If My Pussy Could Talk

Tamika Smith - 2012
    Makayla Young has over a thousand rules. She has rules about love, life and even sex. When will she ever learn you cannot control and keep a man with rules. Will her rules cause her to loose another man?

Falling Off the Family Tree

Judith Harch - 2012
    Sean's recklessness and Ana's sense of entitlement create a family secret that comes home to roost in the following generation. Sean's trail of sins and Ana's deceit and thirst for revenge lead to disaster for each of them.It is 1936. Emotionally deserted by distraught parents after the death of his baby sister, Sean refuses to abandon his father's forsaken American dream. Left to his own devices, the young man travels a road strewn with bad choices and risky behavior. Trapped into marriage and unexpected parenthood at a young age, Sean begins down a path of destruction - first stop - Ana Lapinski.Ana Lapinski is born with the gift of beauty. Her old-world parents are incapable of reigning in their willful, wild child. Time and again, Ana effectively abuses her God-given gift as a means to whatever end she desires - with one exception - Sean Kinnarney.FALLING OFF THE FAMILY TREE is a three-generation saga told against the backdrop of the first 70 years of the 20th century. The story moves from southern New Jersey to the wealthy suburban enclaves of the Main Line outside Philadelphia. It ends in tragedy on the Chesapeake Bay.

King Dingaling: An African American Erotica

Cumilla Jenkins - 2019
    Fuck Me. Those are words that Dakota “King Dangling” Jackson likes to hear. He earned his reputation during his porn star days, but everything they say about him is true. He’s a beast in the bedroom. Always has been. Always will be. But has he met his match? Along comes Skyy, and she’s not like any other woman Dakota has ever come across. She doesn’t want love. She just wants to cum. And Dakota was the perfect man for the job. But, somehow, sex always leads to something else. Someone always wants more. But both Dakota, and Skyy, have other lovers in the picture and none of them are willing to give them up without a fight. In this sexy, fast-paced read, find out if King Dingaling will ever get his Queen.

Vow of the Texas Cowboy

Charlotte Dearing - 2021

The Nantucket Estate (Haven Island Book 4)

Coral Harper - 2021

Ellis Angels: The Nurses of Ellis Island Hospital

Carole Lee Limata - 2013
    Ellis Island Hospital has been closed since 1954. When Superstorm Sandy bombards New York Harbor in 2012, Ellis Island is left battered and flooded. During an extensive clean-up, a file cabinet is discovered in the long-abandoned, vacant hospital building. It is found to contain the files of a former Senior Nursing Superintendent. Filled with documentation of nursing procedures, notes, schedules, and pages from her 1924 journal, the tender tale of Ellis Angels was inspired from these rescued files. Newly-arrived immigrants are facing enormous physical and emotional challenges. The Stanescu twins are separated from their parents, and admitted for favus scalp infections. Fabiana Morales, a beautiful young woman, comes to America to be married, but is rejected by her future husband because of her unsightly goiter. Mrs. Ryan, pregnant with her fifth child, is hospitalized for pregnancy complications. Mrs. Brunne and her newborn are facing deportation because of the newly established Quota Law, and a teenager delivers her premature infant on the floor of the Women’s Detention Dormitory.During her orientation, Miss Angie, a nurse recruit, learns the routines of the Hospital. She meets handsome Dr. Goodwin who is, unknowingly, searching for the nurse of his dreams. Miss Adeline, an experienced and spirited nurse, takes Angie under her wing. The Nursing Superintendent, Sister Gwendolyn, is keeping a watchful eye on her staff of Ellis Island Nurses. Together, through their creativity and united efforts, the nurses and doctors of Ellis Island Hospital discover ways to help their patients follow their dreams. In the process, they achieve their own American Dream, as well.

10 Mistakes Men Make With Women & How To Avoid Them (The Wing Girl Method)

Marni Kinrys - 2012
    But not just any woman. A special kind of woman. One that is going to tell you every dirty little secret about what women want NOT what they say they want. I am an internationally known attraction, sex and dating expert and you may have seen me recently on Dr. Drew, Penthouse, CNN.com, Askmen.com, Mancow, The Huffington Post, Men's Health or heard me on tons of radio shows. I was recently voted #1 Wing Girl because I have helped thousands of great men like you discover how to make a woman want you so badly that she is willing to do anything to get you!I'm here to tell you about the little mistakes you may be making with women that you probably don't even realize your making. Mistakes that are instantly killing your chances of attracting beautiful, quality women into your life. Mistakes that women will never tell you you're making. Instead, they'll just screen your calls, flake on you and tell their girlfriends about. Mistakes that can easily be fixed by simply being aware that you are making them. This book will reveal the top mistakes men make with women and give you step by step instructions on how to avoid them. My 50 page guide book contains to lies, no "typical female advice", no tricks and scummy pick up artist techniques. It contains the most powerful, step-by-step information you need to get inside a woman and understand her like no man ever has before. Remember, a man who understands women will win the attention of any woman he wants. Become that man today!The Last Female Friend You'll Ever Need,Marni

Make Me Beg

Allison Hobbs - 2014
    This unconventional couple was briefly introduced in the steamy bestseller, “No Boundaries” and they’ve returned in this sizzling novella that gives readers a behind the scenes look at their jaw-dropping, sexual adventures. Once a month, the couple departs from their normal marital routine and engages in a kinky threesome where Vanessa selects a hot-looking sex partner to indulge her fantasies while her husband sits back and watches. With a few rules in place, Vanessa and Spike’s open marriage has been a thrilling experience thus far. But when roguishly handsome, Quincy Langford enters the picture, he shakes things up and redefines the rules when he takes the sex game to new heights. If three's a crowd, will one of the men bow out gracefully...or is there always room for one more?

