Flame (A Stepbrother Romance)

Victoria Villeneuve - 2016
     Until I ran straight into my old stepbrother. My new boss. Arrogant, brash and infuriating, he always got whatever - and whoever - he wanted. Now he wants me to stay, and he's not past using blackmail to get me to agree. I can't stand it. I can't stand him. So how come every time I look at him I want to rip his clothes off? JASON I hadn't seen my stepsister in four years until the day she walked into my office. She was always pretty cute. But now she's smoking hot. Like, I-want-to-bang-her-on-my-desk-right-now hot. She thinks she can resist me. I've always been more than just a little bit cocky. But that's only because I always get what I want. And right now, I want her. Little do I know once isn't going to be nearly enough... *** Flame is a full length novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger. For a limited time, get a copy of Stepbrother: Impossible Love included FREE in this copy of Flame. ***


Terri Anne Browning - 2019
     My best friend’s baby sister was the thing wet dreams were made of. Killer body, sexy personality, and the ability to win my daughter over with that disarming smile of hers. I’ve loved her since before she was legal, but there was always something in our way. Her brother would kill me if I touched her though. What Judge ruled, everyone in the Underground obeyed. Including me. When I told her I wouldn’t go against her brother, she walked away. Yet she always came back. Not for me, but for my daughter. I lived off those brief visits. Just listening to Josie giggle every time Lyla was in the same room with her fed my soul. Now, she was home for more than the random weekend, and I ached to make her mine. To hell with her brother and the consequences. Josie and I needed Lyla, and we weren’t letting her go this time.

Hate Me

Jaxson Kidman - 2017
    SHE'S MY NEW NEIGHBOR. I'M GOING TO DESTROY HER...My name is Mason and my rules are pretty simple. I get what I want. You get what you need. And then you get out of my bed, my apartment, and out of my life. My new neighbor is a beautiful, innocent woman named Violet. She's so pure it drives me wild. I can't stop thinking about her... so I play with her a little. I test her boundaries. I make sure every time I bring a woman home, she knows. She hears the moans and screams through the wall. She blushes when she sees me. I know she likes it. I know she's curious about my reputation. It's only a matter of time before I finally take what I want from her.  Her cherry's untouched and I'm f*cking hungry for something sweet...

Revenge ni Miss Piggy

Riri Glamoure - 2014
    At mataba ako—well, I used to be.I didn't mind people making fun of me before., dahil kasa-kasama ko naman ang best friend kong si Therese, and the love of my life, Dwight, who looked past my plus size and saw the wonderful girl that I was. Yun ang inakala ko. Little did I know, they were making a fool out of me. So I left the country to heal my broken heart, but not to forget about their betrayal.Now I'm back, with a figure to die for and with only one thing in my mind: revenge.

My Gift To You

Tracie Delaney - 2018
    With her life in tatters, she flees to California where an unexpected meeting brings handsome businessman Gabe Mitchell into her life.Gabe loves a challenge and Livvy is his newest endeavor. Her broken spirit calls to him, begging to be healed. And who knows, she might be the one to heal him too.Can he persuade her to take a chance on him—and convince her that, together, they have a future? Or will fate intervene and destroy them both? My Gift To You is a heartfelt and powerfully touching stand-alone novel. Grab your copy now.

Always With You: Part One

Michelle Leighton - 2015
    Forever will come even harder. But true love doesn’t give up, not even when dreams are crushed and reality isn’t quite the fairy tale you expected it to be.When Olivia married Cash Davenport, it was her dream come true. Cash was everything she wanted and everything she needed, all wrapped up in jet-black eyes and an irresistible smile. She thought since she’d finally found the ideal man, their life would play out like a fairy tale. And, for a while, it did.Until she found out that another woman, a woman from Cash’s past, has given him the one thing that Olivia can’t—a child.For Cash, seeing their baby growing inside his wife would only make a perfect marriage more perfect, but all he really needs for true happiness is the love of his life—Olivia. She wants to give him a child, though, and when she can’t conceive, it puts a strain on her that Cash can’t seem to alleviate. That strain explodes when Sophie Marks, Cash’s old flame, shows up at their door with a little girl in tow. A little girl she claims belongs to Cash.After all this time, can Sophie be trusted? Or has she returned with the sole intent of destroying the only real happiness Cash has ever known.


K.I. Lynn - 2015
    He can’t stop fantasizing about his intern, Alyssa Lockley. He’s counting down the days until she’s gone and out of his life.It’s not that he doesn’t want her—he’s so consumed by his desperate want that he can barely function—but there’s more than one problem keeping him from taking her and being his intern isn’t one of them.His co-worker and best friend, is her protective big brother. He’s going through a horrid divorce. Alyssa is only nineteen years old.The result spells disaster for Dean. Will he take the apple from his Eve and succumb to her temptation?A short erotic novella.

Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1)

Jennah Scott - 2012
    She wants to commemorate the moment with a tattoo. And shewants Bo Nantan, the best artist she knows, to do the ink. What she doesn'texpect is for Bo to say no.For Bo Nantan tattooing his is life. He loves helping his clients tella story with ink. But he has one rule: No tattooing his friends. WhenAlexis asks him to commemorate her past and help her move forward he'sfaced with a decision.Will he ignore his own rule in order to help the woman who drives himcrazy? Or will Bo refuse to bend and find Alexis someone else to leavetheir mark?


