Matched to His Wolf

Lorelei M. Hart - 2020
    Investors are clamoring for his new hit dating app and then things get weird. Now he's on a mission to figure out who's co-opting his app and why; by going undercover as a potential date. Little does he know that the oddities he discovered weren't designed to sabotage the app as he first thought. No. Shifters have figured out a way to use it incognito, and he's about to go on a date with one. If only he knew shifters existed outside of fiction.Pack Alpha Bentley Shaw likes being single. He doesn't have to answer to anyone but his pack. He likes it that way even if he is lonely and even if his wolf is restless. Why bother putting your heart out there if you are only going to get hurt? One day he caves, letting his Beta talk him into trying the new dating app all the shifters are using--just once. How bad could one date be? It couldn't be worse than the time he tried to date a human--except that's exactly what Love and Hate sends him.Sparks fly, feelings grow, and their worlds are turned upside down in the very best of ways. Matched To His Wolf is the first book in the sweet with knotty heat Dates of Our Lives M/M Mpreg Shifter Dating App romance brought to you by the popular co-writing duo of Lorelei M Hart and Colbie Dunbar. It features a human who stumbles into a world he never knew existed thanks to a silly little soap opera, an alpha who didn't want to date--full stop, two powerful men trying to figure out how to come together as one, and an adorable baby. If you like your shifters hawt, your omegas strong, your mpreg with heart, and your HEAs complete with true mates and a bundle of joy, one-click today.

Rabbit on the Run

Jamie Lynn - 2018
    Rohlin, the rabbit shifter is on the run from his former warren after being drugged and attacked by the alpha and his son. Afraid for his life he seeks the relative safety of human civilization. His strong suspicion that he was now pregnant from the attack only adds to his desperate situation. His only hope was to hide where no shifters could find him. That was his plan anyway!When his failing eyesight causes wolf shifter Kai and his brother Connor to flee their home pack they find themselves part of an unlikely family of humans brought together by a human named Pops. Pop’s crew are motorcycle loving mechanics who become the family and support system that Kai and his brother needed to survive. When there is a shooting in Pop’s Shop that lands Connor in the human hospital, Kai must struggle to hold together his crew while hiding the truth about shifters from the humans around them. Rohlin never expected to find his true mates scent in the aftermath of a bloody crime scene. While trying to track the scent of his mate he is found by members of the Dry Lake Pack and is taken to their pack lands. Meanwhile Kai, Connor, and the rest of the crew struggle with the aftermath of the shooting. They soon join the Dry Lake Pack and when their two paths cross, they both know they have found their true mate. Can they overcome their own pasts and their current challenges to make a future for themselves with the Dry Lake Pack? WARNING: This is a M/M book that contains erotic scenes between two males, male pregnancy, and may be triggering to more sensitive readers. Intended for readers 18+ ONLY.

The Wolf King

Lynn Hagen - 2015
    After spending the last ten years hanging out with Caleb at Frost Manor, Justin’s attraction to the enigmatic Demetri Frost ignites. But how is he supposed to deal with falling for his best friend’s father?The Wolf King Demetri is determined to see Justin as nothing more than his son’s friend. Though he has cared for Justin, even paying for his medical care because the human has suffered from a mysterious blood illness since puberty, Demetri maintains that his intentions have always been pure. But when Justin is hurt, Demetri can’t deny that his feelings might go deeper. And with Demetri’s pack urging him to settle down, he soon sets his sights on Justin.

Alpha's Protection

Hawke Oakley - 2017
    With nothing but the clothes on his back and his young daughter in his arms, he escapes from Scarlet Ridge pack and the tyrannical rule of its alpha in search of a better life. After being taken in by a gruff alpha from an enemy pack named Flint, he realizes Scarlet Ridge isn’t keen on giving him up so easily - especially when Charlie’s heat is coming up fast. Sparks fly between Flint and Charlie, but their troubles are only just beginning. Can this new family find a home in Indigo Mountain pack and escape their dark past? Or was Charlie’s daring escape completely in vain? Alpha’s Protection is a 33k word story with steamy scenes, a HEA, and no cliffhangers. It is the first book in the Indigo Mountain pack series.

