Five Kingdoms Books 4-6

Toby Neighbors - 2014
     Crying Havoc The Five Kingdoms are in chaos. Armies march to war led by the Master of the Torr, a powerful wizard who will stop at nothing to bring Zollin, a young wizard from the northern kingdom of Yelsia, under his control. Meanwhile, a rogue sorceress is bewitching every man who sees her, each one pledging his life and death to her cause. She sends men north to find the young wizard and bring him into her army. As kings strive for greater power among the Five Kingdoms and magical beasts awaken across the land, Zollin, the Wizard of Yelsia, is nowhere to be found. Fierce Loyalty War! Kings have fallen and wizards battle magical creatures all across the Five Kingdoms. Zollin pursues his nemesis south, but he isn’t the only one focused on changing the Five Kingdoms. Offendorl, Master of the Torr limps home in hopes of regaining his former glory. Armies from Falxis and Ortis march toward Osla, intent on taking the wealthy kingdom’s treasures for themselves. King Zorlan dreams of conquering the Five Kingdoms and creating an Empire. And Gwendolyn the Sorceress Witch has returned to the tower of the Torr and taken her old master’s place. But will the feverish grasping for power reshape the Five Kingdoms for the better, or unleash something much, much worse? Dark Tide Evil in the Five Kingdoms has struck a devastating blow. A tide of evil rolls northward as a monstrous army moves across the land like a wicked plague, forcing the young wizard Zollin to race back to the frozen highlands in hopes of recruiting the magical races of dwarves, dragons, and giants to help fight the dark sorceress Gwendolyn’s horde. Brianna and what remains of her pride of dragons, returns to Yelsia to convince King Felix to take a stand with Zollin’s magical army, but not everyone sees the devastation of the other kingdoms as a threat. Farther south, Quinn and Mansel battle for survival against wicked creatures bent on sweeping them away. The Five Kingdoms stand poised on the cusp of darkness, and through it all Zollin and his friends must find a way to turn the tide of evil as the future of the Five Kingdoms hangs in the balance.

Chronicles of the Unwanted Princess The Halfling Fae Academy: Complete Boxset

J.L. Hendricks - 2020
    Just be ready world, because I might not be very tall but my attitude is six-foot seven and a half.One fae bounty hunter and a cute boy support me. With them and a few friends at my side I'll learn how to use my natural gifts that were hidden and discover who I really am.They wanted a fight? I'll give them one. I just hope I last long enough to learn what I need to do.Scroll UP and click Read Now or Read for Free to learn the history of the Fae Princess!Please note: This is a large(r) book.The Halfling Fae Academy Trilogy is three books in one giant compilation. At some point in the future we may release them as three normal sized books.There are approximately 180,000 words in this trilogy.

Eldritch Lord

Jake Myles - 2020
    A busty mercenary. A stuck-up blonde who will submit to me.I never planned to collect a harem, I swear. But when an elf with a secret lures me away from my family farm, I can’t stop racking up the ladies.The problem is our party starts to rack up enemies too. I’m cultivating as fast as I can, but danger and intrigue threaten us at every turn.What did I do to deserve the blood-thirsty beasts hunting me? Why does it feel like I’m more powerful every time I give it to my insatiable elf? And most importantly, am I going to live long enough to figure all this out?Warning: If you couldn’t tell, this book contains adult content. Read it only if you can handle explicit scenes featuring women, elves, demons, and all three at once.

Academy of Necessary Magic Complete Series Boxed Set

Martha Carr - 2021

The Twice-Dead Boy (Teen Shapechangers Book 2)

Laer Carroll - 2020
     Freed by a freak of nature after a century he is in modern-day Santa Monica and must navigate it--as an apparent 17-year old boy. How does an immortal shapechanger deal with being a teenager once again? Why, he must go to high school!

