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Nowhere To Hide by Clare London


Candy Canes: Curvy Woman Small Town Romance (Holiday Hotties Book 3)

Ally Crew - 2020

Santa's Special Delivery

Sierra Hill - 2019
    Maybe because as a child growing up in foster care, she never experienced the true meaning of the season. That’s why the charity she began with her best friend to help make under privileged kids’ Christmas wishes come true is so near and dear to her heart. But this year, those wishes may be derailed when a clerical mistake sends all the gifts to the wrong address. Hoping to locate the gifts before Christmas, Joy tracks down the delivery to the nearby home of a…holiday scrooge! Who cares that he’s the most attractive man she’s ever met? It’s his blustery mood that has her Ho-Ho-Ho turning into No-No-No.Gabriel Frost has no time for annoying interruptions. He’s already burning the midnight oil with a crazy case load, on top of caring for his ailing grandfather. So, when the delivery company claims he can’t return the hundred packages delivered in error, Gabriel is anything but full of holiday cheer.But there’s something about the idyllic town of Snowdon, Massachusetts that brings holiday magic into lives of even the biggest bah-humbuggers. Can the sweet smile of this all-kinds-of-adorable do-gooder melt the ice off Frost’s heart and save Christmas for everyone?

Christmas Actually

Teri WilsonVictoria Schade - 2020
    Will spending a whole month as Patterson's Bluff's official Mr. and Mrs. Claus give a golden girl and the town outcast a second chance at love?Mission: Merry Christmas by Nancy NaigleA physical therapist finds her client bah-humbugging the Christmas spirit out of everyone and decides to focus on getting him back on the nice list.Christmas In Sweetland by Lacey BakerA restless hometown girl strikes a deal with the uptight guy next door to win a neighborhood holiday decorating contest—but they’ll both need a little Christmas magic to survive missing cupcakes, broken twinkle lights and falling in love.The Matchmaking Christmas Spirit by Lindsay EmoryAn event planner and a handsome handyman keep getting thrown together by a matchmaking Christmas spirit who won’t stop meddling in matters of the heart.Christmas Eve at the USO by Tif MarceloWhen former college sweethearts and Army soldiers reunite at the Dallas Airport USO during a Christmas Eve snowstorm, they try to ignore the love they lost—until the Christmas spirit decides to play Cupid, leaving them with no choice but to go after the love wished they still had.A Midnight Clear by Victoria SchadeA dog sitter booked to spend the Christmas holiday caring for a client's new puppy is surprised to discover that an approaching snowstorm has trapped her with the handsome man of the house.Love Letters for Christmas by Sasha SummersWhen a soldier decides it’s time to meet his long-time teacher pen pal, his visit to her classroom brings all sort of surprises—and might just give them their greatest Christmas gift ever: love.A Snow Maiden for Christmas by Sariah WilsonChristina and Jack were high school sweethearts until he left her behind to follow his dreams. Now he's back and their meddling mothers are determined to give Christina and Jack's former romance a second chance by forcing them to play roles opposite one another in their local winter festival.A Merry Royal Layover by Teri WilsonWhen a veterinarian traveling to a remote European village to volunteer at an animal shelter during the Christmas holidays gets an unexpected first-class upgrade, she meets a charming stranger in the airport lounge who may or may not be the country's crown prince.

Joy of the Season

T.A. Chase - 2011
    For ten years, he's thrown himself into running the charity, and keeping his brother's memory alive. Hal doesn't have time for a relationship, especially with a rich golden boy like Tavis Komen.Tavis Komen wants to change his life, and decides volunteering at Rupert's Legacy is the first step to a better him. Meeting Hal Sims hits Tavis in ways he never planned.When one of the hospice residents takes a turn for the worse, Tavis and Hal come together to comfort each other, and Tavis shows Hal there is joy to be found in a season that Hal has lost all interest in.

