Summary: Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

ExecutiveGrowth Summaries - 2019
     Sapiens became a #1 international bestseller and a New York Times bestseller for simple reasons… Unlike other macroscopic reviews of human history, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind combines the best research into history with recent discoveries in biology and archaeology and complementary disciplines of science. It provides a unique point of view on how we got to where we are today – and what that means for us as a species. Dr. Yuval Noah Harari traces the development of consciousness, above all else. 100,000 years ago Homo Sapiens were an insignificant animal – but today we dominate the planet. At some point, the evolution of thinking superseded biological evolution. Much of our 'success' hinges on the importance of the myths and legends – the fictions of our imagination that have played such a vital role in the development of culture, ideology, religion, economics, science – instead of our pure biological traits. Reading our summary is the perfect way to cover the full material and grasp the essential insights of Dr. Harari’s research in a fraction of the time. If you find Dr. Harari’s concepts enticing, we highly advise you to buy the full book! Why read ExecutiveGROWTH Summaries: The best-quality summaries on Amazon, guaranteed. Team of professional native-English writers and editors (a huge issue on Amazon; check the reviews of ANY other summary book company to see for yourself). Engaged CEO and a responsive team committed to your personal growth and making your reading experience superb. Bonus Power Insights gives you the main takeaways to keep top-of-mind. Bonus Guided Challenge to immediately implement the book’s knowledge to your daily life. We craft our summaries for busy high-achievers who still have the insatiable appetite to keep learning and growing. Our summaries provide the fastest way to increase perspective and productivity, guaranteed. We only curate summaries whose original books we absolutely love and are convinced have the highest potential for personal growth. Our team has singled out the key concepts and trimmed out all the rest, allowing you to digest the author's core message in a fraction of the time. It's easy to read the entire summary in a little over one hour without needing highly developed speed-reading superpowers! DISCLAIMER: We are convinced that our professional summaries will introduce more readers to the full book who otherwise would have turned a blind eye by the sheer commitment. Our intention is sincere in that readers could use this summary as an introduction or a companion to the original book, not as a substitute.

The Wicked Kind

John Turner - 2014
    Sam and Mason were best friends, and it was on a ski trip together in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that the unthinkable happened. A chance encounter with a creep in a bar set events into motion, and when it was over, Sam was gone. In the aftermath, Mason could never shake the feeling that he was responsible. The guilt nearly killed him. Years later Mason has turned his life around, the heartbreak and destructive living rooted in that long-ago night finally behind him. But the past remains, and when Mason’s girlfriend resurrects Sam’s case, it sets them both on a terrifying course of no return. The investigation leads to Bridgeport, California, in the Eastern Sierra. From there, an epic showdown awaits at the infamous ghost town in Bodie. The old mining camp holds many secrets, and as Mason draws closer to a horrible truth, he will need all his cunning and courage to face down Sam’s killer.

F*ck Yes or No: A Counterintuitive Approach to Your Relationships and Maybe Your Life

Mark Manson - 2019

The Coronado Conspiracy

George Galdorisi - 1998
     Off the shore of Costa Rica, the Navy command ship USS Coronado launches an all-out assault against one of the most powerful drug lords in Central America. The strike force is in position; the Blackhawks are armed and airborne, and the high-tech fist of the U.S. military is poised to come down like a sledgehammer. Everything is going according to plan until the quiet jungle erupts in a chaos of blood, shrapnel, and fire. When CIA Operative Rick Holden and Naval Intelligence Officer Laura Peters begin investigating the circumstances of the ambush, they uncover something much more sinister than a failed military operation. There’s a conspiracy at the very heart of the American government. And bringing down the President of the United States is only the first step…

49 Questions to Annoy Your Parents (The 49... Series)

James Warwood - 2015
    Parents getting on your nerves… again?... Need some verbal ammunition?… Here's 49 (extremely silly) questions to annoy your parents.Join the hilarious adventure of these naughty kids who will ask absolutely anything to make their parents blood boil. With an illustration for each haphazard attempt you're guaranteed to laugh, smirk, and chuckle for hours.Disclaimer: reading this eBook will definitely get you into trouble! (So if your parents ask where you heard these questions you didn’t hear them for me).Recommended Age: 7+


Wendy Soliman - 2018
    Her search leads her to Jared Beaumont, Earl of Andover. Rich, influential and badly in need of rescuing from his mother's marriage plans for him, Jared takes an interest in the headstrong Nadine. Can such a handsome and charismatic man really have stooped so low as to rob Nadine of her birthright, or are other more sinister forces at work… Previously published in the Regency Romantics’ Intrigues and Heartaches Boxset 2018

Ice Cream in Winter

Grace Thompson - 1995
    As the festive season approaches in a small Welsh village, two friends, Patricia and Vanessa, fall for the same man. Vanessa will stop at nothing to win his affections, but ultimately it is Patricia who finds love.Yet when tragedy strikes, it is Patricia who has to piece her life back together. Throwing herself into revitalising a traditional gelato business, she finds comfort from an unexpected source. Soon local gossip makes her worry if her new suitor can be trusted… is he too good to be true? An atmospheric and emotional saga, Ice Cream in Winter is steeped in period detail. Its author, the much-loved Grace Thompson (here under the pen name Kay Christopher), is one of the bestselling saga writers of recent years.

Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    50 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Good in Bed. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner.

The Enchanter of the Mountain

Whiskey Flowers - 2016
    Many in his community only tolerate him because of it, no one else has his abilities and the things he forges have proven beneficial if not mandatory to the continued existence of his people. When food is scarce Stone is sent to a big settlement on the behalf of the elders where the people there are not only old enemies but far from welcoming, whats worse is that there is a war looming that would draw Stone and his people into it whether they want to remain neutral or not.

