Riches of the Heart (Mail-Order Husbands) (Mail-Order Matches)

Leah Atwood - 2014
    Before abandoning the claim, he asks Amelia Rhodes, the widow of his best friend, to marry him. She declines, not ready to leave behind her late husband's dreams of gold. Unwilling to detain Ethan when she knows his dreams are elsewhere, Amelia sends for a mail-order husband. Weeks pass, but no potential husband arrives. On the same day she plans to leave the claim, someone comes in response to her letter. Can a marriage without love thrive, or can a friendship be the first step to finding riches of the heart? Only $0.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited Please Note- This is a clean, historical fiction short story of 45 pages.

They Called Him Cav: Reloaded

William Coury - 2014
    He has long since passed away, but his book remains, gathering dust on my shelf when it should have been entertaining good folks like you. So here it is at last: a western with heart written on an old manual typewriter. The story takes place in the badlands of West Texas (where he lived), and is chock-full of all the sprawling drama, heartache, triumph, tragedy, and gun-slinging grit one could desire. The cover of the book is adapted from an oil painting brushed by our father back in 77—one of many. I remember it hanging on the wall when I was a kid. I believe it was his favorite, so thought it only fitting that it be the cover. Now, finally, after all these years, our dad will get the recognition he deserves for both his writing and his painting. I sure hope he can see what's going on down here, 'cause I know it would make him smile. So take a deep breath, and let the troubles of the modern world slip away as you journey back to a simpler time (two simpler times, actually), the old west, and the 1940's....

Provence Starlight

Kate Fitzroy - 2015
    New work, new friends... new love found under the starlight in a silvery, olive grove. Can anything be more perfect? How does a St. Tropez bikini, two silky Wiemeraner dogs and a tattooed criminal enter the scene and change everything? Why does the starry path of love always meet a crossroad... can it never run sweetly smooth? FITZROY fans will be pleased to meet up with Amber and her wealthy grandfather, from the pages of PROVENCE FLAME, when Alice stays at the newly restored Art Deco Hotel de la Plage in La Ciotat. Join the Sunday lunch guests at the Villa La Vie en Rose and catch up with the dark and gorgeous Jean-Michel de Fleurenne from the parfumerie at his Château near Grasse. He was first to be found romancing Rosie and charming the pages of PERFUME OF PROVENCE. Enter again into Kate Fitzroy's magical world and escape from the commonplace... but be prepared not to put this book down until you have reached the last page. Other books by Kate Fitzroy: PERFUME OF PROVENCE PROVENCE LOVE LEGACY PROVENCE FLAME DREAMS OF TUSCANY

Benji & Brooklyn: She Fell For a Chi-Town Boss

Miss Candice - 2019
    She had been around drug dealers and hood rich guys all of her life so when the fly and flashy Dayton Bennet pulls up at her cousins welcome home party she is unmoved by the materialist things attached to him. It is his strikingly good looks and his charismatic demeanor that instantly draws her to him. Despite everything they go through over the past three years together, Brooklyn ends up accepting his hand in marriage. Unbeknownst to her, Dayton is having a secret affair with someone really close to her. Tragedy quickly brings his dirt to surface, showing Brooklyn that Dayton isn't the right man for her afterall. Devastation and sorrow creates a thin sheet of ice over her broken heart, so when the infamous, fine and rich Benji tries to woo his way into her life she isn't interested. Benjamin 'Benji' White is a boss in every sense of the word. Growing up with no father in the home, Benji had to step up. He refused to let his single mother struggle by raising four kids on her own. From the moment he touched his first bag of dope his grind had been unmatched. Benji's rise to the top was a quick and relentless one, piquing him the most notorious drug distributor in Chicago. In addition to running a multi-million dollar drug empire, Benji has a five year old daughter to raise on his own so he has no time for a serious relationship, not that that's something he'd be interested in anyway. The women coming in and out of Benji's life wanted one thing and one thing only — sex and conversation from the hood legend. He'd always been cool with that, up until the feisty and independent Brooklyn waltz into his life. Neither of the two are looking for a relationship, but fate has its own agenda. Benji and Brooklyn is a tale of two souls finding solace in one another when they don't realize they need it most.

