Playing Doctor

Aiden Bates - 2016
    He got a scholarship to art school in New York City. He’s traveled. He’s seen the world. He’s built a spectacular art career for himself, and he even married a beta instead of being claimed by an alpha. When his husband left him, turning him and their infant son out into the street, he had no choice but to return to his hometown of Saranac, New York. He still has his career. His social life is a shambles for two and a half years until an accident brings him face to face with the handsome new E.R. specialist in town. Unfortunately, Jonah’s ex-husband has just arrived in town, looking to re-connect with his son. What’s an omega to do? Dr. Dave Sommer left the hustle and bustle of L.A. for the small Adirondack town of Saranac, New York. He’s still in the emergency room, but the work is different. The hours are different, and the omegas are different. One omega in particular has his attention: Jonah Smith, famous artist and divorcé. Can Dave overcome his reluctance to raise a son that isn’t his? Or will he choose the younger, more “proper” omega who seems a little too proper to be real? This is a non-shifter male pregnancy gay romance book. This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

First Time

Preston Walker - 2017
    He doesn't know anything, beyond his own first name. Where he's from, who might be looking for him - complete mysteries. Suffering from amnesia, the young omega encounters Officer Dell Brightly, an attractive alpha cop, who persuades the frightened shifter to come down to the station and get help. Deputy Jefferson is on desk, and vows to find out more about Corey's enigmatic past. Jefferson charges Dell with the duty to care for the omega, to teach him how to control his instincts and learn what it is to be a shifter. Dell and Corey grow close as the alpha guides the omega through the ins and outs of shifter life. The consummate professional, Dell careful avoids the topic of mating - until Corey finds himself in the throes of his first heat. Meanwhile, a war is brewing. A group of local panthers with a grudge against the shifters are preparing to gain retribution for a past wrong. As Corey becomes increasingly convinced that Dell is withholding at least part of the truth about being an omega, Deputy Jefferson seizes the opportunity to drive a wedge between the two - eventually kidnapping the young omega and revealing his own dark ambitions. Action and intrigue mingle with lust and emotion in "First Time", the captivating 50,000 word first installment of Preston Walker's new gay wolf shifter mpreg series, "Pure Omega Love." Peppered with scenes of explicit alpha/omega erotic gratification, "First Time" is intended for adult audiences only.

Omega's Attorney

Bella Bennet - 2017
    Orphaned as a boy, Henry has wanted a family for years. Simple, right? Not really. After a year of marriage, his alpha wants a divorce. Even worse, his soon-to-be ex wants Henry’s inheritance. Bereft and heart-broken, Henry is on his own again, and in danger of losing a great deal of money. But just as quickly, he finds himself in the office of a very hot, very ripped, divorce lawyer. A gorgeous, blond alpha who’s giving him a sultry look along with some whip-smart legal advice. Everything to lose. David’s built his practice to be the best in the tri-state area. It hasn’t come easy. Hard work. Sacrifice. A family of nay-sayers. If he goes anywhere near his handsome client, he risks his reputation. But he can’t deny the simmering attraction. A kiss leads to more. He’s determined to show his omega just how good they can be together. But doubts and secrets conspire to tear them apart. Henry discovers he’s pregnant. His fears make the relationship spin onto thin ice. But David’s determined to prove he’s man enough to be a strong and dependable alpha. Can David help heal Henry’s bruised heart and show his omega that they have the makings of the perfect family? The Attorney’s Omega Baby is a 56,000 word, Mpreg romance with elements of heartache and humor, steamy sex, revenge on lying ex-boyfriends, babies and blissfully-ever-after.

