Diary of Herobrine: Origins (an unofficial Minecraft book) (The Herobrine Story Book 1)

Dr. Block - 2015
     This amazing diary was recently discovered in a cave deep within a valley of the Overworld. Now, you can learn how Herobrine came to be and, more importantly, why he came to be. WARNING: This diary is not for the faint of heart. Do NOT read this book late at night… All illustrations in the diary (except those in the introduction) were drawn by Herobrine himself!

Prince's Virgin Mistress: A Royal Romance

Sophia Lynn - 2020
    She was everything I never knew I wanted…My life should have been a fairy tale.The palace.The women.The luxury.But being the Prince of Ellarion weighed heavy on my shoulders.Scandals followed me.The crown haunted me.And I’d never found anything close to love.But then that singing in the stairwell…Those fiery, wilful eyes.Viola.Perfection in her housemaid’s uniform.Even more perfect in my bed.Now she’s in my head every moment of the day.That hair.Those lips.That body.Those curves.I’ll do anything to make her mine.But there’s trouble in the air at Ellarion’s palace.Will my royal blood destroy the woman I love?Note: Prince's Virgin Mistress is a steamy forbidden romance between a prince and a beautiful virgin housemaid.

Monster Girls

Edward Lang - 2020
    Now he gets to meet them in the flesh.The only problem is, this new world is ruled by an evil empire called the Imperium that wants to destroy all monster girls.Now all those gorgeous, sexually deprived women need Scott’s help to survive.To defeat the Imperium, he’ll have to retake this new world, kingdom by kingdom…And monster girl by monster girl.This book contains some light Gamelit/LitRPG elements, profanity, violence, and sexual situations.


Nona Day - 2017
    Her only care in the world is fast money, partying and designer labels. She doesn’t have real responsibilities or plans for the future. As far as she was concerned, only today was important. She will worry about tomorrow when it comes. No one is going to stop her from enjoying her life to the fullest. She refused to live the life she watched her mother endure by the hands of her father. Her and her brother, Tone struggled together after their parent’s death. Jiera is determined to make up for all the years she struggled as a young girl. No one else's opinions about her life mattered to her. King Owens is a twenty-five-year-old, handsome rich man. He was taken from his unfit mother and raised by his father and stepmom. King wants out of the life his father was determined he inherit. He doesn’t want the throne to his father’s drug empire. For now, he is living the life that he's determined to get away from. He has a beautiful, career-oriented woman in his life. A successful career, wealth, and a beautiful family was his goals in life. He is determined to have everything he wants, even if it means going against his father’s wishes. King and Jiera have totally different plans for their future. Upon laying eyes on Jiera, King couldn’t deny himself from having her for just one night. What happens when one night of passion binds the two together for the rest of their lives? The ones that supposed to love them the most are the ones trying to hurt them the most. Will lies, betrayal and deceit take the two on a journey together? Or will it tear them apart?

I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! (Light Novel) Vol. 2

三嶋与夢 - 2022

Love (Try) Angle

Manali Desai - 2021
    She befriends the charming Viren, who helps her find her footing in Mumbai. Though she is slowly adjusting to her new life, what Ayesha is most excited about is pursuing B.A. (Hons.) Political Science from a reputed college. Things don’t go as smoothly as she had thought though. Because Abhi, her senior, seems hell-bent on making her life on the campus difficult from day one. Just when things seem settled, Viren joins the college as an Ad-Hoc lecturer. Is there more to Ayesha’s friendship with Viren, and her frenemity with Abhi? It seems there’s a love triangle blooming around the corner or will it be a Love (Try) Angle? Because Ayesha is not sure if it’s love at all.

