Dead College

Kent Reaper - 2013
    He's confused, he's disoriented. He asks himself what's going on. But he doesn't know. It's not like anyone's alive to tell him anyway. Just a short trip to the bathroom, a welcome break from the geology class that puts him to sleep and his world is turned upside down. He sees things that defy explanation: His classmate eating his professor, his professor getting up, shrugging off fatal injuries and coming for him.Zack knows he must get out of this nightmare. But when he's inadvertently trapped in the faculty building by a fellow survivor, he soon discovers that the living may be even more dangerous than the monstrous undead.

Zombies in Paradise (Guardians of the Apocalypse Book 2)

Jeff Thomson - 2018
    Humanity seems lost. The Zombies have taken over. But the crew of Sassafras and True North aren't about to just kneel down and take it.

If Not Us: Surviving the Evacuation (Life Goes On Book 4)

Frank Tayell - 2021

ONSLAUGHT: The Zombie War Chronicles - Vol 1

Damon Novak - 2018
    Unfortunately, there was little time to ponder the cause. Most animals died at the onset. Others in the reptilian category merely changed. While some humans were unaffected, others experienced a half-death of sorts, morphing into blood and flesh-crazed creatures with a desire only to hunt the living and consume them. Climbing Fox Wattana of the Henomawi Nation claims responsibility for the black rain and its effects; He says it is his revenge against the United States government for robbing his people of their land, ensuring their ultimate extinction. Cole "CB" Baxter isn't taking this lying down. He, his sister, Lilly, and Dr. Georgina Lake will flee their airboat tour business in the Florida Everglades and attempt to rescue what family they can. If that all works out, they plan to follow the ham radio broadcasts of a classic rock DJ named Micky Rode, as he guides the survivors to a gathering spot somewhere in Kansas. That's the plan, anyway. But you know what they say: We make plans ... God laughs.

The Beginning: Surviving the Apocolypse

Mark Lansing - 2013
    All around him lights are flashing on and generators are powering up. Bang. The sound comes from the other side of the 15-inch thick steel door. One of Them. Above the bunker, a rabies outbreak has mutated into a deadly worldwide infection that attacks the very essence of being human, leaving only the most primitive desire: to feed. Against this onslaught, there is one defense - Bunker Z.

A Very Lassie Christmas & 3:39 a.m. "The Bachelor Party": (The Lassie Files Books 3 & 4)

Nick Pirog - 2017
    trip to the Smithsonian's National Zoo. But when Lassie and Murdock tag along, everything goes haywire....3:39 a.m. "The Bachelor Party" (The Lassie Files Book 4)Just a few weeks before his wedding, Henry is shocked when he wakes up at the MGM National Harbor for a surprise bachelor party. And if Henry's father, Lassie, and Murdock have anything to say about it, it will be an "hour" that Henry will never forget...even if he wants to...Praise for The Lassie Files:Cat + dog = Henry's crazy night! -Cire6407Man, this is hilarious! It's short and easy to read in one sitting (or laying in my case), but you will find yourself, literally LOL! Gee, I think everyone would love this book! Can hardly wait for the next one in the series! -Louise PledgeI was already a big Nick Pirog fan before reading 3:06 am the Lassie Files so I was fully prepared to like the book. Was NOT prepared to just fall head over heels in love with it, but I did! I love the cat, the dog, the main character, his dad....every single thing about the book! It's funny, heartwarming (as are all Nick's books) and unforgettable. -Amazon CustomerGreat read! Really funny! Lassie is the best! Its a short book but I could not put it down till I was finished. As always Nick Pirog's sense of humor keeps you laughing. The 2 new friends of Lassie are great. I think we have all been there with a'll see. Can't want to the next Lassie story. -Kristina Masi

Unhappy Endings

Chris Philbrook - 2015
    With stories by;Chris PhilbrookAlan MacRaffenJoe TremblayJ.C. FiskeAnd more…

Bedlam Boy: The Forger & The Traitor

Ian W. Sainsbury - 2020
    Sainsbury. Two short, punchy, action-packed episodes in each book.They murdered his parents, shot him in the head, and left him to die. They should have made sure.Twenty years after Tom Lewis watched his parents die, those responsible are being killed. One by one.Gentle, brain-damaged Tom, a giant of a man who can barely speak, can’t be responsible for their deaths. Can he?When Tom Lewis was shot, something new was created. Something unique. Something deadly. Something patient enough to plan revenge for twenty long years.Meet Bedlam Boy

Apocalypse Z: The Complete Collection (Rise of the Undead)

Baileigh Higgins - 2021

I Am The One: God, Mend My Broken Heart (Christian Singles Short Read Prayer & Devotional Book 1)

Sherylynne L. Rochester-Dix - 2020

The NYPD’s Flying Circus: Cops, Crime & Chaos (Tell All NYPD Books)

Vic Ferrari - 2019
    A police force that large is going to have more than a few colorful characters and unbelievable stories. Retired NYPD Detective Vic Ferrari takes you behind the scenes as he peels back the onion, revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the New York City Police Department. The NYPD's Flying Circus picks up where NYPD: Through the Looking Glass left off in this controversial tell-all sequel. The NYPD’s Flying Circus is an introspective, behind-the-scenes look into the New York City Police Department. Cops, crime and chaos are sarcastically woven together through the eyes of a retired NYPD detective, exposing the funnier side of the NYPD—a fascinating history lesson wrapped in personal anecdotes covering a twenty-year law enforcement career. If you enjoy Live PD, are fascinated with police work, or ever wondered what it was like to be a member of the NYPD, you’ve picked up the right book.

