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A Delicate Bond by JoAnn Hornak


Save Us a Seat

Fletcher McHale - 2013
    As the young wife of the much sought after and wealthy Jack Whitfield, Carrigan's days revolve around having fun with her best friends, Ella Rae and Laine, playing sandlot softball and juggling an affair...or two. But on an idyllic summer day, a shocking and unexpected discovery turns her 'perfect' life into a tumultuous storm and transforms a girl into a woman. Save Us a Seat is the endearing testament of a brutally honest, no holds barred and fiercely loyal friendship between three women. Ride the rollercoaster of emotions as the friends navigate the sometimes hilarious, often touching and always loyal road of friendship and the joys and trials it brings.

Shatter My Rock

Greta Nelsen - 2012
    And when a vicious migraine sends her to a saggy hotel bed and him to the marketing conference in her place, she is first relieved and then thankful.Weeks later, upon discovering she’s pregnant, Claire has no reason for concern. With the help of genetic counselors and fertility specialists, she and her college-sweetheart husband, Tim, have been striving for a sibling for their ten-year-old daughter, Ally. And now they have one: a precious baby boy they name Owen.But all is not well, and soon Claire begins spotting alarming quirks in Owen’s behavior that suggest he may be stricken with Batten Disease, the terminal illness that took her brother, Ricky, back in nineteen seventy-nine. If Claire is right and Owen is sick, other disturbing things may also be true. Things like: Claire has been raped; Owen is not Tim’s son; and Owen is going to die. As events unfold, Claire finds herself confronting unthinkable choices, the consequences of which could jeopardize her career, her marriage, and even her freedom.

Jesus at Walmart...a Reed Shaking in the Wind

Rick Leland - 2011
    Fueled by Pastor Malachi Marble's fall from faith, which tumbles him into the late night world of Walmart.Author Rick Leland spent fourteen months working as a Walmart Overnight Stocker doing research for the book. Well, not purely for research."Actually I needed the money to live on," Leland said. "But I knew God was working something out in my life, as inspiration for Jesus at Walmart emerged even before my first night's work was over." Walk past the greeter; into the heart of Walmart with Malachi Marble. Grab a shopping cart. You'll need something to hang onto during this trip to Walmart like no other. And when you exit Jesus at Walmart, expect to leave a changed person.

Seal of Confession

Michele Pace - 2021
    A young priest on the other side of the screen is shaken by what he learns. A former college athlete with an MBA from a prestigious university, Father Joe Russo is not your typical man of God. Nine years earlier, his own life took a tragic turn and he gave everything up, committing his life to the church. Now his peaceful existence is being tested, and he finds himself questioning the God he serves, the vows he made, and someone he left behind.In this gripping thriller, a priest and an FBI agent work to uncover secrets and expose hidden crimes, but when it seems they have it all figured out, everything they think they know will be questioned.

I'd Rather Be Single

Lashonda Devaughn - 2011
    Tyra went from dating deadbeats to dating athletes. But living the good life came at a price.... "The Skeletons In My Closet" By: LaShonda DeVaughn, Author of A Hood Chick's Story I & II - They say in order to receive true and real love, we must all take chances. Will Kenneth end up being the real deal? Or will Rita end up regretting her decision in courting a young thug? "Taking Chances" By: Mimi Renee, Author of Deadly Decisions and Pretty Bright - Despite years of women playing games to take her husband away from her, Jai was determined to hold on. Her best friend questions why she puts up with his infidelity. Jai reasons: It's just Something In His Backstroke. "Something In His Backstroke" By: Tysha - Author of The Boss...the story of a female hustler - Fairytales should all have happy endings. Unfortunately, in Zoe's world each ending comes with a tale of lies... "Sleeping With The Enemy" By: Kaie Golson

The Mirage of Love

Lady Diana - 2015
    She had been happily married to her lover, until four years later she and her husband becomes an estranged couple. The lady gets lost in a whirlpool of her monotonous life, a life without love and respect, a life of servile existence, a life repressed in every sense from joy and desires. She starts beating her wings to escape from the deadly clutches of expectations and social repressions to rise above the menial existence and achieve what she wanted for her life.She falls in love with another man, a man who is her teacher and mentor. but she is afraid to acknowledge her feelings for fear of social accusations. But an incident drives to her to an awareness of the temporality of life and she indulges in an ambitious and sexual relationship with her mentor. She enters a world led by her lover where ambition becomes real and where she begins to face the disorder of the human world, of women particularly.a time comes when she is asked to choose between the men, and this is where she shows her independence and strength.

The Temptation of Demetrio Vigil

Alisa Valdes - 2013
    Coronado Prep student Maria Ochoa, 16, is near death after crashing her car on an isolated stretch of New Mexico Highway 14 during a blizzard. When the only person to show up to help her is a teen gangbanger named Demetrio Vigil, Maria fears she’s doomed, until the young man manages, miraculously, to heal her nearly fatal wounds with nothing but the warm energy radiating from his hands. Maria is grateful for the help, and seeks to thank Demetrio by returning to the tiny ghost town of Golden, where he said he lives, to find him and give him a gift. What she discovers out about Demetrio along the way, however, not only defies logic and belief, but puts Maria’s very life in terrible danger.

