What Goes Around...

Carol Marinelli - 2012
    Everything that I’ve carefully separated will be curdling right here under this roof.”What Goes Around…Lucy thought she had firmly buried her past when she set eyes on and snared that sexy older guy at work. She gave no thought to the consequences when she swooped in and stole Gloria’s husband.Twelve years on things couldn’t be better for Lucy. Well, his little problem in the bedroom department might need working on but surely it’s a small price to pay for a seemingly perfect life.That is until karma wields its hammer and shatters Lucy’s fragile world…

A Bridge Apart

Joey Jones - 2015
    . . In the quaint river town of New Bern, North Carolina, at 28 years of age the pieces of Andrew Callaway's life are all falling into place. His real estate firm is flourishing and he's engaged to be married in less than two weeks to a beautiful banker named Meredith Hastings. But when Meredith heads to Tampa, Florida - the wedding location - with her mother, fate, or maybe some human intervention, has it that Andrew happens upon Cooper McKay, the only other woman he's ever loved. A string of shocking emails lead Andrew to question whether he can trust his fiancee, and in the midst of trying to unravel the mystery he finds himself spending time with Cooper. When Meredith catches wind of what's going on back at home, she's forced to consider calling off the wedding, which ultimately draws Andrew closer to Cooper. Andrew soon discovers he's making choices he might not be able, or even want, to untangle. As the story unfolds, the decisions that are made will drastically change the lives of everyone involved, and bind them closer together than they could have ever imagined.

Echoes Of The Heart

Alyssa J. Montgomery - 2014
    Now that she’s alone again, nothing is going to stop him from coming for her. Australian media tycoon Jake Formosa does not believe in forgiving…or forgetting. So when he discovers that Amanda — the woman who once broke his heart — is newly widowed, he immediately enacts his revenge.  Jake is intent on making Amanda remember him, and making her suffer for what she did. He will leave her broken and alone, and finally have his closure. But Amanda is not the sweet girl that Jake remembers, and her life is far from perfect. As the web of lies surrounding her begins to unravel, Jake finds himself once again ensnared. Can he learn to overlook the past and risk his heart again? (This story is a stand alone read, however Alyssa J. Montgomery's "Roses for Sophie" is the next book in this series.) br>

What If

Kelly Collins - 2019
    He's all business. Will their rivalry bring ruin or romance? Graphic artist Lucy Shoemaker has never known a life outside of Blackwood. And she's determined to show the world why she loves her quaint Colorado hometown. But when a billionaire arrives looking to sell the land, Lucy feels both outrage and an irrepressible attraction… John Blackwood usually gets what he wants. He never expected that selling the Podunk town would send him directly into a firecracker of a local. John knows that Lucy won't stop causing him problems…but is that why he can't get her off his mind?With compromise off the table, will John and Lucy's passion disappear along with Blackwood or can they discover love's common ground?What If… is a standalone contemporary romance with sizzling chemistry. If you like headstrong heroines, small-town drama, and a fresh twist on billionaire boyfriends, then you’ll adore Kelly Collins’ sassy saga. Buy What If… to negotiate romance today!

Crush on You

Amelia Wilde - 2019
     Roman Bliss is used to being in charge. Everything at the Bliss Resort is under his firm control until a brunette bombshell in a red bikini sashays into his office, claiming to be his new assistant. He can’t believe the shyest girl at his high school grew up to be a knockout. Falling for his new employee breaks every rule in the book. And with the survival of the resort—and his brothers—in his hands, he can’t lose his well-ordered life...or his heart. The Bliss Brothers series is NOW COMPLETE! Binge read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Lost and Found

Chloë Rayban - 2015
     She is sent over from England to sell the house as quickly as possible. But when she gets there something about the place enchants Julia. For although La Mulatière is decrepit, enormous and unmanageable, it is a house with a hundred stories, and all of them are begging Julia to uncover them. Her father’s legacy turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Julia finds herself falling in love with the house, the villagers – and perhaps even her brooding, surly neighbour, Jacques. Even as she is drawn to Jacques she is warned away from him by those who think they know him better. And unresolved issues with her ex, Oliver, might wreak havoc on her idyllic hideaway… La Mulatière begins to yield its secrets one by one, and Julia pieces together the past even as she tries to fathom her own future. Tales of the house in the Revolution, of its aristocracy flung from riches to abject poverty, and of a mysterious and scandalous noblewoman, all come to light. But the echoes from the past will not be silent in the present, and Julia slowly begins to realise that her prying might have serious consequences for her own future… Is La Mulatière the cure for Julia’s heartbreak...or will the past ruin what might be her last chance of happiness? ‘Lost and Found’ is a beautiful, evocative romance rich with the history of France. Praise for Chloe Rayban: ‘A perfect blend of romance and self-discovery’ - Holy Kinsella, bestselling author of 'Uptown Girl' Chloe Rayban is the bestselling author of 13 books for teenagers, including Wild Child (Random House). She has been shortlisted for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize twice and the Carnegie Medal. Her books have been translated into many different languages and are sold all over the world. She lives in London and France. 'Lost and Found' is her first adult novel. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.


