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Dare to Dream by K. Margaret


Undraland Books 4-6 Bundle

Mary E. Twomey - 2015
     Lucy and her Merry Band of Thieves are certain that if they can survive the farlig fisk, nothing is too great to tear them apart. They never counted on their ship landing in Bedra, a land filled with women who use lavender powder to suck the wills from the strongest of men. Jens faces his greatest test as he tries to make it out of Bedra unscathed by the manipulative Mares. Tensions run high as laplanding takes Lucy and Jamie to a whole new level of angst that they must work through together. Foss sheds more layers of his Depravity of Man curse, catching Lucy’s eye as they trek through Undraland on their way to tear down the last portal in Elvage. Charles Mace stands by his sister’s side as her Uncle Rick makes an executive decision that changes Lucy’s life forever. This is a 9-part Adult Urban Fantasy Series based in Norse Mythology Reading Order: Undraland Nøkken Fossegrim Elvage The Other Side Lucy at Peace Lucy at War Lucy at Last Linus at Large Other Books by the Author: Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter Volumes of the Vemreaux: The Way The Truth The Lie Saga of the Spheres: The Silence of Lir Secrets The Sword Sacrifice

Foresworn Magic (A Seer's Gift, #1)

D.L. Harrison - 2021
    Or at least, he’d always thought they were hallucinations, and that they couldn’t possibly be real. He was about to find out the ugly truth. Evil was real, demons were real, and so was magic. There was a never ending war going on, and he was about to join it. He wasn’t sure he’d call it a gift at all, and it’d take a miracle if he was going to survive.

The Loyal

A.M. Hughes - 2018
    Don't fight. Don’t die. This message has been beaten into her since childhood.Legends abound with stories of werewolves. Females are rare, but becoming a Lycan wasn’t a matter of choice for Mira.Born as a wolf and cursed with being a woman, Mira and her father struggle for her survival, peace and most of all, freedom.After the disappearance and death of her mother, they flee, in constant fear that they will be forced to join pack life and marry Mira off... or worse. While traveling to Alaska in search of a sanctuary among the rogues of the wilderness, they are attacked, and Mira is left to fend for herself in unknown territory…

Shift (The Other Pack Book 3)

Erica Stanciu - 2014
    Like any shifter, she transformed into her beautiful and unique wolf but what they didn't know was the secret that plagued her for two years. Without having the courage to tell anyone she does the only thing she can think of, run. She leaves the comforts of her city to enter the brand new world of college. Will she finally be able to tell her loved ones what happens when she shifts or will the harsh reality of what she is cause her to self destruct?

Mystic Academy: Magic Awakened

Lara Violet - 2021
    An ice witch whose secrets are the only thing colder than his magic.Aaron Morningstar. A chaotic, arrogant, bad boy who has a trail of broken hearts in his past. Leather jackets, high cheekbones and jet black hair… would you expect anything less from the son of the devil?Darius Flintclaw. A ruthless, alpha-male wolf shifter who stalked my dreams long before I met him. One minute he’s trying to kill me, the next he’s demanding my obedience.Will I be able to face my past?Or will they break me before I discover the truth at Mystic Academy?Mystic Academy: Awakened is book one of a reverse harem paranormal academy series. It contains cursing and sexual situations. This book contains a cliffhanger that continues into book two.


Glenn Bullion - 2017
    Boy must put his best face forward. Brady Jones doesn’t know where he came from. He knows nothing about his family. He doesn’t know what he is, or how it’s possible to do the amazing things he can do. He does know loneliness and survival, both from a life in the foster care system. He knows that he’s comfortable being alone on a Friday night. Despite the fact they’re so very different, he’d like to get to know Lily Ferguson better. Maybe even call her a friend. Brady knows he’s a shapeshifter. He can change his body to look like nearly anything he can imagine. An object, an animal, even other people. What he doesn’t know is how far the powers-that-be in the world will go to meet him, control him. He’s about to find out.

