After Happily Ever After

Astrid OhletzR.J. Nolan - 2020
    Discover the irresistible magic of the morning after, or the month after, or even years later. What happens when it’s not just about discovering new love, but letting love settle a little? What are these passionate lovers, fighters, executives, and explorers up to now? These charming, funny, and entertaining short stories can each be read as standalone pieces to whisk you into new and different worlds…or immerse you in universes you already know and love, and can’t wait to revisit. Find out what happens next in this After Happily Ever After anthology, with stories by Jae (Under a Falling Star), Lee Winter (The Brutal Truth), RJ Nolan (L.A. Metro), Lola Keeley (The Music and the Mirror), Chris Zett (Irregular Heartbeat), Cheyenne Blue (Code of Conduct), Roslyn Sinclair (The Lily and the Crown), Alex K. Thorne (Chasing Stars), and G Benson (All the Little Moments).

Frosting on the Cake

Karin Kallmaker - 2001
    The only problem is, her mouth-watering novels always leave you hungry for more. So, because you asked for it, more is exactly what's on the menu today!As a special treat, our gal-loving gourmet has whipped up a baker's dozen of scrumptious short stories - each one filled with your favorite characters and settings from her critically acclaimed bestsellers, In Every Port, Touchwood, Paperback Romance, Car Pool, Painted Moon, Wild Things, Embrace in Motion, Watermark, Making Up for Lost Time, and Unforgettable. Stories so rich with romance, we bet you can't read just one!

Best Lesbian Romance 2010

Radclyffe - 2009
    Radclyffe's romance collections are eagerly anticipated each year because they keep getting better and better. Best Lesbian Romance 2010 revels in the seduction, love, and relationships that happen between women. All readers will enjoy these stories of romance by the best in the genre, including Sommer Marsden, Sacchi Green, Evan Mora, Andrea Dale, and the grand master Radclyffe herself. Whether readers are looking for young love, mature love, or lost love, these stories will more than fill the bill.Also featuring: G.L. Morrison, Patricia Smiley, Colette Moody, Hannah Quin, Jean Roberta, Nell Stark, Trinity Tam, Shannon Dargue, Erin O'Riordan, and Dalia Craig.

Monkey Brain Sushi: New Tastes in Japanese Fiction

Alfred BirnbaumKyōji Kobayashi - 1991
    The authors tend towards near-zero emotional chill, stunned urbanity and a shiny kind of violence.

All Things

Amber Belldene - 2018
    She leads her vibrant church of St. Giles’ with compassion and sass. Her busy days involve match-making, meddling, and saving the city’s beloved lesbian landmark, The Carlos Club. Alma meets the intriguing Rabbi Naomi Cohen there, and she’s smitten. Death comes to the church’s door… When the proprietor of The Carlos Club turns up dead on the steps of St. Giles’, Naomi’s brother is the number one suspect. She needs help exonerating him, and Alma’s knowledge of the neighborhood makes her the perfect priest to solve the case. If only Alma’s ex-boyfriend, homicide detective Cesar Garza will accept her help. She still feels the pull of their old connection, but she’s convinced the sexy-smart rabbi is her perfect mate. . . Too bad Naomi is playing by different rules. Can Alma solve the case before the murderer silences her forever? About the Reverend Alma Lee Mystery Series Meet the Rev. Alma Lee, the next priest-detective in a long line of clergy sleuths from Father Brown to Clare Fergusson, Brother Cadfael to Sydney Chambers. Only, instead of a rural village, Alma’s turf is San Francisco—gritty, gay, and glorious. Her methods border on the absurd, and she has more attractive admirers than anyone who’s taken holy orders has a right to. If she's on the case, the murderer doesn't stand a chance.

Speculative Japan: Outstanding Tales of Japanese Science Fiction and Fantasy

Gene van TroyerShinji Kajio - 2007
    The first book in a planned series, Speculative Japan presents a selection of outstanding works of Japanese science fiction and fantasy in English translation... and a glimpse into new worlds of the imagination. Drawing on the talents of some of the most famous and respected fiction writers of Japan, this anthology will guide you to new dimensions of wonder. First released at Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama, Japan, it is now available worldwide.