I, Zombie

Nick Spalding - 2011
    I, Zombie is a comedy horror short story from Nick Spalding (writing as Clive Bonnet) about the thinking dead! It is featured in his fantasy novel "The Cornerstone".


Ricky Fleet - 2015
    Portsmouth, England. A global particle physics experiment releases a pulse of unknown energy with catastrophic results. Scientists in their laboratories search desperately for a solution to the broken fabric of existence, but they are already too late, the sanctity of the grave has been sundered. There is no virus or bacteria to combat, just chaos and horror as a million graveyards expel their tenants from eternal slumber. The world is unaware of the impending apocalypse, realisation only dawns with the appearance of the mouldering corpses who devour everything they encounter. Governments crumble and armies are scattered to the wind. Kurt Taylor, a self-employed plumber, witnesses the start of the horrifying outbreak. Desperate to reach his family before they fall victim to the ever growing horde of shambling corruption, he flees the scene, watching the unfolding cannibalism and destruction in his rear view mirror. In a society with few guns, how can people hope to survive the endless waves of zombies that seek to consume every living thing? With ingenuity, planning and everyday materials, the group forge their way and strike back at the Hellspawn legions. Rescues are mounted, but not all survivors are benevolent. The evil that is in all men has been given free rein in this new, dead world. With both the living and dead to contend with, is there any hope for the Taylor family?

MASSIVE (Ten Book Romance Box Set)

Paige North - 2017
     That’s what I’ll be, my virginity bought by notorious billionaire Travis Star. I’ve only seen pictures of him on gossip sites and in business magazines, but in the flesh he’s tall and broad-shouldered, with a penetrating stare. Hard muscles under his impeccable jacket, shirt, tie, and trousers. Dark green eyes, as cool as emeralds. Tan skin that he probably got from the exotic trips to his private island in the Bahamas. Thick, short, dark hair, and a dusting of rough scruff around lips that I can’t look away from. He never smiles. His expression is always stoic, never giving anything away. Even so, I can’t help the throbbing between my legs every time I think about what he has paid so dearly to do to me. There’s no denying Travis Star is hot. But his heart is cold. He has demons. The kind of demons that would drive a man to want to buy a woman. And I’m about to find out the hard way just how dark those demons are… Better When It’s Wrong My stepbrother. He’s devastatingly gorgeous. Dark hair. Ripped body. Piercing blue eyes that contrast perfectly with his dark complexion. A smoldering gaze that makes everyone around him fall in love. My friends used to joke that if Cole looked at you, you’d have your panties off by the end of the night. And it was true. He’d slept with most of my friends, and any other hot girl he happened to want. It had been infuriating when we were younger, watching him sneak girls into his room at night, hearing them moaning and screaming his name as he got them off. He’d had things handed to him because he was beautiful and smart and good at sports. I hated him because he was everything I wasn’t. He was outgoing, I was shy. He was smart, I made mediocre grades. He was special, I wasn’t. But the biggest reason I hated him was because he left us. He left me. Five years ago, he’d up and moved out, packing up his things in the middle of the night and taking the bus to New York City with three of his friends. They’d created a messaging app that had taken off, and now he was a billionaire. I haven’t heard from him in years. Until now. Because Cole’s back. Just when my dysfunctional mother decides to kick me out of the house. I have nowhere to go, so Cole agrees to let me stay with him in his penthouse apartment in New York City. Under one condition – that I follow his rules, whatever they are, no questions asked. I know that what he wants from me is wrong. He wants me to strip. To touch him. To put his lips and mouth all over my body. I know it’s twisted. But I love the way he talks to me, love how demanding he is. The tone of his voice, the look in his eyes, the way he assumes he’s going to end up getting whatever he wants– all of it swirls together into an ache that permeates my whole body. I try to resist him, but it’s impossible.

Strange Start

Gayle Katz - 2018
    An experimental medicine. A clinic full of feral patients.As a college freshman, I can’t wait for my first day of class. But when my routine health exam turns into a medical emergency, my dreams become a nightmare.And as my past tumbles back into the present, I’m horrified when patients devolve into animals and attack the medical staff. Desperate to find my way back to consciousness and safety, my anxiety holds tight and doesn’t go away.Will my life go back to normal, or are these terrors here forever?Strange Start is the short story prequel that portends the catastrophic zombie apocalypse to come in the Jane Zombie Chronicles. Reading this hair-raising, first-hand account of a brave survivor reveals the soul-stirring plight of those caught in the epicenter of the madness.Sink your teeth into Strange Start now!