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His Naughty Nurse by Nicole Elliot


Taming GI Jane

Debra Webb - 2000
    Running a fat farm for the general’s wife and her friends is not what she had in mind. Jane is caught completely off guard when her own willpower goes AWOL while teamed with sexy camp director Tom Caldwell.With a camp rife with contraband ice cream and crawling with rebellious dieters, romance is the last thing on Tom’s mind…until he sees petite and pretty GI Jane. The two have just fourteen days to transform a dozen couch potatoes into svelte, disciplined beauties. But how will they ever be able to keep their minds on the task when they can’t keep their hands off each other?Though Debra Webb has distinguished herself as an author of romantic suspense, she began her career writing sassy and spicy romances for Kensington’s Precious Gems. For the first time these heartfelt stories, which were sold only in Wal-Mart for one short month, are available as ebooks.

Tempted Beyond Reason (Far Too Tempting, #1)

Christa Wick - 2019
    Because I’m the man people call to get the job done, even if the job is guarding the lushest, sexiest body I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ve somehow been able to keep my hands off her these past months as her bodyguard, but that’s before I learn why she’s avoiding the biggest decision of her life. The surgery could either restore her sight or take away what little she can see forever; and I’m the reason she’s been holding off. She says she wants one night with me—her first time, no less—while she still has a fraction of her vision left. Hell, I don’t know what the right thing to do here is. But what I do know is that protecting her isn’t just a job for me anymore. And one night? That’s damn sure not going to cut it. The Far Too Tempting Collection Tempted Beyond Reason (Wake & Lacey) Tempted Beyond Relief (Wylie & Rhea) Tempted Beyond Return (Logan & Lily) --and-- Tempted By Trouble (Austin & Gina) [an extra hot Far Too Tempting standalone] Previously published as Waking Up Her Curves (c) 2015, revised throughout with newly added content and an extended ending. Note: This is a steamy & sweet standalone with character cameos from the even steamier standalone, Tempted By Trouble, formerly titled Black & Gold, which has similarly been republished with revisions and new content.

New Recruit

Em Petrova - 2016
    He can’t resist doing a body shot—or six—and a fiery night leads to a morning filled with questions. Like who is she and where can he find her again?Following a bad breakup, Hanna works hard to keep men at arms’ length, but she can’t get Jagger out of her head. Showing up at firehouse’s building repairs fundraiser definitely isn’t a good idea. Neither is winning his services, which happens to be a day of yard work. Or maybe she’s made the right decision after all—she does have a bush to be trimmed.Two nights with Hanna leads to more, and he’s distracted enough to make a critical error in judgment on a five-alarm blaze. He walks right past the arsonist, believing the man a victim. Throwing himself into finding the criminal means Hanna is back to feeling neglected and unimportant in the only relationship she’s taken a chance on forever.As more and more arson fires pop up over the city, Jagger has no choice but to fight them. Which leaves Hanna worried for his safety and wondering why she took a chance on a fireman of all people. But he can’t ignore the blazing inferno of lust raging out of control between him and Hanna either. Can he strike a match of understanding in her before she runs out of his life, or will his superhero ways sever his chances forever?

The Perfect Fit

Jenna Sutton - 2016
    The veteran hiring program at denim empire Riley O’Brien & Co. offers a new beginning. The only problem is the high cost of housing in San Francisco, and Margo Lange could be the perfect solution. Now that Margo has completed veterinary school, she’s ready to fulfill her dream of living in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, she’s drowning in student loan debt and the only places she can afford are dumps. Luckily, one of her uncle’s Army buddies needs a roommate. Although Zeke’s place is a perfect fit for Margo’s budget, he is not what she expects. He’s much younger than her uncle, and he’s melt-your-panties hot. She doesn’t want to fall for him, but it doesn’t take her long to realize that Zeke is the perfect fit for her, regardless of their age gap. Too bad he’s so obviously still in love with his ex-wife…

Persuading Him

Michelle Dare - 2015
    Her father is the founder of Markson Aviation, a top name in the private jet industry. When her parents go through a public divorce battle, she is shoved into the spotlight. Now in her late twenties, she lives a comfortable life, but likes to keep the media at a distance. Radek Cole is a retired Air Force officer who agrees to a last minute job. He flies the rich and famous around the country in their private aircraft. Kasi needs a pilot for her upcoming trip and Mr. Cole comes highly recommended. Little does she know that one encounter would change everything. Kasi has an immediate and intense attraction to her new pilot and is used to getting what she wants. Initially, he turns down her advances, but her skills of persuasion are no match for him. Unfortunately, the media won’t leave them alone. What Kasi doesn’t know is that she isn’t the only one who has a public past. Find out what happens when the heiress meets the pilot.

