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Lone Star Lovers Boxed Set by Jean Brashear


Royal Escape

Renna Peak - 2018
    When he buys a ranch in Firebird Falls, Montana, he’s looking for an escape from the drama caused by his royal siblings. Out here, he’s just Nick Smith—a happy loner just looking to blend in with everyone else. Clara Weaver is looking for her own escape. When her car runs out of gas in Firebird Falls, she sees it as a sign. Even though she’s never set foot on a ranch before in her life, she decides to answer a job posting for a ranch manager, which leads her to the town’s mysterious newcomer, Nick Smith. She’s determined to build a new life for herself here—and bring the grumbling, brooding Nick along for the ride. Both Nick and Clara are looking for new hope in Firebird Falls. But as they learn to live with each other, one question haunts their new lives—how far will they go to protect their secrets? Royal Escape is part one of a six-part serial and ends with a cliffhanger. New to the Royal Heartbreakers books? Each series contains a complete romance story and can be read on its own, but the following is the chronological order of our books: Royal Heartbreaker series (Prince Leopold + Eleanor Parker) Royal Mistake series (Prince Andrew + Victoria Simpson) Royal Arrangement series (Prince William + Princess Justine) Royal Wedding Fiasco (special bonus book) Royal Disaster series (Princess Sophia + Pax Donovan) Royal Christmas Baby (special bonus book) Royal Escape series (Prince Nicholas + Clara Weaver)

Finding Ours

Megan Smith - 2014
    Times are passing. Hearts are breaking. People are changing. Families are falling apart. Friendships are diminishing. Falling in love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A Cowgirl's Dream

Edith Mackenzie - 2020
    Neither is love …Frankie’s not interested in romance. Her goal of becoming a champion barrel racer requires her full attention. So when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, she’s willing to chase it halfway across the globe. Now, with her dream so close she can almost taste it, staying focused is more important than ever. Nothing will stand in her way—especially not the annoyingly handsome Brazilian bull rider who seems so determined to rope her heart.Everything Luciano’s ever wanted is finally within reach. Fame, fortune, validation that he’s the best in the world…it will be his. But when he meets a feisty Aussie who sets his soul on fire, he's forced to realize there’s one more thing he’ll need in order to truly be happy—and that’s Frankie. Now all he has to do is convince the cowgirl of his dreams to give him a chance…When the road to happily ever after gets rough, will Frankie find the courage to trust in love and ride off into the sunset with Luciano? Or will they always be destined to go their separate ways?A Cowgirl’s Dream, book 1 in the Barrels and Hearts series, is a clean and wholesome contemporary romance featuring a commanding cowboy with a heart of gold, and a tough, smart, cowgirl heroine who isn’t afraid to go after exactly what she wants. HEAs are always guaranteed. Download your copy today and let the wild ride begin…


Dale Mayer - 2019
    Nor does he particularly care. All he can see is his anger. Anger at the betrayal that destroyed his physical body and at the loss of the future he wanted but that he’ll never have now. He’s a cripple, less than half a man, and all he can look forward to is a half life, alone with himself and his pain.Dani Hathaway runs Hathaway House with her father, an ex-military man nicknamed the Major, and she knew Aaron and his brother SEAL Levi in another life. Levi was a good friend to her through her difficult teen years, but it was Aaron who caught her eye more than a decade ago. When she heard what happened to him, she moved heaven and earth to get him to Hathaway House, where she could help him regain his health and return him to the man he used to be.Old feelings resurface as Dani continues to push Aaron to acknowledge that his life is not over, and that, if he chooses, he can find both love and a future at Hathaway House.Welcome to Hathaway House. Rehab Center. Safe Haven. Second chance at life and love.

Deep Trouble

Kimberly Kincaid - 2016
     Bartender Kylie Walker went into the basement of The Corner Tavern for a box of cocktail napkins, but what she got was an eyeful of murder. Now she’s on the run from a killer with connections, and one wrong step could be her last. Desperate to stay safe, Kylie calls the only person she trusts—her ex-Army Ranger brother. The only problem? He’s two thousand miles away, and trouble is right outside her door. Security specialist Devon Randolph might be rough and gruff, but he’ll never turn down a friend in need, especially when that friend is the fellow Ranger who once saved his life. Devon may have secrets, but he’s nearby, and he’s got the skills to keep his buddy’s sister safe…even if one look at brash, beautiful, Kylie makes him want to break all the rules. Forced on the run, Kylie and Devon dodge bullets and bad guys, but they cannot fight the attraction burning between them. Yet the closer they grow, the higher the stakes become. Will they be able to outrun a brutal killer? Or will Devon’s secrets tear them apart first?

