She Was a Friend of Mine: Part 1-5 (Box Set)

Jasheem Wilson - 2017
    At the age of twelve, the sheltered walls her mother worked so hard to construct come crumbling down when her family perishes in a mysterious fire on the same night her brother vanished without a trace. After several hard blows by life, Shi picks herself up time and time again. Years later, she unknowingly steps into a war zone of murder, lies, sex, drugs and money. Jasheem Wilson’s debut will have you guessing page after page and you will be wrong every time.

Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination

James J. Mizner - 2009
    Plus, you can test your knowledge with mock exams in the book and on the companion CD-ROM for even more practice.Tips and suggestions prepare you for test-taking success with helpful strategies and information on what to expect and how to prepare.A convenient outline format helps you to quickly review important information you'll see on the exam.Six printed mock exams feature the same format and content emphasis as the national exam.Ten practice exams on the Companion CD in both timed and untimed modes help you easily recognize important areas for study and identify your weaknesses.Over 600 electronic flash cards that cover the top 200 most prescribed pharmaceuticals, the top 50 herbals, abbreviations, and sound-alike drugs offer a quick practice tool for important information.Evolve Resources include everything from the Companion CD-ROM, plus appendices and internet resources, for more study opportunities.Mock exams have the same 100-question format used on the PTCB and ExCPT exams for a realistic test taking experience.The latest information on HIPPA and the Medicare Modernization Act, plus other recent pharmacy laws, keeps you up-to-date on important content featured on the PTCB exam.Discussions of the United States Pharmacopeia guidelines prepare you for updated material in the Compounding and Regulation sections.Internet resources feature links to pharmacy and PTCB and ExCPT-related web resources for access to more study tools.

Summer of '16

Charae Lewis - 2018
    He’s rude and obnoxious, but Asia can’t seem to shake her feelings for him. She was always apprehensive in revealing her love for him, but when they find themselves in an unusual situation, they decide to give their relationship a try. Dinero has never been a relationship type of guy, but when Asia enters his life, he begins to reconsider. She’s everything he’s never wanted but can’t seem to be without. Yet, when a blast from the past pops back onto the scene, he’s caught between a place of lust and love. After a series of events takes place, Asia finds herself on the losing end of the stick when a new man enters her circle. He comes in and rearranges everything in her life, including her relationship with Dinero. While she fights to prove that things are not what they seem, Asia is hit with a truth that sends her into a frenzy. Follow Dinero and Asia in this drama-filled romance as they try to work their way through the many obstacles that try to tear them apart.

Final Whistle

J. Jackson Bentley - 2010
    As Alex Carter tries to deal with the death of his friend he finds himself inextricably drawn into a world of ‘in play’ betting corruption that threatens everything he holds dear. Can he recover from injury and overcome depression quickly enough to save himself, his family and the game he loves? Only time will tell. J Jackson Bentley’s fast paced soccer thriller is authentic and absorbing as it races along at the speed of light, it is told in around 95,000 words.


Shameek Speight - 2018
    Usually the symptoms decrease in the weeks after birth, but when that’s not the case, it’s a clear indication there’s some other mental issues. Bianca Whitted was less then ecstatic initially about her pregnancy, but the love of her love convinced her he had her and their child, so she continued on with her pregnancy, looking forward to the arrival of her bundle of joy. What she didn’t count on was her child’s father doing a 360. Struggling with a broken heart, being a new mother and Postpartum Depression, Bianca’s joy became sadness, then anger. Will she get the help she needs to save her, or will others suffer her wrath before it’s all said and done?

A Mother Within Her

Lady Lissa - 2018
    Her attraction to the young man is almost instant. The two finally connect and begin to date almost immediately. After dating several years, the two finally become husband and wife. Iman thinks of Takiyah as the woman of his dreams, but she has been keeping secrets from her husband. While on the surface, Takiyah looks every bit the well put together woman Iman fell in love with, underneath is a dark side that he never knew existed. When Takiyah becomes pregnant with their first child, she begins to express her concerns about becoming a mother. She becomes withdrawn and distant, to which Iman blows off as new mom nerves. However, when Takiyah doesn’t respond to their newborn, he becomes a bit more concerned. Will Iman be able to save his wife from herself before something happens to their children? Will Takiyah get the help she so desperately needs before it’s too late? Follow the couple on this tumultuous rollercoaster ride that will take them through hell and back before it’s all over. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime in this thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat…

The Thirty Nine

Donald Wells - 2013
    There's a mysterious killer on the loose in Detroit and so far he's slain five innocent women.When Jessica White and her husband are called in to help, they soon find themselves in danger, and in the end, one of them will become the killer's next victim.

Quotes of Wisdom - 99 Buddha's quotes

Raja Vishupadi - 2013
    These quotes are a source of inspiration and motivation.Read these quotes to meditate and think about all the wisdom they contain.

Pretty Little Lies: A Casual Office Romance

Aubreé Pynn - 2021

A Year at the Little Duck Pond Cafe

Rosie Green - 2018
    And ducks. A warm welcome from The Little Duck Pond Cafe! Follow Ellie, Jaz and Fen through all the seasons as they encounter life's joys and challenges, in a heart-warming read that includes the first four novellas in the series - Spring, Summer, Christmas and Snowed In at the Little Duck Pond Cafe.

