Henry VIII's Health in a Nutshell

Kyra Cornelius Kramer - 2015
    Tudor histories are rife with "facts" about Henry VIII's life and health, but as a medical anthropologist, Kyra Kramer, author of Blood Will Tell, has learned one should never take those "facts" at face value. In Henry VIII's Health in a Nutshell, Kramer highlights the various health issues that Henry suffered throughout his life and proposes a few new theories for their causes, based on modern medical findings. Known for her readability and excellent grasp of the intricacies of modern medical diagnostics, Kyra Kramer gives the reader a new understanding of Henry VIII's health difficulties, and provides new insights into their possible causes.

The Tudor Kings and Queens

Alex Woolf - 2016
    Beginning with the accession to the English throne of Henry VII, the author guides the reader through a succession of monarchs, who also included the infamous King Henry VIII, Mary I, Edward VI and Elizabeth I. Identifying the key moments of their reigns, from insurrections to their handling of foreign policy to their many marriages, Alex Woolf clarifies the way in which these kings and queens governed their realm and what they had to deal with. It's the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys historical drama and wants to know more about one of the most intriguing royal dynasties.

Who's Who at the Tudor Court

Victoria Evans - 2013
    This book explores the court of Henry VIII, offering you a unique glimpse into the life of England's most famous king and his six queens, while also describing the lives of the men and women who carved out successful careers serving at court. • What was the difference between the Privy Chamber and Privy Council?• What tasks and responsibilities did Ladies-in-Waiting have?• What did the household of a royal infant look like?

The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single)

Jonathan Black - 2017
    An acclaimed author and public speaker, Black shows how this body of knowledge has been declared ‘heretical’ both by the established church and by today’s atheistic intellectual elite.Finally, he outlines in the clearest terms possible the supernatural laws that govern our universe, and describes rules for living that take us beyond consensual thought, rules that may at first seem crazy, even dangerous, but which contain the secrets for achieving success, happiness and a higher state of being.

The Historical Origin of Christianity

Walter Williams - 1998
    The Historical Origin Of Christianity by Walter Williams reveals what happened to ancient Egyptian ancestors and how the true origin of Christianity began.

Mary Boleyn: In a Nutshell

Sarah Bryson - 2015
     In Mary Boleyn in a Nutshell, Sarah Bryson discusses the controversies surrounding Mary Boleyn's birth, her alleged relationships with two kings, her portraiture and appearance, and her life and death. Mary survived the brutal events of 1536 and was able to make her own choices, defying the social rules of her times by marrying for love. It is from Mary that the Boleyn bloodline extends to the present day. Sarah Bryson, creator of the popular “Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History” Facebook page, brings together what is known about Mary Boleyn, the shadowy sister of Queen Anne Boleyn.

Inside the Wardrobe of Anne Boleyn

Barbara Parker Bell - 2014
    From her glittering debut in the Chateau Vert pageant to her final walk to the scaffold, everything is right there in the historical record. We may never know what Anne Boleyn truly looked like, but we can peek into her coffers and chests to admire her furs, velvets, satins and damasks, her headdresses, girdles and slippers—even her nightgowns—allowing us to effectively re-imagine the clothes worn by this fascinating queen, and to re-imagine the woman herself. Sit comfortably in your armchair and take a cup of tea; you are about to experience the story of England's most controversial Queen consort from a very intimate perspective.

Henry VIII

Abigail Archer - 2015
    As a young man, he was fond of sports and hunting, and was said to be uncommonly handsome. Standing more than six feet tall, he loomed large in the lives and minds of his subjects as he navigated his country through the tricky diplomatic and military hazards of the sixteenth century. A man of enormous appetites, Henry conducted affairs with many women, married six, and executed two. His infatuation with Anne Boleyn set in motion a chain of events that reshaped the church in England and eroded the dominance of Rome. But the popular image of Henry as a crude tyrant, dispatching courtiers, enemies, and wives with gusto, obscures a more nuanced and fascinating character. He was a true Renaissance king who presided over one of Europe's greatest courts and nudged Western civilization onto a new course. Here, from Abigail Archer, author of The New York Times bestseller Elizabeth I, is the story of Henry VIII.

The Life and Times of Henry VIII

Robert Lacey - 1972
    Color & b&w illus.

