Under His Control

Lynn Richards - 2012
    Her first thought was to keep on driving. She couldn't afford the repair bill or the hike in her insurance premiums. But her conscience wouldn't allow her to just walk away. She reported the accident and waited to face the consequences. Why? Because Rebecca always obeyed the rules.Quinton Sanders had a little 'kink' to his personality. He enjoyed teaching a woman what she wanted, and how he wanted her. The trouble was the last woman he'd wanted hadn't learned to obey all the rules.Thankfully fate intervened and he got a second chance with the woman he loved and longed to pleasure.He had her Under His Control.WARNING: This book contains material intended for mature audiences only.This is an erotic novella of approximately 18+ pagesWatch for Pleasuring Tara and Taken by Force two more short novellas by Lynn Richards for your summer time reading pleasure.

Knock Me Up, Neighbor: A Younger Woman Older Man Romance

Sylvia Fox - 2017
     She’s tired of being alone and determined to find a man who is more than a drinking buddy, or a warm body next to her in bed. Enter Ian Black. Her fantasies of a hot and steamy summer with him, no matter how unlikely, are enough to get her to pack her things and make the drive home. Sure, he’s her dad’s best friend and their next-door neighbor, but he’s also the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on and the one man every boy she’s ever dated has had to compete with. Once she learns he’s single, she comes up with a plan to help him get back out there. When things heat up between them, her fantasies begin coming to life. What happens when her summer fling leads to something more life altering? Is Ian really the man of her dreams? Or will she find even he can’t live up to the fantasy?

Undeniable Seduction Part 1—Casual Encounter

Scarlett Avery - 2015
    He shatters all of her self-preservation rules in a weekend of carnal debauchery.How could she resist him?After all…Nikolaj is a witty, blue-eyed seducer with a sexy bad boy attitude.The British accent is bonus.The man is delicious in every sense of the word.If only the fortress around her stubborn heart wasn’t so impenetrable…You’ll love this scorching hot billionaire romance, because everyone loves when an alpha hero is brought down to his knees.USA Today Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery brings you a captivating steamy romance novel that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love!Get it now.No cliffhanger, no cheating, no extra stories and no fillers. HEA guaranteed. Each standalone romance in this sexy series can be read on its own. This is Part 1 of 6 of this serial.


Ashton Blackthorne - 2017
    Unstoppable. Sexy. So, so bad. My gorgeous secretary calls me a bad boy in a good suit. I’ve built up quite a reputation over the years. Women have dubbed me "So so bad" and men have called me the biggest, baddest shark on Wall Street. They say I’ve been everywhere, done everything… And it’s all true. I get what I want when I want it. And what I want now is Veronica. Her gorgeous curves beckon to me demanding that I succumb to her irresistible charms. But I can’t. Not yet. You see, I have a secret. A deep dark secret lurking inside me. For years, I’ve been broken, shattered, betrayed by someone who should’ve loved me beyond reason. Now that secret is threatening to be exposed. And I can’t have that. No matter what. Not even if it costs me what I treasure the most. Her.

Man Chaser

Alexis Angel - 2017
    Well…they call me a Woman Tamer. Let’s see who wins, shall we? Don’t worry. You read that line above just right. I tame women. Show them who’s boss. One night with Ethan Kane and these 8-pack abs, chiseled body and 12-inches of lust muscle hanging between my legs and they’ll do anything I damn well tell them to. So when Brittney tries to infiltrate my company to steal from me...when I see her trying to seduce me with her gorgeous curvy body and beautiful face...I know what I’m up against. And I’m not worried. At all. She thinks she can just shake that body and get me to roll over for her like a dog. She doesn’t realize that it’s going to be her that ends up on her knees as I tell her to beg. And when that happens, there’s only one question left to ask myself... How badly does she need to be taught a lesson? *** Come chase men with this exciting new standalone romance! No cliffhangers or cheating, but it’s a scorcher with super-steamy scenes that you’ve come to expect from Alexis Angel. Happily Ever After? Always, babe ***

Tryst #1 (A Short Erotic BDSM)

Ella Steele - 2012
    Mom, keep going. If you think sex is icky, keep going. If you want something that will knock your socks (or panties) off, stick around. Ashley's sex life is about to change. After a chance encounter with an old flame, it's clear that passions are still burning bright. The tame girl Michael used to know is gone. Michael is all too excited to step up and dominate, fulfilling all of Ashley's sexy dreams.Excerpt: "Before I could think another thing, Michael's fingers clamp around my nipples. His hips stay pressed flush to mine, his length lost inside of me. My jaw falls open, and I see him watching me, waiting for me to make a noise. My eyes lock on his, while sinful sensations swirl through my body, building tighter and higher. He slowly adds more pressure, teasing and pulling my nipples tighter and longer. The heat in my stomach sears through my body. It makes me shift my hips and try to fuck him, but he stills me."TRYST Vol. 2 & 3 are on sale now.

Mr. Darkness

Hilary Storm - 2017
    I'm a simple woman and I love my quiet life and work hard to keep it that way. I write romance stories, the kind where the man crashes into her life and completes her world while they fall madly in love with each other. Damon Deverick is the epitome of complicated. What this man does to me is unlike anything I’ve ever dealt with and I think that’s my problem. I don’t know how to respond to him. He’s powerful even when he stands completely still, not saying a word… but when he touches me it’s as if everything before that very moment was minuscule in comparison. Who knew I'd be this intrigued after a single day with him? It’s supposed to be easy... but there’s just one problem, to him this is work and I’m not sure I can separate business from pleasure because it seems to be one in the same when it involves him.

