Unfinished Business

Inglath Cooper - 1994
    One night while at a conference in New York City, Culley runs into his old friend Addy Taylor. After a passionate night together, neither expects a lasting relationship…but then Addy moves back to their hometown to help her mother run their family orchard.Culley is willing to explore the attraction between them, but Addy is determined not to stick around any longer than necessary. Can Culley and his daughter, Madeline—with the help of a rescue puppy—show Addy that coming home for good is the best move she can make.Originally published in 2004.

Warrior of Darkness: Dark Huntress

Ava K. Michaels - 2019
    It burns inside me. She’s been taken from me. Ariana is hurt. Tortured. Failing fast. I feel her. Sense her. I’ll tear this damn city apart to get to her. I’ll destroy anyone in my path… But will I be too late? I have a choice to make. Do something I swore never to do. I’ve kept that promise…until now. Can I break my oath for her? The alternative is unthinkable. Unbearable. Can I go on if I don’t? Or die in a hail of flames? Continue to see what lurks in the shadows of DARK HUNTRESS, book three in the latest dark paranormal hit series by Ava K Michaels that readers are comparing to I T LUCAS and SHERRILYN KENYON. Scroll up and one-click Dark Huntress to continue the darkly addicting Warrior of Darkness series today.

Hellbound Lovers MC (Books 5-8): SETH, GUNNER, DIESEL, KNOX

Crimson Syn - 2018
    The Hellbound Lovers are tough, ride hard, and love fiercely. And when they set their heart on something, There’s nothing stopping them from getting what they want. Especially when that something involves top of the line curves That make their engines rumble and purr like a smooth dream. When these men fall, they fall hard, And when impending danger threatens what they love most They’ll do whatever it takes to protect it. Duty and honor collide with wild passion in this sexy and dirty MC Romance.

A Story Between The Lines

Santhosh Sivaraj - 2019
    Nila, an innocent girl with a beautiful heart, loved the world with all she had. Love sparkled in the mountains, when Adi's adrenaline lost to Nila’s serenity.Life struck them hard when Adi woke up to a rude shock. His Nila had disappeared and his memories were lost in an accident that Adi cannot recollect. With memories betraying him, he trusts his love to lead him to Nila.Running against time, he felt truth closing in from all directions. The more answers he got, the further his destination became. Adi dared the distance, which was a war-torn land, engraved with scars.Can Adi’s journey lead to his destination? Or was the journey a destination by itself?

The Guardian - The Complete Series

Bella Young - 2021

Man Friday

Sundari Venkatraman - 2019
    The timing is slightly wrong though. Just ten minutes ago Sitara Devi married Harishchandra Gajanan. All of seventeen and nursing a badly bruised heart, Rituraj takes up boxing, hoping to build his strength and heal his wounded soul.When destiny gives them a second chance, hope springs in his heart.Rituraj grabs the opportunity of becoming Sitara’s bodyguard-cum-assistant. He’s the only man in her life but he’s just her Man Friday. Since his father was merely an employee of Sitara’s father, will he even be considered as a prospective life partner for the Gaekwad princess? Sitara, and Rituraj are crazily attracted to each other, yet they are unable to move forward. So where is the hitch? Why the fear in taking the relationship to the next level?Class Barriers! Debauchery! Sexual Perversion!It looks like ‘Ne’er the twain shall meet’. Read the book to find out if Sitara eventually gets together with her Man Friday.

Ruthless Millionaire, Indecent Proposal: An Offer She Can't Refuse / One Night in His Bed / When Only Diamonds Will Do

Emma Darcy - 2015
    He offers Sienna a ruthless deal: he will help her, but she must play by his rules – by giving herself to him totally for one night of passion…When Only Diamonds Will DoThe Theron dynasty once looked down at Reith Richardson – but now they need his help. In exchange, Reith demands Kimberley Theron as his wife. Yet Kim is no pampered princess…and the role of obedient wife isn’t one she’s prepared to play!

A Tangled Affair

P.G. Van - 2020
    She has learned to forget her past and live her life with her friends. She trusts no one and doesn’t let her guard down, but when Samraat shows up, he gets too close, and she cannot deny wanting to be closer. He is headed to Las Vegas to bring the runaway girl back home as a favor for his mentor. He injects himself into her life, and when she starts to get close to him, he is conflicted. His mission was to bring his mentor’s daughter back home, not fall for her. When hearts get entwined amidst a charade, it turns into A Tangled Affair.