Hawken Fury

David Robbins - 2000
    The brave swung his tomahawk at Nate’s face. Ducking, Nate pointed his flintlock and fired.“Struck in his left shoulder, the Blackfoot jerked with the impact. Spurting blood like a fountain, he grimaced, but otherwise ignored the wound. Nothing would stop him from sending the hated white man into the spirit realm.“Crimson drops sprinkled Nate’s cheeks and chin as he lunged to one side and tried to stab the Blackfoot in the ribs. Even though wounded, the brave was able to dodge nimbly out of harm’s way. For a heartbeat they faced one another, the Blackfoot crouched, ready to strike.“Growling like an animal, the Blackfoot sprang forward, his tomahawk aimed straight for Nate’s head …”Although he frequently had to battle savage Indians, wild beasts, and hostile elements, Nate felt the freedom he’d gained was worth it. But when an old love arrives, Nate learns that the deadliest foe can come in the guise of a trusted friend, and his hard-won freedom can be traded away for a few pieces of gold.ABOUT THE AUTHORDavid L. Robbins was born on Independence Day 1950. He has written more than three hundred books under his own name and many pen names, among them: David Thompson, Jake McMasters, Jon Sharpe, Don Pendleton, Franklin W. Dixon, Ralph Compton, Dean L. McElwain, J.D. Cameron and John Killdeer. Robbins was raised in Pennsylvania. When he was seventeen he enlisted in the United States Air Force and eventually rose to the rank of sergeant. After his honorable discharge he attended college and went into broadcasting, working as an announcer and engineer (and later as a program director) at various radio stations. Later still he entered law enforcement and then took to writing full-time. At one time or another Robbins has lived in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. He spent a year and a half in Europe, traveling through France, Italy, Greece and Germany. He lived for more than a year in Turkey. Today he is best known for two current long-running series – Wilderness, the generational saga of a Mountain Man and his Shoshone wife – and Endworld is a science fiction series under his own name started in 1986. Among his many other books, Piccadilly Publishing is pleased to be reissuing ebook editions of Wilderness, Davy Crockett and, of course, White Apache. Check us out at

The Lost Fleet Books 1 - 5

Raymond L. Weil - 2019
    Weil comes a boxset containing all of the Lost Fleet Series books. An alien galaxy, a trapped fleet, and no way to get home. Disaster has struck during the battle at the center of the galaxy near the massive black hole that swallows everything including light. Admiral Jeremy Strong and his fleet have been drawn into a spatial vortex connected to a distant galaxy. There is no way home, and they are stranded far away from everything and everyone they knew. Even worse, they face a new and dangerous enemy that wants to see Admiral Strong’s fleet destroyed. In desperation, Admiral Strong fights to save his fleet and find them a refuge. He is outnumbered, short on resources, and morale is low. What can he do to survive in a galaxy that only wishes to see his fleet’s destruction? Find out what happens in the five books of the Lost Fleet Series. 1,730 reviews Over 1,600 action-packed pages! Massive space battles, strange aliens, and unexpected twists and turns.

Maeve Binchy: Silver Wedding, Firefly Summer, Light a Penny Candle

Maeve Binchy - 1991

The Secret Seven Collection 3: Books 7-9 (Secret Seven Collections and Gift books)

Enid Blyton - 2019
    But someone else is using it at night - and it's Jack's little sister Susie who helps them catch the intruder.Book 8: Three Cheers, Secret Seven (first published in 1956)Peter and Jack see a gas-fire alight in one of the rooms when they search for their lost aeroplane in the garden of an abandoned house. Who is hiding there and why? Book 9: Secret Seven Mystery (first published in 1957)A girl runs away from home - and it's up to the Seven to find her! Jack's little sister Susie is up to her usual tricks - but she can't put the Seven off the trail of clues!These timeless stories are perfect for young fans of mystery, adventure or detective series.

Minecraft: Diary of an Incredible Steve [An Unofficial Minecraft Book] For kids who like: Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Books for Kids, Minecraft Diary ... Minecraft Stories (Minecraft Tales Book 24)

Anonymous - 2015
    It's up to Steve to stop him and his staff from destroying Minecraft. Will he be able to or will Minecraft suffer a terrible future of chaos and destruction?Find out in the Diary of an Incredible Steve! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Tags: minecraft stories, minecraft fanfiction, minecraft books, minecraft diaries, minecraft tales, minecraft short stories, minecraft short story, minecraft story, minecraft creepypasta, minecraft diary of a wimpy, game fanfiction, kids books, minecraft free, minecraft books for kids, minecraft games, minecraft xbox, minecraft tips, minecraft game, minecraft comics, minecraft story book, minecraft journal book, herobrine, villager. minecraftales, game fiction, game stories, game books, game story books.

The Last Shepherd

Wilbur Smith - 2018
    Political turmoil during the life of Jesus affected his ministry and caused him deep concern that he was not reaching the people with God’s message of love. Leaders in Palestine had been corrupted with Greek and Roman influence, causing a growing divide between the rich and the poor. Pharisees were fighting the trend by demanding a harsh adherence to Mosaic law laid down in Leviticus, which caused a greater burden on the poor, who could not follow the law of sacrifices for atonement. The people were desperately hoping for the messiah. After Herod Antipas had John the Baptist beheaded, Jesus knew of the real dangers he faced by those in power and by the Pharisees who saw thousands following him as a loss of their influence. After the second year of his ministry, Jesus knew that there were plots to have him killed. As a result, he shifted his ministry into areas away from Galilee and Judea, and he pleaded with people not to call him the messiah, the savior the people had been hoping for. The Last Shepherd is a story of how politics during the life and ministry of Jesus influenced his mission. But the gospels give only two of the events recorded in Luke 13:1–5. This novel records them all.