Upside Down In Love (love emotions Book 1)

Dominique Thomas - 2019
    He never had good intentions with my heart from the beginning. Novah, Billie and Normani navigate through life with their heads held high despite their tumultuous relationships with the men they fathered kids with. Novah fell into love quickly with Carter. They were young. He was a rising NFL star and she was a popular video vixen. Years skate by and Novah realizes he isn’t the man she thought he was. After ending their love affair, she learns of their twin sons. Novah does the best she can to keep the peace. While the media makes her out to be the bitter, gold digging baby momma she takes it to the chin. For her sons, she will eat up any negative accusation the world has to say about her. Her only aspiration in life is to give her sons a good one. When Novah begins to stand up to Carter and his demanding ways things go left. He shows her a side of him that she’s never seen before and Novah is left with two choices. Turn another blind eye to his foul ways or finally expose him for the hateful person that he really is. Billie was born to model. It flowed through her being effortlessly. Billie only wanted two things in life. That was to model and be with Dreux. Dreux, however. wanted out of Detroit. He watched his brother fall victim to the streets and vowed to be different. Despite Billie’s love for him he left Detroit and attended college out of state. While being apart from Dreux, Billie found comfort with his cousin Malachi. Malachi was Billie’s yes man. Whatever she needed he was there to make it happen. Billie wasn’t attracted to him but was grateful for his presence. One lonely night Billie found herself in bed with Malachi. From that encounter, a child was created. Billie immediately regretted her decision to be with him and because she wanted nothing else from him Malachi turned bitter. Billie allowed for her broken heart over Dreux to lead her down a dangerous path. She partied more and ended up losing her son to Malachi. It was a mistake that he refused to let her live down. Now that Billie is better than ever and ready to get her son back Malachi is fighting her at every turn. Billie wants peace in her life but with Malachi constantly bringing her chaos she’s fearful that the old Billie might resurface and that’s the last thing she needs. Normani is young and full of life. While in her first year of college she met the popular DJ to the stars Tru. Tru was like a dream come true for her. The unattainable man that somehow wanted her and immediately she became engrossed by him. Without having to think about it she gave up school and allowed for her life to revolve around Tru. She became his biggest fan and after being together for a few years their daughter was born. Suddenly Normani began to see things in Tru that she hadn’t seen before. He was controlling, distant and selfish. Normani had only known two parents. She had an amazing childhood and wanted her daughter to have the same but Tru was making it hard for her to do so. When Normani’s childhood friend Azariah comes home for good and starts to garner her attention Tru takes notice. He makes big strides to show Normani that he is a changed man but for Normani it may be too late. This is a two-part series.

This Heart Plays No Games

Tay Mo'Nae - 2019
    Now the couple must see if they can overcome one big obstacle in their way. Savanna thinks they’re able to make it down the aisle until she finds out that Ray has been keeping some secrets from her, now she isn’t sure if marrying him is what’s best for her. Makai walks back into Savanna’s life after three years. What she thought was just a childhood crush quickly turns into more then she bargained for. Not only does Makai come back with a girlfriend but he also comes back with an eye-opener that Savanna wasn’t prepared for. Now she must battle her feelings and decide if she can forgive Ray and get married or if she should act on her feelings for Makai. Jazlynn was content in her life the only problem she had was her deadbeat baby daddy that was until Kordell, her previous boyfriend, comes back to shake up her life. Still dealing with the heartbreak he caused her, she fights her feelings not truly ready to open up to him again. Kordell knows he messed up and will do anything to have Jazlynn back. Will, she finally forgive his past mistakes, or will she fully close their chapter all together? Ma’Loni just wants to strip and stack her money, falling for the boss was never a part of the equation. Kolby sees something in Ma’Loni that he refuses to let go. What started off as just a physical relationship quickly turns into more. When Ma’Loni learns Kolby has been holding something back from her she quickly leaves their situation where it’s at. Now Kolby must show Ma’Loni he’s ready to give up the games and focus on her, the only issue is will Ma’Loni believe him? Join the crew in the crazy journey of heartbreaks, love, drama, and secrets and find out what it really means when they say, This Heart Plays No Games.

To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide

Literature Made Easy - 1989
    Each book describes a classic novel and drama by explaining themes, elaborating on characters, and discussing each author's unique literary style, use of language, and point of view. Extensive illustrations and imaginative, enlightening use of graphics help to make each book in this series livelier, easier, and more fun to use than ordinary literature plot summaries. An unusual feature, "Mind Map" is a diagram that summarizes and interrelates the most important details that students need to understand about a given work. Appropriate for middle and high school students.

