Dirtiest Revenge

Cha'Bella Don - 2011
    But being with a boss doesn’t come easy, and Momma always said what glitters isn’t always gold. Lies, deceit, and trust issues are becoming Kendra's worse nightmare. With deception in her view and Wiz nearby, Kendra is ready to move on until the unthinkable happens. Dreams, hopes, and love aren’t enough anymore! Will she go to depth’s end to seek the Dirtiest Revenge?

CheckMate (Play At Your Own Risk)

Tiece - 2010
    He is wanted by many attractive women, who will do anything to spark his attention. These thrill seeking women are known to him as his pawns and they anxiously wait for him to fulfill their sexual fantasies. In return, he’s paid generously for his adventurous deeds. His magnetism, good looks, and extraordinary style of love making is the key to getting him everything he wants, but falling in love was not part of the game plan until Candy makes her move on him. Things seem to be headed in the right direction until Candy’s world is turned upside down and Monty finds himself needing to be there to pick up the pieces. As the two grow closer, the balancing act between satisfying his pawns and being with his potential queen becomes a strategic move in wanting to have his cake and eat it too. Will this spontaneous high mean more to him than being with just one woman or will the love of the game entice him to continue to play? Will Candy continue to pursue the man of her dreams or will she ultimately realize that keeping her dignity is more important? One thing for sure is that Monty is going to continue to live life to the fullest and, at all cost, he intends on winning. Play at your own risk.

The Real Hoodwives of Detroit

India - 2012
    Sometimes referred to as the Murder Capital for the huge murder rate that never ceases to surprise us, The Murder Mitten, or The Dirty Glove for the state’s shape on the U.S. map. Detroit is home to many; scholars, rappers, athletes, parents, and concerned citizens, but the streets belong to those in the underworld; addicts, dealers, and the women who help run the show from behind the scenes…The Real Hoodwives of Detroit! No! You won’t see these ladies on any television show, but you will see them make appearances in court for their mans’ hearing, or at the county jail on visiting day. You might even catch them riding shotgun, with a nine tucked in their Fendi bag…waiting to pop off and protect their men at any cost. And of course, they make appearances in the hood, twenty-four seven…three hundred and sixty-five days of the year! Follow Nikki, Tonya, Chloe, Mina, and Gucci as they ride you through Detroit, one city-block at a time. Watch as the tales of the black and dangerous unfold right before your eyes. In Detroit, only the raw and real survive - living to see another day. These streets are known for breaking the weak and leaving them helpless, they aren’t made for everybody! Scared? You should be….WELCOME TO DETROIT!

Welfare Grind

Kendall Banks - 2012
    With four kids in tow, living off the welfare system had become her life along with the extra cash, sex and violence, her gangsta boyfriend Dupree brought into her life. Soon, chaos erupts, causing Keema's secret past to become a problem. When the chips fall, they fall hard, leaving Keema willing to do whatever it takes to keep money in her pocket. She's willing to go that extra mile, even if it means selling her kids, or setting up her man.

Pretty Bright

Mimi Renee - 2011
    Playing on the hearts of bosses, ballers and shot callers, Bright doesn't hold back any punches to get what she feels is owed to her. She's beautiful on the outside, yet inside she reeks of pretty poison and hidden pain. Back-stabbing, lying, and conniving is her game plan for survival. But when life leaves her hanging on by a short rope, will anyone from her team be there to catch her before she falls? Or will they use the knife she left in their backs to sever all ties?

A Miami Love Tale 2 : Thugs Need Luv Too

Diamond D. Johnson - 2015
    Will she be forced to fight for her love or will she just be left with no choice and just walk away.Sincere and Nae are back at it again. This time around, it’s Sincere that’s doing the dirt. Will those late night studio sessions cause him his marriage or will he be smart enough and stop letting the sun beat him home.Lastly, is Breesha and Dontae, the hood’s favorite couple. People have been sleep on Dontae and didn’t realize that they’ve just awaken a sleeping beast. Sometimes for your family, you have no choice but to go ahead and get your hands dirty. Which is exactly what Dontae was pushed to do.Take a ride with Miami’s favorite couples and see why they are the talk of the streets. Filled with that thug love, drama, and bonds that can’t be broken. This book is liable to make you shed a few tears, laugh, and be able to love the characters even more!

A Rumble in V.A.

Rayven Skyy - 2011
    A constant battle to sustain his hustle in the streets of seven cities becomes a more complex task, as a new hustler from Florida orchestrates a low-key takeover. Lust, betrayal, disloyalty, selfishness, and greed all fuel an imminent explosion as these events unfold—setting the stage for A RUMBLE IN VA!

Bitch Chronicles

Deja King - 2011
    If you've read Bitch, Bitch Reloaded, The Bitch Is Back, Queen Bitch and Last Bitch Standing, here is an opportunity to have this captivating saga in one book. If you're unfamiliar with the characters get ready to go on a thrilling ride of how one woman's determination took her from having nothing to gaining it all. This is where the journey began for Precious Cummings.The saga continues in Bitch A New Beginning with her daughter Aaliyah.

