Book picks similar to
The Age of Atlantia: The Rise of the Speaker by Pete Driscoll


Galactic Arena

Michael James Ploof - 2019
     The Battlefield: An artificial landscape full of terrors. The Weapons: Lethal cybernetic prosthetics. The Opponents: Dozens of alien warriors abducted from different planets. The Rules: There can only be one winner. The Strategy: Build a harem of hot female warriors and break the rules. This book contains violence, cursing, litRPG & Harem elements.

The Watcher: The Extinction of Humanity

Saxon Andrew - 2020

Tempered: A Space Opera Military Adventure

T.S. Paul - 2019
     Casey Lewis led the best Special Operations unit in all of the Confederation until it betrayed her. Taking revenge, she expected to die in a blaze of glory and gunfire but that was not to be. Now she's Chef of the Navy and it's her job to teach, tutor, and investigate each and every kitchen in the fleet. On her own terms. When she accidentally uncovers a plot against not only the battleship she's on but the Confederation as a whole, all hell breaks loose. Bad Casey is back and she's not fooling around this time! ***This book contains bad language, sexual situations, violence, more violence, and a whole lot of innuendo. No actual Chefs were harmed in the making of this book.

Hide the Lightning (The Coalition Book 1)

Kevin Steverson - 2019
    Humans and aliens working together would seem novel…but then again, outside of Earth and the Sol System, humans are aliens, too. Having salvaged, repaired, and rebuilt a number of warships, the Salvage Fleet is a presence to be reckoned with. The Ground Force, including its specialty unit, the Bolts, has also continued to grow, and they spend their time training with the weapons of war—mechs, tanks, artillery, and battle armor—and anything else they can get their hands and paws on that will give them an edge in battle. When the Nazrooth System calls, they are once again compelled to right a wrong. It won’t be easy…but then again, it never is. Just don’t tell Harmon the odds—he doesn’t want to know them. Despite a staggering imbalance in forces, Harmon boards his flagship, Salvage Title, and leads the majority of his fleet to free Nazrooth. Only a small, defensive fleet is left behind, full of trainees and reservists. Both Salvage Fleet and the home forces are ready to face the odds, but what if this time they’re insurmountable?

The Initial Fold: A first contact space opera adventure (The Fold Book 1)

Nick Adams - 2019
    But when their first mission takes an unexpected twist, Edward suspects that they may not have been the only ones developing the new technology.

By Dawn's Early Light

Jason Fuesting - 2019
    Investigating the icy tomb, Eric finds a ship that couldn't exist--a relic from a nation the Protectorate killed billions to erase from history... And will kill even more to keep secret. When his world explodes, Eric must make allies in the unlikeliest places, and seize even the slimmest chance of survival while unraveling a conspiracy that shattered planets and set off interstellar war!


Richard F. Weyand - 2021
    A single planetary cataclysm could wipe out the human race. As long as humanity only occupies one planet, the danger exists.Computer genius Bernd Decker understands it, too. Together, Burke and Decker come up with a daring plan to send human colonies out to multiple other planets. Not least among their problems is that no one yet has solved the problem of interstellar travel.Bernd Decker’s computer project offers to help. But Decker doesn't realize that the Joint Artificial Neural Intelligence Computation Engine - JANICE - has crossed the Singularity."Janice Quant" decides to carry out their project, and absolutely nothing is going to get in her way.

Warrior: Integration (The Singularity War Book 1)

David Hallquist - 2020
    Before being dumped, a shadowy organization called “Singularity” implanted an alien parasite in him which is now devouring him from the inside out.In searching for Singularity, he inadvertently alerts them to his condition—he didn’t die like he was supposed to—and now Singularity wants him back. At all costs. They will do whatever it takes to capture Brandt, including going to war with Luna if it’s required, and if they can’t recover him, they will kill him rather than let him get away with the alien symbiont.But the Singularity doesn’t know that the symbiont is able to mold and adapt Brandt’s body into something better than he was before and, as a prior member of the Special Security forces of Terra, he was already a lethal weapon.With a wise-cracking cyber ghost of a former friend and lover, Brandt will have to find out the secrets of Singularity and the alien symbiont before the monster kills him. Singularity’s secrets could mean the death of everyone on Luna…or worse.