Amara: The Rebirth

Zathyn Priest - 2014
    A diary supposedly written by legendary Emrys Amara is sent to them, yet they doubt the orphaned vampire could have survived the demise of his clan.Meeting Emrys proves them wrong. Matthew falls deeply; Dean's jealousy takes a sinister turn.A chain of events involving kidnapped children and werewolves follows as Amdis teams up with another vampire clan.Can Matthew and Emrys save the children while rebuilding the Amaras as the greatest vampire clan in history?**Note: was originally a serial fiction that was never completed and is no longer available. It has been re-worked and included in the MLR title Amara: The Rebirth***

Run with the Moon

Diana DeRicci - 2012
    After divulging his deepest, guarded secret, his father attacked him, which left no choice but for Jamie to leave everything behind he'd once known.His greatest fear is that his father will realize the mistake he made in throwing away the only real income coming into their home and hunt for Jamie. Putting distance between his father and wherever he stops is his only priority. After walking for days, putting one foot in front of the other, it's impossible to turn down a hot meal when Chris Rose pulls up at his side on the outskirts of a town he doesn't know.Offering the young man a helping hand is ingrained in Chris. Something to eat, a warm bed, and safety, even if he could only get Jamie to grudgingly agree to one night. He would have offered that and more to the young man with the shadowed eyes, except more trouble was looming for Jamie. It isn't just Jamie's dad that Jamie has to worry about, because there is nothing in his life that could have prepared him for Chris's secrets. Word Count: 56,876


Susi Hawke - 2019
    Stolen. Forgotten… until the Alphabits step in. A Team A.L.P.H.A. spinoff series. Sam Remington, former leader of Team Beta, has a new dream: to lead a team whose sole purpose is to protect those most vulnerable—shifter pups. His new mate, Dean, shares his passion. As a child counselor, Dean is all too familiar with the darker side of the world when it comes to pups. If Sam can rescue them, Dean will do his best to help fix them. Sanctioned by Team Alpha’s bossman, the great Ray Perkins himself, Alphabits is Sam’s baby. This new hand-picked team consists of five highly-trained wolf alphas—and one bumbling bear who couldn’t take a hint. As always with a new team, personalities will clash. But at the end of the day, they all share a common goal help lost, missing, and hurting children—starting with the needy wolf pup who lives across the street from Sam and Dean. The Alphabits aren’t vigilantes. These former soldiers and officers of the law have to do things by the book—even when it tears them apart to do so. But once all their ducks are in a row, the bad guys had better beware! You do not want this team of protective alphas on your tail. This is the first in a new series in the Team A.L.P.H.A. world, but can definitely be read as a stand-alone novel. You can expect to find naughty, knotty scenes of steamy passion, along with a lot of potty-mouth language and some violence. Prepare your box of tissues and lock up your heart, because this book contains a fluffy little wolf pup who’s about to steal it away. HEA definitely included, intended for 18+ readers only. Seriously, would you expect anything less from Susi Hawke and Crista Crown?

Falling Together

Claire Cullen - 2017
    He's been there, done that, and never truly got over it. His brother's untimely death has left him Alpha leader of Eden City, a responsibility he wants no part of. Acting as gatekeeper to the only urban district that accepts unmated Omega, Will does his best to dissuade new arrivals from staying in a city fraught with danger. As much as he wishes he could, he can't stop caring. A truth made all the more obvious when he crosses paths with Jake. Jake is running from the hell his home has become, carrying a secret only an Omega can carry. To him, Eden City means hope, means a future, but everyone says it's no place for an Omega. When they're proved right, and he winds up in trouble, his only chance for freedom lies with Will, an Alpha troubled by his past. If Jake can form a connection with the seemingly indifferent Alpha, can Will lead Jake to safety and maybe to love? Falling Together is the first book of The Omega Haven series. It is a 63,000-word paranormal romance with a happy ending, no cliffhangers, and can be read as a standalone. There are scenes and language not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. It includes mpreg.

The Pauper Prince

Sui Lynn - 2012
    He’s a survivor and tough as nails. Attacked and beaten, his attacker is murdered. Lance, with blood on his hands and a broken spirit, flees to the solitude of the peaceful pine forest of the Black Hills of South Dakota.Andrew Reed, a handsome shape shifter discovers a man in his barn loading a duffel bag with supplies. Before he can ask questions, the young man spots him and runs. Andrew chases after him. What he discovers at the end of a fast paced run through the woods astounds them both.Can Andrew help Lance heal enough to trust him? Can he convince Lance to stay before he runs out of Andrew’s life, forever beyond his reach and the slavery that has him bound to the land and vampires?

Convincing Conrad

Casey Drake - 2020
    Now his boss is dead, and Conrad is understandably freaked out and doesn’t want to go home alone. Enter Ryder, the gorgeous security specialist sent by his sister.Ryder Weller didn’t know what to expect when he answered Connie’s call to escort her twin brother home from a seedy bar across town. A trashed apartment, the scent of dangerous wolves, and the overwhelming need to protect the human in his care at all costs wasn’t it. He sure wasn’t dreaming of forever… or finding a true mate. But it might all be within his grasp—after he breaks the news that “werewolves are real, and hey, I’m one of them,” that is.

Liam's Mate

Olivia Black - 2014
    Wanting to help out the wolf pack that welcomed him in, he gets a job at the Silver Bullet. One night while picking up empty glasses, he notices a gorgeous stranger checking him out from across the room. When the vampire heads down to the dungeon, Liam follows.Oscar Fitzgerald is a regular at the club. When he spots Liam working, the attraction is instantaneous. He heads to the dungeon when his friends arrive and the tiger follows him. What starts out as a sexy game of cat and mouse soon turns into something else entirely when the shifter starts to panic.