Helping Dr. Hottie

Mia Madison - 2018
     Becca Miller is the last woman I should be fantasizing about. She’s young, beautiful, and innocent... and she’s also the daughter of my oldest friend who’s now my biggest rival and the Chief Surgeon at my new hospital. But I can’t get Becca out of my mind. Not our first meeting when I quite literally sweep her off her feet. And not the way she blushes when she accidentally calls me Dr. Hottie instead of Dr. Hawthorne. Now we’re on a week-long business trip together. Spending my days with Becca makes me want to spend my nights with her, too. But if I end up making her choose between me and her old man, then I’d be as big a jerk as her father thinks I am... **Helping Dr. Hottie is a steamy romantic novella with no cheating and a Happily Ever After.**


Mia Malone - 2018
    After leaving her cheating husband, Charlene goes on a journey that takes her to Wilhelmine, a small town in the mountains where she decides to settle for a while. As she’s celebrating this decision with her new friend Jenny, Gibson walks in with blood running down his face. Gibson Ward moved back to his hometown after years as a cop in Chicago, and he likes his life. He works when he wants to, dates who he wants to, and with his four childhood friends, he also protects the county they live in. Then he walks into his friend Joke’s bar Oak, takes one look at a small, blonde woman, and everything changes. Charlene is not at all interested in getting involved with anyone, and definitely not with the man who called her a mousy grandma, but Gibson is not willing to give up, not even when bad things start to happen which threaten both of their lives. Please note: This book contains crude words and somewhat explicit adult scenes. If this isn't your thing, then this book might not be for you.

The Good Girl

Emma Nichols - 2013
    Though she has impeccable writing skills, there's no denying that a lifetime of being the good girl has left her ill prepared for this position. Realizing it's her lack of experience that will keep her from achieving this dream, she decides to proposition the bad boy who once lived in her college dorm that always had a stream of women doing the walk of shame from his room on a nearly nightly basis. Surely someone that shallow, that experienced, and that wildly attractive could teach her a thing or twenty. Only Wyatt has his own plans, and they don't allow much time for teaching Willow what she would already know if she could just break free of the cool, calculating, proper demeanor that was part of being a Stone. His reputation has served him well through the years and being the black sheep of his family has never bothered him. What does, however, is Willow. She is a mystery to unravel, a present to be cherished, a young woman who just might rock his world by bringing him back into his family's fold. She was everything they wanted for him and precisely what he had avoided since he started dating.What will happen when the good girl gets mixed up with the bad boy?

Hidden in Lies

Rachael Duncan - 2015
    This is who I am. Who I’m expected to be.All of that changed when he walked into my life and made me question everything. As my personal security guard, I can’t escape him or the way he makes me feel.He makes me laugh.He makes me second guess my choices.He makes me want more from life.I hide in a bed of deception to disguise myself. It used to be enough, but now I’m not so sure.Can I sacrifice those who depend on me for my own happiness?I’m Elizabeth Fitzgerald.I’m a Senator’s wife.And I hate my life.

Aching for Home

A.C. Nixon - 2013
    After more than six months of e-mails, occasional phone calls, and pictures, she gained a friend and confidant. For the first time in years, she felt comfortable enough with a man to share stories of disastrous dates and everything from the dangerous to the mundane. For her, the feelings went further than platonic. But was she willing to risk a possible lifelong friendship for the uncertainty and pitfalls of a sexual relationship? Not that he’d indicated an interest in anything more. After six months of sparse showers, rotten food, and sand in every orifice possible, Master Sergeant Joe Sanders felt good to be home and in civvies. It felt even better being with Veronica. Now, all he had to do was persuade Veronica to take him out of the friend zone. The poor woman was about to learn a very valuable lesson- never underestimating a Marine on a mission. This is a 17,300 word story.

