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Savage Abandon by Cassie Edwards


Scarlet Lies

Jo Goodman - 1988
    A Missing Heiress, a Gambling-Hall Hostess, and a Seductress Vie to Take Down a Millionaire in Jo Goodman’s Scarlet Lies--1868, on the Mississippi and 1872, San Francisco--Brooklyn Hancock, accomplice to her swindling partner and protector, meets her match in Ryland North. When he turns the tables on her aboard a Mississippi sternwheeler, she manages to escape, believing she murdered Ryland.Four years later, Ryland North is investigating the disappearance of an heiress while also being asked by his aunt and uncle to dissuade their son from marrying a gambling-hall hostess. When he finds the gambling-hall hostess, Ryland recognizes her immediately as Brooklyn and sets about trying to save his cousin from falling for her lies.When the wedding is called off, Ryland considers his mission accomplished. Until he again encounters Brooklyn only to learn the truth and discover that it's he and Brooklyn that have been deceived and that she's in serious danger.Now they face a new reality. Ryland struggles to trust the woman who nearly murdered him as Brooklyn's thoughts turn from escape to surrender.Publisher Note: For new and old fans of Jo Goodman comes one of her classic works, freshly edited by Jo Goodman for today's audience. Fans of Mary Jo Putney, Kat Martin, Jo Beverley, Courtney Milan and Kaki Warner will enjoy this spirited adventure and romance.

Hunter's Moon

Bobbi Smith - 2003
    There, three brothers and a sister fought to hold their family together, struggled to keep their ranch solvent, while they awaited the return of the one person who could shed light on the secrets of the past.BrentWith his father about to come home after ten years in prison, the last thing Brent Hunter needed was woman trouble. And beautiful Crystal Stewart was trouble with a capital T. What else could you call a hellion who had to be rescued from one scrape after another, even carried out of a rowdy saloon? But an incredible night of wild loving convinced the man who always did right that sometimes a little wrongdoing added a whole lot of spice to life.

Brave Heart

Lindsay McKenna - 1993
    Yet as a washerwoman for Blackjack Kingston in a Dakota mining camp, she knew only slavery and submission. Until she risked her life rescuing a group of Sioux women, and entered a world filled with love and respect - and Black Wolf.A Lakota medicine man, Black Wolf yearned for the day the red-haired Serena would stop fearing him. For he was determined to show her that a man could be a friend as well as a lover.

Simply Heaven

Patricia Hagan - 1995
    Determined to bring his friend's estranged daughter, Raven Ralston, back into her family fold, Steve Maddox is surprised by the half-Tonkawa girl he meets, a woman cast out of her dead mother's family who quickly falls in love with him.

Trinity's Loss

Indiana Wake - 2017
    The excitement dulled somewhat through the weeks of hardship, exhaustion, dust and barren land. Until something happened to quell the excitement, hopes, and dreams, of the girl forever. Now, with an end to the life they expected to lead out west, what was left other than to just survive? Dillon Goodman, saw her, with her mother and father sat beside the fire in the ring of wagons. The picture of perfection. He had to get to know her, but was a little shy to talk to her, until that dreadful day. Now with only a plot of land and a dream, can Dillion do what is needed to win over Trinity? Or will she fall for the handsome and rich Kirby Thornhill? Son of the biggest landowner, and most powerful man in the area, Bart Thornhill. Will Dillon risk life and limb to ride the dangerous bucking bronco, Thunder, against Trinity’s wishes? Will Kirby Thornhill get his way and claim Trinity for himself, like everything else he ever wanted? Find out in the exciting new sweet and inspirational western romance book by bestselling author Indiana Wake. This book is a complete stand alone story about those brave men and women who headed west along the Oregon Trail.

Yankee Earl

Shirl Henke - 2003
    The devious Marquess of Cargrave does, and he blackmails his American grandson into becoming his heir. Jason Beaumont, former Yankee privateer, finds himself the new Earl of Falconridge and on the verge of being leg shackled. He is not happy. AN ENGLISH HEIRESS The Honorable Rachael Fairchild, daughter to Cargrave's oldest friend, Viscount Harleigh, is threatened by her father with even more odious marriage choices if she does not wed the man the Ton has labeled "the Yankee earl." But Jason is a toad stool, nothing more than a jumped up pirate. She is not happy. A DEVIL'S BARGAIN The two first collide, quite literally, while somebody is shooting at Jason. In spite of the danger, he and Rachel strike sparks from each other in a battle of wits. Rachel devises a plan that will enable Jason is to escape England, thus freeing them both from a fate worse than each other! If only the Yankee clodpole weren't so damnably witty and handsome. Jason quickly sees that his sharp-tongued "Countess" is right. They must work together to avoid leg-shackling...if only she weren't so damnably bright and beautiful. As the squabbling pair matches wits with the manipulative old marquess, mysterious assassins and kidnappers menace them. Rachel begins to wonder if marrying the wild Yankee would be so terrible after all. Jason slowly realizes that only a fool would not claim the willful "Countess" as his own, and the Yankee earl is nobody's fool.

