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City Of Blood: The Complete Series by Laura Greenwood


Secret Favor: The Complete Romance Series

Avery North - 2021
    But after he’s convinced to hire his best friend’s sister, it kicks off a chain of events that will leave him questioning just what he’d do for a shot at true love.Fresh out of college and searching for her big break, when Mia Miller is offered a job by the charming and handsome billionaire Ryan, she can’t believe her luck. She hopes to fly under the radar for a while – but when she starts shaking up the department and making enemies on day one, it soon becomes clear she can’t avoid Ryan’s attention.Wrestling with the dangers of their pulse-pounding office romance, Ryan finds himself in a constant battle between nosy paparazzi and his burning desire for Mia. He knows what kind of scandal their budding relationship could create – but he’s willing to put everything on the line just for one night with her.Will these two unlikely lovers get their happily-ever-after? Or will this rollercoaster of passion and drama see their lives – and careers – in ruins?Perfect for fans of scintillating billionaire office romance, this tantalizing boxset is an exhilarating love affair that will take you on a wild ride into heartache and steam.

Bear Mountain Brothers: Series Boxed Set Books 1 - 5

Marley Michaels - 2021

Sinful Like Us Box Set

Nicole Casey - 2019
    Download your copy, and enjoy this salaciously hot romance box set today! Nicole’s Note: Sinful Like Us is a Collection of 10 stand-alone romance novellas. No cliffhanger, no cheating, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA. Happy reading!

The Shifter's Matchmaker: Books 1 - 4

Emilia Hartley - 2019
    By the time you reach the end you'll be begging for more! This is one series you do NOT want to miss! Book 1 - The Bear's Matchmaker Book 2 - Her True Alpha Mate Book 3 - Her Alpha Mismatch Book 4 - Her Enchanted Alpha Match Book 1: Some women might like to have three handsome, powerful bear shifters vying for their attention, but Ophelia (Lia) Caldwell is not one of them. For one thing, she knows that the alpha bears only seek her out to steal her sealskin and the control of the coastal land around Monterey that goes with it. It sucks to be a selkie. Lia is seriously considering retreating to the ocean and trying to reconnect with the pod she lost as a child, but her adoptive sister Nessa, who moonlights as a matchmaker for shifters convinces her to try hooking up with a guy who might be able to protect her from the alpha bears. But what kind of protection with Miles be? He’s a playboy who can’t stay focused on one woman for more than a day or two. Even worse, he’s another bear. Lia wants to tell Nessa to forget about it. This match is a terrible idea. But Miles sees her in a way the other bears don’t, and Lia’s oddly attracted to him despite his faults. Will giving him a chance be the worst mistake she’s ever made? Or will it be her salvation? Book 2: Ever since her Alpha helped her tame her panther and explore her creativity, Monica has been sure her destiny lies with him. He doesn’t notice her, though, and when she tries to trick the shifter matchmaker, Nessa, into setting them up, Monica finds herself with a different alpha entirely. Nikolai’s pack is on the verge of revolt after his failed attempt to steal a selkie skin, and he’s beginning to doubt his own fitness as a leader. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a sexy shifter from another pack. But Monica makes him laugh and bolsters his confidence. He can’t keep his mind—or his hands—off her. Monica can’t keep her hands off Nikolai either. But what about her plans for the future? Could Nikolai be her true Alpha match? Book 3: Like many fox shifters, Regina Woodward is stuck in the fifties. She loves vintage clothing and classic movies. What she doesn’t love is controlling male foxes who expect perfect homemaker wives. She’s just about given up on ever finding a mate when her friend Nessa, the local matchmaker, suggests she date Oscar Torres. An alpha bear. Regina’s mother would have a conniption just hearing about it. Not that Regina’s sure she wants to hook up with Oscar anyway, seeing how he’s closed-off emotionally. But when he asks for her help to save a wild fox-shifter who has been getting into trouble up north, Regina can’t refuse. And the more time she spends with Oscar, the more she loses her heart. To an emotionally constipated bear her only remaining family is going to hate. There’s no way this ends well—is there? Book 4: Nessa Caldwell has a gift for pairing shifters with their fated mates. Except when that shifter happens to be herself. But though her gift doesn’t work reflexively, she’s sure it’s a bad idea to date Caz Frost, even if her friends think she should try it.

