Yogoda or Tissue-Will System of Physical Perfection (with diagrams)

Paramahansa Yogananda - 2013
    This is historical. Nothing medical nor scientific is implied or endorsed by the editor in distributing this information. The value of Swamiji's insight is incalculable and the editor is happy to be distributing this pamphlet to a world-wide audience. Jai, guru!

Dr. Lani's No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide: The Truth About Density Testing, Osteoporosis Drugs, and Building Bone Quality at Any Age

Lani Simpson - 2014

The Yogi Code: Seven Universal Laws of Infinite Success

Yogi Cameron Alborzian - 2017
    The knowledge and techniques of The Yogi Code can unleash your power to manifest your full potential, every day. In this succinct yet illuminating book, Yogi Cameron demystifies seven thousand years of ancient wisdom into accessible language, regardless of your familiarity or ability with yoga. You’ll learn to balance daily demands while achieving a higher level of consciousness and self-knowledge. Your new routines will build a strong foundation for centering yourself and being guided by your intuition, ultimately leading you to gain mastery over your fears and to achieve your highest goals. With carefully crafted chapters and practices expertly created to fit into your fast-paced days, these “lucid teachings from a compassionate teacher” (Publishers Weekly) will bring order to your life and point you in the direction of your eternal purpose.

The Little Book of Big Weightloss

Bernadette Fisers - 2017
    Based on a simple set of 31 food and lifestyle 'rules', this inspiring book is packed with invaluable tips and strategies and provides a fresh, 'can do' approach to dieting and sustainable health benefits.Successful hair and makeup artist Bernadette Fisers had struggled with her weight for years. She'd tried and failed at many diets over the years but things came to a head when she was forced to face some harsh truths: her weight had ballooned to almost 130 kilos and she had a BMI reading of 42. Pre-diabetic and diagnosed as morbidly obese with a fatty liver and high blood pressure, Bern decided that now was the time to ditch the faddy diets and take matters into her own hands to turn her life around. So she turned to those she knew well, the glamorous models she worked with, finding out about their healthy eating habits and their tips on staying trim. She also began researching medical reports and health and nutrition papers, until finally - by trial, error and a lot of experimentation - she created a healthy lifestyle plan that was quick to read, easy to follow and, most importantly, would work long term. Following her new 'rules', Bern went on to lose more than 30 kilos in just 30 weeks and she is now on a mission to help others to achieve their goals.

Buddhism: A Beginners Guide Book For True Self Discovery and Living a Balanced and Peaceful Life: Learn To Live In The Now and Find Peace From Within - ... - Buddha / Buddhist Books By Sam Siv 1)

Sam Siv - 2015
    Download for FREE With Audible Trial** **Kindle Version Now Includes A Bonus Book on Zen Buddhism** Find out all about mysterious Buddhism, its origins, its secrets and its answers to the challenges of modern life. This book contains a basic overview of Buddhism, including the life of Buddha, and the various kinds of Buddhism that have developed. It takes a look at all the key concepts and most important teachings, methods and insights in a way that is easy to understand. Filled with a wealth of common-sense and other-worldly wisdom, the path to enlightenment is considered. Learn about meditation, mindfulness, happiness, Samadhi, Nirvana and all the other important concepts that have helped shape our understanding of reality. Find out about Zen Buddhism, and study all the basic elements that make the Buddha Dharma so compelling to people of all walks of life. What You'll Learn... Learn about Siddartha Guatama, who became the Buddha Find out about different Buddhist schools Understand Meditation, mindfulness and awareness Learn about relaxing and letting go, and its benefits Find out what Samadhi is all about Find out about Karma, whether good or bad. Discover the teachings about reincarnation Learn about impermanence, and how that affects you Consider the status of women in Buddhism Find out what Buddhism means in practical life Discover the wisdom latent inside you Learn to let go of anger and frustration Learn how all things are connected, including you Discover new mental possibilities Find your own path to enlightenment Much, much more! Make use of this book today to educate yourself about one of the most popular ideas in history – transcending the mundane and discovering the ultimate. Get to know Buddhism intimately, and understand why it has had such a powerful effect on the world. Download Today!Tags: Buddhism, Zen, Enlightenment, Samadhi, Nirvana, Dharma, Buddha, Siddartha, Guatama, Meditation, Dalai Lama, Mahayana, Theravada, Impermanence

The Lotus Still Blooms: Sacred Buddhist Teachings for the Western Mind

Joan Gattuso - 2008
    Eastern wisdom traditions are often baffling for Western minds – where to begin in uncovering the often complicated steps, precepts, concepts and ideas? Aimed at people who are curious about Buddhism and want a basic book that will help them to understand – and apply – Buddhist principles in their life, The Lotus Still Blooms is a practical book that goes through all of the major Buddhist principles, step-by-step, and then shows how to apply them to our busy, hectic lives. Filled with Joan Gattuso’s trademark delightful stories and warmth, as well as exercises to help readers begin using the principles right away, this is a book that will be a welcomed new introduction to this exciting spiritual tradition.

Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being

Baxter Bell - 2017
    Everyone would like to age as heathfully as possible and now numerous studies confirm what many yoga preactitioners have known for a long time: yoga practice has a remarkable impact on physical and mental health--and spiritual well-being--as you grow older. Yoga for Healthy Aging is the most accessible and usable guide available on to how yoga can address concerns realted to strength, flexibility, balance, agility, cardiovascular health, brain health, and stress management, among other issues. The authors--both popular and respected yoga teachers (one of whom is a family physician) provide readers with a yoga toolbox for healthy aging that includes poses, breathing practices, meditation, and yoga philosophy. They then offer you a safe, real-world yoga program to suit your particular needs. These short yoga practices were developed in consultation with scientific and medical experts on aging, and allow you to focus on maintaining overall physical health and/or addressing target problem areas, such as digestion, cardiovascular health, or anxiety. The authors conclude with instructions for practicing several different forms of conscious relaxation and meditation, all of which will set you up for a lifetime of emotional and spiritual well-being. This book includes over 200 instructional photos.

Yoga For Women

Shakta Khalsa - 2002
    Featuring exercises that target women's health issues and alleviate the symptoms of menopause, Yoga For Women shows how this ancient practice provides the solution to staying flexible, healthy, and youthful at any age. Packed with more than 500 full-color photographs, healing remedies, tips, and inspiring true stories, this is a practical manual that nurtures and empowers women at every stage of their lives.

Cool Yoga Tricks

Miriam Austin - 2003
    Although it seems like everyone from Madonna to your eighty-three-year-old Uncle Teddy is practicing yoga, most of us are unable to do even the simplest classic yoga poses without undue stress and strain. Now in this clear, understandable, easy-to-follow book, Miriam Austin offers alternative yoga routines that help you reap the greatest rewards from your yoga practice, and she reveals shortcuts to help you perform yoga like a pro.Using everyday items, such as chairs, walls, and blankets, Miriam Austin shows how those of us with normal flexibility limitations can experience the very real benefits of yoga--without dislocating our joints, overstretching our muscles, or giving up in frustration. She makes the basics simple, doable, and down-to-earth.Dog Tricks--lengthen your spine more fully with these Downward Facing Dog tricks, designed to relax your neck, shoulders, and back--and make your Dog Pose much more lovable.Befriending Backbends--increase your preztebility with a little help from your friends--and from some garden-variety folding chairs.Tweaking Your Twists--learn the techniques that will stretch your spine and give you more life energy.Super Stretches--feel as limber as your average bowling ball? Gently coax your muscles to new lengths by practicing the routines in this chapter.

Breaking Through: Leading Your Life from the Growing Edge

Baron Baptiste - 2009
    No matter what your life looks like now, no matter what is happening right at this very moment, you’re invited to begin a spiritual revolution. Breaking Through is a manifesto for a more empowered life, and will help you achieve a permanent breakthrough in any barrier that may be holding you back in any aspect of your life, as you gain an extraordinary sense of clarity and freedom, dramatically increase your energy, and boldly take life head-on. Baron Baptiste shows you how to revitalize your relationships and infuse inspiration, passion, and adventure into your daily life. You will feel a new level of purpose, power, and peace of mind in your present days and future years. Baron invites you to come with him on a journey to discover what’s possible, and to courageously and spontaneously risk living on the growing edge of the unfamiliar. Along the way, you’ll be exploring practices and principles that will give you new contexts, new considerations, and a new way of viewing your life that will bring about a true and lasting transformation. As you read, you will effortlessly experience a series of smaller breakthroughs until you break through into a totally transformed life. You’ll be free from the stress that causes struggle, and the feelings of fight-and-flight survival, and you’ll begin to view life as a blank canvas on which you can create, expand, and open up to the ways of being that make a real difference in your world. This fascinating book is about awakening and embarking on a journey of uncovering who you are not . . . so you can access the powerful, creative, and positively awesome person that you are. This is what Baron calls “breaking through.” Take the journey.

PranaScience: Decoding Yoga Breathing

Sundar Balasubramanian - 2017
    He describes the importance of salivary biochemicals for a long healthy life.

Will Yoga Meditation Really Change My Life?: Personal Stories from 25 of North America's Leading Teachers; A Kripalu Book

Stephen Cope - 2003
    The result is a unique collection of stories offering insight and inspiration for everyone seeking a more satisfying life.

Make Peace With Your Plate

Jess Ainscough - 2013
    In Make Peace With Your Plate, Jess shares her journey from party-girl and cancer patient to healthy lifestyle ambassador.

Yoga Mat Companion 3: Back Bends & Twists

Ray Long - 2010
    Orthopedic surgeon Ray Long has created a scientific approach to understanding the practice of hatha yoga: through full-colour, three-dimensional illustrations of major muscles, tendons, and ligaments, he describes the correct positioning of hatha yoga poses (asanas) and their benefits. Specific anatomical descriptions highlight which muscles to activate in each pose, bringing the experience of the pose to new sensory heights. A novel approach to learning yoga poses: each of the four mat companions focuses on one type of asanae: standing poses, forward bends and hip openers, back bends and twists, and arm balances and inversions. The illustrations and descriptions describe the major movements that enable the poses, how to deepen the posture, and sequences of muscle activation. The concealed wire-bound pages make the books perfect mat resources during practice. book preview

Deeply Holistic: A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care

Pip Waller - 2017
    Following the traditional framework of an anatomy book that explains each body system chapter-by-chapter, Pip Waller-an experienced practitioner and teacher-provides fundamental information and tips about exercise, diet, supplements, understanding and caring for your emotional and mental health, naturopathic principles from various traditions, and simple yet effective ways of working with spiritual energy. Based on the premise that an underlying vital force animates all life, which needs to be in balance for health to be fully present, this book is designed to support and promote our inherent tendency towards wholeness and equilibrium. Each chapter includes fun recipes to enhance our health and well-being.