Let's Ride

Hope Stone - 2021
    I got my bike, I got my peace and I got my gun.That’s all I need. Until that hot young thing; Sarah from the gas station brought me out of my peaceShe’s one of those wild, homegrown Valor girls with a touch of spice.She’s the one you stay away from cos you know they trouble.But I’m a man that brings order to chaos, and she’s hiding a secret that affects the men of Valor and I gotta have her.Will Sarah’s secret stop a good thing before it gets started? Or will it open a whole can of worms in the town of Valor?

Rafe and Cade Short Story

Sloane Kennedy - 2016
    Free read.

Slow Ride

Mayra Statham - 2021
    He loves working with his hands and as part of the Men of Valor, he isn’t afraid to get dirty. All he needs is his bike, brothers and an ice-cold beer after work.That is until Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Moreno drives into town.One look at Valor’s new resident and Brick finds that this bohemian beauty has shaken up and turned his organized life upside down. But he doesn’t mind. Not when her smile rivals the sun and her green eyes are prettier than the hills that surround Valor, Wyoming.She’s chaos and he’s order. They might have just met, but he knows one thing: Mack is his. He’s going to take it nice and steady to win his wild and free hippie girl. A slow ride she’s never going to forget.And no one will get in the way of that.

The Stewardess's Diary - Part One: Canada

S.M. Pratt - 2015
    The airline pilot opens his carry-on to find a beautiful leather-bound notebook: a diary. Inside its intricate pages, he discovers a captivating series of encounters that progress from naive to reckless to ravenously sexy.He reads the diary from cover to cover more than a few times, and his obsession leads to a question: How can he possibly find this incredible stewardess? As Charlie crisscrosses the globe in his search, he finds his own opportunities to expand his sexual experiences. But can he ever find the one woman who sets his appetite on fire?If you like smoking-hot voyeurism, innovative storytelling, and sensual scenes that break hetero bounds, then you’ll love S.M. Pratt’s sizzling tale.

At The Party

Katy Baker - 2013
    She doesn’t have a man and she doesn’t need one. But when she meets her room-mate’s father, Richard, her world is turned upside down. He’s collected, confident. Gorgeous. And when she’s invited to a family party, there’s more than congratulations on Lucy’s mind. But does Richard feel the same way? Will Lucy’s steamy fantasies come true? At the party is a 6000 word steamy short story. It is the first book in the My Best Friend’s Father erotic romance series for adults. Warning: This story contains explicit material. For 18+. Read an excerpt: Lucy’s words trailed off as her eyes settled on Melissa’s father. Strong jaw, blue eyes, black hair with a sprinkling of gray at the temples. Stuffy old fart? Not a bit of it. This man was lithe, athletic, toned. And utterly gorgeous. “You all right?” Melissa asked. Lucy jumped. “What? Yes. I mean, very pleased to meet you.” Richard glided forward and held out his hand. “So you’re the room-mate we’ve been told so much about?” “Um, that’s me. All good I hope?” Lucy replied, shaking his hand. As Richard curled his fingers around hers, a tingle passed up Lucy’s arm. She found herself staring into his eyes. They were the deepest blue she’d ever seen. “All good, I promise.” His voice was low, husky. Arousal flashed through Lucy’s abdomen and her nipples tightened. How would it feel to have those strong fingers caressing her body? Flustered, she dropped Richard’s hand and turned back to the coffees. Other books by Katy Baker At The Apartment, Book 2 of My Best Friend's Father (erotic romance series novellas) At The Office, Book 3 of My Best Friend's Father (erotic romance novellas)

Sparks Fly

Nicole Falls - 2017
    A simple touch sending currents of electricity flowing through a body. The feeling of coming home. Friends become lovers. Strangers become soulmates. The chemistry ignited when two people are falling in love is undeniable. Over the course of five short stories, follow these couples on journeys of passion and discover what happens when they decide to let sparks fly…

Alpha Men: Books 4-6 (Alpha Men, #4-6)

Hope Ford - 2019
    He was my everything. We knew he would be joining the service when we graduated. Just like his dad and grandfather did before him. So, no matter how much I wanted him to stay, he had to go. He had to leave me. My mom was once in the same situation and she waited her whole life for my dad to come back to us. I saw what she went through and how it destroyed her. I couldn’t do that to myself. So, I ended it with Tank. Tank Emily thinks I will never come back to her. But what she doesn’t realize is, I don’t have a choice. No matter what happens, no matter how far away I go, I’m coming back to her. Where I Belong (Alpha Men, 5) An Alpha Man and BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance Kim I fell for Rich in a picture. He is in my brother’s army unit and twelve years older than me. Although I dreamed about him all the time, I never imagined that we would ever meet… and he would live up to my fantasy. Rich My army brother asked me to check in on his sister. I told him I would and then he gave me her picture. I fell for her just by looking at her, and I knew the minute I saw her, I was where I belong. Do Over (Alpha Men, 6) An Alpha Man, and BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance Madison Jase and I were in love and going to be together FOREVER! And then he had to leave me. I spent the last five years dealing with a broken heart. I tried to move on, I met someone else and we had a baby together. But now, Jase is back and says he’s here to get what is his. Jase I had to leave her. At the time I didn’t think I had a choice. But I worked all this time to get back to her. She thinks since her body has changed and she has a little girl now that I don’t want her. She couldn’t be more wrong and I’m going to prove it to her. I’m going to get my second chance… my do over. Note: This is a steamy, sweet, SHORT romance. It has a HEA with alpha male and a plus size woman that makes him hers! If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.