The Christmas Shop at Central Park

Jo Bartlett - 2017
    How can she when the most important people in her life are no longer around to enjoy the festivities – because of her? Hiding out in her grandparents’ failing micro-pub, she wants to forget that the season of goodwill even exists; but her grandmother has other ideas. It’s time for Libby to face her fears – and Christmas – head on. And what better way to immerse herself in the celebrations, than working in her great aunt’s Christmas shop, just a few blocks from Central Park? Making new friends is the easy bit, but leaving the past behind proves much more difficult. The only way Libby can cope is by taking long walks in Central Park and joining an art therapy group to help her express her emotions. Harry Stanwick is a Central Park Ranger, who’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. He seems to know instinctively when Libby wants to talk and when she just needs to be left alone. Working with Harry and the rest of her new friends to save an old off-Broadway theatre and community centre from closure, Libby finally starts to remember the magic of Christmas. But she can’t stop questioning her right to be happy when her parents are gone. Can Harry convince Libby that she deserves her own Christmas miracle, or will she leave her heart -and her chance of happiness - in the Christmas shop at Central Park?

Cowgirl Fallin' for Her Best Friend's Brother: Western Romance (Brides of Miller Ranch, N.M. Book 5)

Natalie Dean - 2021

Reena Spaulings

Bernadette Corporation - 2005
    Like most contemporary fiction, Reena Spaulings is about a female twenty-something. Reena is discovered while working as a museum guard and becomes a rich international supermodel. Meanwhile, a bout of terrible weather seizes New York, leaving in its wake a strange form of civil disobedience that stirs its citizens to mount a musical song-and-dance riot called "Battle on Broadway." Fashioned in the old Hollywood manner by a legion of professional and amateur writers striving to achieve the ultimate blockbuster, the musical ends up being about a nobody who could be anybody becoming a somebody for everybody. The result is generic and perfect -- not unlike Reena Spaulings itself, whose many authors create a story in which New York itself strives to become the ultimate collective experiment in which the only thing shared is the lack of uniqueness.

Sex: Make Her SCREAM - Last Longer, Come Harder, And Be The Best She's Ever Had

Amber Cole - 2015
    and more in this book! SEX is kind of like pizza - even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. But what if you could make it so that each pizza you had was like it was created in the heart of rustic Italy? That's what this book does for sex. The knowledge here will take your sexual encounters - be it with your wife, girlfriend, or just a random hookup - to the next level, and make it so that she can't help but beg for more, time after time. What will you learn from a certified sex coach? * How females conceptualize sex differently from men - and how you can take advantage of it. * The best ways to stay harder and last longer for her. * The seven best positions for her pleasure - and yours. * Giving (and receiving) multiple orgasms. * How to get her to come around to anal pleasures. * An introduction to kink, fantasies, and sex toys - the more the merrier! * How to have her screaming your name and begging for more, every time. Intrigued yet? Wouldn't it be nice to become "that guy" that women talk about? To know that you have just given her an experience she will never forget, and never feel insecure about your performance again? All that with the best orgasms you've ever had, and the longest, most intense sessions... and send her into spasms? Read this book to decode the female body and be the beast in bed that you know she wants. Stay harder, last longer, satisfy her... and come as hard as you ever have in your life. All within your reach! Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

Peter Elkind - 2010
    By his late forties, he'd gone from Princeton to Harvard Law to dramatic success as a prosecutor and attorney general to the governorship of New York. Many thought he would become the first Jewish president of the United States. Then came the prostitution scandal that shocked and mystified the nation. Peter Elkind's definitive account gets at all sides of this complex man: the well-intentioned do-gooder, the aggressive lawyer, the hardball politician, the dutiful son, the loving husband and father, and the secretive "Client 9" of the Emperor's Club escort service. Elkind interviewed dozens of key sources ranging from Spitzer's family, friends, and closest aides, to targets of his high-profile investigations, to central players in the prostitution ring. He reveals many groundbreaking new details about Spitzer's rise, his short time as governor, and the way his enemies plotted against him. The result is a gripping, almost Shakespearean narrative-a tragedy of one man's noble intentions and fatal flaws and the powerful forces (both internal and external) that destroyed him.

Burning Bridges

Anna Adams - 2014
    And now that she’s signed with Glitter Records and is working with her longtime celebrity crush, pop singer Matt, Lindsey is determined to win him over. But will burning bridges enable her to achieve her goals, or will she only end up badly burnt?*With a special cameo appearance from Maude Laurent (the French Girl series).This short story takes place before the start of A French Girl in New York.

Beauty's Punishment by Anne Rice Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2010
    42 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Beauty's Punishment. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Beauty's Punishment by Anne Rice.