Everything is Worth Killing: Isaac's Tale (An Apocalyptic LitRPG)

Alex Oakchest - 2019
    Dozens of warmongering ogres. Hundreds of dynamite-wielding gnomes. And one normal guy in the middle of it all. Bad mornings. We've all had 'em. But what if you woke up in a post-apocalyptic land filled with wizards, dragons, and ogres? Not only that, but you woke up as a prisoner of a clan of mages who don’t even speak your language? What if these guys expected you to know magic, but left you to figure out for yourself how to cast it? These are the problems Isaac must solve. And what's he going to do when death knocks on his door? He's going to blast a fireball through the letterbox and send death running. But first...he just needs to learn how to even cast a fireball. Follow his journey through a land filled with creatures that want to kill him, and watch as he refuses to let them. Accompany him into a land of mystery and danger, where life is tough and learning spells and skills takes work. A land where Isaac is determined to stop being the prey and become the predator. This is his journey to make allies and friends in this new world. A journey through battles against slaver ogres and wingless dragons and gnome dictators. Through experimentation and adaptation, where he learns that killing one enemy helps him against the next. It’s also his journey to find a warm, comfy bed. This is the tale of a someone who used to be a normal guy. It's Isaac’s tale of adapting to a world where everything is worth killing. Over 500 pages of fast-moving fantasy, set in a brutal apocalyptic world. This is a mesmerizing story about one guy's quest for power and survival, with light litrpg/game-like elements and a focus on him learning how to use magic. 'Amazing - I love it because of how original it is. This is a hidden gem. The story is good and I'm enjoying the style.' - Early Reviewer 'A breath of fresh air. Isaac is not some over-powered or genius guy. He is just a dude trying to survive in the cruel world he was thrown in, and he is trying to make head and tail of what is going on.' - Early reviewer 'Enjoyable - I especially like the rationality of the main character and how he approaches problems. Unique, definitely worth reading.' - Early reviewer.

The Crystal Mage

Whiskey Flowers - 2019
    Crystal blames the Raelin and the man who sent her father Max to die, the former Archmage Kevin Wilson. If Crystal's Aunt Mattie has her way Crystal would get no revenge, instead Crystal would be married to Alton Story, a disgusting boy who spends most of his time in brothels. More than Story has asked about Crystal, she is one of the few female mages in the kingdom and many people had asked about her to her selfish Aunt Mattie. In order to escape her life Crystal moves to the Tower Of Magic in Dyson where she quickly establishes herself as a student to watch out for. Unfortunately, Crystal finds out that all of her training may have been for naught. The Kingdom of Downey has been deemed a threat and their Dragonknights were responsible for killing mages a few years prior. What is even worse, the Raelinians were soundly defeated and the former Archmage was sent into hiding by a mage rumored to be even stronger than Crystal is, Jonathan the Lightning.

Almost Perfect

Denise Hampton - 2012
    But now, desperate for funds, the beautiful lady challenges him again ... and wins! Taking Lucien's money and fleeing into the night, the surprisingly sweet taste of his kiss still on her lips, Cassie is certain she's seen the last of him -- until an untimely carriage accident forces her to feign amnesia, and she hears the rogue call her his wife!Lucien is delighted to be able to call the bluff of the delectable vixen who bested him, no doubt through questionable methods. Whether she sticks to her "lost memory" charade or admits to a lie, Lucien will get his due! But the bewitching card shark is still holding several aces -- and her next sensuous gamble may just win the heart of an irresistible scoundrel.

Cursed: Water Sorceress

D.L. Harrison - 2020
    At least, not until she vacationed in Chicago and ran into a Sorcerer of Air who sets her free.Her world is about to be turned upside down. Witches, dark covens, vampires, sorcerers, and good and evil are all coming for her, ready or not. She’s going to need a little help, if she’s going to survive it all.Note: This is the first book of a trilogy. No major cliffhangers but expect a few unresolved plot threads. This story is told in the first person, from Danielle’s point of view.

