behind bars, but his investigation is going nowhere fast. Then a twenty-year-old clue brings Jim and Anna together in search of a shadowy figure known as Spider. Who is Spider? Where is Spider? Does Spider have the answers they want? The only thing Jim and Anna know is that the victims Spider entices into his web have a habit of ending up missing or dead.

Coming For You

Kristi Belcamino - 2019
    To the rest of the world, she's a gifted graphic designer, marvelous cook, and doting Minneapolis mother. But then her world is shattered when her teenage daughter is murdered. Has her life of lies caught up with her? Detectives are asking dangerous questions and going after the wrong man. It's up to Sofia to find her daughter's murderer before her elaborate deception is exposed and she loses whatever semblance of a life she has left.Grab it now to see what is keeping early readers up all night!

Twisted Cedars Mysteries Boxset

C.J. Carmichael - 2016
    Over thirty years ago a series of murders targeting Oregon librarians was never solved. Now someone with inside knowledge is feeding clues to true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, promising him the best story of his career. Pursuing the story means returning to Twisted Cedars, where his sister Jamie, is about to marry a man he deeply dislikes. Local Twisted Cedars librarian Charlotte Hammond prefers her mysteries—and her romances—between the covers of a good book, especially since the disappearance of her older sister, Daisy, eight years ago. But then the dark and tortured soul who is Dougal Lachlan walks into the Twisted Cedars Library asking for her help. Before long Charlotte realizes there is no safe zone. Not even in libraries. And especially not in Twisted Cedars. Forgotten (Book 2) After a shocking secret is uncovered in Twisted Cedars, Oregon, fresh trouble surfaces. Sheriff Wade MacKay is fishing on the Rogue River when he comes across a cargo truck crashed off the side of a winding mountain road. The driver is dead. The sole passenger, a woman in her early thirties, is unconscious with a severe head injury. When she comes to the next day at the hospital, she is suffering from amnesia. Since she carried no ID, there is no clue to her identity. Judging by the woman’s bruises, which pre-date the accident, Wade suspects she was running from danger when she hitched a ride with the truck driver. But how can he protect her, when he doesn’t even know who she is? Wade’s office is already working overtime, investigating the death of one of his former school friends. While true crime writer, Dougal Lachlan, is avoiding writing a book that would force him to confront his inner demons. Exposed (Book 3) No more hiding. When a young boy goes missing shortly after his father’s arrest for the murder of the boy’s mother, the residents of Twisted Cedars are in a panic. They would be even more fearful if they knew a serial murderer has secretly moved back to town. Local Sheriff Wade MacKay, and true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, finally realize that unless they pool their resources and work together, no one in town is going to be safe.

Patricia Fisher Cruise Mysteries #1 -4

Steve Higgs - 2019
    But her hilarious and inspired flight from that situation results in this 50 something unfulfilled housewife taking an around the world cruise she really cannot afford. The cost is soon a minor worry though, as one gin-fuelled pity party later, she is accused of murder and embroiled in the 30-year-old theft of a priceless jewel. In our greatest challenges, we find our true strength and Patricia is the best example of how true that is. Let her story make your heart soar as she shrugs off the ashes of her failed marriage and becomes the incredible woman she was always meant to be. This 4 book boxed set will give you hours of mirth-filled, often pulse-pounding, cozy mystery with no cussing or smuttiness and no graphic descriptions of sex of violence. Book 1 – The Missing Sapphire of Zangrabar. A thirty-year-old priceless jewel theft and a man that really has been stabbed in the back. Can a 52-year-old, slightly plump housewife unravel the mystery in time to save herself from jail? With only a Jamaican butler faking an English accent and a pretty gym instructor to help, she must piece together the clues and do it fast. Or when she gets off the ship in St Kitts, she’ll be in cuffs! Book 2 – The Kidnapped Bride. A cruise ship filled with gangsters, a missing woman, and a new head of security that can’t do his job. What’s a middle-aged sleuth to do? Patricia just wants to spend more time in the company of Alistair Huntley, the offensively handsome captain of the Aurelia who seems only too happy to host her. But as the Aurelia sets sail from Miami, it does so with a dangerous new addition: there is a mob boss among the passengers and he’s on the run – from more mobsters! Book 3 – The Director’s Cut. It’s well known that working in movies can be cutthroat, but no one expected that to be taken literally. It’s party time on board the Aurelia! On the LA to Hawaii leg, a Hollywood film crew are shooting scenes for a new action movie and Barbie has been given a bit-part role. It’s all great fun and Patricia isn’t surprised when her cute, blonde friend attracts the attention of the handsome A-lister male lead. Book 4 – The Couple in Cabin 2124. How do I always attract trouble and drama? When a crewmember takes his own life but hands Patricia a cryptic note and a request to save Anna just before he jumps, she feels she has no choice but to honour his dying wish. Who is Anna though? Praise for Patricia Fisher: She's over 50, feisty and oh so clever at solving murders. This first book has so many twists, turns and red herrings the reader has to pay close attention to catch all the clues. Love Steve Higgs’ books and this new series did not disappoint. Patricia started out as a betrayed wife and moved into a strong, smart woman role. I love her and her side kicks already and this is only the first book. Can’t get enough of Steve’s stories and wait anxiously for the next to publish in all of his series. Higgs continues the 'cozy mystery' genre in this unexpected and empowering new series with no loss of empathy for human variety.