An Impossible Love (Inspirational Western Brides Book 1)

Indiana Wake - 2018
    Can she come to terms with An Impossible Love or will she be lonely for the rest of her days? You have asked me for some longer books and so this series is all longer books, 3 times as long as my normal books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have writing them. It is 1878 and when Ruthie loses her beloved husband Jed she believes her life is over. With a farm and a young son, Luke, to care for she knows she must carry on. Gilmore Merritt is also devastated by the loss of his childhood friend but he promises to do everything he can to see that the farm survives long enough for Luke to take over. Spending all his time at the farm he discovers what an amazing woman Ruth is and he soon develops feelings for her. Only he knows this is wrong. That it is an impossible love. Sensing the growing love between them Ruth pushes him into the arms of another woman. Will Gilmore make the worst mistake of his life? Will Ruth end up lonely and alone? How will Luke cope with the changing relationships and the loss of another father figure? Find out in An Impossible Love a deeply moving western historical romance by bestselling author Indiana Wake. This book is sweet and inspirational and suitable for all ages.

Trap Kings: Fall In Love Too

Taniece - 2017
    He may have been sitting at the top but he was straight hood at heart. Running with the same people that you jumped off the porch and got it out the mud with, you would think that your bond would be airtight. In Reapa’s case, his foundation wasn’t as solid as he thought. After a disaster of a relationship with his ex Ava, he wanted no other relationship because his trust was messed up. Unity Galore had to constantly remind herself to fix her crown; embrace her melanin. Growing up, she was always joked on for her rich skin and country accent. As she got older her love for kickboxing grew fonder which killed her love life altogether. That quickly changed when Reapa made his appearance into her life. Everything seemed to be looking up until Unity got a business proposal that could potentially change her life for the better. Phoenix “Nix” Quartz was far from a good girl. She stayed in out of jail behind her boyfriend Axel. It really hurt when you go hard for someone to only be messed over in return. After finally making a fool of herself for the very last time, she leaves him alone for good. In the heat of the moment, a one-night stand changed her life forever. There was a time in life when Blake “Kase” Watts once loved his baby mother, Harper more than life itself. Their relationship was slowly withering away and she was the one to blame. A chance encounter with the beautiful Nix was the first time that he felt like he could be himself around someone. Her looks were what caught his attention but her personality was why he desired her so much. Will Unity take that job opportunity and leave everything behind her including her new found love, Reapa? Nix being different from Kase’s normal might be just something that he needs but is she too diverse for him? Find out in Trap Kings Fall In Love Too.

Bound for the Outer Banks

Alicia Lane Dutton - 2014
    After arriving by bus in Biloxi, home to her old family beach cottage, Ella lands a job as a seamstress for the Hard Rock Casino where she meets Dante Vitali, a member of The Sacred Crown. Now, Ella is a woman on the run from Dante's associates. She's currently the star witness in his federal trial and is being hidden in safe houses around the country. This time she is headed to The Outer Banks where her quintessential southern mother was raised.... until she ran away. Ella has something Dante needs and will stop at nothing to get. She just doesn’t know what it is. If you like the novels of Mary Kay Andrews, Sophie Kinsella, and Jennifer Crusie, you'll love Bound for the Outer Banks! "I believe we will hear a lot more from Alicia. She's definitely got what it takes. Who knows? She might be the next Beth Henley."-Americus Times-Recorder

Keep Your Friends Close and Enemies Closer: Love, Lies & Loyalty

Belleza - 2017
    Back in the day they were as thick as thieves going to school, partying, and fighting whoever got in their way. Now that they are older and more mature they are living their lives in different ways while still holding onto their friendship and going through their own trials with love. Tiara been rocking with her husband Antonio since they both had nothing. She played the background while she helped build him into the man that he is now. They had their issues before and he promised to change once they got married, but Antonio is falling back into his old habits and she’s slowly forced to face to truth that her happy home isn’t so happy. Porsha always believed that no man was off limits. Love was a thing she didn’t indulge im until she put too much time and attention into the wrong man and she’s fallen for this guy. She’s tired of getting put on the back burner and is willing to do anything to make him hers even if she have to break up a happy home. Renae got slapped with reality learning that a man gonna be a man regardless of the situation. She’s been riding with Charles for years and went even more hard once he got locked up and helped take care of the kids he had on her with another woman. Finding out he was still cheating she wiped her hands clean of the situation and decided to put herself first. Although heartbroken Jamar and Jason steps into the women's lives and try to show them that there is still good men. Playing the rebound can be a dangerous game but it’s a risk they are willing to take. Jamar been gone for a while and let the love of his life slip through his hands doing his time upstate. The bad part about it is the girl he love is with the man he use to call a friend. Jason have baby mama drama to the max and is trying everything to separate himself from Andrea. He’s broken hearts, and been hurt before but he’s determined not to hold himself back from finding the right one. Love shouldn’t be so hard but it’s became a task that unravel secret, lies and disloyalty and have them all questioning who’s a real friend?

