A Grave Gala (Sugar Martin Vintage Cozy Mysteries Book 2)

Shéa MacLeod - 2019
    With some reluctance, she joins the rest of the glamorous attendees on the veranda for cocktails and dancing until the gala turns grave indeed when one of the guests is murdered. With the sure knowledge there’s a killer among them, Sugar sets out to unearth the secrets that led to the death of a peer of the realm. With the help of a grumpy corgi and a handsome Englishman, she’s on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer and she won’t stop until she gets her man! The second book in the Sugar Martin Vintage Cozy Mysteries set in post-WW2 England.

The Roses of Mobile

M.L. Bullock - 2017
    The dream catcher and her handsome husband, Ashland, quickly discover that the past is alive and well and that ghosts roam the halls of the restored plantation home. Unfamiliar ghosts. As Carrie Jo begins to dream about the past, she "meets" Lafonda Delarosa, a young woman with a curious mind but an uncertain future, and her beautiful brother, Jonatan. When CJ learns that tragedy awaits the Delarosa family, she tries to come to Lafonda's aid but makes a mistake that will cost her-or someone-dearly.

Flying Into the Sun

Paul Ogier - 2018
    Cows, burros, dead animals or broken-down cars might be just around the bend—even bandidos. Tonight, the danger is crazed, drug-running gringos flying down the mountain, blowing past anything threatening their rhythm.”~Flying Into the SunIn 1979, a Mexican army truck and a small U.S.-registered airplane race toward each other on a remote airstrip in southern Mexico. Their game of chicken marks the end of a young surfer’s true-life smuggling odyssey involving midnight powwows with indigenous Zapotecs of Oaxaca, paddling kilos of marijuana across the Rio Grande on surfboards, learning to fly, and a stint in the Oaxaca State Penitentiary.Narrated by the main character, Flying Into the Sun is not just a true-crime adventure memoir. It is an introspective, coming-of-age tale that weaves through a secret Mexico and chronicles the fast-changing 1970s in the U.S. with its emergent culture of long hair and drugs, rebellious youth versus hostile law enforcement, and the music and pop themes of the times.The author worked his way up through general aviation to become a pilot for American Airlines, where he flew twenty years and retired as captain. Previous literary endeavors include publishing the insubordinate aviation tabloid Houston Air News, as well as writing stories for national and regional publications such as General Aviation News, the Portsmouth Herald and the Texas Flyer.Chapters* Prologue (Chicken)1 Mexico2 El Salvador (Bandidos)3 Costa Rica (The Brotherhood)4 Oaxaca (The Zapotecs)5 The Rio Grande6 Solo Run7 Oil Initiative8 Learning to Fly & Rainbow Weed9 Saga of the El Camino10 A New Era11 Pop12 La Carcel (Jail)13 Kilos14 La Casa Grande (The Big House)15 Escape16 Kilos Again17 The Judge18 You Will Be Free19 Disco Sucks20 What’s Your Purpose?21 Southbound with Our Ears On22 Cocaine All Around My Brain23 Volcan Orizaba24 Flying Home* Epilogue* Thanks* About the AuthorPRAISE FOR FLYING INTO THE SUN“This is fantastic!! It's going to be BIG! I see a movie!”~Chris Cantara, pilot & owner of Seaside Aviation, LLC“So many great parts in the book. Magical Mystery Tour down the mountain was excellent. The book reveals a Mexico that tourists never see.”~Eric Knight, semi-pro surfer“F****** awesome!!!!!!!!!!!”~Dave Bicknell, guitarist and software engineer“I think it's great. You are a very accomplished storyteller. As a US expat living in Mexico I found the Mexican details to be quite accurate.”~Tom Bailey, retired expat living in the Yucatán, Mexico"I just finished this book. It’s killer. I loved it. 5 stars. A true story about some wild, crazy times in the 70’s. I really felt like I was there with you. I got a bit nervous a few times. Great Read. Hate that it ended."~Sandi Syndergaard, moderator of the Original Over the Hill Hippies FB groupYup, I love books. And I'm always happy to find out about a surf/ travel book that takes me back to places I've been to, or back to a time I've missed. Flying into the Sun is a mix of both...a time before smartphone navigation in rental cars or even planes, and what more a surfboard can be used for than just riding waves...Worth a read.~thefreesurfer.com

Echo of an Angry God

Beverley Harper - 1999
    A history that cannot be hidden forever.Lana Devereaux travels to Malawi seeking the truth behind her fathers disappearance near Likoma Island fifteen years ago. But Lana soon finds herself caught in a web of deciet, passion and black magic that stretches back over two hundred years and has ramifications that reach well beyond the shores of Lake Malawi.

Werewolf: August, 1945

Matthew Pritchard - 2012
    The Allies have won the war. Now they have to win the peace ...Silas Payne is a Scotland Yard officer seconded to Germany to help implement the Allied policy of denazification. When a former Waffen SS soldier is found murdered in the cellar of a requisitioned house, Payne begins an investigation that leads him on a tortuous path of discovery through the chaos of post-war Germany and pits him against a depraved killer who will stop at nothing to protect his secret.

