One of Us Buried

Johanna Craven - 2021
    She is put to work at the female factory of Parramatta; a place where the women’s only hope of food and lodgings is to offer their bodies to the settlement’s men. Nell is given shelter by Lieutenant Blackwell, a brooding soldier to whom she is inexplicably drawn. Despite warnings from the other women, Blackwell’s motives seem decent, and beneath the roof of a military officer, Nell sees a chance to become more than just a convict woman sent to the factory to be forgotten. But tensions are high in New South Wales, with the young colony teetering on the edge of a convict rebellion. And as Nell treads a dangerous line between obedience and power, she learns the role of a factory lass is to remain silent – or face a walk to the gallows.

Who Killed the Kaneez?

Vijay Kakwani - 2019
     Farzana is one of the prostitutes at Begum's kotha and Ramakant Bannerjee, the writer, loves her deeply. He's promised to marry her once he has enough money. He's currently writing his most ambitious novel, the story of Kaneez. As the story of Kaneez unfolds, so does the intriguing life of Farzana. What fate does she meet? Read on to find out.

A Fine Kettle of Fish

Lou Bradshaw - 2013
    He is bright, easy going, an apt student, a hard worker, and a thief. Actually, he is more of an opportunist than a thief Things just land in his lap, and he keeps them. Working after school and on weekends at his father’s garage and towing service, he has more than ample opportunity for things to drop into his lap. As a high school senior in a small Missouri town and with a father who remembers what it was like to be young, Lee has been given the kind of freedom unheard of in the early 1960s; the kind of freedom that most of his peers can only dream of. The worst that could ever happen, he thought, would be getting caught in the back seat with a six-pack and the daughter of the man holding the flashlight. He quickly learns that the world outside of Doubling, Missouri can be a cruel and deadly place when four pounds of heroin are dropped into his lap at the scene of a fatal accident. Realizing that he is over his head, he turns the merchandise over to the local law. The size and circumstance of the find attracts the attention of state and federal agencies, which set up a foolproof sting operation using Lee as bait. When he starts classes at a nearby state college, Lee realizes that he can no longer slam through life with abandon because a commitment to his father has to be honored. The class work is harder and more complex than high school, and so are the girls, but both are much more interesting and exciting. As Lee fumbles and stumbles his way into maturity, he also goes from frying pans into fires at an ever-increasing rate.

Cowboy Roomie Complete Series Box Set

Claire Adams - 2017
     Cash Ogden was perfectly happy on his ranch outside of Jackson, Wyoming where he always knew what to expect and was able to keep things neat and tidy. But then Hailey Young showed up on his doorstep, throwing his entire life into disarray. An author from New York City, she wants to study Cash’s life so she can write a realistic cowboy novel, and though Cash isn’t excited by the prospect of opening up his home and life, he can’t turn down the money she’s offering. Cash can’t deny an immediate physical attraction to the beautiful and smart Hailey, but they are complete opposites who also happen to live three thousand miles apart. He vows to keep things professional between them, but will he really be able to keep that promise to himself during the three months Hailey plans to stay, closely watching his every move as the attraction builds?

A Family Affair

Nancy Carson - 2015
    Especially as the new – very young – husband comes with a new stepsister for Clover.But Ramona brings with her a freedom that Clover has never been permitted. Like the aircraft being pioneered at the time, with Ramona in her life, Clover finds there are new horizons to explore and new people to meet. Her new outlook even allows a love affair to blossom with handsome photographer Tom Doubleday.But then her stepfather’s brother arrives…and everything that was good and changed, is about to change again…

Ten's a Crowd (part one): The Heartwarming Story of a Glasgow Family

Cliff McCabe - 2014
    With Mum, Dad and eight kids to feed, life in the Glasgow of the Seventies, was never going to be easy for the clan McCallister. They were short of money, overcrowded and had to rely on second-hand furniture and an outside toilet. But despite their lack of material possessions it was a happy home, full of love and laughter (and a few tears). Based on McCabe's own upbringing on the south side of Glasgow, the Ten's a Crowd series has become a real favourite.

Paranormal Public Omnibus Books 4-6

Maddy Edwards - 2014
    Princess Lanca's father, King Daemon, has been murdered, and Lanca will ascend to the vampire throne. But danger lurks around every dark corner and no one knows whom to trust. Can Charlotte and her friends come together to protect the princess against darkness, or will they be too late? Book 5: In Charlotte’s fourth semester she is torn between finding out what happened to her mother, protecting the artifacts on the Wheel that could destroy all the paranormals, and following her heart. To make matters worse, there are new threats and a new President of Public. Luckily the threats aren’t directed toward Charlotte, at least not entirely, and Charlotte still has her loyal friends to keep her company and help her along the way. Book 6: Charlotte returns to Public for her junior year. She's intent on fighting the rising power of the Nocturns, but many paranormals are happy to bury their heads in the sand, or worse, side with darkness. She can rely on the loyalty of her friends, but that won't be enough to stop the forces of evil. Will Charlotte stand alone, or will the paranormals rise to help her?

