Book picks similar to
The Fall of Man by J.Z. Foster


The Lost Island

P.K. Hawkins - 2020

The Witch's Cabin

Tim Reynolds - 2013
    What they find is a nightmare.Warning: This book contains extreme content and scenes that may be too disturbing or intense for some readers. Your discretion is advised.

The Turning

A.L. Masters - 2021
    They realize too late that this is no ordinary plague...and that the enemy they have to fight may not be the only thing they need to worry about.Book One of The Salvation Plague series.The Turning includes foul language, graphic violence, and some mature themes.


Ricky Fleet - 2015
    Portsmouth, England. A global particle physics experiment releases a pulse of unknown energy with catastrophic results. Scientists in their laboratories search desperately for a solution to the broken fabric of existence, but they are already too late, the sanctity of the grave has been sundered. There is no virus or bacteria to combat, just chaos and horror as a million graveyards expel their tenants from eternal slumber. The world is unaware of the impending apocalypse, realisation only dawns with the appearance of the mouldering corpses who devour everything they encounter. Governments crumble and armies are scattered to the wind. Kurt Taylor, a self-employed plumber, witnesses the start of the horrifying outbreak. Desperate to reach his family before they fall victim to the ever growing horde of shambling corruption, he flees the scene, watching the unfolding cannibalism and destruction in his rear view mirror. In a society with few guns, how can people hope to survive the endless waves of zombies that seek to consume every living thing? With ingenuity, planning and everyday materials, the group forge their way and strike back at the Hellspawn legions. Rescues are mounted, but not all survivors are benevolent. The evil that is in all men has been given free rein in this new, dead world. With both the living and dead to contend with, is there any hope for the Taylor family?

Zulu Hour

Ty Patterson - 2016
    It is where Delta Force operative Zeb Carter meets Mohammed Jama. It will be bloody. 'Up there with Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher' Somalia in 1993 is witnessing civil war and famine that has left thousands dead and starving. Task Force Ranger, a unit of elite U.S. operatives is in the country to help enforce peace. Delta operative Zeb Carter is deployed along with Task Force Ranger. Zeb has seen death, up close and personal. He has no fear of dying. However, he has never come across someone like Mohammed Jama. Jama, a warlord in Mogadishu, is fast acquiring a cult status for his vicious killing methods and his attacks on the U.N. forces. He loves to inflict death and revels in his celebrity status. He is looking forward to his showdown with Zeb Carter. August 1993 in Mogadishu. It is hot. It is dusty, and dry. It will be bloody. Zulu Hour is the first in the Warriors Series Shorts, a series of short stories or novellas that will feature Zeb Carter and will link to the main Warriors Series thrillers. USA Today Bestselling Warriors Series: The Warrior The Reluctant Warrior The Warrior Code The Warrior's Debt Boxset 1-4 Flay Behind You Hunting You Zero Boxset 5-8

The Old Man and the End of the World: Book One: Things Fall Apart

William Harrison - 2021

The Wisdom Of Secrets: The Templar Covenant

Ami Noone - 2014
    Although they have been mentioned in the bible and traces of their existence are scattered throughout the globe, Peter Madeloy had always presumed that the myths of the possible existence of an ancient brotherhood, living on Earth for milennia, was nothing more than that, a myth. Until one day his father is brutally murdered and his mother is kidnapped. In exchange for his mother’s safe return, Peter must enter his father’s secret world, uncover the truth about his mother’s kidnappers and find the ancient artefact his father had dedicated his life to protecting. Peter enlists the help of his uncle, Daniel O'Brien, a professor of Philology and avid researcher of veiled organisations and his wife, Emily, a geneticist, to unravel a series of clues his father has left him. Together they embark on a journey that thrusts them into the centre of an ancient battle for supremacy that uncovers a truth that for them, will change the history and future of humanity simultaneously. With the enemy watching their every move Peter, Daniel and Emily must figure out his father's clues in time to save his mother and ultimately protect the world from the true secret that was unearthed from beneath King Solomon's Temple all those centuries ago.

