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Forget Me Not by C.L. Cannon


A Family Affair

Nancy Carson - 2015
    Especially as the new – very young – husband comes with a new stepsister for Clover.But Ramona brings with her a freedom that Clover has never been permitted. Like the aircraft being pioneered at the time, with Ramona in her life, Clover finds there are new horizons to explore and new people to meet. Her new outlook even allows a love affair to blossom with handsome photographer Tom Doubleday.But then her stepfather’s brother arrives…and everything that was good and changed, is about to change again…

The Miles Between Us

Kay Marie
    She plans to make it the best week ever before heading back home, where she's subjected to being the perfect daughter, student and friend.Easton Rhodes is on a vacation with some of his closest friends from the Marine Corps. It’ll be a weekend dedicated to cheering up his heartbroken friend and having the time of their lives. Which is much needed after everything he's gone through.What they never anticipated was to be meeting each other. The catalyst of their meeting was by happenstance. The sparks between the two of them are undeniable, but everyone in their lives tells them it’ll never last -- it’s just puppy love.Lynly and Easton are sure set to prove them wrong. They're both determined that nothing will keep them apart. Not college, or the Marine Corps, or the hundreds of miles between the two lovebirds.

Playing with Fire

J.S. Cooper - 2019
    I wasn't meant to meet a handsome alpha billionaire like Grant Slate. I wasn't meant to work the bachelor party. I wasn't even a dancer, but I couldn't tell my best friend no. She said I wouldn't have to do anything I didn't want to do. And there was no way I was going to be giving any private dancers. But when a man like Grant Slate asks you for a dance, you can't really say no. He's cocky, arrogant, dark, but he's also the most gorgeous charismatic man I've ever met. I didn't know the dance would lead to him whisking me off to his private mansion. He wanted one night of passion and I couldn't resist. I figured that one night was just one night. Only I had no idea what I was getting herself into. Grant Slate was not the man he'd appeared to be at the club. He wanted more from me than one night of passion. He wanted more from me than I could have ever imagined. Who could have known that one night would lead me into the depths of fire? Playing with Fire is a completely rewritten and revised version of Alpha Billionaire by Helen Cooper.

Tempting Secrets (Tempting Nights Romance #1)

Michelle Windsor - 2018
    Or at least, it’s the name my clients call me. I work for the elite escort agency, Temptations, and for a price, I’ll be whatever you want and need me to be. I have the body, I have the looks, and I have a smile that makes any woman swoon. But It’s just a job. A necessary evil to help fund my dreams of becoming a doctor. I’m simply a robot, performing my required tasks. Until the night I’m hired to seduce Charlotte Harvey and remind her how good a man can make her feel. I didn’t expect her beauty to spark a desire in me long buried. I didn’t expect her smile to turn that spark into a flame. And I definitely didn’t expect her passion to ignite that flame into an inferno. I should have walked away without looking back, but she started a fire in me that I can’t seem to tame. Tempting Nights is the first book in the Tempted Nights Romance Series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone and features a happily ever after.

Rebel (Hellion MC Book 1)

Ava Manello - 2018
     Abandoned at birth, Rebel has been raised by the men of Hellion MC. Happy and successful, living the life she’s chosen outside of the MC, everything changes when her mother surfaces on her 30th birthday, desperate to forge a relationship with her daughter. All is not is as it seems. Duplicity and betrayal threaten not only everything she holds dear, but her very existence. Forced to decide between the mother she’s always wanted and her MC family almost destroys her. Who will she choose, and who will she lose?

Sinful Vow (Dark Mafia Sins, #0.5)

Emily Bowie - 2021
    He stole me in the middle of the night. Now, I’m expected to marry the enemy. Luca Rossi is the heir to my family’s greatest rival within the Italian mafia. He’s cocky, ruthless, and has a keen sense of when I need him the most. When I look into his eyes, I see his hatred for what I represent. While I see another arrogant mafia man trying to control me. On the eve of my arranged marriage, he’s the last person I expect to see. Like the thief he is, he steals me in the night, setting off a war that had been brewing for years.This book was originally released with the Killing Me Softly anthology.

Lethal Legacy

Amanda McKinney - 2017
    Over three decades later, a house fire destroys her Texas mansion and takes the life of her cheating husband, unleashing a series of events that open up the dark past she’s tried so desperately to forget.Former Navy SEAL, Police Lieutenant Danny Dabrowski, suspects arson and while questioning the sexy, alluring wife of the late William King, he becomes suspicious when Victoria shows no signs of emotion other than a fiery attitude toward him.As Danny’s perception of Victoria becomes clouded by desire, all bets are off when he finds out that the past and present are linked to a dangerous cartel that only wants one thing from Victoria. The one thing she doesn’t even know exists.And they’re willing to kill for it.