A Question of Duty

Martin McDowell - 2012
    England rules the waves and Wellington is taking on the French in the Spanish Peninsula, but the French Navy yet remains a potent threat, especially their fast, well-armed frigates. Also, another threat is creeping Northward; slaver/pirates in fast galleys from the North African coast, are raiding North, taking advantage of the warring Navies preoccupation with each other, to capture for slavery the highly valuable women and children of Northern Europe. Into this, Captain Reuben Argent sails his first command, HMS Ariadne, a fast, 32 gun, Spanish built frigate. He has moulded both his ship and crew into a tight fighting unit, which he immediately uses to capture La Mouette, a French 42 gun frigate. A brilliant start, but all is not well at home. The Enclosures movement could force his family from their farm, and his Admiral is their immediate neighbour, who hates the Argent family and will use any means available to force them from their home and gain their land. On top is Argent’s rivalry with “Flogger Cheveley” the Captain of the Herodotus, who has a very different concept of how to run a ship of the Royal Navy. Also, as Captain, Argent has to contend with the machinations within the community that is his own crew. The day comes when Argent has to make a career threatening choice, either, as ordered, to take a vital despatch to Wellington at the fastest possible speed or to search for the slaver that has just captured Cornish women and children, including members of his own family. In the background is the smuggling of linen from Ireland to France and his relations with the feisty Sinead Malley and the society beauty Charlotte Willoughby

Alaska! Up North and to the Left

Steven Swaks - 2013
    She was a physician fresh out of medical school. Living under the Californian sunshine, they never thought life would bring them to one of the most remote corners of the United States.Based on true events, "Alaska! Up North and to the Left" is an epic tale, a story of discoveries among the Yupik Eskimo culture in Bethel, an isolated roadless town in Southwest Alaska. A young couple, Steven, a newly licensed commercial pilot eager to build up flight time, and Lydia, a physician looking to practice in an underserved area, decide to leave sunny Southern California for the rigors of the Alaskan wild. Yes, they knew it would be hard, but they would be able to handle it. Or will they? Together, they will learn to cope with culture shock, the relentless cold, pipes freezing, rural medicine, and flying small planes in subarctic weather. How will they handle the change? What challenges will they encounter? Embark on a true adventure away from the postcards, and dare to discover the other Alaska.



A Dish Served Cold

Diney Costeloe - 2014
     Terrified that Roger will try and find her and force her to come back, Pam takes refuge with an old school friend, taking care to leave no trail behind her. A stroke of good fortune decides Pam that she must disappear for good, vanish without a trace, but as she is to discover, that is not as easy as it sounds, especially when she’s reported missing by a friend and the police become involved.

Amazing Optical Illusions: Visual Illusion Picture Book (Brain Teasers Books 1)

Barry Buggles - 2013
    Some of the mind-blowing visual illusions appear to be moving! Vibrating, pulsing, rippling and spinning... Others like the 3D optical illusion, 'the impossible staircase,' will have you in a state of fascination. While 'little red corvette' along with the other funny optical illusions will get you laughing. These mesmerising and playful optical illusions and puzzles trick our sense of perspective so cleverly that they simply outwit our brains: we cant just take a quick glance and turn away. They impel us to look once, twice, and over and over again, as we try to work out exactly how the magical optical illusions science works. These optical illusions for kids will be loved by people of all ages. Every one of these optical illusions is a wonder to behold. Lots of fun for all the family... Scroll Up and Claim Your Copy Now!

The Meat Factory (The Barrington Patch Book 1)

Emmy Ellis - 2021

A Wise Child

Elizabeth Murphy - 1994
    She escapes into domestic service with a kindly employer, but when he dies, she is taken on by Joshua Leadbitter. He assaults the innocent girl, and she flees home.Sensing her unhappiness, Janey, a scheming lodger, swiftly arranges a marriage between the girl and Sam Meadows, a sailor who once befriended her. The rape is concealed from Sam and when Nellie’s son, Tommy, is born eight months later, there is doubt about his parentage.As insecurities grow, and Nellie and Sam are pushed to their breaking point, they will be forced to face the truth behind Tommy’s heritage, and make a huge decision…A gritty love letter to the author’s home town, A Wise Child is a spellbinding family saga, perfect for fans of Katie Flynn, Helen Forrester and Lyn Andrews

Oyster Shore

Ruth Saberton - 2021
    As the storm clouds of war gather over Europe, a chain of events is set in motion which will reach across the decades to haunt the neglected place once known as Oyster Shore.A lifetime of regrets…In the winter of 1964 one of the richest men in England lies dying. Alone and consumed by guilt, Gerald Snowe leaves behind the dark secrets which have driven him to despair and his last wish is that restitution might be made. But who will remain on Oyster Shore long enough to hear the past whispering?A lost story…Over fifty years later, broken-hearted writer Lowenna Scott seeks solace in a remote riverside hideaway. Swirling mists and ghostly tales soon draw her into a decades’ old mystery and the company of the enigmatic Noah Wilson. When a long-concealed betrayal unexpectedly comes to light, Lowenna and Noah must look to the past to uncover the truth behind a love affair that changed history, haunts Oyster Shore and possesses the power to alter their own future forever…Taking the reader on a captivating journey through time, place and war, Oyster Shore is an unforgettable story of love, loss, and most of all hope.