On This Day in Tudor History

Claire Ridgway - 2012
    On This Day in Tudor History gives a day-by-day look at events from the Tudor era, including births, deaths, baptisms, marriages, battles, arrests, executions and more.This must-have book for Tudor history lovers is perfect for:- Dipping into daily over your morning coffee- Using in the classroom- Trivia nights and quizzes- Finding out what happened on your birthday or special day- Wowing friends and family with your Tudor history knowledge- Researching the Tudor periodWritten by best-selling Tudor history author Claire Ridgway, On This Day in Tudor History contains a wealth of information about your favourite Tudor monarchs, their subjects and the times they lived in.Did you know: On 17th January 1569 Agnes Bowker gave birth to a cat?

A Peculiar People: Anti-Mormonism and the Making of Religion in Nineteenth-Century America

J. Spencer Fluhman - 2012
    Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion, it does not specify what counts as a religion. From its founding in the 1830s, Mormonism, a homegrown American faith, drew thousands of converts but far more critics. In A Peculiar People, J. Spencer Fluhman offers a comprehensive history of anti-Mormon thought and the associated passionate debates about religious authenticity in nineteenth-century America. He argues that understanding anti-Mormonism provides critical insight into the American psyche because Mormonism became a potent symbol around which ideas about religion and the state took shape.

The King is Dead: The Last Will and Testament of Henry VIII

Suzannah Lipscomb - 2015
    Just hours before his passing, his last will and testament had been read, stamped, and sealed. The will confirmed the line of succession as Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth; and, following them, the Grey and Suffolk families. It also listed bequests to the king's most trusted councillors and servants.Henry's will is one of the most intriguing and contested documents in British history. Historians have disagreed over its intended meaning, its authenticity and validity, and the circumstances of its creation. As well as examining the background to the drafting of the will and describing Henry's last days, Suzannah Lipscomb offers her own illuminating interpretation of one of the most significant constitutional documents of the Tudor period.Illustrated with portraits of the key figures at Henry's court, The King is Dead is as boldly evocative as it is beautiful—a work of Tudor history to cherish.

Henry VIII and His Court

Luise Mühlbach - 1867
    King Henry the Eighth of England that day once more pronounced himself the happiest and most enviable man in his kingdom, for to-day he was once more a bridegroom, and Catharine Parr, the youthful widow of Baron Latimer, had the perilous happiness of being selected as the king's sixth consort.

The Complete Book of Enoch: Standard English Version

    The Book of Noah, Testament of Solomon, Book of Giants, and a few other extras are also included in this third ePUB edition. The introduction by David Chariot is perhaps the best short form explanation of the book for those who are familiar with the book and those who are just discovering it. Enoch has been logically organized into chapter/verse settings and canonized in this English version which will resemble the King James Version of the Scriptures. Additionally, an XML file has been included with archaeological evidence of fossilized giant humans found throughout the world. All known fragments of the Book of Giants has been included in this edition along with a listing of external references to Enoch in other manuscripts such as the Book of Jubilees and other Scriptures. This is a standardized reference material regarding the body of knowledge presented in the Book of Enoch.

Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty

Debra Bayani - 2014
    But this all changed dramatically after the death of his mother, followed shortly by the arrest of his father, when he was no older than six. After spending most of their youth inside an abbey being raised by nuns and priests, Jasper and his older brother Edmund were suddenly called to court by their half-brother King Henry VI. Here, in 1452, they became the first ever Welshmen elevated to the English peerage. When this happened both brothers stepped into a completely new life of political involvement with its many attendant problems, problems that Edmund did not survive. After this, Jasper led a life that was completely dominated by his devotion to the Lancastrian cause and to his nephew, the only son of his death brother Edmund, Henry Tudor. In a time when most magnates defected to the other party as soon as their own faction became submerged, Jasper remained loyal to his kinsman’s cause and supported him wherever it took him, whether scaling triumphant peaks or – more often – through deep valleys. His hopes and faith in what was right led him through several kingdoms and, as a brave and fearless man, he led the life of an adventurer throughout that most difficult period of English history, the Wars of the Roses. Historians often claim that Jasper’s father Owen or his brother Edmund was the founder of the Tudor dynasty; certainly both men played a significant role in its origins and without them the Tudors would not have been. But Jasper’s story proves he was the key figure and godfather of the Tudor dynasty.