Hometown Lover

Annabelle Love - 2019
    So, how did I end up in my best friend's bed? Well, he did rescue me from my broken down car. Plus, he’s grown into a complete hunk of a man and is hardly the beanstalk that I recall growing up with. It just... happened. I mean, if you call being trapped inside due to a snowstorm and then finding yourself being ravished in bed 'just happening'. A fling… that’s what we agreed. We know this can’t last, I’m only back in my hometown for a couple of weeks. My life is in Vegas with the job I love. And his is here with his ranch. We physically can't be together… So, why don’t I want to leave? ***Hometown Lover is a stand-alone read with toe-curling romantic scenes. There's no cheating, no cliffhangers, no escaping the steamy nights (and days), and a guaranteed HEA***


Xavier Neal - 2020
    From the best selling romance author that brought you Hike, Hike Baby comes a brand new laugh out loud comedy about trying not to drown in the trickery waters of love and life ...Budget cuts.Beach candy.Baby stingrays being called baby sharks resulting in momentary mass panic.All part of the gig for lifeguard section chief, Brooklyn Headley.Between uncomfortably long work shifts and pineapple infused family meals, life is almost painfully predictable.That is until Scott "Ax" Maxwell throws her a lifesaver.Now she's slow dancing to ukulele covers, trying not to fall off surfboards, and engaging in some not so conventional activities between the sheets.Their fun times, however, meet new waves of trouble when her younger sister unexpectedly needs a specific type of help that Ax is capable of providing.Can their relationship survive the uncharted, choppy waters ahead, or will Brooklyn be forced back to the boring shore she knows all too well?

Precious Lies

Autumn Winchester - 2019
    That was my life. Every waking moment, I feared what sort of abuse would be thrown my way. I was Scarlett Adams, invisible to the world. That is, until I learned the truth. *This book is not for the faint of heart. It is dark and emotional. If you are sensitive to dark material, please be warned.Cover by: Just Writes Creations

Reconciled (The Salvation Society)

Evan Grace
    This town isn’t big enough for both of us. Unfortunately, my brother, Lance, is getting married and launching a new wine. Family first, even with the chance that I could run into the man who obliterated my heart ten years ago.I knew I was going to run into him. That’s just how my luck goes. However, I didn’t expect my meeting with my brother’s PR rep to be none other than the man himself. Ranger Brooks, is the breaker of my heart. He’s also the man who still owns it. Regardless of the hurt and the pain he’s caused, I’ll never stop loving him. That doesn’t mean we’re good for one another. I need to keep my distance and keep our interactions strictly professional.Ranger, however, has other plans. He’s apologetic and sincere. He wants to try again, but that’s not a part of my plan. I’m only here for four weeks. Then I’m getting back to my life in Atlanta. Regardless of the pain he caused, I want us to be able to put the past behind us.Just when I think that the fences are mended, there’s a threat to the vineyard and to me. How can I resist the only man I’ve ever loved when danger is lurking? How do I protect my heart and not hand it to him on a silver platter when his arms are the only place I feel safe. Can Ranger save me in more ways than one?

Libby Lane

C.E. Johnson - 2019
    I’ve lived here my entire life. So I couldn’t have been more excited when we bought the fixer upper on Libby Lane. That was until “we” became “I”. After I cried out every ounce of my heartbreak with a hammer in my hand, I learned how to be happy alone. Now, all I need is a porch swing, the warm country breeze and a glass of sweet tea. But when I run into Wyatt, the new cop that just moved into town, my time in solitude begins to fade. I just hope trusting him won’t be one of the biggest mistakes I make.This is not the type of place I would have pictured myself living. Jasper Creek is a far cry from the city streets I grew up on. But this town does have one advantage. Cora. Every minute I spend with her on that porch swing, breaks down a little piece of the wall I built inside of me. So when someone targets her and my instincts point to things getting dangerous, you may as well have taken a sledgehammer to that wall. Now my fear of leaving someone behind is replaced by an even greater fear. Losing her.

The Perfect View

Maya Hughes

The Best Friend Hookup

Kylie King - 2019
    She wants me to do things with her…in the bedroom. The things she wants to do, wouldn’t be a part of our usual hangout, where we play video games, or stuff our mouths with extra cheesy pizza. This is different. She wants me to teach her how to be on top, so she can hook up with a guy she’s always wanted to date. Of course, I’m going to help my adorable, nerdy best friend Julia. I’m the best man for the job, and she trusts me with her life. Not only that, but I’ve been with plenty of women—enough to know how to show her the ropes. Showing her what to do shouldn’t change anything between us…at least that’s what I think, until I realize that once she gets the hang of this, she’ll be on top of another guy.

Absolution (The Salvation Society)

Leaona Luxx - 2021
    yet here I am, ready to fall on my knees and do whatever it takes. Wanting her was never an option, but when your heart knows, everything else ceases to exist. Consequences be damned. I returned home broken and lost, refusing to connect to my old life, knowing what lurks in the shadows there. Afraid I’ll hate myself even more for hiding the untold truths, and yet I can’t bring myself to set them free. Set myself free... Until her. In her arms, I find sanctuary. Her love not only encompasses me, but it also drives the darkness away and serves as a beacon of hope— my salvation.When our pasts are brought to light, we’re thrust into the hell of our own creation. Will Scarlet forgive me for the blood on my hands? Only absolution will see us through.