Sinful Southern Ink

S.J. Drum - 2012
    As Abigail's employee in her tattoo and piercing shop, he's kept things between them on a strictly professional level. Until Abigail's violent past catches up with her and she seeks his comfort-comfort that leads to an intense emotional and sexual connection neither can ignore. Jed's jealous ex-girlfriend, a nosy reporter, and a potential father-in-law in prison won't keep him from the woman who makes him hard at the very sight of her. Nothing will keep Jed Weston from catching-and keeping-the woman he loves.

The Dom Prize

Mina J. Moore - 2013
    But there is something missing in her love life. She doesn't realize what it is until she finds herself in the arms of a lover who shows her how to embrace submission. In doing so, Gia finds the ultimate pleasure but will that be enough?This book is for mature readers 18 and over.

Instructing Adam

Selena Blake - 2010
    When she gets the opportunity to visit the company’s office, she shows up dressed to kill. She didn’t expect to find Adam, the geeky tech support guy, to be quite so cute. Nor did she expect the instant chemistry that blazed between them. She begins to instruct him on giving better customer service; he teaches her a thing or two about pleasure.

Her Royal Master

Renee Rose - 2018
    You disobeyed. You will feel my displeasure.” Three days for five grand and the ultimate reporter’s scoop. I just have to make myself available to six royal bad boys on a yacht. How hard could it be? Except the Devil Duke sees right away I'm not a professional and now he's holding me captive. Training me in the art of submission. Keeping me away from the real story. He won't let me go until I sign a confidentiality agreement. Which i'm not going to do. So that leaves me at his mercy...

Dirty Delilah

R.G. Alexander - 2014
    Alexander. Previously published in the New York Times Bestselling - Riding Desire Anthology. Caught between an old crush and a new attraction is exactly where she wants to be. Delilah Dean has come a long way from the grease-covered tomboy who worked at her family’s motorcycle shop. The last thing the successful businesswoman wants is a trip back to Northern California to face Asa Wilder, the sexy, tattooed bad boy who crushed her naïve fantasies, and Sebastian Kosta, an engineer with a killer body and a passion for speed. But business comes first. When the two men stop competing for the shop and start vying for Delilah’s body—and her heart—negotiations get hot and heavy fast enough to make her head spin. But can she trust that she’s the prize they’re fighting for? Finding out will be one wild, dirty ride.

Punished by the Cowboy

Sue Lyndon - 2017
    Spanko McDreamy. She instantly connects with a man named Jacob who happens to live nearby, and after weeks of sharing their deepest fantasies and secrets via email and instant messages, they plan to meet in person at a Halloween party. But she's nervous as hell when she finally comes face-to-face with the tall, muscular cowboy. His deep, sexy voice and his dark, intense eyes practically melt her panties on the spot, but will their online connection truly transfer to real life? And will she be able to gracefully submit to her first real disciplinarily spanking?Publisher's Note: Punished by the Cowboy is a short story that includes a shy librarian with a penchant for naughty books, a stern but loving cowboy with a twitchy palm, and spankings and other erotic scenes sure to make your e-reader sizzle. If such material offends you, please don't purchase this book. This story was previously published in the Halloween Heat anthology in 2012, but this version has been significantly expanded to include several new (and extra naughty) scenes.

Fifty Days

Taylor Shade - 2014
    I know what you want, what you secretly desire.You walk through the world hiding your true self, all covered in clothing that only slightly reveals the real you. You make yourself up to look so pristine. You follow all the social cues to make sure you’re acting like a “proper woman.” A good girl.Most men don’t know. But I do. I see right through it.It happens when I first look you in the eyes. I know what you really want. You say you want a “nice guy,” a man who will wait while you try on a thousand outfits in the dressing room, who will pick you up and drop you off. But really... deep down... I am what you want.Because you know I won’t do any of those things. And I scoff at those wusses. You know what kind of man I am as soon as you see me. You know you should be sickened by a man like me, even repulsed. But you can’t help it. You're lit up at the first penetrating stare of my blue eyes. You can almost feel me inside you as you read this. Your body doesn’t lie. No amount of logic or words can stop it. It’s primal, animal, coming from your deepest most private space.Yes... you know. You know I am the man who will soon fulfill your darkest desires. The one who breaks down your resistance, who leads you into complete surrender. Your heart beats faster in anticipation. A droplet of sweat forms on your lips as you think about it. You long to give yourself to me... relishing every moment of being at my tantalizing command. Because it’s all about command.You want to give me command of your body. Teasing it. Pleasing it when I want. Using it for my own pleasure. Keeping you on edge. Yes, you are my dirty, filthy slut and you know it. You will do nearly anything I ask. You want a man who can take you fully, who can do things to you that you wouldn’t even tell your best friend... because to actually say it to another human being means you’re admitting who you really are.Which you can never do. Even though I know. And you know.You’re my dirty little slut. And you know what else I know?You love it.Yes. You do.Shhhhhh. It will be our little secret.

Tex's Little Girl (Soldier Daddies)

Pepper North - 2020
    But is her gallant rescuer interested in romance?