Pralines and Mistletoe (A Cajun Christmas Book 3)

Kate Hunt - 2020
    I’m nervous that I’m not going to live up to his expectations.Is this Christmas going to end in heartbreak?Or will we get the happily ever after I’ve been daydreaming of?A CAJUN CHRISTMAS is a series of short & steamy standalone romances! Make sure to check out all the books:Wild Jazz and Mistletoe by Beatrice BraeBeignets and Mistletoe by Lana LovePralines and Mistletoe by Kate HuntBourbon under Mistletoe by Alice May BallCaroling and Mistletoe by Lauren Milson

Christmas at Holly Berry Inn: A Holiday Romance (Holiday Love Book 1)

Emily Childs - 2020

Pining for Davis

Elisa Leigh - 2020
    No one in town, not even her best friend Chloe, takes her seriously. She knows she's more than earned the title, but she isn't the same person she used to be, and it's about time everyone knew it. First things first, it's time to be honest with Davis, the only guy she's ever been able to see herself with. She shored up the courage once before and tried telling him how she felt when they were in high school, only he thought she was joking. She hopes this time will be different, and he'll see her for who she really is, not how most people see her.Davis Alvarez is the quiet gentle giant in his group of friends. He's a Deputy in the town Police Department and is often looked at as the nice guy. He's fine with being the nice guy, he just wishes Millie would go for a guy like him. Instead, he's left being her friend, wanting to make the girl who lights up their tiny town his.When Davis finds out that Chloe is playing matchmaker for her best friend, he knows he better make his move quickly or risk losing Millie forever!Davis and Millie are characters you met in Hungry For Wade. This is a short, sweet, happily ever after that is sure to keep you warm this December.

A Christmas so Sweet

Liz Talley - 2018
    She has a new life, but Rose is missing one thing – someone to share it with. An opportunity Adam can’t pass up… Adam Bryan has a plan for his life, but everything changes when he gains custody of his young sister Daisy. Still, he’s determined to advance his career, and the boss’s daughter could be the perfect person to help him reach his goals. A love worth finding… As Christmas nears, old memories and new attractions intertwine, making Adam doubt what he wants in his life. Perhaps his meddling sister, sugar cookies, and the magic of a holiday festival can convince him what he’s been looking has been under his nose all along. *previously published as Second Chance Rose in Christmas Roses anthology

Robyn Carr Virgin River Christmas Box Set: A Virgin River Christmas\Bring Me Home for Christmas\My Kind of Christmas

Robyn Carr - 2014
    A Virgin River Christmas Last Christmas Marcie Sullivan said a final goodbye to her husband, Bobby. This Christmas she wants to find the man who once saved his life and gave her three more years to love him. Bring Me Home for Christmas Becca Timm knows the number-one item on her Christmas wish list�getting over Denny Cutler. But, as the power of Christmas envelops the little town, Becca discovers that the boy she once loved has become a strong and confident man. And the most delicious Christmas present she can imagine. My Kind of Christmas Patrick and Angie thought they wanted to be left alone this Christmas�until they meet each other. Then they want to be left alone together. But their families have different plans for them�and for Christmas, Virgin River-style!

Christmas Love: Finding Our Happily Ever After

Frankie Love - 2019
    But that’s exactly what happens. I’m a mechanic, and I could simply fix this beauty’s car – but instead I change the course of our lives. Forever. When you know, you know. And the moment I see Noelle, there is no doubt. This woman is everything my lonely heart needs. And I’m the real, salt of the earth man she’s been waiting for. This Christmas we’re finding love … and choosing our own happily ever after. Dear Reader, Insta-love at its finest just in time for the holiday season. It’s a fantasy we’ve all had – the perfect man showing up in our lives when we least expect it. But Lewis is here to stay. A sexy mechanic who’s putting a wrench in Noelle’s holiday plans – literally. And believe me – he knows just where to put it. xo, frankie

Loving St. Nix (A Forever Safe Christmas #24)

Brynn Paulin - 2019
    But I swear the man they call St. Nix would never look at anyone sideways, let alone consider a tryst with his plain, curvy secretary. But when my roommate convinces me to go to the masked Christmas Eve party, things get out-of-hand. Before I know it, I’m waking in Nixon’s bed, and saint or not, there may be hell to pay. Nix: The second I saw her at the party, I knew who she was. But my December has always been shy, so I played along. The thing is, she turned more heads than she knew, and there was no question. I would do anything—ANYTHING—to make sure she was at my side and mine forever. They call me St. Nix, but to tell the truth, I’m anything but saintly. When I get December in my arms… Well, let’s just say: We’ll definitely be making the naughty list.