Prairie Heat

Madeline Baker - 1991
    But before the stagecoach could rattle its dusty way through the dangerous Indian territory, Matilda would unpin her hair, roll up her sleeves and save the lives of all three. She would risk torture, ravishment and capture by savages. And in the strong, bronzed arms of the most unlikely suitor, she would lose her innocence, trade her virtue for a night of ecstasy, and discover a wild desire that rivaled the scorching heat of the prairie sun.

Behind a Lady's Smile

Jane Goodger - 2015
    But raised in the forests of Yosemite, she’s met precious few men to practice her smiles upon. Until a marvelously handsome photographer appears in her little corner of the wilderness and she convinces him to take her clear across the country and over the seas to England, where she has a titled grandmother and grandfather waiting to claim her. On their whirlwind journey, she’ll have the chance to bedazzle and befuddle store clerks and train robbers, society matrons and big city reporters, maids and madams, but the one man she most wants to beguile seems determined to play the gentlemen and leave her untouched. Until love steps in and knocks them both head over heels…

To Love a Stranger

Connie Mason - 1997
    Unfortunately, Samson not only wants her ranchland, but he wants Zoey as well. When Pierce is falsely accused of a heinous crime and then shot by a Montana vigilante while escaping, he finds refuge in Zoey's root cellar. Zoey removes the bullet and saves his life, but when Willoughby's threats loom larger, she forces Pierce to marry her at gunpoint and rescue her from Willoughby's clutches. But Zoey didn't plan on falling in love with her reluctant bridegroom, and Pierce certainly didn't plan on finding a wife quite so enticing. Just when Pierce and Zoey think they've resolved their difficulties, tragedy strikes and Willoughby surfaces to threaten their lives once again. Before Pierce can claim Zoey forever, he must first save her from the evil forces that seek to claim her for their own. Readers who love Mason's historical romances will be delighted with this addition.

Here Comes the Bride

Pamela Morsi - 2000
    With the help of her friend, ruggedly attractive Rome Akers, she's determined to make Amos jealous--and get him to the altar--before it's too late.Rome Akers wasn't ready to settle down. But by pretending to make Augusta his partner for life he had a chance to become her business partner instead. Yet despite his best intentions, the closer he gets to this intelligent, sweet woman, the stronger his feelings grow. Their tantalizing conversations and tender kisses ignite a desire more passionate than Roman ever imagined. Soon he'll do anything to make Augusta a bride--but only if he gets to be the groom.

Prairie Embrace

Rosanne Bittner - 1987
    Then, out of the blue, she met the heated gaze of a bronze-skinned, jet-haired Indian and suddenly the dry, barren landscape was lifeless no more. Her flesh tingled with his nearness; her blood sang through her veins as he leaned even closer. The gorgeous pioneer reminded herself that he was a savage heathen and beneath her regard but deep inside she knew her fate was forever bound to his!When the powerful Sioux warrior Tohave spotted the lone wagon trespassing on reservation land, he raised his lance and charged, intent on punishing the palefaces for invading his territory. But where he expected to see an ugly white-eyes, he found the creamy-skinned temptress who had haunted his dreams. He pulled her close so she wouldn't run away; he traced her lush curves to make sure she was real. Tohave hated her for coming West, but couldn't stop the swell of love that filled him with primitive passion, as he took her in his Prairie Embrace.


Linda Lael Miller - 1986
    Her own husband had died at the door of a town saloon. With hymns and hatchets, Lauralee and the women of Halpern's Ferry closed down all the taverns--all but the one Jay McCallum was determined to save.After his brother, a saloonkeeper, was found brutally slain, Jay had come to town ready to accuse Lauralee--only to be captivated by her winsome beauty. The proud, powerful man melted Lauralee's defiant heart with the aching hunger of his love--and with the sweet, urgent ecstasy they shared.But even as she surrendered to her rich and wild desire, Lauralee's joy was shadowed by the haunting mystery of Jay's brother's death...a mystery whose shocking outcome could forever destroy her future's radiant promise.

Dueling Hearts

Kat Martin - 1989
    Nineteen-year-old Molly James fights trouble at every turn. Her uncle wants to sell the ranch and her handsome neighbor wants to buy more than just Molly's ranch!

Too Tough to Tame

Deborah Camp - 1996
    But an attraction develops as Tess Summar fights to save her reluctant patient's life. When she is attacked for her actions on his behalf, the brave rescues her and together they retreat into their love.


Betty Brooks - 1987
    Terrified she was sure her fate was sealed, when up stepped the most magnificent bronzed male she had ever seen- and the warrior was issuing a challenge for her! Her sapphire eyes sparkled with fright, her skin flushed with fear... for Rebecca knew that if her captor won she'd lose her life, and if her defender triumphed she'd lose her innocence! In the Scarlet Sunset, Proud, Lone Wolf burned with passion the moment he beheld the auburn-haired beauty. He knew the torture she'd get at the hands of the other brave and even though it went against his better judgment, the aroused warrior fought for her. Desire fueled his strength against his rival; lust powered each mighty blow. Finally, hot with victory and raging for love, he gripped Rebecca in an embrace that brooked no dispute: he'd fought hard for the gorgeous captive-and only she had the power to extinguish his SAVAGE FLAME.