Smokey Falls Wolves - Complete Edition

V. Vaughn - 2019
     The books included are: Stand By Your Wolf When werewolf Juliet goes on a camping trip with her human girlfriends, the last thing she wants to run into is a group of male wolves on the prowl for mates. She’s been acclimating herself into the human world just to avoid the cocky-as-all-get-out type of men who break her heart. But when she meets Roman, her life without a true mate is about to change. 
Roman is the alpha of his pack, and with pressure from all sides, he’s in search of a mate who can handle the challenge of a strong leader. When he finds her in Juliet, he discovers the very woman who can steal his heart and help lead a pack is also the kind who will challenge him in ways that could cost one or both of them their lives. Save a Horse, Ride a Werewolf As a child, Jayden used to imagine finding her true love and having a storybook wedding. As an adult, she never expected it to come true. She grew up with a single mother and knew the harsh reality of not-so-happy endings. Meeting Alex and discovering the true-mate love of a werewolf was a dream come true. Now Jayden’s planning her wedding and looking forward to becoming a werewolf and part of a big family in the form of a wolf pack. 
But Jayden’s picture-perfect life is threatened the day her mother comes to town. While Rosemary doesn’t know about werewolves, a secret that has to be kept in order to keep the Smokey Falls pack safe, that’s the least of Jayden’s problems. Rosemary has a way of getting what she wants, and in the process of fighting to have the wedding of her dreams, Jayden alienates Alex. When he tells Jayden he’s no longer sure she’s fit to be a werewolf, she has to learn to accept the most important thing of all – the love of family. Werewolf on Your Mind When Alisha learned Juliet, her former college roommate, was a werewolf, she wasn’t afraid. She was intrigued. And now, months later, she’s obsessed with becoming one too. All she needs is a mate to change her, and she knows Juliet’s pack is where she can find one. Luck is on Alisha’s side, and within hours of arriving in Smokey Falls, she meets her true mate, Jackson. But he isn’t the kind of man she'd imagined. Jackson is a feral werewolf firefighter who’d rather not deal with people, while Alisha is accustomed to a country-club lifestyle. True mate attraction doesn’t care, though, and it makes Alisha decide all Jackson needs is a little training. Too bad Jackson has other ideas. Sweet Summer Werewolf Chelsea’s job as an assistant to the producer of a popular reality TV show is a dream come true. It also consumes her life. So when she gets a month off, she decides to visit her college girlfriends and recharge in the sleepy werewolf town of Smokey Falls. After two travels days from hell, Chelsea makes it to the mountains where she can finally breathe again, and her vacation gets even better when she meets Quinten. With a voice sent down from heaven, she discovers the dreamy werewolf is a hot prospect for her show and a sure career booster for her. He’s also her true mate, but no matter how great werewolf life is for her friends, becoming one is the last thing Chelsea will ever do. But because the true-mate attraction is nearly impossible to resist, Chelsea decides to deal with it by allowing herself a summer fling. And when she opens her heart to love, she finds she never wants to let Quinten go, even though she’s not willing to leave her career.

Return of the Dragons Books 1-3 (Return of the Dragons, #1-3)

Rinelle Grey - 2021
    This three book bundle of paranormal, dragon shifter romances features dragon princes who've been asleep for three hundred years, forbidden love, and fated mates. Contains the following stories: Bound to the Dragon Prince Waking a sleeping dragon prince with a kiss seemed like something out of a fairy tale. Only this dragon shifter needs far more than just a kiss. Lure of the Dragon ShifterDragon shifter Wayrian is attracted to the hot human cowboy the goddess claims is her fated mate, but that’s a deal breaker for her grandfather, who wants her to impress the new dragon prince… Sleeping Dragon Prince Sleeping Beauty never looked this hot! It’s finally Lisa’s turn to wake her very own dragon prince with a kiss (and more), but with a battle raging outside, things quickly turn sour.

Bayou: King of the Seas Book 1 & 2

Annitia L. Jackson - 2020
    Not to mention, the very waters they call home are now killing them and has the Merpeople facing extinction. 
 Something or someone is out to destroy the Water Realm, and it is King Bayou Moreau’s duty to figure out what is going on and save his people. He turns to the one person he knows can help him, Rachal Porter, the woman he loves but refuses to love him back. 
Rachal Porter Moreau lost her mate, Samuel, who was Bayou’s brother. She blames Bayou for his death and pushes him away, even though she finds herself drawn to him. 
 When the two start to investigate the mysterious deaths and disappearances, not only are they drawn to each other but into the web of an enemy they never expected.

Christmas In Crazy Town

M.L. Briers - 2018
    Three witches celebrating Christmas on a snowed-in mountain with no way out and a wolf pack to contend with … what could possibly go wrong? Bethany had taken one look and crazy town and wanted to run the other way. Christmas, bah-humbug! The trouble was that there was no way out. Marina had endured the plane ride from hell to get to her friends, but what she found when she got there was so much more horrifying. Christmas was bad enough, but a shifter pack of wolves. Ugh! With no way out, a blizzard on the way, and three brothers that had more than a passing interest in those three witches, thing were certainly about to get crazy on the mountain. Live, laugh, and fall in love along with the wolves of crazy town in this paranormal romantic comedy.