Hybrid Hearts

Romy Lockhart - 2022
    When Amanda's life is put in danger, Cheryl and Jillian rush to help their best friends. Working as a team, there's more to be gained than lost.Hybrid Hearts is a steamy, suspenseful paranormal romance novella featuring all of the main characters from the first four books in the Hybrid Shifters world. Be warned, there are spoilers in this story if you've never read the novels Vicious Love, Shifting Hearts, Hybrid Hearts and Runaway Mate.


Thomas Block - 2012
    It is a chilling and all-too-real story about a routine Trans-Atlantic airline flight that suddenly turns absolutely insane. In the doomed airliner's cockpit, inside the passenger cabin and on the ground, a complex array of characters have been propelled at jet speed into a sudden and frantic race for survival."Captain" is about the individual and collective struggles of each of these men and women as they attempt to deal with and ultimately fight against the odds and circumstances that are stacked against them."Captain" is a novel that pits man against man while also pitting man against machine. It is a story about the need for human judgments, hard-learned experiences, gut feelings and unbridled perseverance in an effort to rise up against a world where the strict adherence to written rules, regulations and procedures have been accepted as the norm."Captain" is about the way real airline pilots think, feel and react, especially after those giant airliners that they've strapped themselves to have suddenly turned vicious and unpredictable.Author Nelson DeMille says of "Captain": After a long hiatus from writing, Captain Block rejoins the ranks of legendary pilots-turned-novelists such as Ernest K. Gann ("The High and the Mighty") and brings us "Captain" - one of the best aviation/adventure thrillers you will ever read."Captain" puts you in the cockpit, in the passenger cabin, and at airline headquarters with an intricate and intriguing array of characters. This novel is nothing short of the most frightening and heart-pounding Trans-Atlantic fliight since Charles Lindbergh's solo. Or will it turn out to be Amelia Earhart's tragic Pacific crossing?"Captain" is right up there with the best of the aviation thrillers; an edge of your seat story of what happens when something goes horribly wrong when there is no room for wrong. Captain Block knows his stuff, and it shows on every page. Welcome aboard.

On A Journey Of Life

Kajal Rai - 2021
    The only thing getting her through the guilt of taking the trip against her father's wishes is the beautiful sunset in the hills and the echoes of her heartfelt conversations with Arjun. As she uncovers some secrets of her mother's life from the diary throughout the trip, she struggles against the fate decided for her and dares to hope for something more out of her life and with Arjun.But when her father's constant demands to come back home threaten to cut her trip short, Saanchi must make a choice. Will she go back to her restrictive life or take a chance at living life on her terms?***That Summer - Nivedita KarmaranAfter being forced to spend that summer at Bungalow No. 64, a thirteen-year-old recluse yet free-spirited Rashi Anand, who is bored of her parents’ monotonous lives forms an unexpected friendship with the maintenance man of her guarded society, Lalit. She should have nothing to do with him, yet they find themselves comforting and confiding in each other. But is such friendship considered forbidden? Would Rashi rebel to rescue her friendship and will their friendship stand the test of time?

Wicked Wives

Anna-Lou Weatherley - 2013
    After all, the serial gambler and womaniser has made plenty of enemies.As events come to light however, the finger of suspicion points to three women in particular – and the men they’re married to.Ellie Scott, the beautiful socialite with a dubious past; Loretta Fiorentino, the fame-seeking gold-digger and Victoria Mayfield, the glamorous successful author.Full of intrigue, revenge and decadence, this is a tale you’ll want to revisit again and again.

The Winter Garden

Johanna Verweerd - 2001
    Her choice could open the door to answers she's long wondered about, or it could forever chill a heart too long without love.

No Regrets

Bernard O'Keeffe - 2013
    He’s had a bad year. Sarah, his wife of nearly twenty five years, has walked out on him to move in with Colin. Perhaps they simply grew apart, perhaps the magic was no longer there, or perhaps, as his friend Jerry suggests, Rick has become boring. This nagging thought, together with too much beer on New Year’s Eve and shock at the sudden death of his college friend Alex, leads Rick to a New Year’s resolution… To make the most of the time he has left, and show himself and his old friend Jerry that he is not boring, he will undertake a peculiar challenge: for a whole year he will accept every invitation that comes his way. Any invitation. No excuses. No regrets.


Sriram Subramanian - 2016
    When fortune deserts Jai and his carefully ordered life spins inexorably out of control, Jai stands on the brink of ruin. Only a delayed monsoon can save Jai’s biggest project from disaster, but there are millions across the land praying for the exact opposite. Reason seems to have its limits - the weather defies all prediction, let alone control. Will Jai relinquish the beliefs of a lifetime? Will he reconcile with the awful ambiguity about his past? Will he be able to save his crumbling marriage?

Savage Instinct

Leila Jefferson - 2011
    At the tender age of eleven she is given to Bank Roll, who has his hand in every type of hustle, to settle a drug debt for her parents. Bank Roll is much older and once he sees how unique Lexi is, he breeds her to be his special girl, falling in love with her in the process. She loves him as well, but has him ripped away from her life too soon.While many use the ‘molested at a young age’ story as an excuse, Lexi takes the cards she is dealt and learns all she can because she’s a grown woman in a girl’s body. Not one to settle or let life take over her, she uses the gems she has learned over the years and dabbles in everything she can, just like her mentor. A few chance meetings put her in position to use what she has to get what she needs, and while still in her teen years not only is she on top of the world, but she is also running it. Lexi knows that street smarts can get you so far, but can her Savage instincts take her where she wants to be?