Save Her

Flora Burgos - 2017
     Katherine thought they had forever, but Sean was looking for a way out. The day of his high school graduation Sean left the girl he loved and the ranch he resented in his rearview mirror. Katherine was left to put the pieces of her shattered heart back together and figure out a new future. After making his mark on the world Sean has come back to the girl he left behind over a decade ago, and is looking for a way to make her his again. When tragedy rocks the very foundation of Katherine’s life, leaving her with a target on her back, Sean will do anything to keep her safe. But rebuilding the trust he once shared with Katherine isn’t easy, and he doesn’t realize he may have waited too long to come home to the only girl he’s ever loved. If he’s not careful, it may be too late to Save Her.


Kristina Weaver - 2016
     My brother’s wedding is basically turning into my worst nightmare. I can live with his soon-to-be mother-in-law and her crazy, weeklong “wedding games.” I can push away the thoughts of my passive-aggressive coworkers and my aggressive-aggressive boss. I can enjoy the time with my family and ignore the underlying tension. What I can’t do? Tolerate a week with my old schoolgirl crush. Devon Baxter, one of my brother’s dearest friends, has always had the power to render me tongue-tied and sick with nerves. I mean, the man is a walking hunk of delicious fantasy fuel, and he’s never looked twice at me. Asshole. But why would he? I mean, I guess I’m pretty…pretty dumpy. Pretty plain. Pretty inexperienced in matters of the bedroom. If he shows any kind of interest in me, I know it’s just temporary insanity. The worst part is, I might be okay with that. Yeah…he’s that delectable. Devon I can’t give myself to her long-term, but I can’t stop myself taking her for the short-term. The question is…will one week be enough? I’m a self-made billionaire, one of the hottest bachelors of the year—and still more to come if I have my way. I know how to handle women and give them what they need while taking what I want. And what do I want right now? Imp, my best friend’s little sister. Oh, but he’d have my head if I laid a finger on her. I know, because he told me so years ago, when he caught me…noticing her. But I’m not sure I can resist, not with an entire week spent at her side, with her beautiful hourglass figure tantalizing me left and right, the way it always has. I know she harbors a gigantic crush on me (adorable), and it’s going to be quite a struggle to stop myself taking advantage of that. Note: Short story. Cliffhanger ending. Part 1 of 3. (Very) Adult content.


Nicky Fox - 2017
    Her sweet Innocence and Sinful body make me Insane. I'm going to make her Mine. She will be My Pinup Girl.Hunter Westley has just gotten out of a relationship and is not looking to get in another one. He's fixing up his late grandfather’s farm and trying to expand it. With a lot on his plate, the last thing Hunter needs is a distraction. When a city girl moves in next door, Hunter can't help but be enamored with the blond beauty.His new neighbor wears sexy red cowgirl boots and bakes the best apple pie. They have a chance meeting when she needs rescuing. After saving his damsel in distress Hunter can't help but ask her out on a date.Lenora moved to the countryside to concentrate on her career in painting. She didn’t expect the sexy as sin cowboy next door. With his rippling muscles and his southern drawl, he makes her weak in the knees. They experience a night neither of them will forget. From then on they are inseparable. That is until Hunter's farm becomes in jeopardy. With his attention on saving his home, he lets down Lenora when she needs him the most. Will they be torn apart forever or will Hunter have to rescue his Pinup Girl once more?

Protected by Love

Jennifer Ryan - 2017
    . .It was DEA Agent Caden Cooke’s third chance to impress beautiful chef Mia Martin. He’d already stood her up twice, and was shocked she was even giving him another chance. For Caden, taking down the bad guys is important, but Mia’s made it clear there’s no excuse for his bad behavior. So he’s vowed to make it worth her while with an apology he’s cooked up just for her.From the moment they meet, it’s clear this isn’t just another fix up. The sparks flying between them are undeniable; the tension is electric. Then, suddenly, the best moments of their lives turn treacherous when a drug dealer set on revenge puts their lives in danger. And Mia and Caden quickly realize they will do anything to protect the other—and live for the love neither of them expected.