Speechless 2: When Love Hurts (Speechless: When Love Hurts)

Briann Dane - 2016
    With Anthony’s fate up in the air, Brooke is left once again to confide in the one person who may ruin her marriage for good. Struggling with her own battles, she does all that she can to prove to herself the she can save her marriage and tell the truth before it is too late. David is coming back with guns blazing, but is not aware of how much trouble he has stirred up over the years. With retaliating against the HustleMade Squad being his main priority, he fails to trust his gut instinct and takes a huge loss he did not see coming. But not before he gets his revenge on Meechi. In Speechless 2: When Love Hurts, more truths are being reveled and it seems as though everyone is playing the waiting game to see who does what next. In this page turning novel from BriAnn Danae, she will be sure to grasp your attention from the first page and literally leave you Speechless.

Westward Winds / Violet's Mail Order Husband

Linda Bridey - 2014
     This box set includes:- Westward Winds (Montana Mail Order Brides: Book 1) Tessa O’Connor lives in a world of privilege and excess. Her doting parents want her to make a good match with a worthy gentleman and live a respectable life. She is beautiful and intelligent and she comes with a hefty dowry. There is no reason that she shouldn’t be able to find an eligible man and settle down. Tessa herself is the reason. The men who are attempting to court her are, in her opinion, boring and conceited. Not only that, Tessa craves excitement and adventure, of which there is little in her social circles. By chance, she comes across an advertisement for a bride brokerage company seeking eligible women of good breeding to go west and find husbands. One man on the list catches her eye and she begins corresponding with him, eventually agreeing to go to Montana to meet him. She can’t resist the possibility of finding someone different and even if she doesn’t, the adventure itself would be worth her time. Tessa makes a successful escape and sets out to make a new life in Montana. Dean Samuels is a Montana rancher who is in over his head. His ranch is struggling and his two children are unruly and in need of a caretaker. It’s clear to his younger brother, Marcus, that he needs help. He tells Dean about a mail order bride service and convinces him that he should utilize it to find a wife. After his wife, Sarah, had passed away, Dean never intended to marry again. His ranch and his children became his life. However, it becomes apparent that Sadie, his daughter, and his son, Jack, need stability and love. The demands of raising his children and keeping his head above water financially have taken a toll and Dean grudgingly gives in to Marcus’ idea. Sarah had been the love of his life and Dean doesn’t intend to let any other woman into his heart. He’s locked those kinds of emotions deep inside, not wanting to take the chance of getting hurt like that again. Because Dean has trouble expressing his feelings in writing, his younger brother Marcus agrees to help write the letters to Tessa. Dean is happy to leave that part up to him. When Dean and Tessa meet, sparks fly between the two strong willed people. Tessa is disappointed that Dean isn’t the romantic, sophisticated man she was lead to believe he was in the letters she received. Dean is aggravated that she isn’t a meek woman who is easily managed. Never mind the fact that she has no idea of how to take care of children and keep a home. Dean and Tessa struggle to find common ground and make their marriage work. Will they each take the risk and open their hearts to one another? Can their marriage survive and will they find love and contentment in each other? Their future happiness hangs in the balance under the Montana skies. Violet's Mail Order Husband (Montana Brides: Book 1) This first episode of The Montana Brides introduces Violet, Iris and Rose Kilburn, Heiresses to the Kilburn family cattle fortune. Rocking Horse Ranch runs five thousand head of cattle but all the ranch hands are getting old. The sisters need someone to run the ranch, so the eldest sister Violet hatches the idea of getting mail order husbands for the three of them. There’s only one problem. Cornell Pollard, the sisters’ guardian and the executor of their estate, doesn’t approve. Violet must challenge Pollard and her own role as his ally to find love and gain control over her own life.

Tea With Grandy Dee

D.L. Stalnaker - 2015
    She had made a lot of bad choices during her junior year in high school. When her great grandmother, who she affectionately called Grandy Dee, invited her to come and spend the summer with her, her parents thought it would be a great way to get her away from her current environment. She reluctantly agreed to go, but wasn't thrilled about the prospects of spending the next three months with someone who was close to a hundred years old. Shortly after she arrived, her great grandmother began to share stories of her life in the past century over a series of afternoon teas. Between her stories, and Samantha's vivid dreams of life in the past she had while she was there, she learned what it was like to face the trials and tribulations, as well as the triumphs of the spirit that comes from living through wars, heartaches, tragedies, injustices, dysfunctional family situations and, of course, forgiveness and redemption. She also learned something else that summer. She learned respect for her family and a sense of history that went back for the past century, and was in awe of a woman who lived through it all. Something else also happened that summer that would change her life forever. Something she didn't expect. She learned what it was like to fall in love.