Weight of Everything

Anna Wineheart - 2020
    In front of the most handsome man ever.Dumped by his longtime boyfriend because of his weight, Ulric O'Neil moves to the quiet town of Meadowfall, hoping to start afresh. He's tired of being chubby, and he's tired of being lonely. He's tired of being attracted to the wrong sort of person, too. Which alpha only likes other alphas?The bigger question: Which man would fall for a chubby, nerdy guy who loves his sweet snacks more than he loves to exercise?Definitely not Gage Frost, a personal trainer at Ulric's gym—he's got the most beautiful face and a stomach-dropping smile, and Ulric knows he'll fall for Gage sooner rather than later. Especially when Gage hugs him and kisses him and tells Ulric they can be best friends. But that's where the line is.Ulric promises Gage that he won't fall in love. Thing is, with how often Gage tells him he's cute, he isn't so sure he can keep his word.Weight of Everything is a 74,000-word standalone non-shifter MPreg romance with an eventual double-alpha-preg, lots of hurt/comfort, as well as the sweetest alpha who convinces his not-boyfriend that your looks aren't the only thing that matters.

The Alpha's Autumn-Kissed Omega

Lorelei M. Hart - 2018
    An alpha craves an omega who can give him a family. And I’m just fine with my life. My work as a freelance photographer makes it possible for me to give the kids I take in lots of time, something they need and deserve. Most of them haven’t had an easy life. And current foster child needs my love and care more than any of the others so far. I thought I had it all figured out, but meeting Patrick has thrown me for a loop. Patrick deserves more than a lesser omega, a broken shell of who I should be. But I can’t help myself. His searing looks plus that signature pumpkin spice scent demand I pay attention. Pursue him. See if there is a chance he could be mine. Autumn brings with it cooler days, but with Patrick in my life, the nights only grow hotter. MM Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance.


K.C. Burn - 2012
    When time stands still for everyone except Scott Taylor, can he step up and break the spell for his sleeping beauty, Devlin Moreau?

Omega On the Line

Casey Cameron - 2016
    This is Dean. What can I do for you tonight?" When alpha lawyer Jason decides to call the Omega Line one lonely night, he's immediately enchanted by the voice on the other end. Dean is charming and easy to talk to, and his sinfully sexy voice gives life to Jason's fantasies. Before long, he's making it a habit and--yeah, maybe falling for the guy a little. Or a lot. It seems like the feeling is mutual, but why is Dean holding back? Can Jason convince Dean to let go of his fears and let an alpha into his life? This is a hot and steamy non-shifter alpha/omega gay romance with no cliffhangers, a HEA, knotting, and lots of dirty talk.


Catherine Lievens - 2016
    Now he has a new job with Kameron Rhett, the Gillham pack alpha, and he loves it. He enjoys being around shifters, and even more being away from his house and his alcoholic father.Bran Morris’ first meeting as the head of the council enforcers takes him to Gillham. Kameron needs to make a decision about coming out to the town, and Bran is supposed to help with it. He never expected to meet his mate, not after losing his wife and child thirty-six years before.Daniel and Bran hit it off right away, but when Daniel’s father becomes a problem, Daniel doesn’t know what to do. Should he live his life and be with his mate, or should he stick with his father to be sure the man doesn’t hurt himself? What would happen to his relationship with Bran if he chooses his father?

Still Yours

Raleigh Ruebins - 2018
    But ten years later, I’m getting my second chance. Adrian: The last time I saw Josh, we had just finished high school. He was whip-smart, funny, and different from anyone I’d ever known. When we kissed, I realized things about myself I’d never known. But then I made a mistake that changed everything, and I didn’t see him for ten years. When I inherited my family’s hotel, I was forced to move back home… and find that Josh was working in my own hotel. When I last saw him we were barely older than kids, but now, Josh is every bit a man. He’s sexy and irresistible, and I can’t keep my hands off him. One small problem: I’m supposed to be finding a wife, like the wealthy, elite hotel investors expect me to. Josh: Seeing Adrian again was like a slap in the face… a fiery-hot, intoxicating one. I shouldn’t like him. I know it’s bad, and I know he’s been living the past ten years as a straight man. But he understands me like nobody else does, and I still remember the taste of his lips, the feel of his hands along my body. The last ten years were a whirlwind of partying and drugs, and all I want now is to live a simple, easy life. But Adrian threatens to change that all when he winds up in my bed--and wants me to keep the whole thing secret. Adrian has to pick between me and his family legacy, but I can’t wait around forever. Will he be able to save his family’s hotel and still be mine? Still Yours is a 85,000-word gay romance about falling in love for the second time. It features a big dysfunctional family, misty fall nights, and steamy scenes in and out of a posh hotel. It’s the first book set in Mistview Heights, but can also be read as a standalone novel.