How to Borrow Books from a Public Library for Free Using your Kindle E-reader and Kindle Fire: Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots on How to Borrow Kindle ... and Audio Books from Amazon Through Ove

Alexa Danvers - 2018
     You’re about to discover how to borrow, read and return books from your Local library for Free. You don't need to buy every book that you want to read. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What You Need to Get Started How to Find and Check Out Ebooks At Your Local Library via the Website How to Find and Check Out Ebooks At Your Local Library Using the Overdrive App How to Return a Library Book How to Delete Borrowed Books That Expired Already and Still Showing On Your Device or Reading Applications Much, much more! Download your copy today!

ফেলুদা সমগ্র : দ্বিতীয় খন্ড

Satyajit Ray - 2017
    More familiarly known by his nickname, Feluda, Pradosh Chandra Mitra is a Bengali detective who solves mysteries using his incisive intellect. Feluda is characterized as a tall and athletic man, who is well-versed in martial arts and can handle firearms with ease. But, he seldom uses these skills, preferring to solve crimes with his analytical skills, aided by his keen powers of observation. Feluda is the son of a professor who taught mathematics and Sanskrit. He too starts his career in the teaching profession before he decides to use his skills to solve crimes. His teaching experience leaves its mark on him as he likes to deliver scholarly lectures even at home. Feluda has a faithful sidekick in his young cousin Tapesh Ranjan Mitra, who is commonly referred to as Topshe. Topshe is the perfect foil to Feluda, similar to the character of Watson in the Sherlock Holmes series. He diligently records all Feluda's exploits, just like Watson, . Another interesting character is Lalmohan Ganguli, who is a close friend of Feluda. He writes crime fiction under the pen name of Jatayu. He is the comic figure in the group, providing light relief in the stories. Feluda made his debut in 1965, in the Bengali children's magazine, Sandesh. His first adventure was titled Feluda Goendagiri. Satyajit Ray wrote a total of 35 Feluda stories, the last one was published in 1992. These novels are extremely popular in Bengal and filled with crime and suspense and fast-paced narratives. Many of the Feluda stories have been adapted into movies in Bengal. The two volumes in Feluda Samagra has all the stories arranged in chronological order, and they are written in Bengali. Thus, the reader sees the gradual development of characters, especially that of Feluda.

Daria's Daughter

Linda Huber - 2021
    Her daughter has vanished without a trace and nobody is telling her what happened. Evie's gone. That's all. Gone. What does Daria have left to live for?A mother and daughter reunitedMargie can't believe it. Bridie is hurt. Bridie needs her. They manage to escape the smoke, the noise and the confusion. They are together, that's all that matters. Everything will be better in the morning, Margie tells Bridie. And it will.The bonds that never breakWill Daria ever be able to put the pieces of her tattered life back together after the loss of her daughter? Is it possible that things aren't quite as they seem? Can the unimaginable turn out to be the truth?

Guava Moon Revenge: An Alex Rutledge Novel

Tom Corcoran - 2018
    A long-awaited vacation in Grand Cayman ends too soon for Rutledge and Detective Beth Watkins when Beth learns that someone has killed her houseguest, Elaine Ogilvy. They return quickly to Key West and, from the moment of their arrival, events suggest they might be in danger as well. A photographer who prefers ad agency and magazine jobs, Alex has no training in police work. Still, he often gets drawn into Florida Keys investigations. Monroe County Sheriff, Fred Chicken Neck Liska, has Alex’s back (usually), and The Aristocrats—off-kilter private eyes Dubbie Tanner and Wiley Fecko—provide off-the-books surveillance, background checks and info gathering. Everyone knows that success is not guaranteed. The victim’s father, Parke Ogilvy, whom Watkins knew long ago, comes to the island and offers the names of the ex-lovers of his daughter, one of whom could be in the Florida Keys. DNA crime evidence, a second murder, threats against friends and, for Alex, a solid link to events in the past boost the peril. Even with law enforcement at full force, Rutledge senses that only his actions will lead to a crime solution.

F Is for Fugitive: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery by Sue Grafton l Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion.


Robert White - 2013
    He is the enemy.Stewart hatches a plan to destroy the evidence against him, but what he finds inside those files, is evidence of a vile paedophile ring operating under McCauley’s nose.Now three people are dead and Dave Stewart is the prime suspect.