The Full Circle

Namrata Gupta - 2018
    What she knew as the truth turned into a fiction to beguile her, the person she had been living with for so many years turned into someone she never knew until then” Being a traveler, Aditya always took something from the places he visited and this somehow helped him give something to his next destination, which is now Darjeeling. His life revolves around meeting locals, exploring the world and helping people in any way possible. Aditya meets his contrast in Zinnia, who prefers stability in life, while staying as a tenant in her mother’s house. With his empathy and understanding nature, he wins the hearts of the locals. His adventurous way of living life is challenged when he develops strong feelings for Zinnia, who considers his way of life as a prolonged hobby. While helping Jacqueline, an emotionally distraught girl, into shaping her life in a new way, he realizes he feels lost, for the first time in his life, without Zinnia. He stumbles upon a devastating secret about Zinnia’s past that will change her life completely, something he can’t let go of.Genre: Romance; Contemporary; Indian Writing; Love Saga; Literature & Fiction; Adventure; ThrillerAuther info Namrata Gupta has a masters degree in management from LBSIM, Delhi. A literature graduate from Hans Raj College, her debut novel, A Silent Promise (2015), won many hearts. She writes content for websites and blogs regularly and wants to make an immutable influence on the minds of the readers through her writing. She loves travelling and exploring new things.

Sophie Mays' Magnolia Harbor series

Sophie Mays - 2020
    Enjoy all these sweet romance books in one collection for the first time!"If you love Hallmark Movies, breezy beach reads, or heartwarming series' like Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove, you will love these books!"Ready? Let's take a trip to Magnolia Harbor! The quaint seaside town on the Eastern seaboard, full of residents with real lives, big hearts, and arms wide open waiting to welcome you!These stories will have you laughing, crying, and overcoming the odds page-after-page!Included in this set are all the popular titles:• Hope's Bakery• When Hearts Collide• From New York, With Love• Unexpected Events• The Vacation Cottages

Special Ops Dragons: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Maia Starr - 2020
    Chiseled abs, fake marriages, and hot single dads will keep you awake at night… and have you burning for more!Book 1: Dragon Assassin Protector Saving Annie should’ve been the end of it. Falling in love with her wasn’t part of the plan. I’m an assassin for a Special Ops group. I’ve been using Annie to get the enemy off the throne. The end of this mission will change things. And then, I’ll have an impossible choice to make. Book 2: Dragon Assassin Single Daddy She has to see my real face. She has to see the dragon I have to become to save her. Jana is the love of my life. I could kill her abusive husband for laying a finger on her. She deserves a life with me, and my son. But can I protect her before giving her the world? Book 3: Dragon Assassin Fake Bride He vowed to save my life. But instead, he put me in more danger than I could’ve imagined. John is the Alpha of F.I.R.E. A fact that I didn’t know when I agreed to be his fake wife. He also never told me that I was forbidden to bear children. Well, it’s too late now. I’m already pregnant, and John will lose his family. Unless… Book 4: Dragon Assassin’s Nanny I’m the most powerful dragon assassin in the world. Every woman is fair game. Every woman but her. My daughter’s nanny. The ultimate distraction from my job. Lianne has become my obsession. And I need to keep her close. She has a little secret, and a wolf is after her life. There’s no one in the world I can’t defeat. The enemy will pay if he comes anywhere near her. I’ll make him regret ever being born. Note: Adults Only!

The Sheikh's Pregnant Teacher (Khalid Sheikhs Series Book 3)

Leslie North - 2021

Rhythm Of Love

Nivedita Vedurla - 2018
    But being good means living a restricted life, and making many sacrifices in order to follow all the accepted social norms. After graduation, she moves to Mumbai and discovers a whole new life. During her struggles to find a job, she meets Siddharth, a start-up owner, who employs her as his assistant. Life is good until one mistake changes the course of her life. Can this one misunderstanding destroy all her efforts and dreams? Find out how Esha struggles to overcome the misconceptions of good and bad, and how she survives to fulfill all her dreams in Rhythm of Love.

The Holiday Romance Box Set

Claire Adams - 2018
     Includes the following books: Valentine Fireworks 25 Days Vacation Every book is a full length novel. Each one has a HEA and no cliffhanger.

The Highland Brothers: BBW Shifter Romance

Ally Summers - 2016
    Grab a blanket, curl up by the fire, and snuggle up with these hot shifters! Brand New and only Available in this Bundle: Frosty Bear North isn’t the kind of bear who likes Christmas. But when he stumbles into the Holly Inn and meets Aspen, he has a new appreciation for the holiday. His bear can’t resist and Aspen can’t deny the immediate spark she feels when the tall stranger walks into her B&B. The Write Bear Riley James has one assignment: help bestselling author Hudson Highland finish his latest book. Things get hot and heavy when Hudson needs some inspiration. The Steel Bear When Crawford Highland escapes to his family home to clear his head, Mila must travel to find him before the contract expires on his firm’s latest deal. Alone and away from office distractions Crawford and Mila must face whether there are rules worth breaking. Bear Exposure With their pasts catching up to them, will fear bring Striker and Presley together, or be the one thing that tears them apart? Bear Strokes Chase is desperate to claim Claire as his own, but she’s distant and cold, surrounded by people she can’t trust. Can his bear break down the walls keeping him from his mate or will Claire fight to keep her heart locked away? Bear Treble Songwriter Dylan Highland has lost the music. Layla Love is the world’s most famous vocal sweetheart. When the two must collaborate on Layla’s new album, Dylan fights his bear every step of the way. The sassy songstress is everything he wants to avoid. The Bear Guard The men will have to do everything in their power to prove to their mates that above all nothing else matters, but to protect and guard the families they love.