Whack a Zombie

Bonnie Gill - 2020
    Mary excels in hand weapons, and Gina may get carried away a bit too often with explosives, but Italian traditions are important, and that means protecting family. Their U.S. Army trained sons may not need saving, but like it or not, they’re going to have their mothers there to help them survive.If only they didn’t keep getting sidetracked by folks too weak or inept to protect themselves from not only the zombies, but the remaining scumbag humans preying on other victims. It’s a constant game of whack a zombie, but along with a pair of ferocious Siamese cats, Mary and Gina are going from outlaws to heroes and having the time of their lives.

Last Resort

K.R. Griffiths - 2015
    What should have been an idyllic vacation - a week of snowboarding at one of Canada's most beautiful ski resorts - becomes toxic when his wife tearfully confesses her infidelity. Overcome with grief, all Shane wants is to get away, but a freak storm has closed the roads, and it seems there will be no escape from his torment until the weather clears. Yet when Shane snaps and tries to leave the resort against all advice, he soon discovers that there is more on the mountain than just snow and trees.And things can always get worse...


Ryan W. Aslesen - 2018
    The War on Terror provides the backdrop for the novella that introduces the roots of ultimate antihero, Max Ahlgren.Captain Max Ahlgren is proud to be one of the first team commanders in the Marine Corps' nascent MARSOC detachment. Finally, the Corps' elite warriors are working alongside those of other branches, battling insurgents, not on the front lines but behind them. After his first mission, however, Max learns he will be replaced as team commander.The new commander, Major Whitbeck, comes from 8th and I: Marine Barracks, Washington DC. His late father, a revered general, died in a terrorist car bombing. The commander is in Afghanistan for vengeance--and redemption.When the team infiltrates the ancient desert fortress of Kazindrak, hunting an elusive Al-Qaeda terrorist, Whitbeck reveals his ineptitude in combat. Max's fury grows as the body count rises. When the actual nature of the mission is revealed, Max gets a good look at the sordid underbelly of the War on Terror and sees first-hand what monsters men can become. If he is to survive, however, he may have no choice but to become one.Sometimes the greatest enemy is within...

The Forgotten

Jacqueline Druga - 2013
    His ambitions go only as far as his next gig, until the day the earth changes. Millions vanish and a plague sweeps viciously across the globe, killing everyone infected. Three days later … they rise from the dead.Now Del and six others are all that remain. They travel city to city, looking for a safe haven while trying to rid the land of the undead. They believe they are spared for a reason, when actually they are simply forgotten. However, within their group is one individual who was not meant to be forgotten. He must be delivered to sanctuary before the undead completely consume the earth. The Special One is the key to humanity.It will take dedication and sacrifice to complete the mission. Del and the others may be forgotten, but if they succeed, the human race will never forget them.Mankind is promised life after death, it is just never explained what the ‘Resurrection’ really entails.

The Trench

Paul Mannering - 2017
     Marine Biolgist Michael Armitage is recruited to investigate an emergency at a secret military research facility, deep in the Kermadec Trench, 18,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Now trapped with a squad of Marines and the few survivors, they must fight to survive and discover the terrifying secret that lurks in the darkness of The Trench.

The Book of Riley: Books 1-4

Mark Tufo - 2013
    Together with Yorkshire terrier Ben-Ben and former archenemy Patches the cat, Riley struggles to keep the zombies at bay while helping her favorite human, Jessie, as they travel cross-country. They are a rag-tag group of survivors, who, when pushed to the limit, realize that they are all each other has. Books 1-4 + a bonus short story Pulse

Map Runners

Arthur Byrne - 2015
    Three years into a twenty year mission to a new solar system, the colony ship Magellan and its ten million residents sent their last pulse message… "Peace with the Navereen is at an end." Trapped in Cargo Bay 37, fighter pilot Fristion Nash and twelve hundred others lived through the Magellan apocalypse. They have survived for a decade under Frank Block's exacting leadership. Now survival isn’t enough. Nash wants answers. Frank Block wants only control and obedience.Praise for Map Runners: “I found the book funny and exciting. I can't wait for the rest of them to come out.”

Horror Within : 8 Book Boxed Set

Mark TufoJ.T. Warren - 2014
    Armand Rosamilia - Dying Days Travis Tufo - Red Sky Tony Baker - From The Ashes Eric A. Shelman - Dead Hunger Ian Woodhead - The Unwashed Dead Robert Chazz Chute - This Plague Of Days Mark Tufo - Zombie Fallout + Bonus Short Mayan Prophecy Scott Nicholson/ J.T. Warren - Meat Camp