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Pretty Penny Farm by Joanne Hoppe


A Horse Called Trouble

C.K. Volnek - 2011
    At thirteen she finds herself skeptic and suspicious, with no family, no friends, and forced to participate in horse therapy. Horse therapy “will teach trust, perseverance, respect and the value of teamwork,” or so says the program’s instructor. Tara is unconvinced. Trust only got her heart broken, perseverance only gets her put down, and no one respects or wants to team up with the misfit foster kid. At the stable, Tara meets Trouble, an angry horse bent on destroying everything and everyone around him. When Tara realizes he’s just as misunderstood and untrusting as she is, she pushes aside her fear and a special relationship is formed. Trouble trusts Tara, and Tara in turn finds hope and acceptance as well as the will to love and trust again herself. But Tara’s confidence is shaken as a great challenge looms ahead. Trouble’s manipulative owner is determined to have him destroyed because of his ‘dangerous’ nature. Tara must overcome her own limitations and fight to save the horse that has freed her heart and given her life value and meaning.

Flying Changes

Kate Lattey - 2014
     Change doesn’t come easily at first, and Jay makes as many enemies as she does friends before she finds the perfect pony, who seems destined to make her dreams of show jumping success come true. But she soon discovers that training her own pony is not as easy as she thought it would be, and her dream pony is becoming increasingly unmanageable and difficult to ride. Can Jay pull it together, or has she made the biggest mistake of her life?

The Paint Horse (White Cloud Station)

Trudy Nicholson - 2015
    But Paintbox was taken from her by his spiteful former owners and there was nothing Lucy could do. Despite having Hope, Lucy never got over losing Paintbox. The worst part was, she had no idea what became of him until, one day, a mysterious letter arrives…. A White Cloud Station short story.

Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West

Marguerite Henry - 1966
    For as long as she could remember, she had been fascinated by the spirited wild mustangs that roamed free throughout the West. So when greedy cattlemen started to round up the mustangs for slaughter, Annie knew it was up to her to save the breed. The true story of Wild Horse Annie's crusade to save the mustangs is inspiring. Readers will cheer her on, all the way to the White House, in her struggle to preserve these beautiful creatures from extinction.

Secret Rider

Claire Svendsen - 2013
    Her mother is terrified of them. Her dad left because of them. And all Emily wants is to ride them. But that isn’t going to happen any time soon unless Emily takes matters into her own hands and she’s been doing just that for the last year. The only trouble is that secrets are made to be broken and Emily has the biggest one of all. She works at Sand Hill Stables to pay for riding lessons and now she has the chance to prove herself at the prestigious Fox Run Farm show. With her best friend Mickey as her partner in crime, can she make it to show day without her mom finding out? And why do the girls who ride at Fox Run want to make sure that Sand Hill closes its doors once and for all?

The Monday Horses

Jean Slaughter Doty - 1978
    Her pony's accident provides Cassie with an introduction to show horses.

Kate and Holly: The Beginning

Maggie Dana - 2014
    In exchange for her riding lessons, she works at Sandpiper Stables where the other girls look down their noses at her as she mucks stalls, cleans tack, and grooms their European warmbloods. For comfort, Kate turns to Black Magic, the barn’s best horse. His favorite treat is watermelon rinds, which he slobbers all over her. But Kate doesn't care. She loves Magic’s attention and pampers him. Together, they're already making a name for themselves at three-day events, and Kate’s riding instructor predicts they will go far . . . until a tragic accident changes everything. * * * Holly Chapman hides her sadness and loneliness behind a cheerful smile. She grooms as much of her horse, Magician, as she can reach from her wheelchair and watches another girl ride him—winning the blue ribbons that Holly used to win. Determined to keep up with the other kids, even if she can’t walk, Holly takes risks. She gets her wheelchair stuck in the mud, stranded on stairs, and wedged into corners. Sometimes she falls out of it. Her mother advertises for a summer companion, but Holly doesn’t want a watchdog. She wants a best friend.

