Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 5 [sample]

Ayumu Asou - 2015
    5 is Virgin Love. Includes "The Sheikh's Bargained Bride", "The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain", "The Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain", "The Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess", The Tycoon's Virgin", and "Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation" free preview of 6 comics!

Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 4 [sample]

Kanako Uesugi - 2015
    4 is Office Love with Boss. Includes "Expecting the Boss's Baby", "The Italian Billionaire's Bride", "The Tycoon's Secret Affair", "Shattered by the CEO", "The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition", and "The Italian Boss's Secret Child" free preview of 6 comics!

A Year and a Day

Inglath Cooper - 2018
    Audrey Colby has the life most women dream of… Too bad it’s all a facade. Her seemingly devoted husband is really a monster. Their high-society “friends” protect his ugly secrets. The mansion they live in is just a gilded prison for her and her son, Sammy. Everything hinges on escape. One day, Audrey decides she and her son need to leave. She’s had enough. If only Nicholas would stop interfering.Former state prosecutor Nicholas Wakefield has seen his share of violence perpetrated against women. He knows there are some injustices he can’t make right, like the unsolved rape and murder of his teenage sister. He failed her. But he won’t fail Audrey…Originally published in 2005.

A Place of Storms

Sara Craven - 1977
    She'd been getting her out of scrapes for too long.Still, she couldn't just sit back and let Blaise Levallier blackmail Clare into marriage, and destroy the lives of people she loved. She could go to France and confront him. She wouldn't let him get away with it.It wasn't quite that simple. For Blaise wanted a wife. "Your cousin has decided not to fulfill her obligation to me," he said, "so I will take you, instead!"

A Boss In A Million

Helen Brooks - 1999
    After all, she'd started dating another man--a man whom Max decided wasn't good enough for her. The simplest way to convince Cory of her mistake was holding her captive until she admitted it was Max she really wanted!9 to 5Getting down to business... in the boardroom and the bedroom!


Margaret Rome - 1973
    Now, Marielle Moore was a Romany wife obliged to obey her husband--Rom Boro, leader of the gypsy tribe in all things."I will not tolerate being bought like an article across a shop counter," she declared angrily. But after all, what could she do? Her life depended on Rom!

The Billionaire's Virgin Mistress

Sandra Field - 2007
    Ruthless and rich, Cade Lorimer is assigned a very special task by his adoptive father--find his granddaughter!Tess Ritchie has always believed she has no family, so it's a shock when Cade shows up, claiming she's an heiress to a fortune! Tess steps reluctantly into his world of glitz and glamour, then willingly into his bed.But there can be no future for their jet-set affair, for he's a hardened playboy and she is his innocent mistress....

The Sheikh Surgeon's Proposal

Olivia Gates - 2007
    Malek knows he can offer Jay a loving and passionate relationship--but he also knows that the only proposal she deserves and can accept is to become his wife...

Claiming His Pregnant Wife

Salla Nakayama - 2008
    The two fall in love instantly, and they marry after only 5 days. She only knows him as Francesco, but he is, in fact, Europe's wealthiest banker! The dramatic changes in her life leave Erin confused, and she ends up accusing her husband of infidelity. Francesco is of no help as he refuses to console her, and their marriage slowly deteriorates...

A Husband to Belong To

Marito Ai - 2006
    They were separated at birth and reunited 24 years later, but Jaicey asks Marla to keep it a secret. She doesn't want her loving adopted family to know about Marla yet. Jaicey's brother, Jake, regards his sister's new "friend" with suspicion and is mean to Marla, but she is just happy to have a family of her own, after years of loneliness. How could she have known that more suffering awaits her...?

If Love Be Blind

Emma Goldrick - 1987
    — When Philomena Peabody met her boss's son, he was suffering temporary snow blindness. 'You sound like somebody's mother,' Penn Wilderman said, convinced by her no-nonsense attitude that she was 'a sweet little old lady.' — Even after she'd moved into his luxurious mansion to help look after his son, Phil couldn't disillusion Penn about her age.To help win a custody battle for his teenage son, Phil agreed to marry Penn. But she dreaded facing him once the bandages were off, and he could see his attractive twenty-seven-year-old wife...

The Italian's Passionate Revenge

Junko Okada - 2009
    Among the funeral attendees, she notices there is a distinctly handsome stranger. The man turns out to be Vincente, her husband's employer and a company owner. He invites Elise for dinner for some reason. She is alarmed with his eyes with full of risky temptation, but accepts his offer. What is his purpose?

So this is the End

Alexandra Franzen - 2018
    One more chance to tell your family how much you love them. One more chance to say goodbye to friends, listen to your favorite song, throw an epic party, feel the grass beneath your feet, or watch the sunset. How would you spend your time?So This Is The End follows Nora Hamilton as she navigates her final 24 hours. She’s determined to do something meaningful and make every moment count.Enter: Renzo. Ren, for short. Strong, compassionate, unfairly attractive, with a face that makes Nora’s stomach explode into stars. Their connection is immediate, with white-hot intensity. Nora is wracked with bittersweet joy and confusion as she realizes, “I’ve finally met the love of my life… on the last day of my life.”Should she tell Ren the truth about her condition—tell him she doesn’t have much time left? How will he react? Is it unethical to allow yourself to fall in love with someone when there’s no possibility of a future together? Or is love a precious gift, no matter how long it lasts, even if it’s just for one day?What happens next is a story about taking chances, making your own rules, and the power of living like there’s no tomorrow.A moving romantic drama: Early readers call So This Is The End "a breath of fresh air," "moving and beautiful," "an amazing wake-up call," a book you'll be "unable to put down," with a story that makes you "fall in love the instant you start reading."

The Greek's Virgin Bride

Julia James - 2003
    Now, at the age of twenty-five, she is unexpectedly called to Greece, where shocking news awaits her....Andrea's grandfather has found her a husband! She's promised to tycoon Nikos Vassilis as part of a business deal. But Andrea is strongly independent and has no intention of meekly accepting a marriage of convenience. Nikos may be the most sophisticated man she's ever met, but she'll be leaving him the first chance she gets...won't she?

The Italian's Blackmailed Mistress

Jacqueline Baird - 2006
    You really expect me to sleep with you to pay my father's debt?Italian magnate Max Quintano knew exactly how to get his way...by blackmailing Sophie into becoming his mistress.Sleep is not what I have in mind.Sophie will do anything to prevent her family's ruin -- even if it means living in Max's luxurious Venetian palazzo -- and being beholden to him...and will be until she discovers exactly why he hates her so much....