November Rain

T.J. West - 2014
    He was her world until the day he left to go into the Air Force. From many letters she had written and mailed, responses from Matt never came. Her world felt destroyed and lonely. After graduating high school she moved to Paris and lived there for 12 years. During her years of living there she met the man she thought could replace Matt. Turned out her years in Paris brought nothing but pain, loss and suffering.Making a fresh start from her wounded past she makes her way to San Diego, California where she ends up finding the one person who had always made her feel whole. Will she be able to get past her scars and give Matt her whole heart again? Will she be able to forgive him for leaving her hopeless? Denying her love for him will be a struggle, sexually and emotionally.Matt Cooper was the black sheep of his family. He wanted nothing more than to play music and live outside his father’s influence within the Air Force. Having no other choice, he took that road and left the one girl who loved him unconditionally. Regretting his decision for not writing Marty back, he continued to serve his country. Years later, after retiring, he started living his dream in San Diego, but the loneliness was always there. His heart had always been with Marty. He couldn’t get past the thought of ever living without her. Feeling like he came out of years of a coma she enters his life again. He felt his love for her immediately and more stronger than ever. Getting her to trust him again will be a battle, but he was never going to give up. He was determined to keep her in his life forever.

Protecting Lily

Nicole Flockton - 2016
    Lists have guided her through some of the darkest parts of her life. But none have prepared her for the bodyguard hired to protect her and the diamonds she's working with. Grayson Warren is an overbearing alpha, everything she doesn't want. Or is he? Desperate to save his ailing business, former Navy SEAL Grayson "Storm" Warren is willing to take on any job, including protecting an infuriating list-making lingerie designer. Sexy doesn't even begin to describe Lily Green. One touch. One kiss, and Grayson's protecting more than diamonds.Can Grayson show Lily there’s more to life than lists?Previously published as Lace Forever.


Jessika Klide - 2014
    One Romance. One Siri-ously Seductive Series. Sexy, Book One.... he speaks Italian. "Giorno e notte sogno solo di te." Translation: Day and night I dream only of you.Chiseled, rock-hard, handsome with a beautiful smile and swoon-worthy eyes. He looks like a Golden God.Quiet, reserved, disciplined perfection with seductive skills that rival my own. When Mr. Sexy moves into 9G down the hall, everything changes. He haunts my dreams. Hopeful, but careful, I cautiously play my assets. Walking a fine line between teasing to turn him on and tempting him to go too far. But I must find out if he's my one. My soulmate. If you love strong, spirited women who aren't afraid to go all-in-for-the-win when they find their Mr. Sexy, and you fall hard for SAF badass heroes who cherish and protect their women, then you'll love this feel-good, happy, romantic, funny, page-turning, scorching hot romance.  IN FULL FRONTAL DISCLOSURE, Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets is the love story between Siri Wright and Aurelius Moore. Told through ten individual books that take the reader on the journey of their romantic relationship from the moment they first lay eyes on each other to their happily ever after. Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets is a serial, sequel, saga, series (try saying that three times fast) told through a steady stream of consciousness and must be read in order. Some books end on cliff hangers. Some books end on unresolved issues. Plot points are introduced in one book and resolved in another, building to the climatic conclusion. This romantic adventure is unlike anything you have read before. *The antics that will crack you up.*The dirty talk and sexy banter is fan-yourself, swoon-worthy.*The secrets shared are jaw-dropping.*The twists and turns will put you on the edge of your seat. *The lust and love are pure panty-melting passion.*And, you are guaranteed more than one happy-ending! ;)

Forever with the SEAL

Amy Gamet - 2017
     Trevor “Hawk” Hawkins and Olivia Grayson are finally going to marry, but she’s finishing up a film before they say “I do.” When someone starts stalking her, Hawk must go overseas to protect the woman he loves—but a ghost from his past may draw him away from HERO Force forever. This is a novella, not a full-length book.

His Secretary

Harmony Raines - 2015
    With cliffhangers. As the single parent of two beautiful girls, Helen has been struggling financially since her husband left. When her brother's fiancée offers her a week of temporary work, she accepts it, knowing it will look great on her CV. However, a simple week of typing and filing is soon transformed when successful businessman, Oliver, is drafted in to take over from his uncle during a huge deal. He picks Helen to be his secretary for the week. Soon Helen finds herself split between wanting a career, and being home for her children. Not to mention the confusing feelings she has for her new boss. Who has one rule. He never sleeps with employees. But when they find themselves in Monaco, will he be able to keep to his one rule? Or will he give in to the feelings he has for Helen? Find out in His Secretary - Her Second Chance Book one of a three part serial. With cliffhangers. Suitable for adults only.