Kassidy Carter - 2015
    He is the last person Payton thought she could trust to help her, but he may end up being the perfect one. Hunter has always treated Payton like a little sister. He’s kept her at arm’s length while hiding his true feelings. When he finds out the abuse Payton has been hiding from everyone, he makes it his job to make sure she’s safe. Spending so much time together brings the two closer and feelings start to change. Will Hunter be able to keep Payton safe from danger? Or will love get in the way and hurt them both?

Given to Fly

K.L. Montgomery - 2017
    That's what her family and church have been telling her since she was a little girl. But when her marriage turns rocky, and she struggles with her weight and infertility, she fears the childhood dream thrust upon her will never come true.Then she meets Trek Blue, the father of a little girl in her preschool class. After losing his wife to cancer, he's moved to Indiana with his two young children to seek a fresh start. In need of a friend, Trek is immediately drawn to Annelise, who begins to think of him as a confidant and bright spot in her otherwise dreary life.But when the two grow close enough to raise eyebrows, she is forced to make a choice. Will Annelise honor her faith, family, and wedding vows? Or will she spread her wings and fly away?

Second Love (The Love Makers Trilogy)

Judith Gould - 1997
    Tonight is her crowning moment: The beautiful businesswoman has just unveiled the San Francisco Palace, the fabulous new luxury hotel that towers over the neon-bright city like a giant, glittering jewel. But as the star-studded grand opening festivities gather momentum several stories below, Dorothy Anne stands alone on the hotel's penthouse balcony, anxiously scanning the skies for a glimpse of her husband Freddy's private helicopter. It never arrives, and soon her most dreaded fears come true. As Dorothy Anne tries to cope with the devastating loss of the man who was her friend, her lover, and her whole life, a mysterious group of powerful businessmen plot a ruthless takeover of her hard-won international empire. With dizzying speed, Dorothy Anne's world spins wildly out of control, plunging her into a nightmare of scandal, deception, and cold-blooded murder. Then she meets charismatic Hunt Winslow, a decorated war hero and rising political star on a clear career path to the White House - if his domineering mother has her way. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Hunt offers Dorothy Anne something as unexpected as it is miraculous: a second chance at love. But their illicit passion will place both their lives in grave danger and could destroy everything they have worked so hard to attainall they hold most precious.

Will to Love

Miranda P. Charles - 2012
    She couldn't think of anything more embarrassing than have her sister's guests see her as the loser in love who couldn't find "The One" so she dragged a handsome friend to be her pretend date for the night. Will Matthews attended his friend Rick's engagement party purely for business reasons. He had no desire whatsoever to be introduced to single females who were after a boyfriend. He was far too focused on building his business to the success he dreamed.When Will and Clarise met, sparks flew. But how could Clarise stop her old wounds from opening up again? And how could Will learn to embrace the one thing he didn't even know he wanted?*****Each book in the Lifestyle by Design series is a complete stand-alone novel that would give you enjoyment on its own. However, to maximise your experience of the series, the author recommends reading them in order.Will To Love is the first of three sexy contemporary romance books from the Lifestyle by Design series.Book 2: Heart Robber (Jessa Allen and Rob Granger)Book 3: Ray of Love (Faye Summers and Ray Thackery)This book is for adults only. It contains hot sexual content.