Amber Addison - 2018
    And for Madelyn and Seth, it's a way of life. Except, no one prepared them for the skies ahead. Moving to new places more times than either of them could count with new battles to fight at every stop, their Flightpath to happiness is turbulent. Between Air Force Pararescue school, deployments, a baby, and the strain that military life can put on a family, they’ve discovered life has to fall apart in order to fall back together again. When a terrorist attack puts Maddie's life in grave danger, their lives definitely fall apart, and Seth knows saving her might be the only thing that saves them. FLIGHTPATH can be read as a standalone or as book one in The Love and Valor Series. *Previously released as a Titan World Novella, with New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber…now available with an extended epilogue as a full length novel.

Love in Montana

Lexi Buchanan - 2015
    . . emotions that Eric De La Fuente feels for Sylvia Taylor while she dated another man. It’s been months since their close encounter and Eric needs to come to terms with that, maybe, she isn’t so out of reach after all…One night he sees his chance with Sylvia and takes it. The morning after he knows deep down that he hasn’t just scratched an itch, and with the help of his brother, he realizes it was so much more. But what to do about it? And how is he supposed to handle Sylvia lying to him? Sylvia loves her position at McKenzie Holdings, but making her dreams of a country cottage a reality, her savings need a serious boost. Her only quick-fix option is to become an exotic dancer at Poles. Shortly after starting, love notes from an admirer are left in her locker, but this innocent gesture quickly turns sinister and actions start speaking louder than words.How long can Sylvia keep her fear hidden before her safety is compromised?The SeriesThe De La Fuente home is outside of Great Falls, Montana, and the new six book series features each of the De La Fuente siblings: Dante, Eric, Aiden, Mateo, Kasey, and fraternal twins, Diego and Emelia.


Elena Ash - 2015
    I'm about to make your summer very interesting." David f**king Banducci. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. He was the biggest thorn in my side when we were young. Back then, he was tall, hot and dangerous--hell, he still is; more so, actually, plus an arm full of tatts. He used his popularity and charming, cocky smile for evil. He never missed a single chance to tease me, torment me, or make my life miserable. Worst of all, I never knew why he targeted me to begin with. You'd think time would heal all wounds, but whoever said that was a lying sack of sh*t. Because I'm an adult now, so I should be over it, right? Well that's kind of hard now that my absentminded father is married to his stripper mother. Thanks, Dad. Now I'm stuck on the back of his motorcycle, clinging to his muscular form for dear life as we trek across the country to my dad's lakehouse. And worse yet, he's found new ways to torture me. Ways that send chills down my spine. Ways I just might not be able to resist... And all I wanted was a nice, quiet summer to myself. THREAT is a sexy, full length, standalone romance with a HEA...if you can handle him first.


Rose Hudson - 2017
    informal attack or criticize forcefully and relentlessly. StoneFighting has been engrained—hammered into me. It’s something I know all about, yet wish I knew nothing at all. For the last seventeen of my twenty-seven years, hurt has fueled my desire in the ring. But I want better. I’ve paid my dues. I want far away from this life. I thought I finally had my chance and then corruption threatened to take it away. I’m no stranger to challenge; it just makes me more determined to come out on top—of my world and her. She thinks we’re from opposites sides of the track, and she’s right. But we’re both blinded by pain, and I see hers. I’ve fought plenty of fights and Lydia Norberg may prove to be my strongest opponent yet. LydiaI craved a man’s hands on me for no other reason than pure, unadulterated lust. No hidden expectations of more, just pleasure, anything to take my mind off my reality and send me into orbit around a brighter place. So I took a chance by attending an Elite party—young professionals looking for sex, no strings attached. At first glance, they all looked pretty boring until I saw him. I only knew him as Stone, no last names, no personal information exchanged; those were the rules. Little did I know, he represents everything I desire and everything I fear.

The Love Series Complete Box Set

Melissa Collins - 2015
    This box set includes the complete Love Series - Let Love In, Let Love Stay, Let Love Heal, Let Love Shine, Let Love Be, and Let Love Live. From New Adult to M/m Contemporary Romance, there's something in here for everyone. Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the couples of this bestselling series.


J.L. Brooks - 2013
    Years later, Toni is lost in a dead end marriage and makes a painful confession that sends her back to the one place she always wanted to escape. But can she really right the wrongs that haunt her? Toni soon finds that the only place where things stay the same is in your mind.When her path crosses with David Stark, childhood playmate turned one night stand, she cannot deny the spike in temperature she feels every time he's near or the scorching dreams that flood her at night.Digging through the years of heartache, Toni soon finds herself torn between the man she is committed to and the one who has always held her heart. As each layer unfolds before her, she discovers the root cause of her pain. Always believing the source was external, nothing could prepare her for the truth.*This book contains sexual content and adult language. Intended for readers 17+.

The Disclosure Series Box Set

R.E. Hunter - 2015
    He was running from his past. When their worlds collided, nothing could prepare them for what was to come. Desperate to overcome her painful past, Embry Jacobs searches for a fresh start in law school. A man is the last thing she wants. Or needs. Until she meets Luke Brody. Luke has demons of his own. He wants nothing more than to move on, but when Embry walks into his life, his mistakes come back to haunt him. Secrets and lies spiral out of control as they struggle with their forbidden love. When everything comes undone, can the damage be unbroken? *The Disclosure Series Box Set includes the complete series with exclusive bonus content.* "R.E. Hunter weaves an emotional and captivating story, testing love's limits on trust and forgiveness. This series is not to be missed." - Corinne Michaels, Bestselling Author of the Salvation Series"R.E. Hunter has delivered a heart pounding & breaking story that will have you glued to your favorite ereader begging for a HEA. Undone is an intense, exhilarating, deeply emotional novel." - Amy, Turn the Page Book Reviews"This is romance at its best. Unbroken is sexy, seductive, love-beats-all, we're-in-it-together, can't-be-stopped, heartwarming romance. R.E. Hunter has outdone herself with this sequel." - Nadine, My Secret Romance Book Reviews