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Dignity & Disgrace: A Pride & Prejudice Retelling by Joy Myron


The Wooing of the Bennet Girls: A Sequel to The Kiss at Lucas Lodge, A Pride & Prejudice Variation

William D Jamison - 2021
    It is the end of the story.The story picks up right after the forced wedding of Elizabeth and Darcy with the reluctant bride being carried away from all who she knew and her childhood home.As the title intimates this sequel is not just about the Darcys, but it tell of how other Bennet girls progress with their romances. We see if Darcy’s decision to woo his wife bears any fruit and how the couple move past their wretched beginning.Even though Wickham met his just ending at the end of the prior book, there is still at least one villain to deal with: Miss Caroline Bingley. We find out is she accepts her banishment to Aunt Hildebrand’s with equanimity—of course not! We are privy to what she attempts to do about her ‘unfair’ situation.We see how the relationship between Thomas and Fanny Bennet grows and if she is able to bring her baby to term. If she does, is it daughter number six or a long desired son?Enjoy the end of the story that began with a kiss at Lucas Lodge.

The Trappings of Marriage (The Moralities of Marriage #4)

Elizabeth Ann West - 2017
    Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are off to Gretna Green! In Book 4 of the Moralities of Marriage series our dear couple have survived accidents, forced marriages, and meddling relatives. After a short stay at Pemberley where the future Mrs. Darcy comes to terms with the kind of wife Fitzwilliam Darcy will need on his arm, they take off for the border to marry over the anvil. When Mr. Darcy plans an idyllic wedding trip to his family estate just outside of Dumfries, the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Darcy discover the trappings of marriage have yet to relinquish their hold. The Trappings of Marriage delivers the highs of the Darcys’ love and devotion in spite of the lows of scandal and destruction they left behind in England. Join author Elizabeth Ann West and the thousands of readers who read this book as it was posted chapter by chapter for a unique visit into the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

A Year Without Summer: A Variation on Pride and Prejudice

Martin Hunnicutt - 2020
    The Bennet family recognizes that the winter is very cold but nothing prepares them for the ‘year without a summer’ that follows. Frost and cool temperatures every month of the growing season reduce harvests of important grains, vegetables, and fruits. Their England is dependent upon locally grown foodstuffs and the people are unable to bring in food stuffs from other parts of the world–in fact other parts of the world would not have had surpluses of food to send. Horse and oxen-drawn wagons could only move produce so far in any single day.With some good luck, Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet separate after the Ball at Netherfield on excellent terms. Through happenstance, the couple meet at Hunsford at Easter during the cold spring, fall in love and become engaged. However, as the families and tenants struggle to harvest diminished harvests of grains and hay, the Bennet and Darcy families struggle to remain hopeful. The poor harvests do not prevent the marriage of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam, and they travel from London to Pemberley for the lean winter that affects the inhabitants of manor houses and farmhouses.In Hertfordshire, Charles Bingley must deal with Caroline and his aunt from Scarborough, and Jane must rally her family as they discover how much they miss Elizabeth’s humour and wit. But in spring 1817, the weather makes all of England a green and bountiful land once again, and Jane and Charles find their way toward the happily-ever-after they deserve.

Twice Shy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Georgina Pryke - 2021

The Diary: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Kate Speck - 2019
    In this variation, she meets Georgiana first and thinks the worst of her brother but also finds the mysterious gentleman fascinating. Will she be able to overcome her prejudice to find the proud man worthy, when he is keeping several secrets while holding her own? Rated T for mild language and adult situations

No More Than Friends: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Wendy Ann Gallant - 2018
    But Elizabeth begins to think she may not find her true love in the small country town she calls home, and Darcy despairs of ever being sought after for more than his wealth and connections. What if they first become acquainted not at the assembly ball in Meryton but while acting as chaperones for Elizabeth's sister Jane and Darcy's friend Bingley? Will they decide that a marriage based on friendship is enough? And will a terrible tragedy and desperate rescue reveal that there is more to their friendship than they realized? Read along as Jane Austen's beloved characters seek their "happily ever after".