The Beginning After The End: Transcendence, Book 6

TurtleMe - 2021

Game on Boys 2: Minecraft Madness: A hilarious action adventure for children 9-12 with cartoons. (Game on Boys Series)

Kate Cullen - 2015
     Rino James is the thinking boy’s Greg Heffley (aka wimpy kid). He’s fanatical with all things computer. He’s mad about Minecraft, he’s crazy over Xbox, and he’s obsessed with the PlayStation. There’s only one thing in this whole world that could make his life better (apart from sending his annoying sister back to the baby making farm), and it has nothing to do with computer games. As usual, his parents do their best to prevent it from happening. According to Rino, their idea of fun, doesn't quite match his idea of fun. In fact, he believes his Mom has a built in Siri message centre to alert her when he is having a good time, so she can detonate disaster for him. In the second of the series, what starts off as an awesome week with plenty of gaming promise, soon turns sour when a new teacher, obsessed with running, replaces Mr Higginbottom, and an All-night Gaming Marathon at Matthew’s, is replaced with a family trip that makes the Wimpy kids ‘long haul’ look like a limo ride to Disneyland. What happens at the end is nothing short of devastating and miraculous all in one. The main question is ‘does Rino live to tell the tale?’ Girls will love this book just as much as boys, despite its name. Be prepared for lots of side splitting laughter, but don’t be surprised if you shed the odd tear as well. Don’t forget, the first in the series, ‘Game on Boys: The PlayStation Playoffs’ is still free with 93%- 5 star reviews. Get it here http://amzn.com/B00K3W0KNM

Mockingjay: By Suzanne Collins -- Review

Expert Book Reviews - 2014
    Hopeful to save one of her best friends, she joins the fight against the Capitol while finding solutions to her romantic dilemmas. Suzanne Collins implements elements of science fiction, romance, and action to craft a compelling conclusion to the highly rated trilogy. Read this all-encompassing review of "Mockingjay" first to get a complete overview of the book's style, plot, and characters. Explore the dark themes presented in "Mockingjay" while finding deeper meaning in Katniss' fight against a corrupted government. This expert review offers critical opinions and covers the book's positive and negative aspects. Despite the futuristic setting of "Mockingjay," Suzanne Collins employs deeper messages that are relevant to modern audiences. The good pacing and short yet poignant sentences make this novel accessible to teens as well as adults. Read how Katniss uses her survival instincts to fight for not only her own life but the lives of everyone in Panem. Sprinkled with hopeful moments, "Mockingjay" portrays a dark story that superbly wraps up the "Hunger Games" trilogy.

Cranes In The Sky

Keisha Ervin - 2017
    She’s tried to work, pray, sex, sleep and smoke her problems away but she can’t escape the gloomy, grey clouds hovering over her head. Just wanting to be happy, she's blinded by love; Messiah only sees what she wants to see – always building up to be let down and ultimately crashing. She craves love and admiration but doesn’t love herself enough to know when it’s time to let go of an old flame. Directionless, she coasts along through life numb, until she meets Shyhiem, the man who will change her life forever. He’s everything she never knew she wanted, but everything that she absolutely needed. Without permission, Shyhiem marches into her life and turns everything upside down. He’s rude, cocky, angry and devastatingly handsome. To the world, he’s nothing but an ex-convict with a chip on his shoulder; but to Messiah, he’s an angel sent down from heaven who teaches her how to love again. When Messiah finds herself wasting time, daydreaming about when she’ll see or speak to him again, she knows she’s in trouble. Love wasn’t in the equation for her - especially since she still has feelings for her ex - and Shyhiem has a ghetto baby mother and two kids… Will their love prevail or will self-doubt, self-pity, and a sense of emptiness stop everything before it starts?

Listen to My Heartbeat

    He did not speak. He just kept looking into my eyes without as much as a blink."And then...?" he said, in his arrogant voice. "You want to be my girlfriend next?"Merge yourself in the world of... Aryan, Trisha, Rohan, Danny and Aysha.An inescapable story of love and tears that gets your heartbeat racing.