The Argentina Rhodochrosite (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

J.A. Jernay - 2011
    [It] swept me off my feet.” (Venus de Hilo, 5-star review) “A delightful book – it will enchant you with exotic places and interesting characters.” (Linda Osborn, 5-star review) NOW A famously temperamental soccer star has just suffered a terrible loss: Someone has stolen his favorite necklace. No ordinary piece of jewelry, this rhodochrosite had belonged to his birth mother, a woman he has never met. She had ‘disappeared’ during the famous Argentine dirty war of the nineteen-seventies. This superstar really wants it back. And he refuses to play soccer again until someone finds it. It’s shaping up to be a national tragedy, until the arrival of... AINSLEY WALKER Fresh off her amethyst adventure, Ainsley immediately embarks on a journey into the brash heart of Argentinian futból culture. Running from nightclubs in historic mansions to seedy tango parlors... ...from impoverished shantytowns to the grand landscape of Patagonia ... ...Ainsley discovers glamour, danger, excitement, and the dark secrets of a country’s hidden past. From an author who worked on the foreign desk of The Washington Post... ...who explored North and South America for nearly twelve months... ...who was a finalist in a prestigious short story contest sponsored by the estate of F. Scott Fitzgerald... ...comes a travel adventure that will change the way you see your life. Length: Approximately 82,000 words. Third in the series. More praise for the Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery series: “ exciting new writer.” (Pamela Barrett, California, 5-star review) “I recommend this to anyone ... it is definitely worth the money.” (J Bronder, 5-star review) “I can’t wait to read others in the series!” (Autumn Timpano)

Sugar Candy Cottage

Elizabeth Cadell - 1958
    But a time was to come when a stranger stirred up the concealed undercurrents, forcing them to the surface. The wide repercussions had a sudden and unexpected effect on the lives of the inhabitants of Folly’s Cottage.

Inside Out

Chris McGeorge - 2020
    She was convicted of a crime she is adamant she didn't commit.SHE WAS SET UP...One morning she wakes up to find her cellmate murdered - shot in the head with a gun that is missing. The door was locked all night, which makes Cara the only suspect.BUT THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING.Cara needs to clear her name, unravelling an impossible case, with an investigation governed by a prison timetable.But as Cara starts to learn more about North Fern and the predicament she is in, she finds connections between the past and present that she never could have imagined.Indeed it seems that her conviction and her current situation might be linked in very strange ways...

The Weekend Wife

Beth Ciotta - 2017
    for the weekend. When Megan Rooney gets fired from her job, her life is turned upside down. But then her sexy neighbor, Nick Walker, tells her that he needs a wife for a weekend trip to Tuscany, and she's the perfect candidate. She surprises herself when she agrees to go--but what if the lie turns out to be exactly what she's always wanted?BookShots Flames Original romances presented by JAMES PATTERSON Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading


Fiona Higgins - 2016
    Their backgrounds are as diverse as their fears - which range from flying, public speaking and heights, through to intimacy, failure and death...Friendships and even romance blossoms as the participants are put through a series of challenges which are unusual, confronting and sometimes hilarious. A week of fun in the sun suddenly tranforms into something far more serious, however, when the unthinkable happens - a tragic disaster that puts the group in deadly danger that will test the individual courage of every member...Shocking, powerful and utterly gripping, Fearless takes you to the edge and makes you look down.

Finding Eva

J.A. Baker - 2018
    She leaves London and heads to Whitby in search of her mother and father, after breaking up with her boyfriend, Gareth.  Gareth is furious with Eva. He loved her deeply and the disclosure she made when she ended the relationship is eating away at him.Celia, Eva’s friend, is concerned about Eva. She has stopped answering her calls and when Celia goes to London to find her, she realises Eva has moved without telling anyone. Celia makes the decision to follow Eva to Whitby, concerned that Eva is unravelling. Both women have been damaged by their childhoods.When Gareth also decides to go to Whitby, it is the start of a lethal situation. Who exactly is Eva and why is Celia so concerned?  Some relationships are toxic. Others are deadly.