Kiki Burrelli - 2019
    His kind is weaker and needs protecting—at least that is what the alphas in power have been saying for decades. In his twenty years, Wynn has seen omegas stripped of their rights, only to have those rights placed in the hands of the nearest alpha. But Wynn is different, recruited at a young age, he’s always known his purpose, to eliminate the worst of the worst. Alphas who should be convicted of the most heinous crimes may avoid prison, but there is no avoiding the tip of Wynn’s blade. When he’s given his next mission, a billionaire alpha developing tech that could take even more autonomy away from omegas, he’s ready, willing and able to do what needs to be done. From a gritty neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks, Magnus has spent his life clawing his way to the top. He may have started in the slums, but now he’s a billionaire alpha whose name is the only one that matters when it comes to tech security and defense. He’s close to finally succeeding in creating the omega protection device that may have saved his brother’s life all those years ago. His success hasn’t come without sacrifice. His life is his work, so when a gorgeous omega with a golden gaze and pretty smile bumps into him, he doesn’t have time be interested. But, Magnus can’t ignore his inner wolf and soon all he wants is to be near Wynn, to see him, smell him, claim him. Immediately after first contact, Wynn is conflicted. He’s positive that he’s never known an alpha like Magnus, but if his name has shown up on Wynn’s list then he must be evil. To think otherwise is to doubt his life’s devotion. And it doesn’t take long for Magnus to have a list of questions a thousand miles long for Wynn, his secretive omega. But his questions don’t stop him from realizing Wynn isn’t just the bravest man he knows, he’s also his mate. When outside forces begin to press in—Wynn’s jealous boss for one—the two must decide what their love is worth, because it may well cost them everything. Fervor is the first book in the Omega Assassins Club. It is considerably more violent than the average Kiki book but with the same spice, humor, and heart. Readers should be aware Fervor contains mentions of graphic violence and abuse. However, a swoon-worthy HEA is guaranteed!

The Night Wolf

Parker Williams - 2020
    It is said that to control a night wolf is to harness limitless power….Gareth Blackthorn has been Alpha of the prosperous Lydon pack for nearly two decades. Breaking with tradition, Gareth doesn’t take over other packs by challenge. Instead, he lets wolves come to him and petition for admittance. He’s had his pick of the best, the brightest, and the most talented.Until now.A power-hungry Alpha desires Omega Sean Adler’s talent… and his submission, whether given freely or not. He’s been on the run since he was fifteen, surviving any way he could, until one night, he knows he’ll finally succumb to the injuries from his latest attack—and he’s ready to go. That’s when Gareth finds him, and Gareth’s wolf insists on claiming Sean as his mate. But there’s something mysterious about Sean, something tied to the mark on his shoulder….Now Gareth must decide. Will he keep Sean despite the dangers that will arise, or will he throw the young man back to the wolves?

Sweet Nothings

Macy Blake - 2018
    He’s a teacher at the local middle school and the most exciting part of his day is dealing with a classroom full of hormonal preteens. His life takes a turn for the weird one stormy night when he finds a small boy on his doorstep. A boy who growls, flashes unnaturally blue eyes, demands for Sam to call the alpha-- whatever that is-- and gives Sam the one name he wishes he could forget: Vaughn Jerrick. Vaughn Jerrick is the alpha to a pack of wolf shifters and a doctor to the supernatural world. After sharing a steamy one night stand with Sam years ago, Vaughn couldn’t consider the possibility of a future with the man, no matter how much he wanted him. Bringing a human into his world is against the rules, but one phone call changes everything, and Vaughn finds himself face-to-face with the man who could give him everything he’s ever wanted. Rescuing one small child turns into saving six from a dark and uncertain fate, and although Sam doesn’t understand the world he’s been forced into, he would never turn his back on children in need, even if it means confronting his past with Vaughn. As Vaughn and Sam join forces to protect the children put into their care, the future they’ve both dreamed of is within their reach, but first they need to survive the sinister force looking to rip away everything they’ve come to hold dear.

The Cub Club

Ardy Kelly - 2018
     What would you do if your adopted son shifted into a wolf cub before your eyes?      For single dad Steven the choice was simple - find the boy's family and hope they had the answers.As the alpha of Lone Wolves Ranch, Mack trusted in humans as much as he trusted in love. Not at all. But he had a soft spot for the brave man searching for his son's relatives. When he discovers Steven is his fated mate, he's stuck between a soft spot and a hard place.The Cub Club is a gay wolf shifter romance containing Mpreg and knotting. A complete 65,000-word novel - no cliffhanger!