The Manny

A.T. Brennan - 2018
    Dealing with three headstrong kids who are used to getting what they want is tough enough, but add that Nathan is smart, sexy and full of surprises to the mix, and Cameron is in way over his head. Nathan knows that having any sort of relationship with his kid’s new nanny is inappropriate. It doesn’t matter that Cameron is the first man to make him feel anything in years. Cameron is off limits, but the more time Nathan spends with the younger man, the more their attraction to each other grows. As the men grow closer, they have to decide whether what they have is worth risking Cameron’s job and Nathan’s principles. Neither has ever felt a connection like this before, but both have their own demons to work through before they can be open to the chemistry between them.

Crouching Vegan, Hidden Werewolf

Sean Michael - 2013
    Even harder to swallow is the fact that the place smells amazing. The food, however, is easy to get down—it’s some of the best he’s ever had, and that’s saying a lot as it’s, unbelievably, vegan. What’s also not hard to swallow is Erik, the restaurant’s sweet chef, and Dark picks him up after the place closes.Erik’s got a secret, though, one he keeps hidden deep down inside, and Dark threatens to bring all the things Erik has buried to the surface.Can Dark convince Erik that there’s more to life than being a vegan? And that, just maybe, wolves mate for life?

Bad Boy Babysitter

Liam Kingsley - 2018
    A bad-boy omega babysitter. Could they be fated mates? Handsome alpha wolfshifter Gideon had his youth stolen by an arranged, loveless marriage, and despite his affluent lifestyle and a son he loves dearly, there’s something missing. Enter omega Ryan, who is anything but affluent. When Gideon calls on the tasty young bad-boy to babysit Gideon’s son Noah, a spark between them ignites, but will the flames burn bright enough to overcome their differences? Animalistic lust runs deep between these two opposites in The Alpha’s Babysitter, a 50,000-word gay paranormal wolfshifter mpreg tale. Intense sexual content makes this slow-burn gay romance a story intended only for adults.

Salad on the Side

Karenna Colcroft - 2011
    Kyle is very interested in Tobias, and is ecstatic to learn that Tobias wants him too. But his neighbors have a secret: They're werewolves, and Tobias is the pack Alpha. When one of the wolves attacks Kyle in the neighborhood garden one night, Kyle learns the truth in a hurry. Now he's a werewolf too-and since he's vegan, he refuses to eat meat. With Tobias's help and love, Kyle must adjust to his new life and protect himself and his friends from a neighboring pack.

Unexpected Alpha

Tielle St. Clare - 2015
     As a Lone Wolf, he lives outside of the Pack, but he’s been watching Craigh for almost a year, waiting for the right moment to stake his claim. He’s not in any rush. If Craigh wants to act like a Top when really he’s a hot little Bottom Boy, that’s fine. Rowan knows the truth. Until Craigh challenges the current Alpha. There is no way his sweet Omega will survive the fight. But how can Rowan stop his future mate from dying when Craigh insists on being noble and doing the right thing?

Immortal Valentine

Ellis Carrington - 2012
    Things don't work out the way anyone intended when Caleb gets sick. He wakes up alone the next day, extremely confused and utterly embarrassed.Angelo is an insomniac vampire who leads a solitary existence. Once a year he comes out of hiding—each Valentine's Day—to soothe one lonely human soul while drinking the blood he needs to survive.When Caleb falls ill, Angelo winds up connecting with a human as never before. But helping this human puts Angelo's own life at risk.