The Outsider Series: The Complete Omnibus Collection

Lorhainne Eckhart - 2013
    Over 350,000 words of love, passion, and deep family ties. Get it for yourself or for the western romance lover in your life.This collection includes all the books and short stories of the hot and sexy Friessen men and the strong and vulnerable women they love.THE FORGOTTEN CHILD: - #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER in Romance Series & Westerns. How do you tell a man there is something wrong with his child?A BABY AND A WEDDING (The Forgotten Child to Fallen Hero bridge short story of Brad & Emily)FALLEN HERO: A cowboy who walked away from his family's fortune. A woman who returned for justice. What they didn't expect was to find love.THE SEARCH (Fallen Hero to The Awakening bridge short story of Andy, Jed and Diana): When her husband goes missing she's forced to call the one man she shouldn't.THE AWAKENING: A young woman who's lost everything, and the wealthy rancher who saves her.SECRETS: "Jed always told me he'd take care of everything. And I believed him, I trusted him, I loved him."RUNAWAY: Andy sets out to bring his runaway bride home. But when he finds her, he's in for a big surprise.OVERDUE: (Runaway to The Unexpected Storm bridge short story of Jed and Diana)THE UNEXPECTED STORM: He can have any woman, except the one he wants.THE WEDDING: A man who's always planned everything, and a woman who's struggled alone--The Wedding will change their lives forever.

Love In A Small Town

Betty Jo Schuler - 2006
    Sam, an Arizona professor, wants to sell the house he inherited, fast, and return to Arizona, for a prestigious promotion. Lily Madison, his red-haired neighbor is an accident-waiting-to-happen, but beautiful, determined, and smart, she has other plans for Sam and Browning. Lily brightens Sam’s life, but he doesn’t realize how much until he tries to walk away.

Falling For The Cowboy

Erica Ratliff - 2015
    She found her passion in the rodeo at a young age and has been participating ever since. While home from the rodeo circuit, Farah finds a strange new man at her family ranch. Curiosity quickly turns to anger as she finds out the real reason the handsome stranger is present. Fate seemed to have forced the two of them together and they embark on an unlikely journey together. Follow Farah's story as she tries to accept the new changes in her life and possibly find an unlikely love. *This book is part of a 3 book continuing series

Cowgirl Bride

Susan Mallery - 1998
    She’s tough, independent and more than capable of holding her own on the ranch, despite all the grief the cowboys give her about being a woman. Sierra certainly doesn’t need love. She gave up on that the day Dylan McLaine broke her heart and left town. Dylan knows he did wrong by Sierra, and he hasn’t been able to forget her, even after all these years. And now that his marriage is over, he’s bought a ranch in his hometown and he needs Sierra’s help to run it. But will the woman whose heart he broke give him another chance?

Destiny Wears Spurs

Kari Lee Harmon - 2011
    With the boss looking like the centerfold for a Hot Men of the West calendar, her slogans sound more like an advertisement for a singles' ranch than a family run operation. While Cody Rafferty—owner of Rafferty’s Remote Ranch—only agrees to need a phony ad campaign because he owes her father a favor and her crazy antics are making more work for him than it's worth, but he can't help rooting for the spunky little spitfire. Falling in lust is one thing, but falling in love isn’t part of the plan, only sometimes destiny has a mind of its own. * Winner of NJRW PYHIAB in Single Title Romance* Semi-finalist in the ABNA Contest

Runaway Cowboy

T.J. Kline - 2015
    She swore she'd gotten over the betrayal, but when Clay unexpectedly hires on with the rodeo for a week, she finds herself torn between passion and regret.Clay left intending never to see Jen again. He's been running from his troubled past for far too long, and it's not a life he wants for her. But it's hard to run from the past when the past is your own family, and Clay finds himself thrown back into the chaos he thought he'd finally left behind.Will the truth drive Jen away, or is there a second chance at happily-ever-after for this runaway cowboy?