Breaking Bones

Robert White - 2018
    A ruthless criminal gang. A law unto themselves. Detective Jim Hacker has watched The Dogs grow from thuggish youths to psychotic criminals and seems to be the only cop in town with the determination to see justice done. Meanwhile Jamie Strange, a young Royal Marine, finds himself embroiled in the lives of the gang when his girlfriend, Laurie Holland, cuts off their engagement... to be with the most dangerous of The Dogs: Frankie Verdi. Strange knows right from wrong, but when Verdi begins to target Jamie's family, he makes an enemy of a man, more dangerous than even he could imagine. Crisp, slick and often terrifyingly violent, this 1980's crime thriller will appeal to the readers of Ian Rankin, Martina Cole and Stephen Leather.

The Torment Of Others / The Mermaids Singing

Val McDermid - 2004
    The scene matches in every detail a series of murders two years ago-murders that ended when irrefutable forensic evidence secured the conviction of a deeply disturbed young man named Derek Tyler.But there's no way Tyler could have killed the latest victim. He's been locked up in a mental institution since his trial, barely speaking a word. So is there a copycat?All his years of experience tell top criminal psychologist Dr. Tony Hill that there isn't-but that would make the murders literally impossible. While Hill tries to crack Tyler, DCI Carol Jordan and her team must mount a desperate undercover operation to trap the murderer-a decision that will have terrible consequences.The Mermaids Singing:This was the summer he discovered what he wanted--at a gruesome museum of criminology far off the beaten track of more timid tourists. Visions of torture inspired his fantasies like a muse. It would prove so terribly fulfilling.The bodies of four men have been discovered in the town of Bradfield. Enlisted to investigate is criminal psychologist Tony Hill. Even for a seasoned professional, the series of mutilation sex murders is unlike anything he's encountered before. But profiling the psychopath is not beyond him. Hill's own past has made him the perfect man to comprehend the killer's motives. It's also made him the perfect victim.A game has begun for the hunter and the hunted. But as Hill confronts his own hidden demons, he must also come face-to-face with an evil so profound he may not have the courage--or the power--to stop it...


Aritha Van Herk - 1998
    Unable to commit suicide, she hires a professional killer and contracts him to kill her, by her choice and on her terms. In an effort to dissuade her from death, her killer elicits from her stories about her travels. In this reversal of Sheherazade, who saves her life through a continuous story, Restlessness becomes a story about how to avoid story, a travel book about how to evade travel, a manual for how to stay put.

Writ of Mandamus

Rick Robinson - 2012
    Drawing from over three decades of experience in law and politics, Rick's latest in the captivating and fast-paced Richard Thompson series, Writ of Mandamus, is already being hailed as his best yet. Writ of Mandamus will keep you up at night as you weave your way from Washington, DC to the countryside of Ireland following Thompson and the CIA as they chase Middle Eastern conflict and Kentucky horses.

Discovery of an Eagle

Grace Mattioli - 2014
    At the beginning of the trip, a Mack truck wipes them off the road, nearly killing them. This near-death experience is a wake-up call for Cosmo, and he begins to question the life he’s been leading. He realizes that he’s not happy with his current life and wants to make a change. A number of encounters along the way reinforce this desire, but he’s afraid to leave the familiarity of his humdrum existence for the unknown. This book is the sequel to Olive Branches Don't Grow On Trees and the second book featuring the Greco family, although it can be read as a stand-alone. Reviewers such as Kirkus Reviews and Midwest Book Review have called this a poignant and well-drawn soaring story that opens readers eyes to new perspectives. Readers will feel that they are along on the ride in this soulful road story as the highly lovable Cosmo explores a vividly painted American landscape, encounters a cast of colorful characters and discovers what it takes to be truly happy.