Patron on Ice: The First Couple of the Trap

David Weaver - 2017
    She's highly skilled in the art of finessing the shelves of whatever store she decides to walk in. She's able to easily snatch several six figure items right under the nose of the salesperson without them even noticing. All is good, except she wants to upgrade her hustle so she could get more money. Reecy Pooh is Ice's best friend, and Rhondo's girlfriend. She's been doing licks with Ice for years, and they have it mastered as a tandem. Money isn't the issue however, as she's finding out that her greatest difficulties reside with her thinking that another man, a savage robber, could provide to her what her dope dealing boyfriend, Rhondo, failed to. Patrick, aka Patron is a hardworking man with a landscaping company-- He's also Ice's most loyal customer, buying items from her that he doesn't even need just because of the crush he has on her. Situations arise that put his loyalty to the test, and he's forced to make some difficult decisions. Jose, Patron's best friend and an illegal immigrant from Mexico, has helped him start his landscaping company from scratch-- risking deportation everyday, he fights daily to provide a better life for his family back in Mexico. He's doing well until both of their worlds come crumbling down. A classic street lit novel with betrayal and surprises popping up from around every corner. Cleverly written and laced with the slow-burning aggression of a passionate ride or die love story. Stacks on deck, Patron on Ice.

Saving Hyacinth

April Jensen - 2015
    They’re brought together through letters and a love of the land. But their pasts—separate and shared—threaten to destroy their newfound love. Son of a law-breaker, homesteader Ben Crenshaw swears he’ll forget all family ties and pursue a respectable way of life. He starts by marrying Hyacinth Payne, a girl from the east he courted by correspondence. On their wedding day, just as he thinks life couldn’t seem more promising, an old foe crosses his path and threatens the future he desires. With the death of her aunt, schoolteacher Hyacinth Payne is alone in the world. After a year of writing Ben, she agrees to marry him, thinking she’s finally found what she longed for—a family and the chance to return to Montana. But upon arriving in Montana, she learns things about Ben that make her wonder if she made a mistake boarding the train headed west. As Ben and Hyacinth struggle to make a face-to-face relationship work, secrets are revealed, and they realize they don’t know each other as well as they thought. Meanwhile, figures reappear and demand attention to a past they both wished forgotten. These adversaries are not easily sent away, and, if compelled to go, they just might take Ben and Hyacinth with them…to the grave. A sweet/inspirational mail-order bride western romance Stand alone. One couple finds their happily ever after. No Cliffhangers!


Nicole Hill - 2015
    How would you feel if you found out your best friend was really your foe? The one person you thought had your best interest at heart was really plotting against you, waiting for your downfall.Khloe and Carrie have been friends since elementary school. Carrie has a secret she's been hiding from Khloe. Will Carrie keep blaming Khloe for what happened? Will she share her secret or make Khloe's life a living hell?Trina has betrayed so many people its hard to keep count. Breaking up Khloe's relationship with Dre wasn't enough for her. She wants everything Khloe has. Will Trina succeed in sabotaging Khloe's life or will Karma catch up to her first?Khloe was devastated when she caught Dre in an uncompromising position. She thought life was over until she met the handsome dread head, Jason, from New York. She goes against her better judgment and decides to give him a chance. Will he prove to be her knight in shining armour or her worst nightmare?

The Guns of Pecos County

David Watts - 2016
    This is the new action-packed Western from award-winning author David Watts! After a dramatic gunfight with an Outlaw, Marshal Luke, is hired by a local Governor who has been plagued by high crime in a state bordering Mexico. With roving gangs of murderers flooding across the border—the Governor made an election promise to get elected. He would hire the toughest gunfighter to rid the state of crime… He gives the Marshal one order. Remove the filth from my state… anyway you can! The Marshal has a hard task ahead of him—but with the help of a lady in need, and some good folks who want their state cleaned up—he takes the criminals on. Above the law, with a gun in his hand, the Marshal goes to war and all who stand before him have two choices… SURRENDER… OR DIE! This action led Western features a ton of lead, a Bounty Hunter with a bad attitude and a lot of dead BAD GUYS! Ride along as The GUNS OF PECOS COUNTY clean up the lawless state that time forgot!