The Runaways

Victor Canning - 1972
    On a night of wild storms, two lonely creatures escape from captivity.One of the creatures is a boy, Smiler, wrongly convicted of stealing, the other a cheetah, Yarra, leaving the Longleat Wild Life Park to have her cubs in privacy.Both are in danger from the outside world and each other, but somehow their lives become inextricably bound up as they fight for survival on the edge of Salisbury Plain.The Runaways is the first book in Victor Canning's classic children's trilogy, which continues in Flight of the Grey Goose.‘Victor Canning is one of the world’s finest story-tellers’ Good Housekeeping

Minna's Quest

K.M. Peyton - 2007
    And when her fort is threatened by blood-thirsty pirates, the fate of her people depends on Minna and her beloved horse alone, as they set out on an impossible journey to fetch help.

The Thirteenth Horse

Amanda Wills - 2017
    So, when she lands a job at Mill Farm Stables, she hopes she’ll make friends with the children who keep their ponies there. When she’s given the cold shoulder by their ringleader, bossy Norah Bergman, she seeks solace by befriending the mysterious and mighty black Percheron, Cassius. To her surprise, Norah and her friends invite Kristy to join their quadrille team. Fate deals them one disaster after another and Kristy begins to wonder if they are destined to fail. As the day of the quadrille draws near, can Kristy and her new friends overcome adversity and triumph against all odds? And will Kristy lose the one thing she loves more than anything – her beloved horse Cassius? From the Amazon bestselling author of the Riverdale Pony Stories, a new heart-warming tale of friendship, loyalty - and horses.

Comet in Summer

Grace Wilkinson - 2017
    Gentle and exceptionally bred, Comet is the kind of horse Rio has always dreamed of owning - a horse to take on hacks through the vines, ride bareback at sunset, and maybe even compete in an event or two. Comet seems too good to be true, and Rio soon suspects that his past involved more than standing around in a field… But Rio has more to worry about than Comet. With five sisters to deal with - including Clemmie the bestselling romance novelist, Lia the ten-year-old taxidermist, and carefree Susannah who came back from her gap year with more than could fit in a suitcase - and a summer of renovating an old house complicated by the arrival of numerous guests, her family isn’t as perfect as her mum’s blog about their life in rural France suggests. And there’s Comet, a horse with his own story, and Rio soon discovers he could change her life in ways she’d never imagined. Except she’s not so sure she wants it to…

Born in the Saddle (Born to Ride Series Book 1)

Samantha Walker - 2020
     At age fourteen, she's a know it all teen living alone with her mum in London - not a horse in sight. Can a few weeks staying with her grandparents back at the stables change all that, or has she really put horses out of her life for good? Meet the whole Michaelson clan, and their four-legged friends, at the Quicksilver Stud in Book 1 – Born in the Saddle. Teen fiction for horse lovers, especially eventing fans. Ideal for fans of Claire Svendson, Amanda Wills or Samantha Alexander.

A Horse Called Wonder

Joanna Campbell - 1991
    No one thinks the foal will live or that it's worth trying to save. No one but Ashleigh.Can one girl's love alone work miracles?Read Thoroughbred and experience the love and friendship between a determined girl and a very special filly.

Winter Memories

Lauren Brooke - 2004
    This title is filled with nostalgia and inspiration, as we see Amy's life before the start of the series.It's December, and Amy can't help but remember the last holiday she spent with her mother. Back then, Amy was training Sundance, the feisty pony they had rescued from an auction. While Sundance had proven to be a talent in the show ring, he was still impossible to handle in the stable. Frustrated by the pony's attitude and her mother's rigorous training schedule, Amy is lacking holiday - and Heartland - spirit. But then, Sundance falls ill. As Amy watches over him, she is finally able to glimpse the vulnerable pony's true heart - and understand the precious gift she shares with her mother.

Royal Ransom

Eric Walters - 2003
    His surprise turns to astonishment when he discovers the group includes the young Princess Victoria and Prince Andrew, who are next in line for the British throne!When kidnappers strike, taking the grownups in the group hostage, Jamie and the rest of the children are forced to battle their way back to civilization alone. Encounters with bears, rapids and the menacing kidnappers threaten to stop them at every turn, but thanks to Jamie's level headedness and Victoria's quick thinking, the children outwit their pursuers ... but they're not out of danger yet!