Modern Japanese Stories: An Anthology

Ivan MorrisIto Einosuke - 1962
    This collection shows the qualities that make Japanese literature among the world's finest.Including "Under Reconstruction," considered to be the first modern Japanese short story, this book presents the short stories of Japan as among the world's most satisfying.Edited by Ivan Morris, a recognized authority on Japanese literature, Modern Japanese Stories: An Anthology is a volume of the highest quality and fidelity.

The Shooting Gallery

Yūko Tsushima - 1988
    A woman confronts the “other woman” in her lover’s life. A young single mother on an outing to the seaside comes face to face with how much she resents her own children. Another woman tries desperately to hold on to a private life despite her controlling male relatives.

Love Haiku: Japanese Poems of Yearning, Passion, and Remembrance

Patricia Donegan - 2009
    While haiku most often depicts the natural world, when focused on the elements of love and sensuality, haiku can be a powerful vehicle for evoking the universal experience of love. In this elegant anthology, love is explored through beautiful images that evoke a range of feelings—from the longing of a lover to the passion of a romantic relationship. Written by contemporary Japanese poets as well as by haiku masters such as Basho, Buson, and Issa, these poems share not only the haiku poets’ vision for love, but their vision of the poignant moments that express it.

The New Fuck You: Adventures In Lesbian Reading

Eileen MylesMyra Mniewski - 1995
    A unique and provocative anthology of lesbian writing, guaranteed to soothe the soulful and savage the soulless.

Happily Ever After

Jae - 2018
    Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find it in this collection of lesbian short stories.The Romance BetSex SellsBlind Date at the Booklover’s LairChristmas Road TripThe Christmas GrumpKissing Ms. Santa ClausThe Christmas ElfDress-teaseSeduction for BeginnersChange of PaceFacing the MusicWhining and DiningThe Midnight CouchThe Romance BetReporter Abby James prides herself on never having read a romance novel. She thinks they’re formulaic, shallow, easy-to-write drivel—until romance author Tamara Brennan challenges her to write one. Is it possible that Abby will find the outcome of that bet not so predictable after all?Sex SellsLesbian mystery writer Mara McKinney has had a crush on her editor, Hayley, for ages, even though the two have never met face-to-face. When Hayley calls her to suggest she introduce more romance into her novels, this might be Mara’s chance to work on her own happy ending.Blind Date at the Booklover’s LairEven though Tricia pens lesbian romances for a living, she hasn’t been out with a woman in forever. Her best friend sends her on a blind date in a bookstore, but the woman she meets in the LGBT section isn’t who Tricia thinks she is. What will happen when the wrong date turns out to be just right?Christmas Road TripMeghan Webster is having the worst day ever. It’s Christmas Eve, and she’s stuck on a bus, heading to a location she doesn’t want to go. That is, until the doors of the bus open and a cute woman in a pair of tight bicycle pants climbs aboard.The Christmas GrumpFor Rachel Lewis, a security guard at the mall, the holiday season is one big headache. She wants nothing to do with the celebration of love, peace, and family harmony. Her disenchantment with the holiday slowly begins to change when she meets seven-year-old Tyler and his mother.Kissing Ms. Santa ClausRachel is counting the days until she and Lillian celebrate their first Christmas together as a couple. She is filled with longing for only one thing to make her holiday complete: a long-term commitment from Lillian. She sets out to find the perfect gift that will reflect her love and devotion.The Christmas ElfRachel wants to propose to her girlfriend. To earn the money for the ring, she plans to take a second job as the mall Santa Claus. But luck is not on her side, so Rachel finds herself with bells on her toes, playing a Christmas Elf.Dress-teaseNothing could possibly be more erotic than watching the woman you love taking off her clothes in front of you, right? That’s what Lauren thinks, until she witnesses her girlfriend, actress Grace Durand, dressing up for a movie premiere. The reverse striptease gets Lauren’s pulse pounding, and she suddenly decides that they may be running late to that red carpet call…Seduction for BeginnersFor Annie, work always took precedence over romance. But now, recently come-out and involved in a relationship with a woman for the first time, she is determined to seduce her girlfriend, Drew, on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, she has no clue as to the arts of seduction.Change of PaceKade’s homophobic mother is coming to Portland for a visit. Her timing couldn’t be worse. Not only is Kade newly in love with a woman, but she also promised to help her friends move in together. Instead of going to art museums, they will now help U-Haul a lesbian couple. Kade tries to tell herself it’s going to be a nice change of pace, but she knows better.Facing the MusicPop star Leontyne Blake is about to introduce her new songs to her fans. But is her relationship with small-town nurse Holly ready for her return to the stage?Whining and DiningLucia Sorrentino may come from a long line of chefs, but her attempts in the kitchen always turn into a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, she’s just as untalented when it comes to her love life. She calls on her best friend, Remy, to help her wine and dine a woman. Will it become another cooking nightmare, or can she pull it off?The Midnight CouchAt 30, Paula, a technician at a radio station, feels a bit ridiculous for having a crush on Dr. Christine Graham, host of a late-night radio show. Every night when midnight approaches, she vows that this will be the day when she asks Christine on a date—only to chicken out every time. But when Christine hosts a special show about revealing secret love on Valentine’s Day, Paula suddenly finds herself on The Midnight Couch.73,000 wordsThemes: blind date · Christmas · erotic · happy ending · secret crush · Valentine's Day