My Bad Boy Gave Me A Love Like No Other

Miss Jenesequa - 2019
    Their connection was instant and a dream come true for Tokyo, until it suddenly became her very worst nightmare. Finding out Adonis’s true colors and intentions made her realize that he was nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But when Adonis does the unexpected and saves her life by eliminating a major threat, Tokyo’s love for him refuses to die. Now with their differences pushed to the side, Tokyo and Adonis are willing to start afresh and mend their broken past. With an open mind and open heart, Tokyo heads to Adonis’s hometown, Dallas, the city he rules with an iron fist. Far away from home but smitten for one man only, Tokyo is going to learn exactly who Adonis truly is and all the drama that comes with him. 
Adonis is known to the streets of Dallas as the infamous ‘AD’ and the number one man you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. He’s one of the finest caliber of men Dallas has to offer and has an endless line of chicks willing to be at his beck and call any day and anytime… One particular chick has had Adonis once before and isn’t planning on letting him go so soon. She still wants him all to herself, regardless of the new woman in his life. So is Adonis really going to be tied down to one woman for the rest of his days as a Dallas king? And is Tokyo willing to love him for who he really is, flaws and all? Or will she be led astray by her own inner demons?

Keeping Silent: A Childhood Lost

Estella Stone - 2017
    Subjected to constant physical and verbal abuse, starved, treated like a slave, and isolated from others by her parents, Estella Stone suffered in secret for years with her brother Gabriel. To all appearances, the Stone family were decent, upstanding, churchgoing Christians, and Estella, like many other victims of abuse, kept silence for fear of even worse punishment. But this is also the story of how God sustained her through caring friends, the gifts of music, dance, and good literature, and the unquenchable light of His own Word and Spirit—ultimately giving her the courage and opportunity to find her way out of the darkness.

The Hypnotist's Love Story: by Liane Moriarty | Summary & Analysis

Book*Sense - 2015
    Hypnotherapist Ellen O’Farrell has found the man of her dreams and finally feels like romantic happiness is within her reach. Patrick Scott is everything she has ever wanted in a partner and the fact that he comes with an eight-year-old son, Jack, is just an added bonus. Before things get too serious, Patrick lets Ellen in on a secret. He has a stalker. Not just any stalker, but his ex-girlfriend. Liane Moriarty’s The Hypnotist’s Love Story is a mainstream fiction novel that dabbles in the genres of romance, drama, comedy, and even intrigue. The dynamic between the successful hypnotherapist, her new boyfriend, and his obsessive stalker is a fresh take on the often tiresome love triangle plot, breathing new creative life into the concept. This companion also includes the following: • Book Review • Story Setting Analysis • Story elements you may have missed as we decipher Moriarty’s novel • Clear, concise description and analysis of personalities • Summary of the text, with some analytical comments interspersed • Thought Provoking /or Discussion Questions for both Readers & Book Clubs • Discussion & Analysis of Themes, Symbols… • And Much More! This Analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.

Love Story: Eboni & Bryson

Mz. Robinson - 2019
    However, depending upon the source, it can also be one of the deadliest. A tainted-venom that once you ingest it, it courses through your veins, suffocating your blood cells until you slowly wither away....” Eboni is young-beautiful and wants one thing more than life itself: to get out of Baltimore and live the life she’s only experienced in her dreams. When she closes her eyes, visions of mansions, designer labels and dollar signs dance in her head. When she opens them all she sees is struggle, broken dreams, and regret. Determined to break the cycle of struggle she’s convinced her mother passed down to her, she formulates a plan that will give her the desires of her heart and a meal-ticket out of the hood. Bryson was 9 years old when he learned the heartbreaking lessons that the journey through life can be brutally-cold and that “family” will shed your blood sometimes faster than a stranger. It was these lessons that made him stronger and helped cultivate him into a charming-streetwise gentleman who believes in hard work and protecting the ones he loves. When a celebration navigates Eboni and Bryson into each other’s paths, the attraction is instant- the lust is undeniable. They find themselves on the fast track to what could possibly be forever. The image of spending the rest of her life with Bryson and being spoiled relentlessly is one that Eboni has proudly painted in her head. However, when the spoils don’t come as quickly as she desires and a successful Boss enters the picture, Eboni finds herself rethinking everything she thought she wanted with Bryson. When the opportunity of a lifetime comes along, Eboni leaves all her “baggage” behind. New beginnings lead to new love and a life that outshines her dreams. Six years later, when a tragedy occurs, she’ll be forced to return to Baltimore and the ghost she left behind. Will her past come back to haunt her? Will the flame she thought was no longer burning, reignite for the man she abandoned? After 6 years, Bryson is a successful-single father, whose main focus is ensuring his daughter lives a happy-stable life filled with love. Unable to shake his feelings for his first love, he keeps the women he meets at a safe and appropriate distance from his heart. When business leads him back to the city where he experienced his greatest tragedies and multiple heartbreaks, he’ll be forced to confront the skeletons of his past and find himself face to face with the one that walked away. Love Story is a multiple books series with each Volume introducing you to new and unforgettable lovers and friends. Join Eboni and Bryson as they navigate through the painful waters of love and life in Volume 1 of this Urban Romance series brought to you by Cole Hart Signature Novels.

Promise Made (The Dupree Boys Book 2)

J. Nichole - 2022