Savage Saints MC Anthology

Autumn Summers - 2020
    Danger brought them together, but will it tear them apart?Ace (Savage Saints MC, Book 2)Ace’s rash decision to kidnap the skittish Bambi from a Cartel bar could get her killed. Bambi struggles to trust this impulsive stranger, but could he be her saviour?Ryder (Savage Saints MC, Book 3)Ryder and Red were just friends until a paranormal experience changed Ryder’s life. With Red being the only one to understand, they only get closer. Could they ever be more? Nothing would be the same again…Crow (Savage Saints MC, Book 4)Crow’s lost without a patch on his back or a bike beneath him. Having lost the only life he’d ever known, he’s uncertain how he fits into the world… then he meets the beautiful Brooklyn.Dylan (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 5)Dylan’s on a path of destruction, haunted by his recent military past. However, he begins to change his ways after crossing paths with Leah – an angel who rids him of his demons.Rex (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 6)After being saved from an abusive biker by her drug dealer, Rex, Leah robs him of his stash and overdoses. Because she’s from a rival club, Rex has no idea what he should do – or what he should risk to care for her.Wolf (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 7)Wolf’s been keeping a deep, dark secret from his MC. The moment Amber walks into the clubhouse, the one woman who could expose him, his position’s threatened. But Wolf knows that she, too, is hiding her true self.Chains (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 8)Chains is facing life in prison for violent crimes. Ada, a highly respected lawyer, is the only one who could save him – that is, if she isn’t killed first. Under ordinary circumstances their worlds wouldn’t collide, but they need each other.Tank (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 9)Rose thought her high school sweetheart, Tank, was dead. So, when he shows up at the bar she works at, she’s overwhelmingly happy to see him. Noticing that he’s having trouble readjusting, Rose encourages him to join a motorcycle club with the hopes that it’ll give him what he needs. Can she help him?Gunner (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 10)Gunner would’ve been living the American Dream if it weren’t for Trixie. Because of her, he fought for his life in the Vietnam war. Now her life’s in danger, and Gunner is the only one who can keep her safe. Can he forget the past and protect her?Ammo (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 11)The MC were warned to stay away from Roxy, but Ammo just can’t resist his best friend’s little sister. Their love is forbidden, and Roxy can’t bear to be the cause of a rift in the club, so can they let themselves give into desire?Buzz (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 12)Minnie isn’t Buzz’s type, but he falls for her anyway. Though she’s been asking a lot of prying questions about the club and his position as VP, he tries to ignore his suspicions. But, if he’s right, her secret could cost him his MC, and even his life.

All In Series Eight Book Box Set

Lane Hart - 2015
     Get ready to dive into hours of entertainment, including: Love triangles A cocky police officer A Vegas wedding Secret babies A millionaire in love with his best friend’s sister Hot threesomes An arrogant, larger than life quarterback Sexy attorneys, and so much more! Not only will you get six sizzling romances at more than 400,000 words, but you’ll also save $9.95 on the cost of purchasing each book separately!

Fated Shifters: Romance Collection

Lola Gabriel - 2021

Hellbound Lovers MC (Books 5-8): SETH, GUNNER, DIESEL, KNOX

Crimson Syn - 2018
    The Hellbound Lovers are tough, ride hard, and love fiercely. And when they set their heart on something, There’s nothing stopping them from getting what they want. Especially when that something involves top of the line curves That make their engines rumble and purr like a smooth dream. When these men fall, they fall hard, And when impending danger threatens what they love most They’ll do whatever it takes to protect it. Duty and honor collide with wild passion in this sexy and dirty MC Romance.

Special Ops Dragons: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Maia Starr - 2020
    Chiseled abs, fake marriages, and hot single dads will keep you awake at night… and have you burning for more!Book 1: Dragon Assassin Protector Saving Annie should’ve been the end of it. Falling in love with her wasn’t part of the plan. I’m an assassin for a Special Ops group. I’ve been using Annie to get the enemy off the throne. The end of this mission will change things. And then, I’ll have an impossible choice to make. Book 2: Dragon Assassin Single Daddy She has to see my real face. She has to see the dragon I have to become to save her. Jana is the love of my life. I could kill her abusive husband for laying a finger on her. She deserves a life with me, and my son. But can I protect her before giving her the world? Book 3: Dragon Assassin Fake Bride He vowed to save my life. But instead, he put me in more danger than I could’ve imagined. John is the Alpha of F.I.R.E. A fact that I didn’t know when I agreed to be his fake wife. He also never told me that I was forbidden to bear children. Well, it’s too late now. I’m already pregnant, and John will lose his family. Unless… Book 4: Dragon Assassin’s Nanny I’m the most powerful dragon assassin in the world. Every woman is fair game. Every woman but her. My daughter’s nanny. The ultimate distraction from my job. Lianne has become my obsession. And I need to keep her close. She has a little secret, and a wolf is after her life. There’s no one in the world I can’t defeat. The enemy will pay if he comes anywhere near her. I’ll make him regret ever being born. Note: Adults Only!