Queer Fear (Queer Fear #1)

Michael RoweWilliam J. Mann - 2000
    These dark, often disturbing tales expand the boundaries of the horror genre; the sexuality of the protagonists is a point of reference for the "horror" of otherness that defines and, at times, divides us.Cover painting: Detail from The Ambassador of Obloquy by James HuctwithContains the following stories:"The Nightguard" C. Mark Umland"Piercing Men" Douglas Clegg"The Siege" Michael Marano"Bear Shirt" Gemma Files"Little Holocausts" Brian Hodge"The Sound of Weeping" Thomas S. Roche"Hey Fairy" Edo Van Belkom"The Spark" William J. Mann"Spindleshanks (New Orleans, 1956)" Caitlin R. Kiernan"The Perpetual" David Quinn"Genius Loci" Becky N. Southwell"Goodbye" Michael Thomas Ford"Tabula Rasa" Robert Boyczuk"You Can't Always Get What You Want" T.L. Bryers"The Bird Feeders" David Nickle"No Silent Scream" Nancy Kilpatrick"Second Shadow" Joseph O'Brien

Swan's Braid and Other Tales of Terizan

Tanya Huff - 2013
    When Terizan dropped out of the secret passage, past the net, and into the Inner Sanctum, she was astonished to discover that no one else had ever made it that far. Unfortunately, neither Terizan nor the Guild are thrilled about the sudden perception that she's the best thief in Oreen – the title comes with expectations and the Guild only ever expects the worst. In these five tales, mercenary captains, murderous royal families, ghosts, gods, and wizards prove that while it may not always be lonely at the top, it's definitely annoying. Good thing half a dozen gods owe Terizan a favour. Swan's Braid In Mysterious Ways The Lions of Al'Kalamir Sometimes, Just Because The Things Everyone KnowsAll previously collected (non-e-book) in Stealing Magic

The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories

John L. ApostolouTensei Kono - 1989
    However, true fans of the genre know that for decades, Japan has been turning out some of the most innovative stories ever published. Unfortunately, those that make it into English are often difficult to find. The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories, brings together the most outstanding short stories of this body of literature.Included here are thirteen stories, by both the "big three" of Japanese science fiction, Shinichi Hoshi, Ryo Hanmura, and Sako Komatsu and by the likes of Kobo Abe and Morio Kita, writers of mainstream fiction who occasionally delve into sci-fi.

The Woman Who Loved the Moon & Other Stories

Elizabeth A. Lynn - 1981
    Lynn stands as a groundbreaking author of fantasy and science fiction. Her stories weave richly drawn characters and complex scenes of daily life into the intricate tapestry of speculative fiction. But beyond her technical skill, Lynn has changed the landscape of fantasy writing as one of the first authors to incorporate themes of gender and gay relationships into her work. Importantly, these themes are not part of the fantastic story line but simply of the unremarkable, normal relationships around which the fantasy occurs. This collection of Lynn’s early short stories serves as a wonderful introduction to her influential work. Soaring emotions, eloquent prose, and fully realized worlds are truly a joy to become lost within. That explains why the namesake short story “The Woman Who Loved the Moon” won Lynn one of her two World Fantasy Awards.With The Woman Who Loved the Moon and Other Stories, readers will delight in an author whose work George R. R. Martin has described as “the sort of fantasy we don’t see enough of: lyrical and literate, and a treat from the first page to the last.”