My Mamma Mia Christmas

Annie Robertson - 2018
    But as the festive season draws closer, Laurel begins to wonder if Christmas on Skopelos can ever live up to the cosy Yorkshire Christmases she spent with her beloved grandmother, Marnie. And with a travel writer arriving to review the Villa, Laurel needs a touch of festive sparkle - and a little help from some old friends... With critics to impress, Greek feasts to cook, and an ABBA-themed winter wedding on the horizon, can Laurel throw the perfect Christmas for everyone? And will she find her own romance underneath the mistletoe...? Escape to Greece this Christmas for this joyous sequel to My Mamma Mia Summer.

Bad Ride

Dani Wyatt - 2021
    Like the call I got for a 1977 Mustang that needs a tow. I know that car well and I know more about the driver than I should because I’ve been following her and spying on her for almost two years.When she touches me for the first time, the cloak of armor I’ve worn for too long melts. I show her my heart but it’s not enough. She says we are oil and water. It’s impossible for us to mix but I’m going to prove her wrong.I may not be from her world but I’m going to bring our world’s together because I’ve had a taste of what could be and there’s no going back.OTT Alpha, safe, no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after. Have a nice ride.

A Forever Kind of Love

Shiloh Walker - 2011
    Second chances come a little harder.Chase and Zoe were the high school golden couple. Football captain, cheerleader, prom royalty. After graduation, though, Chase couldn’t resist the urge to experience life outside their small town. He didn’t exactly expect Zoe to wait twelve years for him, but now that he’s back, he finds some small part of him hoping she did.It’s no big surprise she’s married. The kick in the face is she married his best friend.Zoe was devastated when Chase left, but she’s filed those bittersweet memories under “Moved On”. She loves her life, and loves her husband. She has all she needs. And Chase keeps an honorable distance.One cold, wet, miserable day, tragedy turns Zoe’s world upside down. Chase never expected her to simply fall into his arms, but a man can dream. Except his dream doesn’t include the fact that this time, she’s the one hitting the road…and he’s the one left behind. Product Warnings: This story contains heartbreak, heartache and one last chance for two lovers to find each other.

Furry Face

Frankie Love - 2020
    A real man like me.She says I’m not her type… but that’s because she’s never been with a furry-faced man. It’s time I rock this curvy sweetheart’s world.But I’m more than a pretty (bearded) face… I have dreams — big ones that take place on the open sea. I plan on boarding my boat and never looking back.And I need Penny by my side. She’s the one I want to drop anchor with.Trouble is, she’s scared of leaving her life behind.Can I convince her it’s high time we sail off into the sunset?

Make My Wish Come True

Katie Price - 2014
    But when she lands the job of her dreams, it costs her her best friend.However, apart from her creepy ex-boyfriend, Storm loves the job. Until she’s asked to go undercover to find out if sexy TV chef Nico Alvise is cheating on his girlfriend. Storm knows it’s wrong but agrees because she likes him. A LOT. And she’s determined to protect him.She didn’t bank on them falling in love though. But Nico has secrets to hide, and he hates journalists.So when he finds out what Storm does, the fallout is brutal.Suddenly jobless, friendless and heartbroken, Storm knows that no matter how hard she wishes, Nico will never forgive her…

Madrona Island B&B

Andrea Hurst - 2017
     In this Kindle Short Read, Grandma Maggie has been running the Madrona Island B&B for many years. But when she finds out her time is short, she decides to make her final months the best they can be. Maggie begins putting together a last weekend at the bed and breakfast with all of her favorite guests; a weekend she hopes they will never forget. Together with her late-in-life love, Grandpa John, Maggie sets out to rediscover the beauty of the place she’s called home for so long, alongside the people who have meant so much. Join your favorite Madrona Island characters in a prequel that’s filled with food, love, and the celebration of family and friends. Advance Reader Praise: “This is my first book of yours, and it won’t be my last! A beautiful story of life, love, friendship, and family.” “What a truly beautiful story. I am still crying. I loved it, and can’t wait to read The Guestbook again with fresh eyes.” “This story is so special. I cried and cried. I was truly touched by the characters.” “I loved all the characters, and when I read these books it’s like I’m right on the island with all of them.”

Shattered Lives

Bernardine Kennedy - 2008
    Years later and all grown up, Hannah, with her steady job and happy marriage, seems to have fallen on her feet. The same can't be said for Julie, however. First pregnant at fifteen, and now with three children from three different men and living with a serious drug addiction, she needs help. It's up to Hannah to step in, but in doing so she discovers, in the most devastating way, that her own life might not be so perfect after all...

Free Ride

Anita Knight - 2021
    An ex-military motorcycle riding badass with a devilishly handsome smile that will knock me off my feet if I’m not careful.I can’t afford to be distracted by another handsome possessive man, especially not when I’m so close to freedom.But Rodney is rough, tough, charming, and makes me feel safe for the first time in a long time.Until my ex discovers the two of us spending time together.Suddenly nowhere is safe and everyone I love is in mortal danger.My only option is to trust Rodney with the scars of my past, but is it too late?Twenty-four of your favorite short and steamy authors have come together to bring you a new motorcycle romance series! The Men of Valor are more than ex-military bikers – they know what it means to go the distance for love. Hop on the back of a bike and hold on tight to your new book boyfriend – it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!