Mountain Men of Liberty Series Box Set

K.C. Crowne - 2021
    Because the life of my baby literally depends on it.

Summer Obsession

Flora Ferrari - 2020
    A sea of pretenders is more accurate.I enjoy the weekdays best, when I have the beach to myself, but for all the warmth and sun of the season, my life feels cold and empty.I’ve got the so-called perfect life but there’s a void in my life, a void I know will be filled once she comes along.Everything has its price, and there’s always more than one set of hands waiting to take away what we’ve just been given, even if it’s the hand of fate.But not this time.I’ve found my queen and I’m not about to let her go a second time once fate shows its hand.Not on my watch.JAYDEEI’m glad I have my camera with me. I can photograph the proof that such a man exists, that he’s not just out there.That he’s running right towards me, into my life.Trouble is, I’m about to run out of mine altogether if I’m not careful.Can an older guy fall hard for a younger, curvy girl like me?Time will tell, but I know one thing, I’ve fallen for him.Literally.*Summer Obsession is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Falling Series Books #6-9 (Falling Series Collection Book 2)

Tracy Lorraine - 2020
    Everything you need to heat up your Kindle is right here. From an emotional office romance, to sexy bad boys, enemies to lovers, brother's best friends, explosive second chances, and a little m/m to mix things up. One-click and start binge-reading now. Falling for Lucas Sleeping with the boss wasn't meant to be part of the promotion.

 People think I’m a suave businessman but they couldn’t be more wrong. The expensive suit is just covering the ugly scars of my past. I have no interest in love or making promises that I can’t keep. Until I find her in my hotel suite. She’s a broken mess and everything in me wants to protect her. To make her mine. I’m falling for my employee and she should be running far away from me. Will I let her? No chance. Falling for Caleb Never stop fighting if you think you’ve found the one. I’m not fussy about the men I share my bed with, but my heart is another matter. Loving someone too much goes hand in hand with pain and suffering. It’s not something I want in my life. Then I meet him. Just one kiss and he finds his way in. It’s just a shame I don’t have the same effect on him. Can I convince him that he’s the only one for me despite what my reputation says? I’m falling for a man whose sole intention is run as far away from me as he can. Falling for Declan Hate is easy. Love takes courage. My life is sweet. I work hard, party harder, surf whenever the hell I want and get any woman I desire. It can’t get any better. Then my worst enemy moves to town. I’ve hated her from as early as I can remember, and now she’s taunting me once again. Or tempting me? It seems the girl who plagued my younger years is now a woman I can’t get out of my head. I’m falling for my childhood enemy. Nothing good can come of this, or can it? Falling for Liam She's mine, every last broken, beautiful bit of her. I’ve always been different. Always been the nice one. The misunderstood one. Everything changed when I found her, the woman I've been waiting for. Hoping for. The one. Then, she left. Now she's back, and she's nothing like I remember. She’s broken. Harboring dark secrets that beg to be exposed. And that's fine, because I've got some sordid secrets of my own. I’m going to prove I'm the one she needs. Because she’s mine. Mine to protect. Mine to love. It’s time for her to submit to the one thing she truly desires. Me. All of me.

The Norwegian Assassin

Hannah Byron - 2022
    Her fiancé taken from her. Esther Weiss sees only one way to fight back.Life is good for Esther and her Jewish family until Hitler annexes their home country Austria. Her wedding to fiancé Carl Bernstein is postponed, and her family's entire life is uprooted.Thinking they’ll be safe in Oslo, the Weiss’s hope is short-lived when Norway is invaded in 1940 and the fascist Quisling Regime is put into place. Esther returns home one day to discover her entire family has been deported. Gone. Without a trace.Something snaps inside Esther. The soft-hearted, gentle girl is no longer. Her desire to fight the enemy becomes her only drive. She joins the Norwegian resistance movement and with her blond hair and light eyes, all it takes is a false passport to give Esther the freedom she needs. The freedom to kill. No German or Norwegian fascist is safe when she’s nearby.Destruction of those who took her family gives Esther a license to live, but it has also hardened her heart. Not even Tore Ringdal, her rock and protector in the Resistance movement, is able to break through the walls she’s placed around her heart.When all she loves is gone, and only hate remains, can the Norwegian Assassin reopen her heart and find love again?

The Beachside Café Boxset (Complete Series: Books 1-6)

Sage Parker - 2021

Witnessed by the Wolf: Paranormal Romantic Suspense (A Rue the Day book)

Chloé Vincent - 2020