Dared Under the Mistletoe

Brynn Hale - 2020
    He’s her boss and ready to make his move. An unexpected dare will change everything. BayleeIt took me a while—and a lot of ice cream—to get over my ex.I thought he was the one. I was wrong and I don’t like being wrong.My job kept me focused and my boss pretended not to notice me crying at my desk.When the holiday party I planned is a huge success, he gives me kudos, and then he proposes a dare: a kiss under the mistletoe.Taron is honest, eye-candy striking, and makes me feel appreciated. Everything the ex never was or did.I dreamed of this moment once or twice, but he’s my boss and I’m just not ready.Plus, that dare had to have been a joke. Or was it? TaronFor two months I watched her with him, and I did everything I could to show her what a real man does for his woman.And now she’s single and hopefully ready to mingle, and under the mistletoe is the perfect place to let her know my intentions.Baylee is sweet, adorably innocent, and she rocks my jingle bells.I promise she’ll never cry again.But can she give me chance to be everything she’s ever wanted?

Her Christmas Handyman

Laura Ann - 2020
    She and two of her cousins came willing and able to keep the "Gingerbread Inn" up and running. She had no idea she would meet a boy she'd known in her youth, who now worked at the inn. The lanky teen Hope remembers is now a ruggedly handsome man, and amazingly, his sights are set on her.Enoch Dunlap had been content with his work at the "Gingerbread Inn". As the resident handyman, his life was comfortable and predictable. But when his employer's granddaughters come to help over the holidays, his peaceful existence is turned on its head as soon as he lays eyes on Hope. She's just as quiet as she was when they were younger, but his attraction to her is definitely not a teenage crush.When food and other items begin to disappear around the inn, everyone is surprised and a little dismissive. But when the thief escalates to stealing jewelry and Hope is accused of doing the deed, they spring into action. Can Hope and Enoch clear her name before it's time to go back to her regular life? And a bigger question...will she even want to?Her Christmas Handyman is the first sweet story in The Gingerbread Inn Christmas Romance Trilogy. If you enjoy clean romance with a dash of suspense, you'll adore Laura Ann's charming tale!

Snow Plowed

Abby Knox - 2020
    Pretty straight-forward, until he comes across one beloved -- not to mention kind, funny, sassy and beautiful -- citizen who keeps dodging the camera. He'll do everything in his power to get her attention, even if it means digging himself a hole in the snow he can't get out of.Snow plow driver Ruby doesn't like having her picture taken. The sooner that flirty LA photographer gets that through his head, the better. With a big snowstorm on the way, she's got way more urgent things on her mind than flirting or posing for silly photos. He can keep trying to get her attention and to change her mind, but unless he's buried up to his neck in snow without a shovel, he'll be trying for a long, long time.

A Cowboy Under Her Christmas Tree

Patricia Mason - 2014
    But it wasn’t the rambling, warm ranch house that made him feel he’d finally found a place to belong, it was Lloyd’s granddaughter, Taylor. The curvy woman was beautiful and selfless, always taking care of others without a thought for herself. When her grandfather died, she had only Danny—her older, reckless brother who wanted to leave and ride the rodeo circuit. Brady had to make a choice—stay with the woman who held his happiness in her hands, or keep her wayward brother from harm. Fighting his feelings for her, he leaves. Taylor tried to hate Brady for taking her to his bed, then taking off without a word, but one look at his darkly handsome face told her hate wasn’t exactly what she was feeling. Having him under her roof, even if was only for the holidays, was sorely going to try her resolve to keep her distance. Especially when he was so darn helpful—taking over her chores, keeping her brother in line, and getting her the most beautiful Christmas tree. Then making the most delicious love to her under it. But he was still going to leave again—wasn’t he?