Passionate Kisses 2 Boxed Set: Love in Bloom

Magda AlexanderVictoria Barbour - 2015
    Dive into this collection of 10 contemporary romance novels and novellas ranging from sweet to sizzling: Up Close and Personal by MAGDA ALEXANDER NEW RELEASE! Desperate to pay her mother's medical bills, Caitlyn Bennett's thrilled when Sterling MacKay hires her as his personal assistant. But soon the reclusive billionaire demands things no gal Friday should be expected to do. Should she walk away? Or surrender to her desires … and him? Split Decision by USA Today Bestselling Author WENDY ELY NEW RELEASE! Sports reporter Grace Avery is up for a promotion, but only if she gets an interview with the notoriously private, heavy weight champion, Rally Brewer. Grace discovers who Rally is beyond the boxing ring. Little does anyone know, as Grace gets Rally to open up, a two-year-old secret is in jeopardy. Is revealing his secret worth gaining Grace’s love? Stud Unleashed: Barry by KYLIE GILMORE NEW RELEASE! Successful, not-so-great-with-the-ladies, nice guy Barry Furnukle can’t believe his luck when Amber Lewis agrees to date him. But when the world’s most awesome date (birding and fro-yo) lands him in the friend zone, it’s time to unleash his inner stud to win the woman he can’t forget. Setting Sail by ALLIE BONIFACE NEW RELEASE! When real estate agent Jason McClintock discovers his billionaire client’s latest target is the historic diner owned and run by his high school crush, Pearl DeVane, things get more than a little complicated. Does forging a successful career mean giving up everything from his past, including the only woman to ever steal his heart? Tempting Vivi by LIZ KELLY NEW RELEASE! Graduating college and starting her dream job, Vivi DuVal’s confidence is severely shaken, sending her spinning right into the arms of heroic Lane Kettering. But their ultra romantic beach fling may turn into nothing but tabloid fodder when Lane’s secret is revealed, tossing Vivi into some very hot, tempting water. A Masterpiece Of Our Love by NIKKI LYNN BARRETT Their lives are entwined by a tragedy. Now twenty years later, neither Becca or Hunter can deny the deeper feelings they have for the other. Their bond is tested when an unknown face from the past wants them to remember the entire events of the fateful crash that changed their lives. Escape: Part One by SYDNEY HOLMES When beautiful and mysterious Rowan Baker moves upstairs from Shane Adams, he’s instantly captivated, but as an experienced Private Investigator, he can’t shake the suspicion that Rowan is hiding something. Rowan is good at keeping her distance from people, but can’t seem to stay away from Shane. The closer they get, the more she fears he won’t accept her if he learns the truth.Borrowed Stilettos by REBECCA J. CLARK Plans go hilariously awry when mild-mannered Audrey Thompson dresses as Ava, her flamboyant but cowardly twin, in order to break up with Ava's fiancé, Zach Banister. However, as Audrey pretends to be Ava—which means stuffing her bra and tottering around in borrowed stilettos—she can’t help falling for Zach herself. Little does she know he has his own agenda, one that involves a seduction she can’t refuse. Geek God by VICTORIA BARBOUR Looks can be deceiving. Just ask Classics professor Jillian Carew.

On Blue Falls Pond

Susan Crandall - 2006
    When her beloved grandmother needs her help, Glory returns to her rural hometown in Tennessee and can't help but feel the weight of people's pity. As far as the town is concerned, Glory and her husband had the 'perfect' marriage but Glory remembers his jealousy and possessiveness and her growing unhappiness. The one saving grace to her return is that she reconnects with Eric Williams, an old friend from childhood. As the firefighter that pulled her from the flames, the sight of him is enough to bring back bad memories but as time passed their friendship grows and a romance begins. The divorced father of a mildly autistic son, Eric has his hands full but Glory is irresistibly drawn to him. But Eric remembers the sad look in Glory's eyes and her husband's jealousy and has his own theories about the night of the fire. When Glory starts to receive receive disturbing calls and letters, Eric and Glory must uncover the truth about that night - but will their fledgling love survive what they reveal?

Looking Real Good

C. Morgan - 2020
    I don’t have time for romance.Hell, I can barely squeeze in a one-night stand here and there.As a self-made billionaire in the tech space, my work is my life.Unfortunately, my reputation as a rich jerk precedes me and isn’t entirely off.Thankfully, my sister is a successful public-relations consultant and has an idea, a way to soften my image a little.Her best friend is the answer.But the woman that shows up to help me with philanthropy looks nothing like the girl I remember.She’s rocking her jeans and T-shirt in ways that leave me wanting far more than I should.Pretty soon, the lines are blurred between me wanting to help my company and me wanting to help myself to another serving of her.I’m all for looking like a good guy to help my profits soar, but I’ve got bad boy things on my mind.This woman is stealing my attention. She’s looking real good.God help us both.

Paradise Taken

C.M. Hutton - 2013
    John with dear friends Jake and Claire. The men were going into business together and relocating with their families to the beautiful tropical paradise. It was a dream come true for the longtime friends. But, when feelings are revealed and temptation takes control, one friendship turns from lust to love and no one can walk away unscathed. And, one person's ultimate decision leaves everyone lost and devastated.

The Second Oldest Profession

D.W. Ulsterman - 2013
    POWER. POLITICS. Colin O'Shea is a young, talented newcomer to the Washington D.C. corridors of power. Soon after his arrival in the nation's capital, he finds himself desperate to protect a young woman endangered by the jealous rage of an emotionally corrupt congressman intent on becoming President of the United States. It is a fast paced, tense and taught romantic thriller crafted by bestselling author, D.W. Ulsterman. This title represents what was originally three short stories, available here now as one download at considerable savings to the reader. "This story was hot!!! It's like 50 Shades had a one night stand with C-Span!" -PC