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Tantri The Mantri - 2 by Anant Pai


Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 5 (SJ Edition): Dragon Ball In Space

Akira Toriyama - 2011
    In search of a way to resurrect their dead friends, Kuririn, Gohan, and Bulma go into space in search of Namek--Piccolo's home planet where the Dragon Balls were originally made. But Namek has become a battleground, where evil emperor Freeza and his minions are slaughtering the peaceful Namekians to fulfill Freeza's wish for immortality! Stranded on a planet full of enemies, the three astronauts radio back to Earth...but "help" comes from an unexpected source as Vegeta turns against his former master Freeza in order to get the Dragon Balls for himself!

Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch & Junie B., First Grader: Toothless Wonder:

Barbara Park - 2003
    Jones. And it's called she's getting to help in the school cafeteria! And that means hanging out with her friend Mrs. Gutzman. And working behind the counter. And even getting to wear a real actual hair net! Who knows? Maybe one of these days she'll be the boss of this whole entire operation!


Gayatri Madan Dutt - 1984
    Married to Ashokasundari, the beautiful daughter of Shiva and Parvati, he was elected to be the king of heaven and then his mortal mind succumbed to the sin of pride. The stories of Nahusha are taken from the Padma Purana and the Mahabharata.

The Coalition Years

Pranab Mukherjee - 2017
    It is an insightful account of the larger governance phenomenon in India—coalition politics—as seen through the eyes of one of the chief architects of the post-Congress era of Indian politics.From the inexplicable defeat of the Congress in the 1996 general elections and the rise of regional parties like the TDP and the TMC, to the compelling factors that forced the Congress to withdraw support to the I.K. Gujral government and the singular ability of Sonia Gandhi to forge an alliance with diverse political parties that enabled the Congress to lead the coalitions of UPA I and II, Pranab Mukherjee was a keen observer and an active participant in the contemporary developments that reshaped the course of the country’s political, economic and social destiny.Beyond the challenges, complications and compulsions of coalition governments, this book is also a recollection of Mukherjee’s journey as the Cabinet Minister in the key ministries of defence, external affairs and finance, beginning from 2004. He recounts each of these events with candour—the path-breaking meeting with Henry Kissinger in 2004 that altered the course of the Indo–US strategic partnership, his timely advice to Bangladesh Army Chief Moeen Ahmed in 2008 that led to the release of political prisoners there and the differing views with RBI Governor D. Subbarao on the structure of the FSDC.The third volume of Mukherjee’s autobiography is a sharp and candid account of his years at the helm. It offers the most authoritative account of contemporary Indian politics by one of the tallest leaders and statesmen of our generation.


Adurthi Subba Rao - 2008
    As his garland of fingers grew longer strong men cowered in fright. The bandit was invincible - until he met a gentle monk - Buddha. Thus darkness came face to face with light and at last the restless bandit found peace.

Dasha Avatar: The Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

Kamala Chandrakant - 1978
    The Dasha Avatar is the Puranic story of the ten incarnations of Vishnu who descends to the terrestrial world to establish stability and order, time and again. The avatars occur in a sequence – the first was matsya or fish representing life in water, followed by kurma or turtle signifying life in water and on land, then varaha or boar alluding to terrestrial life and so on. The sequence of the avatars could be taken to symbolise various stages in the evolution of life culminating in the advent of the perfect being.

The Adventures Of Suppandi 2

Luis Fernandes - 2009
    A special part 2 collection of hilarious tales about Tinkle's best-loved comic character - Suppandi, the goof, whose antics leave his bosses bothered and bewildered.

Wind on Haunted Hill

Ruskin Bond - 2018
    . . whoo . . . whooo, cried the wind as it swept down from the Himalayan snows.'The wild wind pushes open windows, chokes chimneys and blows away clothes as it huffs and puffs over the village by Haunted Hill, where Usha, Suresh and Binya live. It's even more mighty the day Usha is on her way back from the bazaar. A deep rumble echoes down the slope and a sudden flash of lightning lights up the valley as fat drops come raining down.In search of shelter, Usha rushes into the ruins on Haunted Hill, grim and creepy against the dark sky. Inside, the tin roof groans, strange shadows are thrown against the walls and little Usha shivers with fear. For she isn't alone.A gritty, hair-raising story about friendship, courage and survival, this stunning edition will introduce another lot of young readers to the magic of Ruskin Bond's craft.

Know for Sure: General Knowledge, Class 8

Siddhartha Basu - 2019
    Created with a perspective of India and the World; the content is well-connected to the class curriculum, covering various subjects.

Fundamental of Applied Statistics

S.C. Gupta

The Resident Tourist (Part 2)

Troy Chin - 2008
    Or so it seems.Whether you're a tourist or a charlatan, a bum or a dreamer, a poet or a lover, life will somehow find a way to kick you in the butt.But how hard? You're about to find out.THE RESIDENT TOURIST is an ongoing autobiographical comic book narrative that began in 2007.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Annual 2021

Charles SouleJesse Lonergan - 2021
    From daring Jedi, to the always adventurous Geode, and nefarious Nihil, The High Republic Adventures Annual has it all!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1

Marc Guggenheim - 2015
    Tony Stark guest-stars in the beginning of "The Coulson Protocols."

Star Wars: The High Republic - Trail of Shadows #1

Daniel José Older - 2021
    Another is in a state of complete shock. It’s a murder the likes of which the Jedi Order has never seen before. There are no leads. There are no suspects. There is no motive. But Jedi Investigator EMERICK CAPHTOR must solve the case before it’s too late. The fate of the Jedi, the Hutts, the Nihil and everyone in the galaxy, hangs by this tangled thread of lies and deceit. Emerick will need to dive into the darkness, testing himself and his Jedi ideals like never before. He’ll need help. Luckily, Private Eye SIAN HOLT lives in the dark. Together, they’ll follow this trail of shadows wherever it leads. If they can work together, that is.

Land of Five Rivers

Khushwant Singh - 1956
    The writers included here are familiar names in India – writers such as Amrita Pritam, Saadat Hasan Manto, Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, and also two new women writers, Ajeet Caur and Usha Mahajan – among others.