Dirty Hope (Dirt Track Dogs: The Second Lap Book 6)

P. Jameson - 2020
    But he isn’t just a grouch extraordinaire, he’s been through hell and has the invisible scars to prove it. She knows the situation is delicate but she has a reputation for stomping in like a hurricane. Somehow, she’ll have to help him heal from his past, even if they can never have a future. Hearts have to break before they can be fixed… Adam lost everything, and now he’s a man lost. There’s no coming back from what he experienced. He knows you can’t have a perfect life twice. But one spunky vixen shifter is determined to test that theory… and his very last nerve. He can’t deny that Barb makes him feel like a man again, makes him remember what life was like before it all fell apart. But risking another heartbreak is something he can’t bring himself to do. Not when he has his daughter to think about. She’s all he has left of his old life, and he’s not about to risk hurting her. Limits are tested, boundaries are drawn, hearts get cracked, but it will all come out in the wash. Nothing a little dirty, messy, hope can’t fix

Auctioned To The Werewolf Princes

Daniella Wright - 2019
    Sorry.""There's something we have to do first." He wrapped his hand around my forearm, but I pulled away from his grip. "I can walk on my own," I barked. He opened the first door in the hallway and let me go ahead of him. There was a big, comfy-looking bed, with a blond wood frame and two blond wood bedside tables to match. "There are clothes in the closet." He walked in and pointed to the white door in the corner. "Now, come over here." I took my time approaching him.I wasn't sure what he meant when he said there was something they had to do first."You are not going to like this..." "But I'm going to have to insist you put this on." NO WAY...This is a stand-alone novel with a HEA. 18+ only!

Highland Destiny: A Guardians of Scotland Novella

Victoria Zak - 2016
    But lately his sexual appetite has been unfulfilled and he must have the mate he has not yet discovered. When he finds himself in the arms of Kenna Mackenzie, his hope is fulfilled. Can he contain the flames of love until his mate realizes he is the one for her, or will one mistake cost him his whole world?Kenna Mackenzie must protect her future son at all costs—Scotland depends on it. Running in fear from her betrothed, she finds herself secluded deep within the great glen, far away from the likes of men. When she least expects it, a dragon swoops into her life. Feeling the burn of the seductive flames, will Kenna embrace the fire between Rory and her—or will she flee again?

Doomed Cases Box Set: The Complete Collection Books 1- 4 & Prequel

Joanna Mazurkiewicz - 2019
    A love triangle. Can Maxine crack the case before her heart is ripped in two? Maxine Brodeur has spent the past year recovering from a devastating breakup with Prince Arthur -- the realm’s future king. She’s kept a low profile as a half-human/half-demon, spending her days running “Doomed Cases,” a private supernatural agency. After illegally revealing her powers to save a human girl from attack, she gets an ominous letter bearing the royal seal. Rather than being punished, Maxine is hired to find the young, kidnapped Prince George. Back in the secretive life of the royals, she must learn to work alongside sexy detective Zachary Quinton. Her new partner has no respect for the rules, and her ex-lover Arthur is doing everything he can to win her back. Will Maxine find the missing prince quickly or will she cause another royal scandal in the process? Doomed Cases Box Set includes: Hush Hush ( (Doomed Cases Book 0) Prequel Demonic Triangle (Doomed Cases Book 1) Diabolical Quest (Doomed Cases Book 2) Infernal Initiation (Doomed Cases Book 3) Satanic Fortitude (Doomed Cases Book 4)

Shadow Fae Series: Books 1-4

C.N. Crawford - 2019
    A fae gladiator like me isn’t supposed to exist anymore. But my Friday night takes a bad turn when a lethally gorgeous fae--Ruadan--tries to assassinate me. He's known as the Wraith, and he's taken a vow of silence until he’s slaughtered the outlaws on his kill list. Outlaws like me. Ruadan lets me live on one condition: I have to earn my place at the Institute of the Shadow Fae. As a powerful fighter, I can take the competition. But things fall apart when I’m given an impossible choice: betray my mentor Ruadan, or my best friend dies. Now, I face a quandary my gladiatorial past did not prepare me for. This boxed set includes: Court of Shadows Court of Darkness Court of Night Court of Dreams The Shadow Fae boxed set contains the first four books in the series, which include Arianna and Ruadan's complete story arc.