Anything Is Possible: A Story of the Darcys and Bennets

Don H. Miller - 2018
    She is on her way to America to retrieve her sister, Lydia, who had eloped to America with George Wickham, but their marriage went sour, he abandoned her, and thus, pregnant and penniless, she wants to return to England. Unknown to Elizabeth, she is sailing on a ship which Darcy had built in honor of his mother, and he, his sister Georgiana, and his cousin Col. Fitzwilliam, are also sailing on the ship. The three of them are on the ship both because they wanted to be on its maiden voyage and because they wanted to visit America for the first time. Part 1 of the story is about the forty-five day voyage to America and the romantic struggles of Darcy and Elizabeth, as well as an unexpected attraction between Col. Fitzwilliam and a woman he meets on board. Part 2 tells of their reception back in England by their respective families and friends and the subsequent romantic adventures of Georgiana and Catherine Bennet, Elizabeth’s next-to-youngest sister.

As a Proper Lady Would: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (Defying Propriety Book 1)

Bronwen Chisholm - 2021
    The well-known characters, as well as a few new ones, grow from childhood to a marriageable age; some reveal different facets of their personalities, while others are doomed to follow the same paths.

Not Forsaken: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Wynne Mabry - 2021
    Consigning herself to a marriage of convenience, she sets out to make it work. But she had not expected Mr. Collins to be so contentious. Other new people in her life are causing trouble too. As her efforts to create harmony fail, she manages to find happiness in her duties and her friendships. Especially the friendship of Mr. Darcy, who provides her with interesting conversation, a sympathetic ear, and assistance when she is in need. That need becomes dire when her husband turns violent. But the harder her life becomes, the more her friends step up. The loyalty of old and new ones helps her to navigate a difficult journey. And her dream of love is waiting at the end.

In Search of Beauty, A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Melanie Schertz - 2020
    They meet Mr Thomas Bennet, an art history professor at one of the universities there, and his two daughters, Jane and Elizabeth. The Bennets are part of a group trying to restore the stolen works of art taken by Napoleon's army when they plundered Belgium. One piece of art in particular was the Bruges Madonna, sculpted by Michelangelo. Along with Colonel Fitzwilliam, the Bingleys, Lord and Lady Matlock, the search for the missing art leads through Belgium while the hearts of two gentlemen find their matches in Mr Bennet's home.

Elizabeth's Quest: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Florence Gold - 2021
    In their time of trouble, family and friends gather to help them through. Amid the distress and uncertainty, new hope emerges, and love triumphs, making Longbourn and the Bennets stronger than ever.

Her Very Own Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Harriet Knowles - 2017
    Darcy does not believe in love at first sight. So why does the brief sight of a laughing young woman in a London park disturb his thoughts and dreams? Why can’t he stop searching for her, risking embarrassment from his family? When he does find her, he is aghast at the dreadful behaviour of her family. He dare not get involved. Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t believe in love at first sight, either. She is determined to better herself, be able to support herself if her circumstances require it. Then she finds an old, dusty diary hidden in her uncle’s library. But her study and sleep are disturbed by dreams of the tall, handsome stranger seen for merely a moment across the park. Why has the gentleman affected her so? He is just a passing stranger who scowled into the park. She doesn’t even know his name. He cannot possibly be Mr. Darcy. From studying the diary she knows more about Mr. Darcy’s grandmother than he does. Will her sorrow for the long-dead Flora help her decide whether to accept this Mr. Darcy — and all his many troubles? Her Very Own Mr. Darcy is an extended, complex novel of 90,000 words. It is a sweet and clean full-length Regency romance.

Sense of Worth: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Deborah Ann Kauer - 2016
    After refusing the heir of Longbourn, her mother evicts her from her home declaring she did not do her duty to Mrs. Bennet by providing her mother a home. She also learns Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are not her parents; instead, she is the daughter of the beloved sister, who died in child birth, of Mr. Robert Bennet, and her father is unknown to the family. When Elizabeth is faced with major changes in her life, she can either accept them or allow them to disrupt her life completely; however, she cannot help but ask what will happen to her. She regrets she is not a lady of independent means, so she must contemplate seeking service, but what, she wonders, is she suited for. Through all of this upheaval, what help might Mr. Darcy provide for the lady he is trying not to fall in love with, and how might her new situation affect his feelings for Miss Elizabeth Bennet? This is a full length novel. Warning: There is one scene of violence but the scene is not graphically detailed. There are, however, enough details to show the reader what happens.

Darcy & Elizabeth: Unexpected Affection

Cassandra Knightley - 2020

Such Novel Notions: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Eselle Teays - 2021