A Spacetime Tale

J. Benjamin - 2019
    Kiara Lacroix has become one of Earth’s foremost exobiology experts. Her research brings her to the attention of the Global Space Federation, which has a top-secret mission for her: an advanced alien civilization has been discovered in the depths of an icy planet five light-years from Earth, and Kiara is expected to join the crew making first contact.Kiara has her hesitations, but as usual her scientific curiosity gets the better of her. She and her crew will be using experimental technology which establishes long-distance contact via a dream-reality beamed through a wormhole: the spacetime sequence. It’s even riskier than it sounds.Of course, Kiara’s not the only one with hesitations about the GSF’s actions. And some of those people have the resources—and the access to GSF’s classified mission information—to do something about them.A Spacetime Tale is high-concept hard science fiction at its finest.

Centauri Pax: A Harem Space Fantasy (Centauri Bliss Book 6)

Skyler Grant - 2019
    The crew and family aboard the Centauri Bliss has grown and is made up of those on both sides of the conflict, and have developed worlds of their own in need of protecting. With plans to finally withdraw themselves from the conflict, they have one last chance to try to set things right.

The Galactic Sentinel: Ultimate Edition - 1500+ Pages - 4 Books - And More

Killian Carter - 2020

Generation of Vipers

Peter Cawdron - 2022
    Kath and Nolan are looking for answers, trying to find ways to protect Earth from the possibility of an invasive alien species overrunning the planet. The US Presidential Election changes the political landscape. With new, hostile leadership, Kath and Nolan find themselves out of favor. Lies continue to dominate social media. Perhaps the greatest threat doesn't come from the stars. Perhaps there's already a generation of vipers here on Earth.FIRST CONTACT is a series of stand-alone novels that explore humanity's first interaction with extraterrestrial life. It is similar to BLACK MIRROR or THE TWILIGHT ZONE in that the series is based on a common theme rather than common characters. This allows these books to be read in any order. Technically, they're all first as they all deal with how we might initially respond to contact with aliens, exploring the social, political, religious, and scientific aspects of First Contact.Although Generation of Vipers is a sequel it has been written so it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Ship's Log

Lawrence P. White - 2019
     The Harbok: a star-faring civilization that shoots on sight and refuses to communicate with anyone. Scouts from both civilizations encounter each other in the skies over Earth. Greg Hamilton, a retired special operations soldier who is minding his own business, stumbles into the detritus of that meeting: She struggled for each word. “No . . . hospital.” He reached a hand out and caressed her cheek. “Of course you’re going to a hospital. I’ll be as easy on you as I can, but we can’t delay.” Visibly gathering strength from somewhere, she lifted blue eyes to look directly into his own. She spoke slowly and clearly, “I . . . am . . . not . . . of . . . this . . . Earth.” Though he knows nothing about aliens nor space travel, Greg knows first-hand the ugliness of war. Rather than fight a war, he chooses to end a war. To begin the process, he has to keep an injured An’Atee pilot, the sole survivor of the encounter, alive long enough to get her back to her own doctors. If he plays his cards right though, saving her might include a ride into space.


David Ryker - 2018
    The last remnant of some long-lost race, it might have been lost forever. We might have been saved. But we were not alone, after all. The universe teemed with life. And the intelligence was found. Studied. Awoken. And the stars burned. Civilization after civilization fell to its irresistible, bloodthirsty might. Others ran, and it followed relentlessly into the abyss. Toward fresh prey. Now it's our turn. Our ships are old, politicians corrupt, citizens divided. And yet we must succeed where no other race ever has. We will stand. We will fight. And we will never surrender. Invasion is the first book in the Contact saga. The first three books will be released by September 25th!


Richard Tongue - 2018
    The bulk of the Navy that once conquered the stars in mothballs, only a handful of obsolete cruisers patrolling the far frontiers of space. When a genocidal alien race decides that humanity is its next target for extermination, only a single ship can stand against them, a battered old cruiser named Leonidas, and her maverick commander, Mike Scott, brought out of enforced retirement to lead his ship and his crew one last time. As the worlds of mankind burn under the wrath of the enemy, Captain Scott must fight one desperate battle after another to buy time for the Commonwealth to must its battlefleet, or face the destruction of Earth, and all humanity with it…