A Fatal Affair

Carolyn L. Dean - 2019
    mysterious death, with no signs of a struggle or cause TWO... men fighting over an aging actress while trying to rule a has-been film studio THREE... days for Edwina to discover the secrets that lead to blackmail and murder When newly hatched lady detective Edwina Winterwood gets hired to help discover who's threatening the life of a star of the silver screen, 1928 Chicago may never be the same. Home of flappers, speakeasys, fast cars and wild parties, when Hollywood arrives everything heats up even more! BOOK ONE in the JAZZ and GIN COZY MYSTERY SERIES

The Sign of the Weeping Virgin

Alana White - 2012
    And then a holy painting begins weeping in Guid’Antonio’s church. Are the tears manmade or a sign of God’s displeasure with Guid’Antonio himself?In a finely wrought story for lovers of medieval and renaissance mysteries everywhere‚ Guid’Antonio follows a spellbinding trail of clues to uncover the thought-provoking truth about the missing girl and the weeping painting’s mystifying—and miraculous?—tears‚ all pursued as he comes face to face with his own personal demons.

Diamonds in the Dust

Beryl Matthews - 2008
    The three Bentley children are used to fending for themselves. Their widowed mother has been forced to take a night job at Grant’s clothing factory, and sees them only at breakfast and on Sundays. But at nearly eighteen, and with a job as a housemaid to help make ends meet, Dora is well able to look after her younger siblings Tom and Lily. Then one morning their mother fails to appear for breakfast, and when Dora is told by the gatekeeper at Grant’s factory that no one by the name of Harriet Bentley has ever worked there, the children grow worried. They know their mother loves them, and cannot believe she would deliberately deceive them. With the help of a neighbour, a former policeman who was badly injured during the War, Dora and her siblings start to investigate.

Between the Cracks: One Woman's Journey from Sicily to America

Carmela Cattuti - 2013
    Orphaned by the earthquake and powerful eruption of Mt. Etna in 1908, Angela is raised in the strict confines of an Italian convent. Through various twists of fate, she is married to a young Italian man whom she barely knows, then together with her spouse, immigrates to the U.S. This novel is an invitation to accompany the young Angela as she confronts the ephemeral nature of life on this planet and navigates the wide cultural gaps between pre-World War II Italy and the booming prosperity of dynamic young America. Author, artist, and teacher Carmela Cattuti created Between the Cracks as an homage to her great-aunt, who survived the earthquake and eruption of Mt. Etna and bravely left Sicily to start a new life in America.

A Death In Tuscany

Dick Rosano - 2012
     After he returns home for a funeral, his cousins convince him that Nonno Filippo’s death was not an accident. While solving the crime, Filippo traverses the pastoral landscapes of Tuscany, indulging in the area’s most delicious wine and food, and discovers the life he was always meant to live. Dick Rosano's A Death In Tuscany is part mystery, part wine tutorial and part romp through Tuscany's beautiful countryside.

Goodnight Amy

Victor Pemberton - 2000
    For her eldest daughter Amy there is no time to feel sorry, it is all she can do to hold the family together. With no mother and a father who is useless, Amy sees little hope for the future until she meets Tim Gudgeon. Tim, who is secretly in love with Amy, believes that he has seen Agnes. Suddenly Amy is full of determination to find Agnes and discover why she left. But Agnes took with her a secret strong enough to drive a mother from her children and one that Amy may wish she had never heard...

Murder at the Fashion House: A 1920s Historical Cozy Mystery (An Evie Parker Mystery Book 8)

Sonia Parin - 2020
    Her quest is a timely diversion as her granny, Toodles, appears to be suffering from a case of restlessness.All goes well until Evie’s public clash with the journalist responsible for the article is followed by the journalist’s death. The circumstances are suspicious and the police is warning Evie to stay away from the case.While she is happy to comply with the detective’s request, the killer has other ideas and goes one step too far…

I Never Knew Myself: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Melanie Rachel - 2020
    And now he is left to wonder whether he is drawn to more than her fine eyes.When Darcy realizes that Elizabeth and Ellie might be one and the same, he is anxious to return her to the Windhams, and Elizabeth is no less eager to meet her family. But when the idyllic reunion she longed for goes awry, both Darcy and Elizabeth wonder whether it’s really possible to put a broken family back together again.Can Darcy help Elizabeth find her place in her first family so she can one day join him in his?

The Hand of God

John Isaac Jones - 2017
    This is the story of 24-year-old Bobby Lincoln, who lives in the coastal town of Palm Harbor in 1955 Florida. With few jobs and no education available to him, he ekes out a living by fishing and doing any other work that he can find, often using his boat. But it’s not enough for him or his common-law wife, Idella, who keeps threatening to leave him if he doesn’t become a more effective breadwinner. None of this is helped by his own love of gambling and his tendency to keep company with some of the town’s best-known criminals. When a local gangster offers him $2,450 to take part in a serious crime, Bobby knows that it would break the heart of his deeply religious mother and disappoint a smart teenage boy who idolizes him. But he also believes that it might be his only chance to keep his wife and get back some self-respect. One little boat ride quickly turns into a nightmare that consumes Bobby’s life even as he tries to conceal it from others. Based on Florida’s infamous Chillingworth murders!

A Higher Duty

Peter Murphy - 2012
    Underneath a profession which proudly flaunts its integrity and traditions lies a world of hypocrisy and ruthless self-interest. When scandal threatens, self-preservation is the only goal and no one is indispensable. Ben Schroeder, a talented young man from an East End Jewish family, has been accepted as a pupil into the Chambers of Bernard Wesley QC. But Schroeder is an outsider, not part of this privileged society, where wealth and an Oxbridge education are essentials. He encounters prejudice, intrigue and scandal. Kenneth Gaskell, a rising star of Wesley's Chambers has become involved in an affair with a high-profile client and the relationship, if known, could ruin his career, and the careers of all those around him. But Bernard Wesley has some information - he knows about a student prank that went terribly wrong - but can he use this knowledge in a desperate gamble to save his Chambers and turn the tables on his old rival, Miles Overton QC?