The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series: Books 5-7

Jeff Carson - 2019
    Suspense. Thrills. Action. A dash of humor and romance. Everything you want in a book series. The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series steamrolls forward, taking Wolf to the depths of Cold Lake where a disturbing case is rising to the surface. Next, Wolf faces a deadly gang of criminals in Smoked Out. And finally, To the Bone takes him to northwest Colorado, where ancient killing monsters are buried beneath and it appears more are now lurking topside. Block off plenty of time for reading on your calendar and get these three nail-biting novels for the price of two for a limited time! COLD LAKE  The truth emerges, one piece at a time. Sheriff David Wolf faces a disturbing case his own father could not solve years ago. Someone will want it kept that way. A fisherman reels in a plastic bag containing a severed human head from the depths of Cold Lake, Colorado. When Sheriff David Wolf and his deputies scramble to the scene, they quickly find more surprises lurk below. Their grim discoveries reopen a cold case Wolf's father worked twenty-two years ago, and Wolf must try to succeed where his father failed before him. Wolf has the advantage on his dad, however, because he has bodies. Lots of them. Amid sweeping political changes that have his department and the entire county on edge, Wolf and his deputies come to the disturbing realization there is a dangerous serial killer in their midst--one who will stop at nothing to remain hidden. Can Wolf and his deputies unveil the truth before someone pays the ultimate price? SMOKED OUT Wolf joins forces again with FBI special agent Kristen Luke as they face a gang of deadly criminals out to destroy all they hold dear. With over a dozen mending bones and other injuries wreaking havoc on his body, along with a shredded spirit twisting his sanity, former sheriff David Wolf is in no shape for any sort of action. But when FBI surveillance units move into the valley and surround his house, it seems he's about to have no choice.   Wolf quickly learns, however, things are not what they seem, and a trap has been set with him as the prey. If he wants to live long enough to bring justice for the only woman he’s ever loved and to see his son grow into a man, broken body or not, he must move, and move fast.   Picking up where Cold Lake left off, this exciting sixth installment of the David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series has Special Agent Kristen Luke of the FBI risking career and limb to help Wolf in a quest for the truth—a quest that will send them on an action packed adventure across the mountains of Colorado and back to Rocky Points for a deadly showdown that will reveal the answer to the one question Wolf desperately must know. TO THE BONE In a place where ancient, killing monsters are buried beneath, it seems more are still prowling topside.  Chief Detective David Wolf’s son has a new girlfriend, and when she discovers her father—a well known man in ancient fossils trade circles—has been murdered, she and the rest of her shattered family turn to Wolf to bring them justice.   With the help of a small town sheriff and a retired police dog named Jet, Wolf follows the clues to a dig site in western Colorado, where secrets have been entombed for eons, and people are dying to keep them that way.

The Sanibel Sunset Detective

Ron Base - 2010
    His first client just turned up at the door and he’s twelve years old. What’s more, the kid has the grand total of seven dollars with which to hire Tree to find his mother. Everyone on Sanibel Island in Florida where Tree lives thinks the former newspaper reporter is out of his mind. His only defender is his wife Freddie, and even she has doubts about her husband‘s new profession. Then a headless body shows up, along with a threatening thug, the beautiful wife of a convicted media tycoon, a couple of suspicious detectives, and a former girlfriend, now an FBI agent, who suspects Tree knows more than he is admitting. Suddenly, all sorts of people are trying to manipulate Tree Callister. Everyone thinks he’s in way over his head. But maybe, just maybe, he’s going to surprise everyone—even himself.

Mary Russell Collection: The Beekeeper's Apprentice / The Language of Bees / Locked Rooms / The Game

Laurie R. King - 2011

The Vanishing of Ruth

Janet MacLeod Trotter - 2010
    Was it murder or suicide? Amber starts to piece together a lost world -the mystical vibrant hippy trail to India- and as the mystery unfolds, begins her own journey of discovery, that leads to dark secrets of the past, lost love and a tragedy much closer to home.Author Interview&Reading Grp Notes