Redemption (The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book Six)

Ben Cassidy - 2014
    Only Kendril can stand against the rising tide of darkness and the total annihilation of Redemption.Meanwhile dark portents send Kara, Joseph, and Maklavir racing to find Kendril and save him from a prophesied doom, a doom they cannot be certain they can prevent. And with bloodthirsty werewolves, an insane governor, and enemies from his own Order coming against him, Kendril is in a fight for his life. But in order to save Redemption, Kendril discovers that he must throw aside his own penance and redemption. And even that may not be enough....A thrilling, action-packed fantasy adventure tale, Oracle is Book Five in the Chronicles of Zanthora, and continues the unfolding story of Kendril and the Fourth War of Despair.Cover designed by Robert Worl.Books in the Chronicles of Zanthora:Book One: GhostwalkerBook Two: Throne of LlewyllanBook Three: SoulbinderBook Four: DemonbaneBook Five: OracleBook Six: RedemptionBook Seven: The Raven in the Sea (Coming Soon)

Blade Asunder Complete Series Box Set

Jon Kiln - 2017
     This special edition bundle contains all five books in the acclaimed Blade Asunder Series. Bereaved and exiled from his homeland, Ganry ekes out a living as a wandering mercenary. A contract to protect a fifteen year old princess sees him embark on a quest across the kingdom. Confronted with danger at every turn, they get help from some unlikely companions. And Ganry discovers that there is more at stake than his own survival. Contains all five books in the series: Mercenary Guardian Warden Champion Sentinel

The Anunnaki (The Chronicles of the Guardians Book 1)

Martin I. Henry - 2010
    On the base, deep within a mountain, they discover a library which records earth's history. Maps in the library lead them to discover the legendary Hall of Records in Egypt. However, historical information found during their expedition is controversial and threatens all organised religions of the world. In a world full of power, greed, politics and vested interests, the race is on between those wanting to reveal the truth and those who will stop at nothing to prevent the information being released.A book of discovery that answers the eternal question: Where did we come from and why are we here?

The Buried Goddess Saga: The Complete Series:

Rhett C. Bruno - 2020

Return to Dungeon (Kobold's Quest #1)

M.J. Kaltenbrunner - 2018
     Kek has spent his life being treated like a dog, but he's only dog-like in appearance. You see, he's a kobold who originally came from a dungeon. And he's spent most of his life enslaved to a gang of exiled mercenaries hiding out in a deadly jungle. When Kek gains the power to see the hidden mechanics of reality and learns to "game" them to expand his skills and find hidden meanings, he is soon entrusted with a noble quest. He must return to the dungeon where he came from and rescue his people from servitude to the dungeon lord! Faced with untold dangers, Kek is going to need allies—such as a sweet muck fairy with a killer streak, a deadly-beautiful siren who fights best au natural, and a sensual cat woman with lightning quick moves. They are sure going to keep this lone kobold on his toes. Throughout this quest, Kek will learn the hard way that one of the greatest opponents a hero confronts is his own self-doubt. This is a LitRPG with a twist. There is no VR. The fantasy world is real. The game mechanics are part of a unique magical power that only the lucky few obtain. If you're not into this sort of thing, maybe it's time you give it a go. There's also a fun and adventure-packed story that will keep any fantasy reader engrossed right up until the end. Book two in the series is planned for launch early 2018!

Hand of Justice Boxed Set (Books 1 - 4): The Dark Mage, Chasing Magic, Magic Rising, Magic Unchained

Jace Mitchell - 2019
    She’s a new-age knight pledged to keep her King and countrymen safe. Storm clouds are circling on the horizon. Riley’s hearing rumors about a dark mage in the north. He’s amassing a ruthless army and practicing twisted magic. His evil past intertwines with Riley’s kingdom……and he’s coming to claim it.With the kingdom at stake, Riley embarks on a collision course with this mage... and with her own mortality.  Will Riley’s fighting prowess prove enough to vanquish the dark mage and his legion, or is her fate already sealed in his twisted magic? You'll love this book, because it's got a hero you can cheer for and the fun doesn't stop. Grab it today! This Boxed Set included the first four books in the Hand Of Justice Series The Dark MageChasing MagicMagic RisingMagic Unchained