The Watchman's Daughter

Alexandra Connor - 2007
    With her father unable to do his night watchman rounds, Kate does all she can to help her family survive. But when Andrew Pitt comes into her life, everything changes. True happiness seems to be on the horizon for Kate as she and Andrew make plans to marry. Then tragedy strikes and Kate takes the only course she can to protect the people who depend on her. With her future looking hopeless, Kate must find a way to escape – and to get back the man she loves.

Atlas Rising

Blake Severson - 2021
    Picking a druid, he charges forward into an unknown land as he tries to master an odd combat system. Luckily for him, the crafting system is ripe to make money and the game’s currency is tied to the real-world market.But a strange dungeon forces him to reevaluate everything he thought he knew. Is the company behind this game truly what it seems to be, or is there a nefarious purpose hidden below the surface?

The Magelands Epic (Books 5-8) An epic fantasy series

Christopher Mitchell - 2020

Shadow Claw Box Set (Volume II)

Sarah J. Stone - 2019
    We had defeated evil. But some dark realities lingered. I’m Ivanna. The fiercest of them all. I’m also cursed and in search for a remedy that could save my life. Can my team survive the new mystery, the betrayals, and most of all… the possibility of watching me die? Contains the 10 Titles: 1. The Forgotten Curse 2. Blinded by Love 3. The Secret Necklace 4. Phoenix Rising 5. Enemies Become Friends 6. Severing Ties 7. Love and War 8. Dark Magic 9. Finding Solace 10. Love Ignited


F. Gardner - 2021
    Collecting the cards and imagining himself in the wild world the monsters exist, has become his favorite pastime. Depressed that the fictitious monsters don’t exist in his world, a thought occurs to him. Maybe they don’t just have to be fiction. Maybe the fantasy can become real. But at what cost?

The Exceptional S. Beaufont Boxed Set #3: The Complete Political Conspiracy Collection

Sarah Noffke - 2020

The Sariah Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set: includes: Resistance to Magic, Betrayal of Magic, Survival By Magic and Triumph Through Magic

Peter Glenn - 2021

Shifter Protectors 12 Book Compilation

Lisa Daniels - 2020
     The first story is a special Valentine's Book soon to be released in late January! Author's Note: All stories are intended for 18+ and are stand alone romances with a HEA.

Timeless Fairy Tales: Books 10-11: The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Snow White

K.M. Shea - 2021

The Dark Elf War Trilogy: Books 1-3

William Stacey - 2019
     Reawakening the forces of magic... And letting in monsters of myth and their dark-elf masters. Now, the fate of all will fall upon two women gifted with magical powers and a veteran Special Forces soldier. If they fail, it won’t just be the end of the Dark-Elf War. It’ll be the end of all human life. *** Read the complete story now! Includes: - Book 1: Starlight - Book 2: Gunz - Book 3: Ranger The Dark Elf War trilogy by former army officer William Stacey is a thrilling blend of urban fantasy and military sci-fi. You’ll love these books for their breathless pacing, believable characters, and non-stop action. Get the complete Dark Elf War Trilogy, more than 1500 pages of magic, monsters, and Special Forces action. Grab all three now!

The Goblin's Shadow

Kyle Vauss - 2017
    He makes a side-living levelling up and selling characters to order. When he gets an order for a Shadow Walker, a class he’s never played before, it seems strange. Things get even stranger when, just as he’s about to kill a goblin NPC, it talks. Tom and Gabber the goblin embark on a quest to get Gabber to safety. They're pursued by Crawford, a creature hunter with an immense knowledge of the game and resources to match. He’ll never give up, never stop, and Tom must use his courage, skills and ingenuity to outwit him. This starts an epic quest of swords, magic, and monsters, while an unlikely friendship develops. Tom can’t let the hunter catch Gabber. Unlike the players, if the goblin dies, he won’t respawn.

Forgotten Swords: The Complete Raithlindrath Series

Robert Ryan - 2015
    But trying is not succeeding - or even surviving. Lanrik is young and untested, but confident in the time-honored skills of the Raithlin scouts. He attempts to slow the horde long enough for a warning to reach his home city. But a single act of treachery, timed to devastating effect, tests him as much as the enemy.He forms a bold plan against overwhelming odds to protect all that he loves. But his choices lead him ever deeper into a life-changing struggle. Dark forces of sorcery and witchcraft are on the move. So too are the powers that contend with them. The conflict draws him into a quest for the safety of the whole land and toward a girl who comes to mean more to him than anything. He enters a world of magic: sometimes beautiful, often perilous and always unpredictable.This boxed set contains all four books of the completed Raithlindrath series. As a bonus, it includes A Spell of Swords, the prequel to the Amazon Epic Fantasy bestseller Raging Swords.

Origin of the Library: A Path to Otherwhere Book

T.S. Paul - 2018
     It was there they found the Legion of the Damned and the Mystical Library. But how did the once Earth bound Library of Alexandria get there and who exactly is Callimachius? Take a journey to the other side of the Gate and learn that what's lost can be found again!

Binding Magic: Dragons of Arethia Book Two

Nikki Bollman - 2015
    In between attending make-up magic classes, dragon training lessons, and simply learning her way around the big city of Areth, Tesa can't help but try to uncover the secret behind the symbol-engraved stones Berick used to enslave her. With all her new dragon rider friends away from the city searching for the stolen egg and kidnapped guard, Tesa must find new friends and allies as she searches for the answer to the spellstones. What she finds may put her--and the dragons--in more danger than ever before.

The Forgotten One (Dragon's Gap)

L.M. Lacee - 2020