Devious Savages

Leila Jefferson - 2011
    She finds a boy toy and starts to realize she signed up for more than she can handle…Drama and Diva are Christina's daughters. Together, they are young, wild, and free, but when Diva wants to leave the wild life behind, Drama doesn't want to let her go…Chrisette is the middle Savage daughter, and and also the mother of Dymond. It's been the two of them forever and they are like best friends, but Chrisette finally thinks she wants to settle down and Dymond isn't so sure she can handle that...Christy is the youngest of the Savage women, and all her life she's been trying to belong. She’s younger than her sisters and older than her nieces, and chooses to tell all her secrets to Dymond since she's the only one that listens to her. At the end of the day, she just wants someone to love her.With a family full of women who have no loyalty, backstabbing, lies, and deceit is the norm for the Savage family, but how far is too far? The saying goes, 'Blood is thicker than water.' But, the question here is, What's thicker than blood?

Three Sides To Every Story (In Laws and Play Cousins)

Robyn Gant - 2011
    She shut down and sold the successful movie production company they ran together and fled the country, refusing to hear his excuses. Now she is in hiding, but is she hiding something as well? Her best friend Tracie has undergone a dramatic transformation in order to elude Angelo Gonsales, head of the Internet Crime Division of the FBI. He has discovered her identity, and tracked her location. Will she be convicted of her alleged crimes? "In-Laws and Play Cousins: Three Sides to Every Story," reunites four childhood friends, brings closure to the unfortunate circumstances and renders bittersweet justice for the true villains.

City Lights

George Sherman Hudson - 2011
    Real and his lady, Constance, were living in the lap of luxury, with fancy cars, expensive clothes and a million dollar home until someone close to them alerted the feds to their illegal activity.At the blink of an eye their perfect life was turned upside down. Just as Real was sorting things out on the home front, the head of Miami's most powerful Cartel gave him an ultimatum that would eventually force him back into the life he had swore off forever. Knowing this lifestyle would surely put Constance in danger, he made plans to send her away until the score was settled but things spiraled out of control. Now Real and Constance are in a fight for survival where friends become enemies and murder is essential. Atlanta's underworld to Miami's most affluent community—no stone was left unturned as Real fought to keep Constance safe while attempting to regain control of the lifestyle he once would kill for.From the city of Atlanta to the cell block of Georgia's most dangerous prison, life under the City Lights would never be the same.

Why Me?

Aleta L. Williams - 2013
    She blames her for the lost of the only person she's ever loved; her pimp Cobra. Popsicle feels that Monica owes her her happiness and her body. Monica respects Popsicle's hustle, but there is no way that she'd willingly sell her body for a living. Monica has plans to move down south with the love of her life and become a fashion designer. Popsicle isn't having that. She thinks it's time for Monica to pay her dues. Either she was going to do it willingly, or by force. Why Me is a novella of pure evil, revenge and undying love

All I Want is that Hood Love

Mercedes G. - 2015
    Twenty-four year old NaTaysia is convinced the only man that is capable of loving her is her handsome, sophisticated husband JaMel Taylor. JaMel is the only man she has known emotionally, physically and mentally. That is, until she runs into the notorious De’Carlos Banks, known to the streets as Mega. His cockiness, craziness, and thug demeanor is just too much for her to resist. NaTaysia finds herself head over heels for Mega when he opens her eyes to a life only one can imagine. JaMel is a businessman who has a few secrets of his own. He loves NaTaysia more than he loves himself but finds himself in a world of trouble when his manly instincts takes over and he can no longer fight temptation. Mega is a known Boss in every city he touches down in. Owning the drug game for over a decade, he has the world in his possession. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. After being captivated by NaTaysia, he is determined for them to be together by any means.

Catchin' Feelings for a Married Man

LaQuita Cameron - 2015
    Too bad his wife is already in that spot! Her love for him has her lowering her standards to maintaining her side chick status. But Kara wants more… She becomes demanding and gives Jazz ultimatums proving she is over his games. His empty promises and lies show her he isn’t the man he claims to be. But like most women, Kara is determined to fight for her love… Jazz is hooked on Kara’s young love. After witnessing his best friend and wife having sex, he’s confused and unsure of who he can trust. His life is flipped upside down by drama and tragedy, once the set up of his best friend comes back to haunt him. “Zen” aka Zenayia struggles to love her husband Jazz… She’s gotten lost in her feelings for his best friend Damon. Her affair with Damon ultimately puts her in a compromising position when she is deemed with an unexpected pregnancy. Her marriage is on the line resulting in her hiding secrets are unmasked. The ultimate betrayal of his best friend Jazz leaves Damon questioning those around him. He is jealous of Jazz and wishes he had his lifestyle. Their friendship will be tested, pushing Damon to make drastic decisions to keep his affair with Zen under wraps. He is determined to find out who set him up, but he has no idea his enemy is right under his nose…

Beginning of an Eclipse

S.K. Hardy - 2011
    The only one he trusts is his best friend, Marcus Bennett. As teens, the two run away and learn how to survive in a cold world that’s either do or die. Knowing there has to be something more than the mean streets of Philly, they eventually move to Las Vegas.Once there, Darrell runs into the woman who will ultimately change his life. Roni Winston is not looking to invite trouble into her life. Men as arrogant, good looking, and sexy as Darrell Monroe are the definition of the word. Not only is he way too young for her, she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. When she hires him as an exotic dancer for her club, Eclipse is born and his star quickly rises in Sin City. The legions of willing women are plentiful, and for a while, Darrell has no problem indulging in every decadent pleasure they offer until he tires of the superficial life he’s leading.He never stops wanting the one woman he can’t have: Roni Winston. As he matures, circumstances allow them to explore the spark which quickly burns into an inferno. In her eyes, he sees the possibility of becoming the man he’s always wanted to be. But a past he left behind collides with the future he’s trying to build. Once that happens, all bets are off.